Saturday, March 29, 2008


While campaigning in Pittsburgh Friday, Obama picked up another key endorsement. It happened when I inadvertently tuned into a rare live Art Bell radio re-appearance Friday night. And heard the retired tired UFO expert endorse his transsexual ROCKY HORROR co-star. As a man capable of uniting America around his alien Marxist vision.

He also said good things about McCain. Since both candidates are basically Third Way 666ers; one being mainline Christian, the other being a earth liberation Christian from outer space. Art was just playing his prophetic composit role at the end of the floor show, agreeing with Obama's actions taken against the homogaysexual troublemaker "fraud" Larry Sinclair at:

Transylvania's Senator Bob Casey also endorsed Obama Friday in Pittsville. Confirmating the scheduled appearance today of mob expert Vito Colucci on Bell's COAST TO COAST radio, to discuss "Detective Cases" according to:

Hopefully, they will delve into the case of Obama's murdered gay choir boy. Who kept calling on Larry Sinclair's new changing phone numbers, that only the Obama camp had been given by Sinclair himself.

They didn't film THE BREAKUP in HBO's Chicago home town for nothing. That ended with a gigantic wall mounted woody hanging over Jenny's vagina rug. Layed down for the spirit of unity that really "tied the room together" in THE BIG LEBOWSKI.

Scheduled for late night Saturday/Sunday, is an Art Bell re-run from 2003 about 'God, Man and ETs' at Obama's church in South Chicago. Where the transsexual candidate of unity apparently had some friends in the church's male choir. The Rev Wright was still preaching to Obama et al from the pulpit at that time.

The silly gossip blogs made a big deal out of Paris screwing Matt Damon in South Africa last week, on behalf of all her sisters back home. When she felt inspired by God to declare "I love Africa in general, South Africa and West Africa. They are both great countries." Meaning the latter-day Sodom and Egypt of America is her beloved new West Africa. Even the New Jerusalem of Judah, where the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim have appeared.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Renee Zellweger and George Clooney will be at the Duluth, Minnesota I-35 premier of LEATHERHEADS Monday. Where the film's 1920s pro football team is based; named the Bulldogs. Confirming the teams of ANIMAL FARM attack dogs going after Duluth's home town hero Larry Sinclair. Who obviously gave Obama some crack head back in 1999 on the leather seats of a FIVE STAR limo.

Apparently, they cracked a lot of heads back in the old days of pig-skin football. Anyway, look for some clips Tuesday of the stars arriving by limo. I do hope Larry is invited. Just picture all those ball players bending over in tight pants.

INSTYLE quotes Renee's willingness to make her co-star George peanut butter sandwiches, anytime, anywhere, smooth or crunchy, his call. Is that what Clooney meant by smooching the sexy actress just 'a little bit' in his recent kiss-and-tell interview?

Images of George's Egyptian Ho-Tep lover candidate sucking the small souls out of butt holes in Faker, Texas comes to mind. Especially if we're talking all natural ADAMS peanut butter from Tacoma, WA, with none of that shitty crysco grease added in.

I like my PBJs on whole wheat with strawberry jam. Preferably from WALLS berry farms in Oregon, owned by TRAILBLAZER foods. [No affiliation with Portland's NBA team.] FREDDY's private label jams are surprizing good as well, distributed by a firm in Clooney's home town of Cincinati, Ohio.

Speaking of watching the stars. If you were watching the sky last Wednesday, you could have seen an unprecedented massive gamma-ray star burst from 2.9 million lightyears away in galaxy M33 at:

The historic explosion was picked up by NASA's Swift telescope, and named GRB 0803 19B; encoding Evangeline Lily's upcoming 29th '8.03' birth date. Keep watching the sky like a wide receiver.

