Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I went up to REGAL on Sienna's 28th, to see UP IN THE AIR, because of that African terrorist Dutch AP III: GOLDMEMBER thing in the air above Rachel McAdams' Ontario, CANADIAN CLUB homeland on Rome's [Roman Polanski] Christmas Day. But they changed the schedule, so I ended up seeing the SHERLOCK HOLEME movie instead.

On the same day, the old steel bridge over the royal Crown Point in New York was blasded into heaven above the frozen Lake Champlain ice. In confirmation of the movie's blackish kingwood key-chain stocking stuffer finale that I got for Boxing Day, London.

That was the flash dream I got the day before at 10:36am. Wherein Jennifer Aniston walked by me in some lavish late 1900s dark wood-laid chamber room. Knocking twice on a secret Lord Blackwood panel, that lead to her pants being pulled down around her thighs, as she flashed me her famous smile and her spectacular 1990s 29ish British FRIENDS bum. That she got from the film's secret Masonite bloodrites room, at:

This is the temple endowment house of king CRY BABY's pure white drapes. That we saw in Lynch's 91ish TWIN PEAKS pilot shot of Keira Knightley tying on the eternal knot of her pirate brothers, at:

And so there have been a massive amount of GREASE 2 back-to-school stage play shakers south of Jenny's Hwy.111 zone; starting with the restored 1958 car signs in Mexico's 5.8 shaker.

Gregory Scott Relf


GG's 2WIRE connection went down. So my reports will be shorter until QUEST sends us a new unit next week. That should give readers some more time to catch up on their ODD COUPLE prophecies.

There was a 2.7 Boxing Day quake in Box Elder County, Utah Monday at 7:25 am.

Steel chains are a running motif in SHERLOCK HOLMES. Which ends with my Nazi sidekick Lord Blackwood hanging from a steel chain off of Crown Point's steel bridge. Like the one around my head at:

Barack Obama and Rush Limbaugh have been vacationing and golfing in BLUE CRUSH Hawaii at the same time. Wednesday afternoon, Rush was taken to the hospital with serious "chest discomfort". Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Without any forethought, I finished watching THE ODD COUPLE on Boxing Day, with the end credits beginning at 2:49 am. After Felix moves out of his gay monogamy situation to live with two hot British babes. Didn't see that one coming. Thank you Danny Simon.

Riding out with Granny Grass on Church Lake Road Boxing Day afternoon, we passed a very nice fit&trim 39ish babe in a red top, jogging past the ANIMAL FARM horse barn. Much like the one in this Boxing Day photo of Renee at the Venice [California] finale to THE BRIDE at:

Later, I knew for sure that the jogger was Ms Z, when I walked by Bonney Lake's jogging&dance wear boutique for ladies only, and saw a white OUTBACK parked there with 4 sea turtle decals, bearing 'PGP 261' rainbow Hawaii plates.

Up at STARBUCKS earlier, a little girl had walked by my throne carrying a handfull of hard candy canes, and a doll size "cup cake maker" box in her arms. Right after I glanced at that NYT photo of the Flamingo dancers holding their rod of Jesse canes at:

As she left, slowly pushing open STARBUCKS's front door, her mother said "You're a dancer... Push harder!"

On the other pair of thrones, there was a great RZ adult look atype cupcake wearing a top that read "...HARD..." something or other. When I returned to the 211th cafe a second time to go No.2 in their John.

Another Boxing Day shot has RZ leaving some LA area deli, fingering her royal crown logo box called "desire" in English, at:

So what does it all mean? Besides the fact that Renee looks like a very cute turtle. Who is somewhat slow to understand what exactly is happening.

Well, I woke up from a dream about two fires starting inside the two garbage cans of Judah and Ephraim at our 5717 house on Seattle's 16th Ave N.E. Wherein I put them both out with a fire extinguisher, as my sister Diana watched and slowly counted out loud from 1 to 22.

After the dream, I tuned into the FDRJFKLBJMLK Letterman show, now re-playing in the after midnight hours of Boxing Day, and saw a barefisted boxing match in a London scene from SHER/LOCK HOLMES. Because the door lock on GG's Caddy has been sticking shut lately, and has a hard time opening. Unless I finger the closed door's lock-unlock button rather hard, over and over, up and down, up and down, several times. Then it works fine.

Gregory Scott Relf


New Readers:

For Boxing Day, I found a 2.99 DVD at RITE AID of 1958's NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST, featuring Canada's Rachel McAdams, and the UK night host Craig Ferguson, on the poster art at:

Friday, December 25, 2009


That red hooded chick who grabbed Pope 16's mantle was role playing Ellen Page's abused little red riding hood in the 2006 film HARD CANDY at:

There was a CAR 54 no.34 church message in the Christmas Day dated 3.4 earthquake near Montana's 9061' Mt Harding, and 8560' Cardinal Pk on Christmas Eve at 12:25:54 pm.

The sexy boyish Page plays No.22 'Bliss Cavender' in her last film, with the temple cleansing title of WHIP IT. It came out in October, right before the recent wave of homogaysexual red cranberry butt hole caving signs and wonders. The cavernous interior of the Vatican looks and sounds like a vast elaborate cave, with many side cavern branches, built upon a sprawling network of underground Nutty Putty catacombs. The mass is said right above the cave of St Peter.

WHIP IT has been nominated for a BRONZE HORSE award by the Stockholm Film Festival. It comes out on DVD with a two witnesses number on this 1.26.

Director Drew Barrymore also plays No.2 'Smashley Simpson' in the 111 minute movie.

Don't forget about that great Barack Obama party figure in the BLUE CRUSH prophecy. The recent North Beach monster wave contest was a portent about the day 1290 abomination of desolation vote on Christmas Eve.

Here's the latest Dr Evil volcano demo from Senator Ried's underground lair outside Las Vegas at:

Crazy Sheryl Crow is asking Obama to stop THE MISFITS horses round up in Nevada next Monday. She's why we have out-of-control wild horses and feral Democrat donkeys trampling over the US Constitution in Washington, DC right now.

Donkey: "...a person regarded as stupid, foolish, or obstinate..." [WEBSTERS]

See the Dems official more jazzed up kicking donkey logo with two red horns at:

That 3.4 Christmas Eve earthquake happened near Rt.211's Kicking Horse Res. Crow was born on 2.11.

Rome's 82 year-old Pope 16 was born on 4.16. The 3.4 quake hit near Montana's Rt.83 in the Mission Mountains Wilderness. Very close to the St Ignatius Mission, that features a 61 paintings D&C 86 reference to the MARK 14 one born in 1961 on the mission's landmark church walls at:

Did anyone catch that 2.7 GREASE 2 luau earthquake in Hawaii at 10:29:58?

I got one of those hand-milled WOODCHUCK key-chains for Christmas, made of Brazilian kingwood. It's custom cut into a beautiful retro early 60s design, very OUR MAN FLINT, with secret compartment. See:


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


AFP reports that AMERICAN flight AA331 from DC crashed and broke into the three parts of REV.16:19 Tuesday night in black Kingston, Jamaica. One witness said that the passangers were all applauding their successful landing like victorious Democrat senators. When the 737 suddenly went through Norman Manley's fence and stopped on the REV.13:1 beach of the new beast. About 40 of the 154 people onboard were injured.

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven [G7] heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his head the name of blasphemy."

The ten crowned [Kings/ton] horns are the temporary ten leaders of America, counting from the birth of the new fascist beast under FDR, to the advent of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim under Bill Clinton. Even the two who have appeared in the latter-day Sodom and Egypt, the modern capital of the Jews, where Jesus was crucified; i.e. the ancient Jerusalem capital of the Jews.

Three of the ten heads, or leaders [crowns], were uprooted from office, by death, assasination, and resignation; as cited in DANIEL, etc.

The two fire breathing witnesses of the two [ISAIAH 11] ensign tribes of Judah and Ephraim are Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. These two tribes were the leaders of the Kingdom of Israel's ten tribes, and the Kingdom of Judah's two tibes of Levi and Judah.

The great thing about my illegal sidekick's illegal healthcare fascism attack on the US Constitution, and the democratic free will of the people, is how well he clearly exposes the absolute 1930s mob era illegality of Social Security and Medicare etc.

Before the Democrats' DC plane crashed late Tuesday, I ran into my ALASKA pilot buddy at STARBUCKS. In his car trunk, he showed me a new BROWNING shotgun Christmas gift that he had purchased for someone last week. It was a real 12 ga. magnum beauty with triple chokes, for hunting high-flying wild geese, etc.

He mentioned that Pastor Casey Treat walked into the Federal Way gun shop while he was getting the new BROWNING. Who I always enjoy and learn something from, whenever I come across the part Levite and part Judah [tall redhead] preacher on TV.

TWNers may recall the time when I had that flash vision of a red and white helicopter flying low over the MOUNTAIN VISTA sign on Evergreen Drive, and heard the Lord say "Fraud!" or something similar. Then later in the day, still wondering 'What the heck was that?' I saw a newspaper photo of the often inspired Federal Way pastor standing next to his new red and white chopper.

According to the revealed word in D&C 76, if a minister lacks the restored priesthood of Levi, etc. his good works will only lead to some very good second class accomodations in heaven. For the top service, with full benefits, one has to make first class reservations, which cost a lot more of course. You always get what you pay for. Even though the basic ticket has already been payed for by a real faith in Christ.

