Tuesday, July 4, 2017


John McCain plays the President's chief of staff in the opening election victory parade that passes in front of the TRUMP TOWER in I DREAM OF GENIE; copyright 1962. ~ Where everyone in real America is crazy about the guy except for the Jews, niggers, folk singers, and queers. ~ Who are nowhere to be seen in the above G-Rated picture. ~ Think FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF clashes whith any one of last month's pride parades in any given major city in the latter day G7 world of the 666 beast who has 10 crowns on his head. ~ And we all know how well that will end. ~ Unless of course you have been living on some other planet for the past 1290 days. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WOODY: OK, the Utah Mormon sex cult film is a no go. ~ How about we slap together some kind of a ROMA missionary man remake in two two weeks and pay everybody in post WW:III hard cash money on the barrel? ~ Don't be one of those knuckleheads who are portrayed in the above no.114 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ PS OBAMA: Only until you come out of the closet as a married homosexual serial killer will you get the respect that you so fully deserve after all these years. ~ Even white people love a great big juicy supermarket tabloid fake news scandal. ~ Plus, being a 40ish looking billionaire sailing around the world on his 91' yacht full of underaged girls who look like underaged church choir boys ain't such a bad way to go these days. ~ And if you get to become the president of the UNITED NATIONS; that would just be the frosting on the cake and me getting to eat it too in an IRRATIONAL MAN meets MATCH POINT meets WHATEVER WORKS. ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: I recently read that the newer German 911s started messing around with the sports car's steering wheel feel starting in 2012; in order to appeal to a wider market of older light minded women. ~ If you get my drift. ~

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