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Here's a link to the sad report about some worker lynching himself last week at one of Mel Gibson's Malibu properties. It was a message from God about Mel's support for the REV.17 whore that is screwing the sons of Israel to death at:

Thursday, March 20, 2008


What's in vogue right now is on the cover of April's VOGUE, bearing Gisele Bundchen in the arms of her Big Foot partner from Cleveland, Ohio. It's nothing new. The model and her white Obama mamas have been screwing Matt Damon for quite some time now. And he doesn't even know it. But the magazine cover timing bares a close watch for any providential March Madness college basketball correlations.

For example. The last time South Africa's Charlize Theron was on Letterman. They recorded an all time season record snow fall in her adopted home town of Madison, Wisconsin. Because the year's accumulation topped 80" on that day. The prophetic ROCKY HORROR dairy country landmark is in Dane County, for her big great dane dog history, along with Martinsville and Black Earth; south of Devil's Head Ski Lodge, east of Rt.14's Arena, and all that.

Charlize' great dane is/was a skilled rat hunter in the hills above Malibu. The general area where Sean Penn's house once burned down. And then the Harvey Milk actor parked a jet-airliner looking silver AIRSTREAM trailor on the lot.

They wrapped photography on the Bay Area film on St Paterson's Day. After Penn had declared earlier on the set, before a crowd of transsexual extras, that "Sean Hannity, the butt boy of Rupert Murdoch" and Bill O'Reilly are coming to an end. True enough. NPR did a piece this week about San Francisco's former legally blind black mayor Willie Brown.

Penn's inspiration was based on the prophetic ending of 'hope' to A KING IN NEW YORK. That in 1957 foretold the end of today's state backed politically-correct paranoia and tyranny. Where anyone who doubts the legality of the 19666s civil rights crap is hauled before a media driven hysteria about secret unAmerican [Nazi] socialist affiliations.

Fortunately, the shadov king had an audacious atomic solution to mankind's utopian problems.

Turns out the St Patrick's Day judgement on Paul and Heather's fantasy marriage was confirmation of their Disneyland castle wedding in Ireland. For a same ST PATERSON'S DAY blog bonus this week, the stalker blogs posted follow-up pix of Paris Hilton jetting off to a rock guru concert in South Africa. You know she's f_cking Matt Damon.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Monday, March 17, 2008


The blind gentile David Paterson was made governor of New York on St Patrick's Day. For a black Lep in the Hood sign from God about the lost Irish tribes of Isreal, who are living like gentiles.

The latest example. Ireland's effeminate Pope Benedict the REV.16th demanded on Palm Sunday that the REV.17 beasts stopped going after the REV.17 whores. After the murdered body of Archbishop Rah/ho was found in Iraq.

On St Patrict's Day in FRENZY's London town, it was the $48,000,000 pay-out to McCartney's peg leg pirate X-wife Heather. The prophetic context was providentially set up by 48 year-old client no.9s' $4300 [EZE.43] payment to his high priced MAYFLOWER ship hooker.

Walking out on St Patty's Day, a pink PAT'S PLUMBING truck drove by the Evergreen-Church Lake T, bearing their flooded 'PP' Letterman logo set inside of a vagina icon circle. Also on Palm Sunday, two foreigners died when their plane crashed into the Crawfish area wilderness of Jefferson Nat Forest in Virginia. The same day Brad Pitt and Bill Clinton started digging grave-like holes in New Orlean's 9th Ward flood zone. Where that giant alien crawfish came from in TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE.

Speaking of alien invaders. Someone in cyber space sector 42 attacked and almost destroyed my 1998 computer on Eva Longoria's birthday. So I shut it down officially on St Patrict's Day, marking the prophetic ten year sentence period in JAILHOUSE ROCK. It was my father's computer, who's funeral was held on St Patrict's Day in 2005. This post was made on my Plan B system.

The next day was Palm Sunday, when I watched Charles Chaplin's Senator McCain look alike GSR/TWN prophecy from 1957, entitled A KING IN NEW YORK. The used tape was not fully rewound. So it started in the scene where a young lady had fainted in a frenzy during one of Obama's theatrical speaches. Then she woke up and bit me on the lower leg, right where I got two spider bites last Friday.

