Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sunday afternoon at REGAL, I saw TROPIC THUNDER's prophetic mulatto hurricane movie poster tag line "GET SOME". Right now, it looks like Gustav is headed right up Elton John's transsexual ass landmark by the borderlines of Allen and Evangeline Parishes; during the ongoing black clarinet playing of Woody's VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA.

Hollywood's Ben Stiller, the writer, director, and producer of TROPIC THUNDER's mulatto action comedy, is a huge Barack Obama follower.

Due south of Elton is Hathaway. For Anne Hathaway's cheerleader appearance at BRONCO's mile high stadium, along Federal 666 Blvd and Denver's alien numbered 20th street.

Obama's Egyptian Alexander campaign theme is in the middle of it all. For his Red River's famous predatory garfish habitat. Where D&C 86's Wardville is located. Beaver is in Allen Parish to mark Obama and Biden's first stop in Beaver, PA, after the Rev. Rising Moon's mass voodoo wedding ceremony in Denver.

The new Kabalah temple name "Esther", of REV.17's mother Madonna, is located in the storm path for it's Rt.82 number of Obama's abomination of desolation in the temple. So keep an eye on Judah's Judea.

Bond is here for the half-white haft-colored mulatto voodoo figure, riding the rails, at the end of New Orlean's LIVE AND LET DIE druglord revolutionary prophecy, at:

Confirmed Sunday in Venezuela by Obama's druglord revolutionary supporter in red at:

After three years of blaming God's filthy DARK WATER flooding of black REV.12 New Orleans on George Bush, God is letting the Democratic Party's jackass mascots have some more of it during the Republican convention, upriver in 666 St Paul. Better get some while the getting is good for 42 months.

Then come the moose hunting parties of Sarah Palin et al from the frozen melting north countries of the lost tribes of Israel. Here's a black&white picture of the governor that resembles 'Magenta' in the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's Hawaiian palm trees dance scenes, held in Frankenfurter's hunting lodge for religious weirdos; during Obama's swinging 70s years on the mystery volcano islands, at:

This photo of the transsexually nicknamed 'Biden' reminds me of that guy who asks for Frankie's autograph at the end of the political floor show, at:

The wife of West Virginia's transsexually named Joe Man/chin III govenor was hit by a medicine wheel icon Sunday. Her bisexual gale storm name is Gayle, at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, August 29, 2008


There was a rare twister in the Solomon Islands Thursday morning, their time, ripping through Hillary's mucky Muki Village. The remote volcano mystery island setting connected Solomon's temple with DANIEL 12's defiled day 1290 temple abomination in Denver Thursday. Where the tornado voodoo priestess Sheryl Crow performed. See what's coming to the lost tribes of Israel at:

Syria's official paper endorsed Obama, along with the Russians. Establishing their EZE.38 magog relationship with the dangerous domestic followers of the AP III mole. Obama represents our enemy invaders standing inside the lost temple of Israel.

The day Obama announced his transsexuallly theme-named Joe Biden partner near Lincoln's Tomb, a UNITED [Unity] campaign jet took off from Sodom and Egypt's Bay Area. But it was forced to return because of smoke in the cabin. The same California wildfires smoke and haze that filled the air during Obama's historic group blow job. Just like serial adulterer MLK was doing 45 years ago, exactly on August 27, Obama was also being the serial cocksman.

The Denver area smoke confirmed that DUMB AND DUMBER scene at the DANTE's INFERNO restaurant; wherein the fat Chicago mob beast figure died from rat poison. For a second witness, MO BETTER BLUES' Spike Lee told reporters that he was "All Fired Up!!" By the stadium wildfire smoke drifting over from Moffat County's Brown's Park widlife preserve, north of the 666 Dinosaur Nat Mon. Home of the Israelitish White River cited in DANIEL 12:5-7.

"Scottie's on fire!" [AP III]

I watched DUMB AND DUMBERER Thursday morning. That starts the first act on [REV.] 1919 Hope Street with a shark tooth encounter. Then the two encounter some BRONCOS horse mascot high school cheerleaders, "They're cheerleaders Harry. It's a dangerous cult."