The Kingdom of God can not be set up without a constitution that protects the saints' liberties.

Recently, candid pix came out everywhere of Brown University coed Emma Watson on vacation in Jamaica's heaven on earth, sporting a teeny weeny black bikini. The other day, I was impressed to find any updates on her, and came across this ten virgins sign 'V' composition, for a "living in your parents basement" GSR/TWN parody of her on Jennifer Connelly's small table top, at:

Eating fish&chips with creamy tartar sauce and sucking on pumpkin milkshakes a couple weeks ago, at Buckley's authentic 1950s WALLY'S WHITE RIVER DRIVE-IN on Hwy.410, my pilot friend looked at me kind of funny and asked "How old are you?"

The day of the AMERICAN DC crash warning, I encountered some guy with a 'Woodchuck' business card selling his fabulous hand-milled dark exotic African wood [penis like] key-chains and wood handle cork screws, spred out on a small table by the cigar and pipe shop near OFFICE DEPOT; for $10 and $25. In the parking lot, I walked by a black 1981ish 280Z with '150 SKI' plates. I could see a skateboard in back like the one Emma Watson's "Woodchuck" girl has in the king kissing scene of GREASE 2. In the 1981ish movie, God's little 4.15 born Emma, who loves snow skiing, loves to watch the prowler king kiss his trophy wife.

Here's Emma watching from a STARBUCKS sofa throne at:

Wednesday at 1:53 am, I was awaken by a flash vision of Jennifer Aniston laying back on the following sofa, only slightly more tan and covered in perspiration, and looking the other direction. As if we were at some hot Mexico beach hotel. It's probably because I have been eating a lot of whole wheat lately. See what I saw at:

Walking back on Evergreen Drive last July, in front of a house where some Jewish LDS couple lived, Granny Grass drove by and honked twice. Right as I looked down and found a fake heart-shaped cut ruby gem set in a gold pin. About the size of the above 'ruby' on Jenny's middle finger. I really liked it.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's another censored black crime report from Tuesday, that connects with the numerous EZE.38 invasion revelations now coming out from the various prophets among the lost tribes, at:

EZE.38 is mostly about the safe and peaceful borders of the Kingdon of Israel, i.e. Europe and America. Not the extremely dangerous and fortified walls in today's Kingdom of Judah, i.e. modern Israel.

New comers might want to read this prophetic Rush link:

Casey Treat's web site is at:

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Sting's THE BRIDE prophecy was confirmed by the Kevin Jonas brother getting married at Long Island's sprawling French Oheka Castle in Huntington, during an early freak snow storm Saturday night. Most of the 1985 movie was filmed at a castle in France.

Due to the freezing climate, over 2000 GOLDEN GLOBES movie goers were trapped in the EUROSTAR cave between England and France Friday-Saturday night. The Brit media had just published bocu photos of the Queen getting on a train. Shit happens.

The big Government Camp snow job going on in DC right now was exposed to the same snow storm that hit Senator Reid's Glacier on Mount Hood; due north of Pinhead Buttes.

The underground shit will hit the fan when you see the abomination of desolation where it does not belong; cited by Daniel in MARK 13:14 etc. Every time FOX news, or any other mainline media, uses the phrase "President Obama" they are knowingly and willfully engaging in the biggest Orwellian con job in American history. There is no "President Obama". There never has been. There never will be.

I watched 1976's prophetic MARATHON MAN Saturday and Sunday mornings. Right after the REV.17 German beast figure cuts the throat of the Jewish whore figure, the film cuts to a shot of [O.J.] SIMPSON'S hawk shop on EZE.47th street. That would sell knives like the German Swiss one O.J. used to cut the throats of Jeff Goldman and Nicole Brown on [Ted] Bundy Drive.

Ted used a 1960s German VW Love Bus, with day 1290 Grand Rapids kayack rack, during his corrupt law school Tacoma period.

Goldman worked at the half lunatic named MEZZALUNA TRATTORIA (the trots) restaurant landmark. Mezza means 'half' in Italian. Brown had left her eyeglasses on the Italian restaurant table for a prophecy that her melting icecream murder would improve the prophetic vision of lost Israel.

After I bought MARATHON MAN at WAL-MART for $4, I read that some thieves stole the Auschwitz camp sign "WORK SETS YOU FREE" on the same day. Because the Jews voted for the abomination of desolation, and therefore his insane 666 works bill. Ergo, there will be big trouble in Judea when Daniel's abomination of desolation appears on the world scene. This is the school of hard knocks prison video prophecy in AP III: GOLDMEMBER. That con who got drilled by Mini Me was very tall.

The other night, I dreamed that Obama was giving one of his very offensive shitty speeches, as I could vividly hear the 60 MINUTES stopwatch ticking.

Jenny's Hwy.101 NASDAQ index closed at 2,211.69 on Friday, the 18th.

I'm halfway through Neil Simon's classic THE ODD COUPLE, circa 1967-68. It's looking like a marvelous comedy about the oddly gay nature of monogamy. Just in time for the opening of my ISAIAH 4:1 wives movie NINE, and Tom Ford's A SINGLE MAN portrait of the traditional 1960s era when THE ODD COUPLE was released .


Friday, December 18, 2009


In between Tuesday's European GOLDMEMBER GLOBE announcements, and Thursday's SAG nominations, Brandon Butt and Brooke Butt were hiking around inside Kentucky's muddy slot filled Sloans Valley Cave. When their 21 year-old friend Steven Troxell fell into a deep pit and died.

What makes this Providentially timed Oregon Caves cranberry orgasm confirmation especially shitty, is the long joked about homogaysexual butt design on North Hollywood's SAG award statuette, at shots like:

Clooney's Kentucky cave system is chuck full of brown hanging turds and spectacular pile of shit formations, like in the 'Oasis' section of the 23 mile hole at:

Halfway down this cave site is a remarkable load of diarrhea falling into toilet bowl water at:

Monte Hellman's 1959 Black Hills Gold horror film, THE BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE, takes place around Deadwood, South Dakota, off I-90, at the headwaters of the Bear Butte River; below Barack Obama's 4422' Bear Butte black hills bottom word play.

Up in nextdoor Butte County is a day 1290 ANIMAL FARM confirmation on my R/M map called Government Experimental Farm. It's probably where they do 666 political science research on state run healthcare ideas.

No shit. THE BEAST FROM HAUNTED CAVE is about some underground [government] crooks from Chicago who plot to blow up a Black Hills goldmine. As a distraction, while they rob the mine company's nearby gold storage treasury warehouse. The plan is to get away posing as Colorado style recreational skiers.

The low budget exploitation producers created a nice Megan Fox look alike for their original movie poster at:

This horror fan site has some of the 1959 backstory on Hellman's debut film at:

Years later, Hellman was a producer on Quentin Tarantino's RESEVOIR DOGS.

Sloans Valley Cave is located in Kentucky's Pulaski County, west of London and Pittsburg. To the north on Hwy.27 is Science Hill, along the thematic 7-hills pit of captivity's Pitman River. Above that on DANIEL 9's Rt.70 is a place called Eubank. For the Euro bankers now trying to finance a deal for this week's den of buttheads at the United Nations climate control summit in Kobehagen, Den/mark.

Gregory Scott Relf


I finally met the 52 year-old guy who owns that rare black 1986 twin-turbo LOTUS Wednesday at STARBUCKS. He also drives a STINGRAY. On the way back, I stopped at the BL library on a strong hunch to check out their old $1 movies clearance shelf, and found Sting's 1985 Frankenstein movie called THE BRIDE, co-starring Jennifer Beal. The famous lotus-sex celebrity plays a Dr Frankenstein who creates the perfect mate for his latter-day marred servant creation. Dispite all the distractions, tribulations, and opposition, Frankenstein's bride creation can never stop thinking about her marred one, who Frankenstein thought was dead. See the physically transfigured Sting at:

That Norah Jones 'Sunrise' video, about fishing at BC's Crooked Lake with Hawaii's Evangeline Lilly, features Sting's same lotus tree theme in THE BRIDE at:

I got fingered by Ms Lilly some time back, and liked it, at:

One can see the future Harry Potter icons in this 1985 poster of THE BRIDE at:

Here are the lyrics to Norah Jones' new Keira Knightley pirate song:

Chasing Pirates :
In your message you said,
you were goin' to bed,
but I'm not done with the night.
So I stayed up and read,
but your words in my head,
got me mixed up
so I turned out the light.
And I, don't know how, to slow it down.
My mind's racing from chasing pirates.
Well the man in there swings while the silliest things, floppin around in my brain.
And I try not to dream about them possible schemes, swim around, wanna drown me in synch.
And I, don't know how, to slow it down.
Oh my mind's racing from chasing pirates.
My mind's racin' from chasing pirates.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Three greens went missing on Mount Hood's snow covered Reid Glacier Friday. That represent the Chicago hood outlaws who are now in charge of things at the underground capitol in Washington, DC.

They found the frozen body of one of the mental ice climbers Saturday. Who was from Des Moines [monks] Washington. The same day I had bought a DVD copy of AUSTIN POWERS: International Man of Mystery at MARSHALLS. That starts out with a defrosted Austin Powers spying on Dr Evil's secret underground lair outside Senator Reid's Las Vegas.