Thankfully, Kate Holmes appears and puts my secret image inside many of the nation's advertisements, using hidden cameras; for King Lager [BUD] beer, CROWN spirits, and "Yum Yum" threesome crown logo cheese spread, etc.

In the London made movie, Sir Charles is called King Shahdov. But in the end credits he's listed as 'King Shadow'. Who started his physical transfiguration, with the help of Kate, from the treatments in a plastic surgeon temple clinic where Paris Hilton works.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, March 14, 2008


"Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea," [HOSEA 1:10]

Sandy's LOVE POTION NO.9 came out the same year as Jenny's LEPRECHAUN gold prophecy; set near Hwy.16's Grand Rapids, SD [day 1290 Black Hills] landmark and Mt Rushmore's Crazy Horse Monument. Gov Spitzer's obvious Leprechaun alien looks created a perfect client no.9 potion lotion theme. Given nearby Silver City is for the 15 pieces of silver Hosea payed for his additional live-in harlot in chapter 3, verse 2. Sandy's plural wives movie poster can be seen at: .

New York's fallen star from the House of Judah looks like something in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE at: .

One of his better alien Leprechaun looks is at: .

Spitzer's MAY FLOWER hotel setting represented last week's screening of the May Day red rose flower prophecy in FRENZY. Confirmed by the murdered UNC church lady at Sandy's alma mater in Chapel Hill.

Scientology Scientists from Sandy's Austin, TX have discovered a baby star inside the pregnant gas/dust body L1014; by using the orbiter Spitzer telescope seer robot prophet. Which has revealed a new world creation meaning to Picasso's Leprechaun Billie Piper boy number ‘14' signs; in the "RESULTS" section at: .

"...I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven..." [GEN.22:17]

Speaking of Hollywood stars. South African bikini robot no.15 showed up on Letterman Wednesday. Wearing gold shoes on shiny long plastic robot legs, to promote SLEEP WALKING; filmed in Regina, [queen] Canada; due east of Moose Jaw; near Old Wives Lake.

Thereby confirming the 150' Albany revelations that led to a new blind African American governor. His swearing in was witnessed in advance by Thursday's ET clips of Eva Longoria's early 3.15 pre-birthday party at her new Tex-Mex "KISS" ass restaurant in LA. The same day the civil war S&P 500 closed at 1,315.48 for all those frozen goo 1948 MARIE CALENDER dinners Granny Grass bought last week at FREDDYS. And for Eliot Spitzer being on the front page of NYT 54,248 with his attractive 50ish Jennifer Aniston look alike wife confirmation of THE BREAKUP; filmed in Larry Sinclair's swinging Chicago.

The Black Hills' 6937' Flag Mountain, above Rapid River, represents Eva's swinging Obama look atype player under the civil war flag of Texas. In the present context of his long time patronage of hot brunet SEMI-PRO hookers in high priced hotels.

Charlize brought a 25 year-old transfiguration clip from SLEEP WALKER. That showed her in a physical reference to my daily 25 MPH traffic sign wonders along Church Lake Road and Old Buckley Hwy. When I walked by the first sign Thursday, a man pulled over and gave me a lift, with his 9 year-old black lab in back, named Dexter. The same name of that Canadian crane robot now being assembled in outer space. On his dashboard was one of those satellite map locator monitors.

Walking back later by Neve Campbell's rockery on Evergreen Drive, this local preacher pulled over in his limestone TOYOTA, bearing May flower hotel room number ‘871...' plates, offering me a lift. I had seen him at the close-out bargain store in the cookies and snacks section. So he told me about some squirt-cans of processed cheese he bought for his church Elders meeting that night; "We have lots of fun... You can squirt it in your mouth... without a cracker... the wives don't let us do that at home..." he laughed.

Earlier in front of KINKOS' FEDEX shop, a red JEEP 4x4 Big Foot roared past showing ‘871...' plates on the LARRY'S BRAKES side of Hwy.410.

