Friday, July 7, 2017


WIKILEAKS' Julian Assange has made it clear as day that the DNC's computer data expert Seth Rich leaked the Podesta emails. ~ Yet Podesta himself is still claiming that the Russians did it. ~ And the only reason why he thinks that he can still get away with it is because the insider Jews in the media will protect him and his ilk. ~ Just like they protected Barack Obama from posting a fraudulent birth certificate on a government web site for 8 crazy years. ~ Which ended up being one of the main reasons why Donald Trump got elected in 2016. ~ Talk about having "...a new and honest approach..." to politics. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THRILLING NOTES: If you look closely you can see that portrait of Joseph Smith on the wall in THE THRILL OF IT ALL. ~ Also note the hip 60s movie's Scottish castle PLAYBOY MANSION setting in the first act. ~ Where we see today's nutty old Hugh Hefner eating his nuts and drinking a bottle of PEPSI; for those who think young. ~

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