This would be the Government Camp headquarters for the ongoing search&rescue operation at the base of Mount Hood; due north of Pinhead Buttes in the Mount Hood National Forest. In D&C 133, it says the ice will melt and flow down in the latter-days. But like most LDS church goers, and mainline D&C 86 Christians, I don't think that the mormon Senator Reid is all that interested in such hokey seven peaks prophecy stuff. Which is actually the true spirit of Christ in REV.19:10, "for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

Meanwhile, the great and abominable church of the REV.17 harlot clanged her bells 350 times around Eurochocolate Copenhagen Sunday. In support of some man made theory about why God is doing the same kinds of dramatic things that he did in the wicked days of Noah.

Reid Glacier is located on Mount Hood along a crest that includes Illumination Rock. It's melting waters feed the Sandy [Bullock], River as part of the area's EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES country setting, according to:

Dr Evil's A-Bomb plan in the first AP movie was designed to cause a massive chain reaction of Obama like Hawaii volcanos, that would ultimately change the world's weather. His underground lair in Nevada was located on the edge of the US Air Force's bombing range. Which includes the Stonewall Flats area of Sodom and Egypt on my RAND McNALLY map book of Judah and Ephraim; east of Death Valley.

I watched my AP:I DVD Sunday morning. Sensing that something was going to happen, when I saw Powers slug Basile Exposition's Queen Elizabeth II type mother, who '...looks like a man!'

Sure enough, Italy's Catholic Berlusconi got smashed in the teeth when a mental 42 year-old man threw a statuette of Milano's Catholic Duomo cathedral at him. Confirming the scene's CREST toothpaste 7-peaks cleaning message. Based on the symbolic seven hills of Rome's capital. And the fact that both the Queen of England and Italy's Prime Minister are big believers in the religion of man made global warming.

Immediately after the lady gets socked, AP:I cuts to a shot of Powers posing like an eastern REV.17 god of mystery. Soon it's Beavis and Butthead on the WO conference screen, with chocolate smeared all over their filthy mouths.

"We got a mad man loose in Nevada!" says US Air Force General Gillmore in the 1997 film's first act. That would be the naked Senator Reid, who is No. 2 to Obama, and his future Italian secretary, Alotta Fagina.

Gregory Scott Relf


Back in 85, I was driving around Seattle's U-District with Danny Simon, Neil Simon's older brother. Somehow I remember that we were stopped in front of the NEPTUNE theater on 45th and Brooklyn. When Danny told me about the time he was directing a comedy in London, that had a gorgeous female lead. Reading lines on a sofa in his or her hotel room before the opening, things got friendly and he took a pass at her, but she stopped him cold. Saying 'If the play is a success... I'll let you fuck me.' Now I'm hearing that the show has been a huge success at London's West End COMEDY THEATER, both critically and financially, at:

Years later, Danny passed away in Portland on Sandy's 41st birthday. He wrote one play entitled THE CONVERTIBLE GIRL, acccording to his obituary at:

Friday, December 11, 2009


They think that Wednesday's mysterious blue spiral tractor beam over the double penis head peninsula of Norway came from Dr Evil's sub in the White Sea, according to:

They're not completely sure, but the PREPARATION H sub theory does make sense on the whole. Since the melting ice WO convention had just gotten under way in stinky Denmark. And Barack Obama was probably already on a VERTIGO flight to the region to accept his Nobel prize for Economics, Science, and Peace.

One can make out the two heads by turning the map vertical, and seeing the nut sack formed by Conan's beloved Finland, like at:

Note how the tiny country of Denmark is about to get a gigantic blow job by the tax&cap dick heads.

Looks like the Danish spelling for Copenhagen is some kind of a Kobe/nhavn Colorado hint hint on this map at:,+Denmark&gl=us&ei=ryAiS7qxBpPOsgPz2Zn8Cw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CAoQ8gEwAA

Kobehagn's famous Little Mermaid statue is a tribute to Hans Christian Andersen's THE LITTLE MERMAID AND THE PRINCE prophecy. That was originally published together with the latter-day Barack Obama tale called THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES.

Vancouver, BC once tried to reproduce the very much abused Little Mermaid statue for their own harbor. But they could not get the look alike rights, and had to eventually settle for some other young lady.

Vancouver's motivation was however Divinely inspired by their future Olympics era arrival of the statue's look alike ten virgins anima figure, Ellen Page, at:

At the end of THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES, after everyone had seen the hoax, Andersen wrote,

"The Emperor realized that the people were right but could not admit to that. He though it better to continue the procession under the illusion that anyone who couldn't see his clothes was either stupid or incompetent. And he stood stiffly on his carriage, while behind him a [Ellen] page held his imaginary mantle."

Tuesday night in Germany, Christian Walliser, 28, was attacked by Tiger Woods' REV.13:2 mark of the beast in his left hand, at the PAGEL'S DINNER CIRCUS. He even looks somewhat like a white Tiger Woods at:

There is a SAILOR DOG plot outline of the royal Ellen Page airways prophecy at:

When you get fingered by God, you stay fingered forever.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's the inspired 666 emperor story at:

Ellen Page will appear next in THE INCEPTION. You can see the vertigo Rm 491 teaser at:

Copenhagen's Little Mermaid has had her head chopped off numerous times in the past. Here are some of the places that it ended up at. Such as her holding the Little Mermaid's potion bottle at:

And her as one of the pink ladies in GREASE 2, at:

I'm not sure. These two might be Rm 491 promotional stills for THE INCEPTION, whatever, they are at:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


GOLF DIGEST published their hilarious new down low fuck buddies issue before the news broke that confirmed Barry Obama and Tiger Woods' history of prowling for sex with strangers.

Their "LOAD IT AND LET IT GO!" penis tips in the green hole cover can be seen at:

Of course, what it really means. Is that all of the strangers that Obama has fucked in the ass are going to metaphorically attack his long black limo with their golf clubs. By the time his 42 months tire tread warranty is up in REV.11 etc.

Tiger Woods' black 4x4 crash on "Black Friday" looked an awfull lot like the monkey that falls off the genealogy tree branch of Jesse on Austin Powers' laptop in GOLDMEMBER. One may recall, the cinematic Dugway Range meteorite prophecy starts "Somewhere in Utah".

A sure sign of the coming REV.13 captivity for those who tried to put the righteous into 666 captivity, was the imprisonment of that typical Obama supporting sex games chick from Seattle. Guilty or innocent, they put her into Mussolini style captivity in Perugia, Italy, because the town is world famous for it's rather cheap and crappy chocolates. And the trial was happening during their big Eurochocolate fest at:

Speaking of greens. WEEZER's lead man, Rivers Cuomo, was injured when their tour bus crashed on black ice Sunday; while traveling east on I-90 near Fonda, NY. The same day Springsteen et al were honored by Mr.44 at DC's Kennedy Center.

One of their big pre-Obama hits was off THE GREEN ALBUM, called "Island in the Sun". You can see the single's prophetic Hawaiian Obama sun logo at:

This is that old folks casino bus crash on I-90 when Las Vegas' elderly mormon FDR senator started pushing the day 1290 abomination of fasciation on November 18.

They play a lot of winter golf greens in the Las Vegas area.

Only hours after Toronto's [Tonto's] radically mental green, Rachel McAdams, appeared on Conan as an excellent potential blonde choice for THE MISFITS remake, 43 horses died in Hwy.42's Lebanon, Ohio. From a wee hours fire that burned down barn number REV.16 at the local race track.

Gregory Scott Relf


Beyonce's PEPSI video in GOLDMEMBER says she "...can't wait for the bedroom, so we just hit the floor." Like at:

Friday, December 4, 2009


By personal request, Granny Grass bought me my first DVD copy of 2002's GOLDMEMBER this week at MARSHALLS, for a nice $3.99 stocking stuffer, that I watched Thursday morning.

I was bummed that the film's prophetic Larry Sinclair Colorado prison mate was cropped out of the 'Belly of the Beast' rap number. But he showed up miraculously in the DVD's no.5 deleted Obama cover up scene; with the inspired introduction, "There's my special boy." Playing out a dancing ferry "screen" so that the guards couldn't see the dead body of Donald Young.

Basically, GOLDMEMBER is a prophecy about an evil leader who trys to extort some world conference body with his global warming flood threats. Directing the trajectory of a solid gold tax revenue meteor, called Midas 22, like a missle attack on the polar ice cap.

The advent of Barack Obama, has Beyonce's FOXXY "sunshine" figure playing Austin Power's transsexual sidekick Obama, as a "traitor" to the marxist VILLAGE PEOPLE mob from 1975. Manifested in the African continent globe that clobbers Dr Evil inside his underwater beast lair off Japan. Right before he gets wacked in the balls by those leaked emails about his government gold cap&tax meteorite panic scheme.

The whole 'STICKY 666 NOTES:' plot was exposed back on November 18, when a bright meteorite in the night shed some daylight on my MARS chocolate bar from the red planet post, dated 11.17.09. About the Nutty Putty Cave shit that makes Mini Me Hollywood go "mental on account of the [European] chocolate".