At the library Thursday afternoon, the instant I saw the Hillary Clinton link at , a fat lady's cell phone rang out "Ding dong... The witch is dead..."
Rush also has linked a speech by Obama's peace&love guru minister. That reveals what the con man from the sewer politics of Chicago really thinks about Evangeline's lily white ass at: .
And: .

On Letterman, No.15 had mentioned becoming a US citizen. Thursday, Craig Ferguson re-played his swearing-in ceremony video. He was definitely the only white dude I could see among the hundreds of new Democratic Party voters at the state fair grounds.

I read that Matt and Ben will be selecting the next transsexual video spot for's promotion of their black Gov Spitzer reform leader after April 1. Was that an April Fool's joke? Whatever, they should give Sarah Silverman's contest entry a good look.

Kate Beckinsale was on Letterman Thursday, wearing a nice evergreen soft shoulder number. She said she saw a wolf in their backyard one time in LA. A white ‘WOLFPCK' 4x4 had passed me at the SOFT SHOULDER sign Thursday, next to the redwood trees, by the for-cheap tree service sign, on Church Lake Rd.

Yours, GSR/TWN


Munchkins [Leprechauns]
Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
Wake up - sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead. She's gone where the goblins go,
Below - below - below. Yo-ho, let's open up and sing and ring the bells out.
Ding Dong' the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
Let them know
The Wicked Witch is dead!
As Mayor of the Munchkin City, In the County of the Land of Oz, I welcome you most regally.
But we've got to verify it legally, to see
To see?
If she
If she?
Is morally, ethic'lly
Father No.1
Spiritually, physically
Father No. 2
Positively, absolutely
Undeniably and reliably Dead
As Coroner I must aver, I thoroughly examined her.
And she's not only merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead.
Then this is a day of Independence For all the Munchkins and their descendants
If any.
Yes, let the joyous news be spread The wicked Old Witch at last is dead!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Gov Spitz/er's whore of Babylon revelation unfolded on the same day Jim Carrey went on David's FDR/DC Letterman show in a hotel shower bathrobe to promote HORTON HEARS A WHO mystery ho. The same day the Madonna was enshrined in ROCKY HORROR's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame church with fellow big time HBO believer John Mellencamp.

There was a rare 2.7 quake around Buffalo, NY, Canada at about 7:00 am Saturday. The day before this latest seven hills mother metaphor leaked out. All this reminds me that Siena College is located in 150' Albany, west of Rt.150's deaf Defreetsville. For the breaking tabloid news that Sienna Miller and her lovable Riff Raff character actor just got engaged. True or not, the story's essence was confirmed anyway. Like those silly stories about Jennifer Aniston keeping her eggs frozen in Granny Grass' freezer.

I watched LEP 4 in outer space after midnight Sunday; Monday am time. Monday afternoon, I heard that somebody strapped with explosives walked up and killed a symbolic five foolish virgin soldiers in old Babylon. Confirming the transsexual Marine sergeant in LEP 4 with TNT fastened to his body before the final floorshow scenes.

LEP 4's mad scientist is a robotic trunk machine, that is half human, with only a bald Dr Evil head and shoulders on top. Due to spiders and bugs placed in the 666 doctor's poor quality pearl jam goop, by the Lep, he mutates into a creature with crane arms. Much like the Canadian built crane robot, with body trunk, that they just launched down in the JFK space center Tuesday; seen here at:
And: .

Spain's new socialist election victory corresponded perfectly with Woody Allen's lab toady in LEP 4. Given Woody's latest film was shot over there, co-starring Scarlett Johansson. And all the Spanish polls show that Scarlett's Obama is by far the favorite American candidate to gain favor with the great latter-day whore standing atop the 666 world.

His dark transsexual planet movement, recently updated at rolls out along the muddy day 1290 Mississippi River today. Starting upriver around Egypt's Memphis landmark, near Lynchburg Walls, Miss, the river's giant Horseshoe Lake prophecy, and Hollywood, Miss on Hwy.61.

