Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Rush Limbaugh is the 2000 year-old messianic era genie with a cigar in the above episode ~ Therefore, after President Trump is confronted with the above illegal alien invasion of Wash. DC, he takes down the ancient ten virgins oil lamp from off his two witnesses radio; perched next to Barack Obama's African mask hanging on the wall. ~ As set up earlier by the 9:12 clock on the wall above Pam Anderson that gives us the meaning of E.T. WATSON's surname at: http://www.bobshouseofporn.com/fakes/EmmaWatson/images/Emma_Watson912.jpg ~ Where we see Ms E.T. Watson wearing Trump's trademark Scottish plaid and sporting a thematic black time piece on her wrist. ~ Then in her next minute's 9:13 time frame she reveals to us that same black shear number which Ann was given for her Canada Day birthday, at: http://www.bobshouseofporn.com/fakes/EmmaWatson/images/Emma_Watson913.jpg ~ Ergo, Emma is pointing at her vigina in the first fake because the REV.17 woman ends up sitting in the Oval shaped Office's seat of power. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DOJ NOTES: That Jew fuck Mueller hired one of his Jewish Goldstein lawyer buddies up in New York; so they could better stick it to Trump on his own hometown turf. ~ In confirmation of Gold closing at $1223 on the same day. ~ For a 'secret combinations' sign from g-d that Barack Obama got rid of his former gay fuck buddy, Donald Young, on 12.23. ~ BIG SUR CALIFORNIA COAST NOTES: All of those Jewish surnames on Mueller's political assassination hit squad point to another huuuge landslide in two weeks. ~ NEW READER NOTES: My prophetic antigravity figure in REV.10 is about those things that taste sweet on the tongue. ~ But quickly become a bitter problem in your gut. ~ "I'm ready to go through the dephs of hell if I have to in order to save my precious Emma." Joseph Smith. ~ See the Sandra Bullock look alike holding her little mini me Truman Capote son, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Smith ~ PS MS STEWART: More sweet, less sour. ~

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