The 18th's bright sign from God landed near Dugway's bomb and missle test range in Utah's salt desert. For Dr Evil's eventual explosive discovery that his real Comet Tempel name is 'Doug' at:

The corrupt power-centered liberal lunatics, and the pussy-whipped fainthearted conservatives, together granted Barack Obama clemency for being an obvious illegal alien who was born in Africa. And for obviously being involved in the murder of his former gay lover Donald Young.

Now they are both getting shafted up to here, for maintaining their traditional mob silence.

Gregory Scott Relf


Beyonce's GOLDMEMBER video starts with PEPSI.

Woody's 74th birthday on SHAFT'S BIG SCORE was confirmation of the German Ms Frankenstein's no.74 football beast in BLIND SIDE.

Here's some background on Dr Evil's future WO conference at:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Senate debate on the abomination of desolation began on the Sunday morning talk shows. When Maurice Clemmons, "the beast" as he liked to call himself, walked into the openly Christian church affiliated FORZA cafe in the Tacoma area, and killed 4 Lake/wood police officers in cold blood.

By now, everyone knows that "the beast" was given clemency by the part time protestant minister, and fake conservative, Mike Huckabee. Who let it be known that he could never support a Mormon for President. Now the lost Israelite gets the SHAFT by a black man, who once told his jail shrink that he was Obama's secret twin brother.

The Italian word 'forza' means force. Which is what the illegal day 1290 abomination of fasciation is all about.

That's why the wounded beast was gunned down on Woody's birthday by a CAR 54 cop on South Kenyon Steet in Seattle, next to South Chicago Street. Because 'Kenyon' is a Divine Kenyan birth place reference to my handy sidekick usurper Barack Obama. Just like the beast's surname 'Clemmons' stands for clemency. To the 5 wise virgins who have eyes that can see, and ears that can hear.

South Kenyon Street crosses Seattle's Martin Luther King Way at the 42oo block of REV.11.

But THE BIG KAHUNA here is the forza Italia context to those underground transsexual vampire leaders in NEW MOON. Who are currently doing box office battle with Sandy's amazing JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER remake.

Here's a good link that explains, in budget terms, how America is getting shafted by the underground Harlem media mobsters, and their Democrat associates, at:

Poor John Jones's med school body now lays at the bottom of Nutty Putty Cave. His frozen arms stretched out forever inside Bob's Push hole, forming the classic flying Superman position, like at:

Of course, Superman worked for the newspapers.

Gregory Scott Relf


I watched SHAFT'S BIG SCORE Tuesday morning, and had to laugh when I saw that the film's mob boss is a passionate clarinet player, because it was Woody Allen's birthday.

After Shaft beats the crap out of the Italian 'wheel' boss and trashes his penthouse, and then splits, the first thing the bloody guy does is check to see if his clarinet is OK.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


The ghost of GREASE 2's Michael had been hinting lately that I should update 91's pre-GSR/TWN King Relf prophecy. So I watched the 2BC 91 picture for the first time in years Saturday morning. Later in the day, Granny Grass had me fetch the mail inside her p.o. box. Where I found TIME's new King Cry Baby response to PEOPLE's 'Sexiest Man Alive' cover at:,16641,20091207,00.html

The first act has the future King of England singing some black Barack Obama inspired "Hawaiian soul" music by Don Ho; as he watches no.29 make a disputed NFL touch down on TV. Then we meet Tarzan the ape man's sidekick monkey in the Vegas casino back room dressing quarters, before they go out for a double $104,000,000 hot dog, with Ralph in a CUBS cap and green 'G' football jacket. Basically, the same thing he's wearing when he arrives in London sporting Michael's motorcycle goggle sunglasses; including his royal Kristen Stewart T-shirt subplot introduction. That also appears like a Megan 'Fox' hunting refence in some scenes. The DVD jacket is topped off by Emma Watson's "Double Jackpot" no.7 dice at:

"The English people generally don't like their monarch to look like a sofa...[throne]" suggests the King's Secretary Peter O'Toole. However, such petty traditions are quickly put aside when the 'Star of India' royal crown diamond gets a good bubble bath, upon the arrival of Obama's mulatto [Harvey Milk] chocolate MILK DUDS.

By the time Ralph is hooking up with his blonde American British stage performer and fashion designer, Sienna Miller, [Using the GREASE 2 word 'Yo!' in threeway SCRABBLE.], he is called upon to make a Detroit auto manufacturing deal with the future king Obama from the new African United States.

"There are no royal luaus planned..." says the Secretary. Before we see a London tabloid's headline about the "Mad Alien" himself Barack Obama. When we are finally introduced to the actual future king Obama figure, Ralph adresses him in perfect southside Chicago rap.

Like King Cry Baby, King Relf takes two hunks of sugar in his cup. Here's an image of The Big Boo Hoo's southern cross stage flag, that bears the crucifixion sign of Corpus Christi, Texas' King Ranch landmark at:

"It's time for us to reclaim our heritage!" says the film's voice of the royal House of Stewart.

Providentially, Ralph's polo playing Danish Princess Anna in the state dinner scenario looks a lot like that polo playing blonde who crashed king Obama's state dinner at:

Gregory Scott Relf


They have decided to leave John Jones' body where it is, like a red cranberry stuck way up inside some cave gap crack. Packed in very tightly, like an Oregon Caves turd, with only the feet poking out; way down inside the muddy Nutty Puddy Cave's Bob's Push hole. Jones' enrollment at a day 1290 medical school in Virginia [DC] will be a sacred memorial to DANIEL's homogaysexual abomination of desolation plans, somewhat like this butt crack shot at:

This is the rabbit hole in ALICE IN WONDERLAND. In my BYU days, I used to go jackrabbit hunting with a .22 everywhere west of Rt.68.

That's Cry Baby's cranberry KKK cone on TIME magazine's cover art.

I knew that I had struck a GAP load of Eureka gold in MANAGEMENT's Thanksgiving cranberry [Nutty Putty Cave] hole confirmations. But I had no idea. Saturday afternoon at MARSHALLS' close-out bin, I found a triple DVD set of SHAFT's Barack Obama prophecies, like at:

In my 1979 Washington, DC prophecy, BEING THERE, Chance fends off the future black Obama kid with his TV remote to my devastating cinematic prophecies. See:

John Jones' catacomb burial is a SLC,Utah church reference to the worldly D&C 86 church of Rome. See what I mean at:

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Right as Captain America's first state dinner was wrapping up Tuesday night in Washington, DC, a guy got stuck upside down in the tight 'Bob's Push' section of Utah's steamy colon shaped Nutty Putty mud cave atop Blowhole Hill; located east of Lake Utah off Rt.68, near Cedar Fort and Stagecoach Inn S.P. He died there just after midnight on Thanksgiving dinner day.

Most state dinners involve some degree of DANCING WITH THE STARS ballroom dancing, Donny Osmond style.

Whatever. Here's some related chocolate cake blow hole search images at:

This is another Illinois Valley, Oregon pile of shit caves reference. Because those underground government capitol caves in Franklin County, Idaho are located outside NAPOLEON DYNAMITE's Preston Butte location. And I had just watched 1965's JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER stagecoach robbery movie. Plus, Eureka, Utah is located to the south of Nutty Putty Cave, like Eureka, CA is to the south of Larry Sinclair's Redwood Highway caves.

But THE BIG KAHUNA here is the confirmation of SNL's hilarious homogaysexual skit of Barry Obama doing the 'Bob's Push' thing at some Chinatown press-ass conference and state dinner.

Since it is documented that Obama is an illegal US citizen from Indonesia, who was born in Africa according to his notarized 1961 Kenya hospital birth certificate, and his Kenyan 1964 issued certification of birth. On the same state dinner Tuesday, a truck load of illegal aliens drove off a cliff in Hwy.44's Alice, Texas, west of Body of Christ, in English, at:

This is the 'Alice in Wonderland' message behind Napoleon Dynamite when he talks about my hidden underwater ally in his current events class at Preston H.S. Remember the tornado that struck Lemming Bluff outside Denver, Coloredado during the prophetic half breed Democrat donkey convention? The first old TV star mentioned by that lesbo waxing Jenny's rug in THE BREAKUP is Hawaii's Bob Denver.

Nutty Putty looks like pink cave chewing gum. So here are some nice 'way up inside' the Thanksgiving cranberry crack bonus images from MANAGEMENT at this Nutty Putty Cave site. That correspond with THE GAP's new Fife, Scotland plaid porn star cave gap promotions, at:

Gregory Scott Relf


A couple weeks or so ago, the RLDS church endorsed homogaysexual civil rights. The same D&C 86 leaders who said that they wanted the abomination of desolation to succeed.

Sandra Bullock's FORTIS FILMS is the redwood Cedar Fort connection above. Her new BLIND SIDE movie takes place along the day 1290 Mississippi.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Beverly Hills' financially bankrupt cop, Nicolas Cage, role plays the corrupt bankrupt Senators in this weekend's opening of THE BAD LIEUTENANT from New Orleans. Such as WILD AT HEART's Senate mother, Mary Landrieu, who banked an extra $300,000,000 in Saturday night's day 1290 deal, according to:

The second key REV.17 female player in Saturday's abomination of desolation action was Arkansas' Donkey Dem icon Blanche [white] Lincoln. Historians will look back and see today's 42 months period of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, in REV.11:2, as the birth of the second civil war cleansing that absorbed the New Orleans flood prophecy in REV.12.