Winding down past 125' Greenville, it comes to Lake Washington in Washington County. Then finishes it's Mississippi state borderline down by landmarks like; Port Gibson, Church Hill, Fort Adams, etc. The whole ticking time-bomb thing starting up at 1290' Grand Rapids, Minn [rough waters] around Blackberry, and all that.

After my last post on ‘keep watching the sky' rolled out, I found this asteroid threesome report at: .

The Mexican as/teroid angle confirms that fabulous bikini robot no.18 photo taken in Mexico of Jenny watching the sky at: .

Eu/gen/ia's two moons are named Petit-Prince and Petit-Princesse. As in Prince's party like it's 1999 prophecy. The short musician magician based along I-35's twin Mississippi towns is a real Lep in the hood player.

They started blogging reports Sunday about Jenny's hot love scene atop a hotel laundry room table in MANAGEMENT. So later I checked Granny Grass' laundry platform by her washer, and found two southwest Indian pattern socks lying there; reminiscent of the ‘..fff...' design on Amy's Indian sofa throne at: .

Jenny's GOLD CROWN gift shop had stuffed Easter bunnies for 50%-OFF Sunday. Lying atop a table on display outside in front. Monday, Jim told Letterman that he was getting a sensual table massage in the hotel spa. When he realized that the Daylight Savings switch had messed up his schedule, making him late for the late show. Jim looked at the camera and told "Jenny" not to listen to that part.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Did anyone catch Sunday's PARADE cover of Tina Fey spreading her JAILHOUSE ROCK legs? She's riding a red SCHWING brand 50s horror movie bicycle.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Here's a look at LEP 2's brother in the hood, wearing a prophetic REV.16 Texas lone star cap, trying to use the ATM card of that murdered UNC student body president church lady in Chapel Hill. INSIDE EDITION reported that she had already been hired by the same NYC firm where Chelsea Clinton works. Her activist student politics history reads like the updated story of a young Mrs Clinton at Yale, etc. They think that's him in Eve Carson's hijacked car at: .

LEP 2's plot spins around a sister in the hood who wants to attend the University of Kansas; located near Lone Star on the edge of Clinton Res. in Douglas County, Kansas. I should probably rent Michael Douglas' KING OF CALIFORNIA movie about hidden underground gold treasure in LA.

The hood brother will probably be in jail very soon. Since last night I took another look at the latter-day king prophesies in 1957's JAILHOUSE ROCK; starring the first white negro music star Elvis Presley. "Sunny Buck" prisoner no.6239 got $54 when they let him out.

Then he went to LA FLORITA [Florida] and sang for the ladies with words like, "...kiss me tenderly... then you'll be forever young and beautiful..." While a drunk Christian man in the audience laughed outloud, sitting next his REV.17 lady date. Outside afterwards, the king's Kate Holmes look alike partner ‘Peggy' makes an allusion to Bush et al with "I'm Bushed..." And asks "Why didn't they listen to you?"

Soon they get ripped off by some record label cutthroats who have an Obama look alike election poster on their wall of a young Harry Belafonte. Hanging next to a prophetic Michael Alba transsexual allusion to big time Obama supporter Ms Alba.

After ex jail bird, and SWINGERS star, ‘Vince' [Vaughn] cuts a 10% deal, "...the flood gates opened wide." As depicted by a background painting of two Neve Campbell ballerinas spreading their legs on a rod of Jesse dance bar above the fireplace. "I like the way you swing your guitar." says Peg.

The king becomes a star with the help of a phone call request to the radio station by some physical restoration business named RAY'S AUTO UPHOLSTERY. Representing the perfectly restored black&silver 1956 CHEVY, with ‘56663' plates, that passed me at Lady Bug corner Saturday afternoon. While a great Jennifer Aniston look alike waited for the light to turn green in her EZE.47 limestone VW.

Saturday, I found a total of 62 cents. For THE BREAKUP number ‘62' on the king's black and white JAILHOUSE ROCK prison costume depicted on my old VHS tape. Him performing at NBC studios in NYC. These are the small coins around Jenny's neck, when they photographed her making a Leprechaun face on Hollywood Blvd.

