Saturday, July 8, 2017


Never confuse the Providential plots of God with the vain and futile plots of [Jewish] men and women, at:,_the_Russians_Are_Coming ~ Since the 1963 plot in THE THRILL OF IT ALL shows us how HAPPY SOAP is going to save the [no.18] life of the silly and confused blond daughters of Israel in 2NEPHI:8 etc. from the born again apostate christian 666 beast at the German G20. ~ The number '20' being a traditional reference code to all things that are weird and odd looking. ~ As in, "Plus, you dress weird..." MOONWALKERS meets A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROSIE THE RIVETER AT: ~ What part of WW:III did you not like? ~ The part where millions of innocent people die in the blink of an eye? ~ Or the part where bald headed mean looking lesbians are exposed as being nothing but sexist bigots who hate the opposite sex? ~ Whatever, I get it. ~ Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do. ~ It's a cold hearted [sub 32 degrees] world out there. ~ But just remember this. ~ The Democrat Party started it all during WW:II; going back to the spiritually crippled FDR era. ~ When the former Jewish governor from NY declared from his wheelchair on America's regular Jewish owned and operated Saturday [Sabbath] radio show that all gentiles had a government enforced 666 right to food, clothing, and shelter. ~ Wherefore he surrounded himself with Jewish communist cold war traitors like John Kerry and James Comey. ~ Not to mention Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell; in my own personal latter day case. ~

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