"...and the holy city shall they tread under..." their tire treads for 42 months, like on the new months counting calendar for PIRELLI tires at:

The bad lieutenant's hooker in the film, Eva Mendes, was on Conan Friday night. Right after her appearance, I suddenly had to hit the head. Sitting there on the throne, I spotted the most gigantic ugly black and brown spider on the door sill, that I have seen in years. Which I jumped up and smashed with a wad of toilet paper, as the oddly light colored shit smeared itself around my butt hole and crack.

Last time sexyissima Eva was on Conan, she talked about her therapy sessions at a thematic Manchurian candidate style ladies-only Korean spa. And how she recently had to see a therapist to overcome her terrifying fear of the spiders in her house from 1959's HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND prophecy.

No shit. Last Friday I was sitting on my sofa throne in the 211th STARBUCKS listening to FOX radio news at 3:00 pm. The very instant they finished their report on Saturday's scheduled day 1290 vote, a 16oz sack of roasted beans from Obama's Sumatra homeland fell off a high display shelf, by itself, and landed on the floor with a loud slap. The day of the vote, a large [gay] ferry sank in the upcoming stormy seas off Sumatra, called THE DUMAI EXPRESS 10, [Read espresso.]

This was the Miley Cirus tour bus crash near Virginia's historic civil war battlefield on the opening morning of NEW MOON; on I-85 near day 1260's Rt.703 July 3rd date. That represented the foolish virgin DISNEYLAND celebrity, who recently stated that she doesn't believe in all that physical transfiguration vampire blood cleansing stuff in my prophetic BRIDES OF DRACULA remake.

Gregory Scott Relf



The two Virginia states represent the latter-day ten virgins divide prophecy in MATTHEW 25.

Miley turns 17 Monday. The bus that crashed was carrying her concert stage lighting crew. Because the cute little virgin is denying the light in D&C 85 etc.

That's Sandy's German chocolate cake under glass in Jesses Jame's DC diner scene in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE. Her SANDI'S SIGNS paint shop location in Bonney Lake, that does Jesses James style custom painting on cars etc. has a teddy bear terrorist logo; facing the 76 UNION station. Her new 800lb gorilla sidekick movie, BLIND SIDE, had it's premiere in New Orleans.

STUDIO NOTE: If a younger burned-out babe concept doesn't work for a remake of THE MISFITS, how about a 45-is-the-new-35 idea, casting someone like Naomi Watts.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


The elderly RLDS Senate leader from Las Vegas commenced his bold abomination of desolation assault on the US Constitution last Wednesday. So an aging BOLD LINES INC bus full of elderly Iowa casino players had a bloody crash on I-90 near Austin, Minnesota, in Freeborn County that day.

"Don't fuck with the Jesus!!" [THE BIG LEBOWSKI]

Since Tonto was at some big pow-wow in DC on the day that Muslim savage attacked our soldiers in the Austin, Texas region, I grabbed a $5 2006 pre-Obama copy of the alternate [Alone Ranger] ending to THE BREAKUP at TARGET Wednesday; time-stamping out with it at 3:33 pm.

Reading news reports later, I realized that I had bought THE BREAKUP on the same day that the Manchurian candidate TARGET expert was touring South Korea.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, there is an unbelievable mule/atto freak show sculpture of Chicago's Barack Obama on display at the art gallery where Jennifer Aniston's character Brooke works. That features the Democrat Party's mule/atto mascot ears, and sports an attachment for Barry's long and thin hose-like penis; as per Larry Sinclair's close-up eye witness description. Which is edited into the scene immediately after we are introduced to my homogaysexual sidekick Tonto.

Chicago's future MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE figure was confirmed by Gary and Brooke's large French movie poster for the 1976 Charlton Heston sniper movie entitled TWO MINUTE WARNING, at:

How about this future Gen George Patton civil war prophecy at:

THE BREAKUP's rod/stem of Jesse rug movie begins at a CUBS game, inside Chicago's famous WRIGLEY chewing gun stadium, with Jennifer Aniston holding a PEPSI cup reference to those teddy bear cubs on the carpet in Jennifer Garner's physical transfiguration art. While seated next to Ms Garner's blue sofa King Cry Baby guy in blue, sharing a hot dog. In the DVD bonuses, she gets her rug waxed by a funny lesbo who is obsessed with old TV shows like GILLIGAN'S ISLAND.

Gregory Scott Relf


You can find Emma Watson's latest bloody baked cookies statement, with time-travel machine crystals, and her sexy Scottish woodsman plaid three fingers shot, at:

Those are Shenae Grimes' birthday cupcakes by King Cry Baby's old leather throne.

This 04:44:oo pm quake rattled things near Obsidian [chrystal] Butte, California, in Rt.111's Imperial Valley, at:

Given all the Chocolate Mtns signs and wonders surrounding Barack Obama, it might be a good time to check out Johnny Depp's 2005 pre-Obama prophecy, CHARLIZE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY at:

Last Tuesday, there was a 6.6 Pink Lady earthquake off Queen C/harlot/te Islands, at:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


A quake with the crucifixion date of 4.6 struck at 1:21 pm Monday, between Obama's China Lake and Brown Mtn landmarks in California; on the western side of EZE.37's Death Valley. Due north of Red Mountain and Johannesburg [South Africa].

Here is a look at the ancient 666 idols around the above 4.6 earthquake zone at:

Elizabeth Hurley's DAWG prophecy was set in part around California's Hwy.395 earthquake zone.

At 5:54 am Monday, a 3.6 earthquake rattled the area around Thomas Mnt's reference to the federal 666 prison in Thomson, Illinois; just south of D&C 86's Cathedral City, CA on Rt.111.

''ll know he's here when the ground starts shaking...' sings Pink Lady Stephanie in California's GREASE 2. [Think cold war era pinkos.]

Sunday at 2:45 pm, a 4.4 quake happened off California's [AMC cable TV] Channel Islands.

Here's the latest rap concert shooting report at:

In Divine reference to Obama's China visit, Chicago's "back to school" president shot himself in the head before sunrise Monday, Manchurian candidate style. Chinatown's Rev. Jesse Jackson is in shock. He knows who murdered Barack Obama's former gay lover, Donald Young. After Young started blabbing on the phone to Larry Sinclair about his now famous fuck buddy.

Remarkably, this year's Comet Tempel-Tuttle meteor shower will appear to be coming from the abomination of desolation's red planet, chocolate bar, icons Mars, according to:

This link has some great background on 1959's HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND. The movie's half white man, Mr Blackwood, looked more like a wolfman spider to me, see:

Washington, DC's homogaysexual THE WASHINGTON BLADE suddenly closed Monday. When I clicked on this news report, Tuesday AM, there were 44 comments on it, at:

"...bye bye black birdie..."

I loved that NTY shot of Kristen Stewart in her Blackhead Mtns top; "Nothing can catch her... Nothing can touch my 409..." Like they sing at:

In 1993's SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, pre-GSR/TWN, the prophetic "Where's Greg?" line is spoken at the marina docks by all those SAILOR DOG boats.

Jenny sang "Yellow submarine..." at the AMERICAN AIRLINES theater for a tribute to Napoleon's underwater ally, the Loch Ness monster. Such as the German Nazi wolf pack sub that sank the Queen's WWII aircraft carrier in 15 minutes.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, November 16, 2009


The news about converting a federal prison along the day 1290 Mississippi River, north of East Clinton, Illinois, and Lock&Dam No.13, came out on the opening day of AMC's THE PRISONER remake. While the abomination of desolation from the imprisoned Roman Polanski's CHINATOWN, USA prophecy was visiting China. Advising the yellow people to beware of political leaders, and their cronies, who stonewall information.

Before hearing the federal prison reports, I had watched SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, in the middle of the night's wee hours of Saturday. That starts out with a cemetery funeral for the REV.17 woman, featuring today's new WILLIS TOWER in the background.

The famous 1993 Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, romance gets going with a nationwide overnight radio talk show, broadcast from atop the WILLIS TOWER. Triggered by a broken hearted widower who is looking for "real change". Based on the film's hidden code that says "Paul is dead"; i.e. the worldly state church of Paul in D&C 76, 86, etc. accompanied by the prophetic score to "...bye bye black bird..."

One of the key scenes takes place in Jesse James' CAPITOL DC diner. When Meg asks for one of today's patriotic tea bags, that have been bugging Bill Clinton's 42 months gang so much. And yours truly is in the backgound, having a beer at the end of the counter.

[Not ALIAS' Victor Garber, who plays the inspired film's 'Greg' allusion later in the story.]

In the famous elevator ending, high atop the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, Meg's character finds the teddy bear in my 'Seattle' backpack that is depicted on the carpet in Jennifer Garner's PEPSI icon portrait. Which is why 12 people were injured in a falling elevator at CAESAR'S PALACE in 2020' Las Vegas the same day. Confirming Michael's A-bomb shelter paper in GREASE 2 on 'The Fall of the Roman [Polanski] Empire'.

Everyone remembers the Lake Union, Seattle kissing scene, wherein Jona screams about seeing a "black widow spider". Confirmed on the next day by that guy who rammed his mother's civil war LINCOLN 4x4 into a prison entrance in Spokane, Washington [DC].

