Sunday, July 2, 2017


The fundamental christian-jew idea behind the scenes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE episode entitled PARALLEL is that the rocket jockey returns from the outer limits of space sporting the latter-day REV.17 title of the church lady on his [strange flesh] forehead that says 'MYSTERY' etc. ~ Then the directorial inspiration behind such mayor league movie artistic masterpieces as MOONSTRUCK and AUSTIN POWERS:II made a Britist based sci-fi international UN building spoof called 2001: A SPACE ODDITY. ~ Wherein most of the learned and wise Jews in MANHATTAN etc. swallowed the fresh herring bait hook line and sinker. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WEIRD LINKS: Things have become pretty weird in Seattle this days. ~ For ecample, see: ~ PS MS DOWD: More Utah State Mormonism, less official government Irish Churchism. ~ "Save the little piggies!!" Sienna Miller. ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Spielberg er al shot the TOP GUN sequel/remake/prequel opening to AP:III near my desert retreat resort for sex pervert swingers. ~ Where me and the boys are allowed to openly practice our sex cult Old Testament Scotish Temple Rights mormon religion. ~ And when we become overbooked, my religious supporters can always stay at my new TRUMP resort down in LONDON BRIDGE Arizona. ~ Always give a man a back door way out is what I always say. ~ PS BARRY: More half good Jew, less half bad Jew. ~ And I don't care who knows about it. ~

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