Soon we learn that the Denver BRONCOS school principle, nicknamed Monkey, is engaged in a major con job. Designed to finance his paradise "I have a dream" love-nest condo in Hawaii. By stealing the funds for a group of retarded kids, who hold their phoney class inside the school's junk food kitchen. When the principle's lover calls him 'Monkey' during a private office Hawaiian dance scene, he jokes about how much he is "Just like the president." of the US.

Pretty soon the melted HERSHEYS chocolate shit anal sex jokes take over the plot. [After the prophetic fall football election season time frame is established with a '56' year jersey.] And a 23ish Rachel Nichols asked Harry when "...are you coming down?"

It all ends at the Thanksgiving Day parade. With a Groucho Marx [grouchy marxist] Senator Biden pirate float depicting the first president crossing the Delawar River. The same river in DANIEL 12.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: See the monkey movie poster for 2003's DUMB AND DUMBERER at:

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Since Obama is using a day 1290 temple pillars stage for his big Berlin, USA rally Thursday; inside a symbolic Roman Coliseum venue. Perhaps one should recall that DANIEL 12 says, blessed is he who waits for 45 days after the day 1290 abomination is set up; i.e. 10.10.08. If you count from the official OBAMA NATION nomination set up on August 27.

44 year-old Courteney Cox crashed her white BMW into a red truck in Obama's Hawaii. The same Saturday that Obama and Biden made their joint appearance by Lincoln's Tomb in Springfield, Illinois.

The Cox report this week made me recall that I saw something about Renee Zellweger purchasing a second floor NYC condo; with a day 1290 street number reference. Right after seeing that .44 scene in TAXI DRIVER, where Martin Scorsese watches his wife fucking around with Obama in a second story window.

Drifting off to sleep last Tuesday at 12:35 am, wondering who might go down this time on September 21, a voice said "Brad?" But it sounded more like a friendly joke; something Clooney would say. I'll have to dig through last September's postings to find out what movie poster had the prophetic tag line. I don't recall.

Checking x17online at the library Wednesday afternoon, a father over in the kiddie section asked his boy, "You hungry?.. You want some chicken Travis?" Then he got on the cell phone and asked his wife if they need some barbeque sauce.

Obama's mole is next to his nose, in confirmation of SLEEPER's 'Great Leader' nose plot prophecy.

One of those Sheryl Crow twisters hit in Colorado's "Happy Canyon" area. For that queer guy bathroom stall scene in DUMB AND DUMBER, where Jim Carrey drops to his knees and repeats, "Find a happy place... Find a happy place..." Based on the giant phallic tornado image at:

Hillary's opening speech for this week's Venice film festival, made me recall that lesbian ending in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. Where Bond smooches his Jessica Alba spy while dropping a roll of XXX movie film into a Venice canal.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


America's central airplane computer went silent down in MLK's Atlanta on the day after Michelle Obama appeared in Denver as a robotic black Stepford wife cult follower; keeping her true thoughts to herself. Confirming the shut down of Larry Sinclair's two web sites by SLEEPER's Aires Project goons. Because a group called AIP is running ads at some 150 SINCLAIR stations, exposing the hidden radical William Ayers connection to Obama. The chocolate mole mentioned in AP III, and winking us in the face, at:,16641,20080901,00.html

AIP's devilish Weather Underground evidence was corroborated on the same Tuesday. By that cat.-1 hurricane making landfall on the famous black voodoo island of Haiti. Before headed into the Gulf location of the Olsen twins' volcano mystery island.

Be sure to not read in public the enclosed top secret spy file exposing the 666 beast's fascistic nature; that today we euphemistically call liberalism. It compares the nonresponsive suppression techniques that JFK II and his media people tried against the truthful reports of the Swift Boat vets, with the way Obama is not responding to AIP at:

Note today's prophetic August 27 date on Ayres' mugshot, that resembles a young Larry Sinclair prisoner. Who is getting no response either from Obama and his letterman media people at NBC ABC CBS etc. This is why Katie Couric played a prophetic publicity guard at Mini Me's prison in AP III, seen at:

Air controllers were eventually able to switch their southern computers to a Salt Lake City, Utah backup system. Revealing how the coming failure of Christian Bible Belt prophecy will be replaced by the guidance of true Israelite prophecy pilots.

BURN AFTER READING premiers at the 65th Venice film festival today. The day after the news broke that David Freeman, author of 100 THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE, died at age 47, when he fell and hit his head in Venice, CA. Reportedly, he had only done about half the things on his top 100 list.