Saturday morning, I prayed for inspiration about what movie to watch next. At 11:12 am, I had a flash vision of a huge black spider crawling towards my DVDS book case. The next day at RITE AID, I found a triple-movie DVD of "horror classics" for $2.99, that contained 1965's prophetic Hawaiian allegory, HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND.

It's about Mike Blackwood's girl talent agency in NYC. That hires 8 lovely lady dancers to perform at a club in Singapore. But their future LOST plane crashes on a small island, where Mike is bitten by a huge spider and becomes half white man, and half spider.

Gregory Scott Relf

Friday, November 13, 2009


The new two witnesses allegory, PIRATE RADIO, is opening on the same date that the abomination of desolation arrives in the first beast's empire of the rising sun on Obama's new-beast campaign logo. Where he begins his 9 day tour of the nations of the yellow people.

The classic New Orleans whore house tune, HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN, was a smash hit for THE ANIMALS in 1964, and would have been in regular play rotation on all the off-shore rock'n roll pirate ships. That fought the government run BBC forerunner to today's corroborative government partnership media; who were raised ironically on rebel rock'n roll.

In other words, the first 666 beast in REV.13 was overcome and defeated. Then the victors created their own new-and-improved version of the original oppressive beast, who's head was wounded, but recovered miraculously. Which is the exact prophetic story line in England's classic ANIMAL FARM allegory.

It is revealed in the Second Book of Commandments, that the coming King Cry Baby in 2BC 91 will raise the rebel flag once again, and rob the squares who robbed him. By his side will be the world's most famous pirate lady movie star. The one revealed in the KING RALPH prophecy.

"He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity; he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints." [REV.13:10]

Wednesday morning in Temple Hills, DC two of President Biden's armor-plated vehicles struck and killed [CAR 54] year-old Larry Moore on high society's Suitland Parkway. This is particularly significant, because Biden is the lawful temporary President of the United States. Until the Republican House can take legal action against my Tarzan sidekick, the usurper Barack Obama, and render null and void all of the actions he took during his desecration of the temple.

Reportedly, my trusty 800lb gorilla partner never did release any official photos of his reluctant visit last weekend with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according this non government media report at:

A special thanks should go out to all those liberal Jewish federations that put DANIEL 12's wake-up call into the vagina shaped oval office.

On the same day Tonto arrived in his kindred land of the rising sun, 15 squares from the new-beast's New Life Worship Center in Obama's Federal Heights, Colorado were injured when their church van crashed on black ice outside Baker City, Oregon. In confirmation of Taylor Swift's amazing baked cookies and milk signs from 5003' Ft Collins, Colorado.

In the words of Emily Dickinson's no.1190;

"The Sun and Fog contested
The Government of Day -
The Sun took down his Yellow Whip
And drove the Fog away - "

Gregory Scott Relf


In Scarlett Johansson's Japanes movie LOST IN TRANSLATION, Bill Murray jokes that the sushi chef can cut off her injured black toe.

In GREASE2, Stephanie's Christmas medicine wheel ring is placed on a tree beside her, while sitting on top of the new beast's 7 mountains peak ladder. It's the same wheel we see when the British prince paints red flames on his motorcycle fuel tank. Hence the 'inflamible liquids' stage sign.

The desecrated Temple Hills confirmation is at:

Dick-in-son's no.829;

"Ample make this Bed -
Make this Bed with Awe -
In it wait till Judgement break
Excellent and Fair

Be it's Matress straight -
Be it's Pillow round -
Let no Sunrise' yellow noise
Interrupt this Ground"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The other night, I experienced a flash vision, wherein I was walking up to Bonney Lake's work-out gym located off Hwy.410 and the 208th entrance to the REGAL TALL FIRS 10 theater, and the Lord said simply "Yellow".

The next day, I saw a yellow FJ parked there, across from a ROCK STAR energy drink van. I also saw a yellow NYC style taxi, some GREASE 2 yellow "Back to school..." buses, etc. but not much else.

Monday, there was news of a South Korea ship firing on a North Korea ship in the Yellow Sea. Then I read that the ROCK STAR co-star Jennifer Aniston sang "Yellow submarine..." Monday evening in her AMERICAN AIRLINES theater 24 HR PLAY charity performance.

So what does it all mean? It means that you can have those great abs and tight ass that Jennifer Garner has in her PEPSI carpet shot. If you 'think young' and play your cards right, during the stormy seas in DANIEL 9, etc.

Don't get behind this crazy old mindless FDR lady in 666 red. Who shows up at prophetic day 1290 events wearing an Imperial Street strangulation cord around her neck, like at:

At the day 1290 Imperial Street vote in DC, the House's excited and shouting Dems counted down the clock; exactly like they do at the end of WHATEVER WORKS.

Speaking of MARK 13:14's abomination of desolation, Obama met in secret with Judea's BiBi Monday in Wash DC. After meeting with the liberal Jewish federations that financed about 40% of Obama's illegal election, according to:

Super cool homogaysexual indie drumber for the HOLY GHOST band, Jerry Fuchs, fell to his death inside an elevator shaft Sunday at an industrial building gig on Berry [Obama] Street in Brooklyn, according to:

On the opening weekend of Cameron Diaz' THE BOX, a 36 year-old woman got killed while trying to pick up boxes on I-80 in Sacramento. See:

It's time to think outside the box, at:

Notice how the lemmings crowd makes a quick U-Turn at the Hawaii luau ending to GREASE 2.

The 20th Battalion was hit the hardest in the Fort Hood attack; '20' being the traditional number of all things alien. Sending our men and women to die for the Sodom and Egypt of REV.11 is about over. Squares like George Bush are going to have to re-read and re-think their precious Bibles.

I see the Oprah backed black sow movie PRECIOUS features a crown from RAY'S SAUSAGE in their print advertising. And yes, all of God's children are precious. I'm only pointing this out, because all of the ladies strangled by Mr Sowell were black.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, November 7, 2009


DANIEL 12's abomination of desolation spoke at an Indian medicine pow-wow in Wash DC right after that Islamic shooter pulled his Pistol Creek piece out at Fort Hood, west of Temple, Texas. Before commenting on the attack, the alien homosexual usurper gave a shout out to his kindred spirit 'Dr Joe Medicine Crow'.

The same day Lamanite convention was about things like Barack Obama's [Central American Imperialist] interference on behalf of his unconstitutional president ally. Who was legally removed from office in the Book of Mormon's Honduras. In the exact same way that he himself will be removed from office.

The Republicans are not going to get rid of this latter-day desecration by arguing about political philosophy. This is the final war. This is it.

In other words, the DC Indian scene was confirmation that Obama is, in fact, the Alone Ranger's sidekick Tonto. Because the Texas Rangers have their hall of fame in nearby Waco. Here's a photo of the hidden Texas Ranger standing next to his White Horse Prophecy, about when the US Constitution will hang by a thread, etc. at:

The prophetic Book of Mormon word 'Lamanite' means 'LA-man-ite'. Based on today's LA man, who worships the 666ite number of man, and helped put the part Jewish abomination into America's modern Casablanca.

God put this extremely offensive alien into the promised land's highest office, because today's white Israelites are living like alien gentiles. That's why a Texas court convicted some Big Love character in Tom Green County for living ISAIAH 4:10's temple principle on the same day that evil gentile went postal in Fort Hood.

There is a hood from Chicago in the White House. And none of the media's pussy-whipped sons of Israel have the balls to expose him. So I guess we'll just have to watch George Lopez' new LA talk show on TBS.

You think it was a coincidence that the SUBWAY sandwich maker, Mr Rodriguez, gunned down his former associates at REYNOLDS, SMITH & HILLS in theme park Orlando, on the same day Mr Rodriguez starred in the YANKEES' Manhattan victory parade? Only Woody Allen's Boris character in WHATEVER WORKS would be so arrogant.

That's why Jim Carrey handed out free turkey&swiss sandwiches to everyone on Conan Thursday night. After his bloody attack on some UNIVERSAL theme park tourist tram outside the studio.

Gregory Scott Relf

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Next door to Mr Sowell's place on Obama's Imperial Street is RAY'S [king's] SAUSAGE meat grinder castle, complete with sow pigs on the front sign, at:

Elizabeth Hurley's organic pig farm immediately comes to mind, since Orwell's prophetic ANIMAL FARM pig leadership tale about vicious guard dogs takes place in England. Plus the England born Bob Hope grew up in Cleveland, probably around the same old neighborhoods, before they became run down. The star of ROAD TO BALI's song&dance man prophecy about the 42 months Big Foot from a LOST paradise island in Obama's native Indonesia, at:

But the BIG KAHUNA factor here is Boris' inspired Ted Bundy references in WHATEVER WORKS. The Hawaiian word 'Kahuna' meaning; priest, sorcerer, minister, magical leader, etc. Not to mention the prophetic pig roast luau party ending to GREASE 2

In the BRUCE ALMIGHTY scenes where they dig up Obama's African birth certificate, we see a fat black lady officer walk by first. Later the professionally stoned "sissy girl" reporter screams like a stuck pig, "I never saw it before!... I swear!" Even though the Kenyan birth certificate has been posted all over the Internet, as well as Obama's matching African 'certification of birth' used in his mother's divorce case.

And the Nazi police dog puts a boner in his mouth.

