Wednesday, July 12, 2017


The family-way doctor asks someone to find that red thread of Judah when the Irish Kathy Griffin starts to have her painful unread NYT newspaper baby in the back of a British ROLLS ROYCE limo. ~ Which is now stuck in an awful political traffic jam mess at the 61 St. bridge to Meathead's [ALL IN THE FAMILY] Queens location. ~ As explained in this link to Griffin's iconic Jewish nose history of Ireland and Scotland, at: ~ And is the DC 133 - REV.12 pain that Judah is going to have to endure before he can humble himself and confess that thier cute Barack Obama baby was born in Africa. ~ And again, it was the back-stabbing Jewish nose job Seth Rich who gave the Podesta emails to that white albino freak at WIKILEAKS. ~ Then we see Carey Mulligan's little boy sporting a big man size rod of Jesse boner on the Jacob's stairway railing above in the final wrap scene. ~ GSR/TWN ~ A VIEW TO A KILL NOTES: The anti hero in this 007 prophecy about the latter days relief gold mine was a Russian hybrid plant of course. ~ Ergo, the only thing that is going to save modern day white Russia from the Jews is their vast gold mine reserves. ~ Think GOLDFINGER finally meets GOLDMEMBER, at: ~ "The Russians are going to destroy us..." Leslie Winn, circa 1966. ~ In a manner of speaking. ~

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