Perhaps I should update LEP 4 in outer space next week. Whatever. Keep watching the sky. St Patrick's Day is coming up on 3.17

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: ATM is short for 'atom'. Check this related news report at:
NOTE: I also updated FRENZY last week. And was amazed to discover that the dead blonde at the very end is a Brit/ney Spears look alike metaphor. Last night on SNL, host Amy Adams [atoms] opened with a funny look alike bit. Here she is sitting on my sofa throne in a current winter time frame at: .
PS: I watched JAILHOUSE ROCK Saturday morning around 2:00 am, after hearing that his daughter Lisa is expected a REV.12 baby. I didn't see that lep in the hood photo until Sunday am.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


On Super Tuesday 2, I rented LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD 2. I watched it Wednesday morning. The day after a brick building collapsed in Harlem, stopping commuter trains for hours. In confirmation of the movie's line about the brick building in the hood where a black REV.17 psychic witch lived; that goes "This building should have fallen down yesterday." i.e. the day I rented the DVD at: .

Another green eyed plot twist was that attractive jealous Ft Lewis soldier brunet who murdered her married lover, and his wife, because he was cheating on her with another lover, or his wife. Then she poured acid on their bodies to create the movie's marred Leprechaun skin look.

Down in the Hollywood, Miami area, they finished up pre-production work for Jenny's new MARLEY&ME crazy lovable dog movie with a bloody scene in a Lindsay Lohan WENDY'S franchise. Wherein some tall thin black Obama guy came out of the bathroom and gunned down some gay 42 year-old CHUCK&LARRY fireman figure.

Was anyone surprised that Ms Clinton won the vote in Port Clinton, Ohio Tuesday? Southeast of there is Obama's Crystal Rock Park themes from LEP 2, west of Larry Sinclair's Soldiers and Sailors Home landmark for the disabled.

Here is a 50%-OFF photo I found Wednesday of Jenny wearing those tiny gold Leprechaun in the hood coins necklace, standing next to king Postmaster P's postcards on Hollywood Blvd. The sidewalk star for Hollywood's old western actor Gabby Hayes is in the background. Who was famous for such grumpy Leprechaun lines as, "durn persnickety female!" at: .

I also found this prophetic montage of Rachel Green's various mixed reactions to my future GSR/TWN updates. The tell-tail scarf-tie is the give-away at: .

I hope Jen's not jealous that the above link contains Elle McPherson's 3.29 birth date. The Aussie model mother is also a good friend of mine. Seen here in a 50s horror movie wig at: .

She's listening to something at: .

If you don't believe in inspired prophetic photographs. Have a look at: .

Here's an inspired black&white restoration prophecy pic of the famous model nick named ‘the body' at: .

This is a 23ish Jenner trapped in my Chinook salmon fish net chair. The pic's carpet compass icons are about that compass I found lying on the ground in front of AMANDA'S FLOWERS&GIFTS shop in Bonney Lake. The image's temple veil curtains show how she is going to get her 23 year-old groove back. Back at the house Wednesday, I pulled the photo out and started to examine it more closely. When suddenly my spare alarmclock went off unexpectedly at 5:37 pm, getting louder and louder, and going faster and faster, as I tried to figure out how in the world it went off. I haven't touched the thing in a long time, at: .