Even .44 Magnum P.I. had his black Hawaiian chopper pilot sidekick 'TC'; operating from their Robin's Nest white house headquarters. So the white house on Imperial Street is yet another ominous bit of Obama sidekick casting by God.

The pirate skull that they found in a sack at the Imperial white house, is the same one Shenae Grimes wore above her Indian medicine sack, standing by the baptism pool of enchantment, at:

Long time TWNers will recognize it as the fascist Red Skull sidekick to 1990's amazing homogaysexual Captain America hero. Who gets thawed out up in Sarah Palin's Alaska, and goes on to save the US President office; using his 1960s UFO hippie frisbee weapon, at:

Gregory Scott Relf


For years, Hollywood has been trying to cast WONDER WOMAN. How about a screen test for this sidekick at:

After I saw the above pix, a very rare [for around here] black LAMBORGHINI, with blacked-out windows, and blacked-out plates, zoomed by me at the Love Shack on Old Buckley and Locust.

Some nice Pistol Creek shots:

Pistol Creek flows below Grindstone Pass.

Jimmy Hoffa was last seen at THE RED FOX prime rib joint outside Detroit. I stopped in there right afterwards with my French exwife. When we were working at the nearby Michigan State Fair, pitching the all steel VITAMIX 3600 from Olmsted Falls, Ohio, right outside Cleveland.

1NEPHI 14's Orthodox Church Kahuna has been in Wash DC all this week, supporting Obama's day 1290 abomination of desolation.

The Jennifer Garner signs and wonders are suddenly intensifying again. Check out PEPSI's 'for those who think young' icons on the carpet in this physical transfiguration New River, WV portrait. Wherein she is looking at Cry Baby's blue sofa while fixing to love Ben, at:

If Ben is not interested in helping Jen find eternal life, then eventually she will be looking for someone else to give her a hand.

Here's Vince Vaughn with Jennifer at some couples therapy retreat hotel in Bali at:

Somehow, this transfigured shot of Sarah Palin got mixed in with the Jennifer fakes at:

This Oregon Caves turd shot is rather telling at:

This is actually a fairly accurate Ray's Sausage look alike shot, not too big, not too small, at:

Monday, November 2, 2009


They find Barack Obama's hidden birth certificate buried with the body of mob boss Jimmy Hoffa in 2003's BRUCE ALMIGHTY prophecy. As a little black Obama boy records the breaking news story using Bruce's jazz trumpet camera for a $10 Ham/ilton fee. It was right there all along, in front of the liberal media's nose. But it turned out that the yapping 60s offspring had been smoking something.

That's why they started finding all those bodies of dead REV.17 female pig icons in shallow graves on Cleveland's Imperial Street the same day I watched the inspired picture; co-starring America's 211 sweetheart Jennifer Aniston. Because the black Mr Sow/ell strangler was in the same metal recycling business that Aniston's character is obsessed with in MANAGEMENT.

The German shepherd dog who found the body in BRUCE ALMIGHTY, represented Ms Aniston's own future white German shepherd symbol of the illegal Matthew Shepard inspired Nazi hate law signed by Obama on the eve of my birthday viewing. The US Constitution grants no authority to the federal government to outlaw any form of thought.

Since the Orwellian legislation of the latter-day Sodom and Egypt was attached to a military budget, the day after it was signed, those 9 military personnel died in the REV.13 sea off China Point and Pyramid Head. God is not going to protect the 'great and abominable church of the devil' cited in 1NEPHI 14, etc.

Of course, that US Marine [G.I. Joe] COBRA chopper, that collided with a C-130 on my birthday, was a stand in for the chopper that puked on the symbolic federal judge in CRY BABY's bonuses.

The US Navy's new USS NEW YORK assault ship, made in part with recycled 911 steel, is scheduled to sail up the Hudson River Monday and dock at Pier 88, according to:

For my birthday present pick at TARGET Thursday, Granny Grass bought me Woody Allen's latest Manhattan movie WHATEVER WORKS. That ends in a New Year's Eve party scene containing the line, "Hang on... The ball's about to drop..."

I watched it Friday, and then got a big kick out of the quick confirmation by Alex Rodriguez' hard ball hitting the liberal media's video camera in right field. To help win game 3 for the YANKEES by a score of 8-5 in 1776 Philadelphia.

No wonder the slugger has been fingering Kate Hudson lately. In my book, that's at least getting to third base. And a double that's quickly converted into a homer is definitely a threeway score.

Gregory Scott Relf

Friday, October 30, 2009


Wash DC building permits were finally issued Thursday for the long delayed construction of MLK's creepy stonewall monument to milk chocolate third world fascism at:

The same day that Wash DC's Sodom and Egypt leadership introduced their illegal 1990 page abomination of desolation. That was confirmed at 1:13:43 pm by a three sixes 3.6 earthquake off the coast of California's Capetown location for Rainbow Ridge and the King Mountain Range. Where the Mad River crosses under Rt.36 at a small place called Mad River.

Even the same day that the retired US Marine Judge Carter coward dropped the African birth place of Obama case like a hot plate in Orange County. That was immediately confirmed by the prophetic collision of a US Marine Corps AH-1 COBRA with a Coast Guard C-130 off Chinatown, USA's China Point and Pyramid Head on San Clemente Island. So far they think 9 people died.

Because no one is guarding the coasts of the US Constitution country from the invasion of foreign ideas by alien political forces; like the muslim Barack Obama, the Catholic Nancy Pelosi, and the reformed Jewish RLDS Senator Hairy Reid.

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening [hairy] wolves."

"Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?"

"... a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit."
[3NEPHI 14:15-17]

Right there in the King Mountain Range's redwood forests is a little place called Whitethorn, southwest of Hwy.101's Redway.

Thursday's Jewish temple shooting in homogaysexual North Hollywood was about the homosexual abomination of desolation warning in MARK 13:14...

"But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it aught naught, [let him that readeth understand,] then let them that be in Judea flee to the mountains:"

The huge snow job that hit Barack Obama's red colored Denver Thursday was timed by God of course; using Nancy Pelosi's ALPHA OMEGA wrist watch. They say a spring snow storm of that size only comes along about once every 12 years or so. Which would generally mark the related day 1290 revelations of Judah and Ephraim that happened in 1996.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's the latest Chinatown, USA stonewaller report at:

Any federal judge has the right to make any federal case ruling. Which would then just go to the next level of appeal. The important thing about all these federal cases is the discovery, not the ruling. The discovery information can then be used by the newly elected Republican Congress. The Virginia governor election next Tuesday may shed some more light on REV.13's 42 months scenario.

Thursday's 42 latitude line REV.13:1 coast quake info is at:

That's an inspired crack pipe depiction in MLK's left hand. I'm not joking. Look again at:

By the Hand of God, Barack Obama's Chocolate Mtns are located in Imperial County, CA. Starting on the north end inside DANIEL 12:5's Riverside County...

"Then I Daniel looked, and, behold, there stood other two, the one on this side of the bank of the river, and the other on that side of the bank of the river."

No wonder REV.9's famous Sting icon senses that Obama has a Providential role in God's millennial plans.

For my own private birthday party Thursday morning, I watched an old BRUCE ALMIGHTY tape, that I had bought for a buck from those local CRY BABY hillbillies. The 'one mighty and strong' 2003 pre-Obama movie is about a black man, often depicted holding Obama's marxist mop in hand, who believes that he is God. The Obama figure gives a portion of his miraculous 666 powers to the gibberish speaking liberal media in Buffalo, NY. In the end, Jim Car/rey and Jennifer Aniston promote the upcoming blood cleansing endowment house transfiguration rites. [After some really hot sex scenes where Carrey fingers Jenny from a distance, without even touching her.]

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


3 chunks of 211 steel fell down from San Francisco's Labor Day bridge repair job and hit 3 cars Tuesday. The same day I found some birthday party pix of Shenae poking three fingers into her front pocket at the north end of Rt.111 in Palm Springs, at:

Neve's amazing '3' fingers pendant was confirmed by a large hunk of steel "saddle" bracing, that fell down with two sections of steel cable rod, blocking passage to the Bay Area's Treasure Island from the east. Because in my Three Sisters, Black Butte, OR dream, Neve's bum was facing east towards 16th Ave.

The Gay Area's Hwy.101 MANAGEMENT bonus DVD connections to Jennifer Aniston's Rt.111 Chocolate Mountains of Obama, came by way of her NASDAQ index [2.11.69] steel birthday numbers hitting 2,116.09 Tuesday.

The bridge's eastern Oak/land connection is for my Scottish Fife, Tacoma woodsman dream.

Shenae Grime's 2177' Quartz Peak pendant connection is located among the Chocolate Mountains section that crosses Obama's Colorado River, and runs into the Tri/go Mtns, and Dome Rock Mtns of Arizona.

California's 12634' Triple Divide Peak prophecy, about the upcoming threeway divide of America in REV.16:19, is located along the King's Canyon National Park's 'Great Western Divide' border line. Where the headwaters of the Roaring River represent the roaring speeches of the day 1290 abomination of desolation. And those who are outraged that the illegal usurper has paid $1,666,397.01 to his law firm hired to stonewall the fact that he was born in Africa, as documented at:

The increase in Babylon bombings addresses Rt.111's Bombay Beach earthquake swarms when Jennifer and Brad became officially divorced at THE MISFITS 111 courthouse in LA. That's why Brad crashed his custom Jesse James style motorcycle on Shenae's 20th birthday in 90210 land.

