Monday, July 10, 2017


Last night at exactly 3:00 am, Michael asked me, "What are you doing next week?" ~ Which would be the day after the DOUBLE WHAMMY meets MATCH POINT two weeks notice confirmation of the giant tall-as-Jesus Pope on roller skates in ROMA firing Car.Muller on Lindsay Lohan's birthday. ~ Remember, she's my wife who gets 4 big ones up front for every beautiful REV.12 male 4-runner baby that she gives me. ~ Ergo, "I make that much money in one day." Elton John. ~ God damn right you do darling. ~ Meanwhile, back at the [EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES] dude ranch in Montana, David Letterman is saying that we have to get rid of Trump before he gets rid of him. ~ Or like my stepfather Leslie Winn used to say; "Do unto others, before they do unto you." ~ GSR/TWN ~ SOLID GOLD NOTES: After my last 35 line posting, the 500/500 spot-price for gold closed up +3.50. ~ In confirmation of that sexy back HAPPY SOAP model named 'Spot Check' in THE THRILL OF IT ALL. ~ PS GEORGE LOPEZ: More civilized white skinned Nephite, less lawless and savage dark skinned LAmanite. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: You married an under aged North Korean orphan child for a WW:III prophecy. ~ Who represented that child of Satan who was born of your former crazy christian church lady Catholic lover in ROSEMARY'S BABY meets BANANAS. ~

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