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: In the bathroom getting ready to go out Wednesday, I felt the urge to tune into Michael Medved for some coverage of Tuesday's primary votes. The clock read ‘12:28' pm when I turned on the radio and immediately heard a male caller from Texas get put on the air named "BJ", a McCain supporter. Not only is the senator a halfass conservative, but his apostate Christian followers are stonewalling Israel's credit union program for providing quality housing; and establishing food warehouses for the poor and needy.
NOTE: That's Keira Knightley at the beginning of Lep's hip-hop video. After his allusion to Billie Piper in the Picasso pipe line that goes, "You are about to meet a club named Billie."
NOTE: Only hours after Sienna arrived back at LAX Sunday night with her funny ROCKY HORROR look alike handyman, there were two quakes off the coast of Coos Bay, Oregon's Rt.42; near Millington and Green Acres. They struck around 7:00 am for REV.13's 7-headed coastal landmark there called ‘Seven Devils Wayside. No word yet if the cooing couple were fooling around in first class.
NOTE: Texas' STARBUCKS state flag is divided into three sections that represent the upcoming division of America into three parts, as prophesied in REV.16:19, seen at: .
NOTE: The hate filled Marxist eco-terrorists in ELF are motivated by envy, not environmentalism. Like a watermelon, they are green with envy on the outside, and red with earth-worshipping Marxism on the inside. They are a perfect example of the REV.17 beasts going after the REV.17 church lady whores.
NOTE: Vince Gill et al kicked off some "Eco-Initiative" Monday in Nashville. The same day that family was murdered in Memphis [Egypt]. Because REV.17 earth worshipping leads to death. Even the death of innocent children.
NOTE: Sodom and Egypt's MsO kicked off some worldwide apostate Christian love guru web-con Monday, from HBO's Chicago home town, same thing.
NOTE: This is the 'CAMP FUNTIME' totem pole-boner T-shirt that Ellen Page wore on SNL. See the Debbie Harry pic at: .
NOTE: Five foolish virgin [Denton] church people died in a jet crash on Super Tuesday 2, who were from a place near Clinton, OK. The AP report is at: .
NOTE: This is the 'Lep in the Hood' 2 building that collapsed in Harlem at:
NOTE: This LA gang shooting happened on the day I rented LEP IN THE HOOD 2, at: .

Monday, March 3, 2008


Only hours before I rented the Compton [England] California sequel LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD: Evil's In The House, Friday, London's large SUN tabloid came up with a fabulous inspired idea for the cute Leprechaun look alike Billie Piper to adopt a little green GSR/TWN Leprechaun at: .

One may recall, Billie was the first bikini robot to file out in DR GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE. Making her a forerunner to Picasso's royal $104,000,000 Leprechaun pipe kid who appears later as an underground Dr Goldfoot figure in the hood; i.e. the Leprechaun with a small gold pipe flute. Who ends up being the leader of a line of smoking hot bikini robots in tight gold dresses, like at: .

Here she is at the entrance to my secret grotto at: .

The South LA king's throne picture has scenes that look like they were shot off of Compton's British Wilmington Blvd. Which runs down under Hwy.91 on the way to Sandra Bullock town.

2000's Rack Obama Leprechaun prophecy was directed by Bob Spera. Who's last name means, one ‘hopes', in Roman Catholic Italian. I finally watched the video Sunday morning. Walking out later along Church Lake Road, a LEXUS 4x4 passed me at Jenny's 19211 mail box bearing personalized blow ‘JOB2310' plates:

"But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold."

In prophetic cinematic code, this is the stolen tithing gold that God's unseen green Leprechaun is demanding be returned for Dr Goldfoot's underground United Order scheme.

Sunday afternoon, I saw the new March PAPER magazine cover of jobless Lindsay Lohan in a Leprechaun gold [REV.13:5] 42 months Big Foot hiking-boot dress. Confirming the 42 chapters of Job's latter-day job/less allegory. In the end, he lived 140 years too, i.e. 70 + 70 = 140 for the double up theme in JOB 42:10. [See PSALMS 90:10] The upcoming physical transfiguration of the worthy will be worth it at: .

LL's dress was about the CHINOOK boots I hiked in past her Fennell [Herbie] Creek landmark Sunday. Where two CHINOOK freight semis rolled by together in confirmation of the green Chinook salmon fishing boat at LARRY's BRAKES. On Freaky Friday, a large Chinook Army chopper, with long stinger in front, flew in a low circle over Bonney Lake.

The final act, wherein ‘Lep' plays Billie's blonde transsexual flute, ends with yours truly in the hood dancing with his jealous green-eye gold bikini babes.