There is a military gunnery range on the north side of Obama's Chocolate Mtns. Therefore, we will likely see some troubling things that relate to the homosexual usurper's lack of support for America's military.

The nice thing about having a lunatic for a sidekick, is that I can count on him giving the squares as good as he gets.


Gregory Scott Relf


Monday, October 26, 2009


Sunday morning I experienced a very vivid, and anatomically correct dream, wherein I was thoroughly fingering the Scottish Neve Campbell from behind her butt with three fingers, and she liked it. The odd part was, we were laying on my sister's bed in our old 5717 house on 16th Ave NE in Seattle. Neve's squinting face was turned to the right, much like this link, but facing down on the matress, at:

Otherwise, I might not have googled the latest Neve pix, much less these 10.15 dated ones showing her '3' pendant at London's premiere of THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS. As seen on this enlarged link at:

Monday on the 2:00 am FOX news out of Portland, I heard about 20 year-old Kristen Hillary Williams getting lost overnight in Oregon's Three Sisters Wilderness mountain goat country, south of Rt.22's Three Fingered Jack Mtn, on the 20th birthday of Shenae Grimes at:

Much of Kristen's TWILIGHT movie was filmed in Oregon. Which explains the other Kristen's departure from Devils Lake Trailhead with her black lab bird dog, south of Obama's Black Butte landmark. And turning up at a convenience store the next day, in confirmation of the latest chocolate milk finger pix of Shenae's 22 year-old pink lady co-star at:

Sisters, Oregon is the area where Gus Van Sant filmed his prophetic masterpiece EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES.

In Kristen's miraculous report, she was finally picked up by the [Scottish] woodsman featured in MANAGEMENT's DVD bonuses, that was filmed just to the east of there in Madras. She must have been spotted just north of Mt Bachelor and Elk Lake. Because that's a guy with a nice elk buck rack who is sticking his hand under Neve's bum on her square gold and silver pendant.

That's one of the crystal 'hunk of sugar' pieces on Shenae's pendant from the physical transfiguration mail-order time machine in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE 90210. No doubt, that's what was inside the UPS box in my Jennifer Connelly kitchen counter dream.

Gregory Scott Relf


Here's Kenan's 'dip the ladle' kitchen sex DVD, featuring his lost Amber Alert girl assistant. Note the King of Beers Smut King reference, the gold NIAGARA therapy chair, model 757, etc. at:

The nice brunet in that 'love hurts' NISSAN preview video ad appeared in a dream I had Sunday morning. Wherein I had just moved into a house full of college kids in Seattle's U-District. I could see her outside on the rear patio having sex with some guy, while she was looking at me and smiling. Kind of like that chick who is willing to make love with the Jesse James look alike in CRY BABY's Smut King extras, while thinking about Cry Baby.

The Kingman Motel in MANAGEMENT was based on Hwy.410's KINGS MOTEL in Enumclaw, WA. Now called KING VALU INN at:

Last week I had a GREGORY'S 2 GIRLS dream that took place in Seattle's Ravenna Park prophecy. Wherein Shenae was charging the soccer goal with expert ball control, zig-zagging against a very good male defender, Justin Timberlake. She quickly gave him the slip, and fired off a great hook shot towards the net, but the goalee grabbed it. Then I took a closer look at the goalee. Who was actually a huge dark gray lizard like beast with head horns, the size of the goal's entire opening. Flowing under his legs, were the pure spring waters of eternal life in EZE.47 etc. That the 'dip the ladle' beast was not letting anyone get near.

Saturday, I found a 1989 dime on the ground, that was just a little bit grimy on back, in one tiny spot.

This is a nice three sisters shot from the same event at:

Little 9 year-old Elizabeth O/lten went missing near Jefferson, MO on the same day Nicole Kid/man was speaking in Wash DC about violence against neomarxist women. Because Jefferson would be rolling over in his grave if he saw the illegal day 1290 abomination of desolation being pushed by today's daughters of Israel. Like at:

Friday, October 23, 2009


New York's 3573 ft Indian Head Mtn is located on the south side of the state's Blackhead Mtns; northeast of Doubletop Mtn and Slide Mtn, near the Woodland Valley campground. So that Smut King art picture of Kristen Stewart, ready to put the top of her black nail Ringo finger into those raspberry mocha lips in the new INTERVIEW, gave me a minor 2.9 earthquake Wednesday, at:

I believe this is the area where Jennifer Connelly and her husband like to go hiking and camping in the rain. Whatever, a few weeks ago, I dreamed that I was in their cosy kitchen while Jennifer was taking a shower, and her friendly husband was answering the front doorbell for a delivery of some large taped up UPS box. Noting I had $150 bucks in my wallet, I saw a partly naked 19ish Kristen babe spreading her kitchen fork on the edge of their vintage counter next to me, like at:

The only thing I can remember before waking up, is that the hight of their counter was just perfect for sliding into some of those SNL Smut King sex DVD push moves. Looking back now, I see CRY BABY's pink car guy sticking his big nose in your business. Who dont care if they're married, and picks up Tracy Lords' teenage runaway at the curb.

Kristen's play on my ELLEN GOT FINGERED flash vision touches directly on TWILIGHT's prophetic Forks, WA landmarks. Like the sweet Sitkum River trout water that flows west below Cool Creek and Hyas Creek, just outside of Forks. I'm sure I've seen the hilarious black Kenan Thompson on SNL demonstrating his La Push moves around TWILIGHT's wolfman Indian reservation, next to Branch Creek and Dickey River.

This is MANAGEMENT's Hwy.101 Olympics country. So Kristen's royal Scottish surname must have some kind of a professional Fife, Tacoma connection. Go a little north on Hwy.101, and you come to Ken McLeod's secret Beaver Creek cutthroat hole, below Deadman's Hill.

Kristen's plastic wrapped TWIN PEAKS Laura Palmer portrait was confirmed for me Thursday afternoon. When I walked up to a broke-down log rig hauling a huge double load, stopped dead in the middle of Hwy.410's divide.

In case you're wondering, that's Emma Watson's Scottish plaid label trench coat by BURBERRY on Kristen in the above link. For Brandeberry Creek's convergence with the Sitkum River below Hunger Mtn and Pistol Creek.

Gregory Scott Relf


They found 7 year-old Somer's body in a swampy dump outside Jacksonville, FL on the same day Nicole Kid/man was speaking in Wash DC about violence against neomarxist women.

In CRY BABY, the apostate Christian squares trash the Drapes' physically transfigured classic car restorations. But in the end, it's actually Obama who delivers the queen to the king on a motorcycle.

That PEPSI machine in GREASE 2's 'prowling' scenes at THE CHECKOUT is "...for those who think young."

Don't miss Ellen Page looking through the future glass [computer screen] bowling lane doors in the marred servant's 'who's that guy' scenes.

Anybody see this hunk a sugar before?..

I just watched 1977's SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT prophecy Thursday. Where Megan Fox's southern 'foxy lady' appears in her pink RV at mile marker 86, on Hwy.85. In 1961's THE MISFITS, Fox's new casino Caddy gets banged up with 23 miles on it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


While the director of CHINATOWN remains in REV.13 captivity upon the mountains of Switzerland; Chinatown, USA's wealthy Roman Polanski people attended a high society fundraiser for the Indonesian citizen, Barack Obama, at Manhattan's MANDARIN ORIENTAL HOTEL.

It was a dinner event. So the suicidal Manchurian candidate must have just finished speaking when that rare 2.9 quake hit the Medusa, New York area below Rt.85, on the north side of the state's Blackhead Mtns. at 09:32:43 pm Tuesday.

Anytime there is an earthquake INSYNC with a key abomination of desolation action, it is a threeway REV.16:19 earthquake sign from God; "And the great city was divided into three parts..."

That's why there was a sudden fire at a massive asphalt spill in Detroit's River Rouge area Tuesday morning. Confirming the same day news that Sarah Palin will appear on Ms O's Chicago Obama show to promote her prophetic red jacket book entitled GOING ROGUE.

Detroit's River Rouge would represent Med/usa's Catskill River connection to day 1290's med/ical USA abomination policies by Mr.44. Who is the .44 sidekick to my San Francisco DIRTY HARRY movie prophecies.

Monday, I dreamed that some black kid, standing next to me, tried to grab a tall man's big S&W .44 sidearm from behind. But the white guy quickly turned around and pulled out his pistol and shot the black kid in the gut. Who screamed, "Why did you do that?!... I don't have any health insurance!" Then I woke up.

The Greek snake-headed Medusa is a female monster who will turn people into stonewallers if they look her in the face at:

Often times, Medusa is depicted with a rather REV.13:11 looking image. Her head matching Larry Sinclair's transsexual snake description in:

MANAGEMENT's 2007 pre-Obama movie turned out to be a prophetic laundry room reference to Larry and Barry getting together as total strangers at the Rt.21 QUALITY INN in Gurnee, Illinois to suck some pipe. Hence the Chinese restaurant theme from Kingman to Aberdeen.

Gregory Scott Relf


Note that the defacto homo squares in CRY BABY march down the street like middle-of-the-road Republicans. Thankfully, my gay Batman sidekick Robin is going to change that.