Saturday night, JUNO's 21 year-old cutie doll teen star hosted SNL. The day several teens were involved in the killing of a Sunday school mother in Jessica Alba's Alba, Texas at: .

It was about Ellen Page's ‘CAMP FUNTIME' medicine wheel Indian totem pole T-shirt. That she wore to introduce the band WILCO. Confirmed by her 60s peace symbol shirt for the love guru Obama, in the show's final wave-goodbye shot. Her red shoe diary sneakers was the joke.

Jessica's pregnant Alba prophecy is located on the Wood County line, along Hwy.69's route to Ireland's Greenville, Texas LEPRECHAUN landmark in Hunt County; west of Camp/bell. To the southeast is BHO's town of New Hope, west of black Crow on Hwy.80 and Jarvis Christian College. Around there is Ms O's Owentown off I-20, south of Winona Ryder's Winona, Texas, and the very large Lake O'the Pines in Camp County.

Tiny Camp County itself is home to the towns of Faker, Pittsburg, and Harvard.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, March 1, 2008


That SPEED bus stop kids shooting next to JACK IN THE BOX in South LA, by black crystal speed gangsters, got me to thinking about watching 2000's LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD: Evil's In The House; probably shot in 1999. Larry Sinclair, the invisible I'm-not-there man from Duluth, says Obama was smoking rock that night in 1999. The green ghetto monster movie's co-star Ice-T is probably a big BHO supporter at: .

Checking out the king's throne DVD Friday at HOLLYWOOD VIDEO, a white speed-freak looking lady was getting a stack of movies with CHUCK&LARRY on top. Revealing the gay fireman's hat no.223 date-of-birth match up with the king's 2.23 driver's license in gay CLAMBAKE's final STINGRAY car scene at: .

The video clerk had set down her bottle of blue heron bait logo SOBE green tea, [Read S.O.B.] next to the pile of DVDs at: .

Up in the Gurnee, Illinois area Thursday, CLEOPATRA'S UNISEX HAIR SALON exploded in Waukegan. Confirming the same day's visit to a lady's salon by Conan the Irishman and his substitute drummer for some transsexual toenail polish. Reportedly, headless mannequins from TUXEDO WORLD were scattered about, while the gurneys arrived, as depicted on the poster DVD artwork for CHUCK&LARRY. Believe it or not, the town's police chief is named Bill Biang.

Near the natural ass-gas explosion's impact zone is the M&M DOLLAR STORE and MENA TRAVELING, for Jenny's TRAVELING movie signs and wonders. AP quoted Candi Rixie from nearby LENO'S SUBMARINE SHOP, "It felt like an earthquake...".

Friday, ET et al played video clips of THE LOVE GURU co-star Jessica Alba promoting her Gandi Obama guru for President Jesus. Shortly afterwards, I heard some truly shocking literal Rack Obama sound alike clips on Michael Savage's radio show from 1949's ALL THE KING'S MEN. The audio voice imitation was amazing, in lines by Willie Stark talking about hope, etc. He was based on the corrupt Louisiana governor from the dark waters of Brad Pittsville. Check out the film's original Communist United Nations art work poster at:

Sean Penn did a remake released in 2006. Which may have been shot around the same time Katrina hit in 2005. The movie was most famous for his co-star Jude Law f_cking his wife's nanny during production. Here's a nice shot of Penn's exwife sitting inside my restored 1958ish LEPRECHAUN pickup at: .

Stopping in the library Friday with my copy of LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD, I saw the news about those black high school supporters of Obama getting arrested for rioting down in Miami. Because some black kid had been arrested for assaulting an assistant principle. It was the follow up to Thursday's front page report in the SEATTLE PI about blacks being eight times more likely than whites to be obstructing police officers in the line of duty. Therefore the highly multicultural transsexual Seattle police force must have a racist problem. In the city that voted for Jesus Mohamad Obama by a landslide.

Yours, GSR/TWN