One of Freeman's favorite sayings could have been the tag line for SLEEPER:

"We're going into the future. Want to come along?"

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Here's the new temporary blog by Sinclair. His latest blog is titled:

NOTE: Think of Larry licking Obama's fuzzy green tennis balls when you see the various US OPEN report signs. The event's no.1 favored mens player is from VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA's Spain.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Black voodoo tornado witch, Sheryl Crow feathers, sang about hope at Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheater, west of Denver, during Sunday's unofficial DNC welcome concert. Preceded by a freak mountain twister Saturday, southwest of Denver, that hit Witcher Cove Campground along the state's famous FFing spot Eleven Mile Lake; located off Jenny and Renee's Thirtynine Mile Rd at:

[Jenny and Sheryl have the same 2.11 birth date.]

At least 4 unexpected Crow twisters struck along Denver's southside on the same Sunday, in [Michael] Douglas County, marking the upcoming riots in places like Obama's Southside Chicago. The DEN/VER POST reported that, "The only significant damage was a grove of scrub oak in the Lemming Gulch area south of Parker." in their link at:

Speaking of hope, here's a pic taken by "BigMac" of the symbolic stonewall icon called 'Hope Columbine Memorial Library' for 1999's school massacre.

There have been so many shootings in Southside Chicago of late, that the mayor has asked for help from the National Guard.

Red Rocks is located due east of Obama's Lair O The Bear park. The concert venue is just to the southeast of SLEEPER's flying saucer house, above I-70.

Last week, I dreamed that Robert DeNiro and I were discussing theater. He recommended that I put some presidents and vice presidents into my new play. Then he bent over and picked up a nickel, and small yellow stone, lying by his feet on the floor.

The stone looked like an uncut canary diamond. Probably related to that Spanish plane crash, that was taking off for the Canary Islands. The next day, I found the same nickel lying inside the coin-return slot in the PEPSI MOUNTAIN DEW machine outside WAL-MART. Later I saw that headless canary in DUMB AND DUMBER. That ends with a scene about Obama's HAWAIIAN TROPIC campaign bus full of bikini babes with big tits.

Denver's Democratic convention for Tush Canyon fuckers is at the PEPSI center in MOUNTAIN DEW's Rocky Mountains. So I picked up DeNiro's TAXI DRIVER, and sure enough, the film's presidential nomination candidate, Charales Palantine, looks an awful lot like Senator Biden at:,_official_photo.jpg/470px-Joe_Biden,_official_photo.jpg

This medicine wheelers link has a good look at Tusher Canyon's two red rock figure heads. Who look like aliens that have recently landed from outer space, just in time for the 2008 election, at:

REV.17's mother Madonna icon started her STICKY AND SWEET Chocolate Denver tour this past week, packed with black voodoo dancers. Generating some spectacular free campaign ads for Sodom and Egypt's Senator Obama. While the senator's third world thugs kept trying to stomp on little Larry Sinclair, the ultimate penis whistle blower.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I watched 1994's DUMB AND DUMBER Friday morning, because it ends in Aspen, Colorado; located upstream from Woody Creek on Rt.82. The very first camera shot is a close-up on Obama's 'HOPE' street sign in Rhode Island. Where Jim Carrey stops his long black presidential limo, pretending to be a doctor speaking at some abomination of desolation meeting. Trying to impress one of Obama's hot model babe supporters standing there by the curb.

Then we learn how both the movie's mentally retarded dummies are the product of their parents' junky dog food diets; as opposed to a lack of day 1290 Hillary Care. Soon Obama's alternative energy plans are portrayed in a weirdly prescient scene, for 1994, wherein Carrey buys a SMUT magazine while holding two cases of Renee Zellweger's COORS LIGHT, covered with toy windmills, next to an FDR lady in a motorchair, like at:

[Renee's first paying gig was a COORS LIGHT ad, while at UT Austin.]

Carrey needed coin change from a dollar bill to purchase his copy of SMUT. Confirming the same day's news about Obama's symbolicly named bisexual VP pick Joe Bi/den. In reference to Biden's official 1999 Larry Sinclair 'rod' quarter at:

Note the transsexual long hair image from last week's church of the devil TIME WARP dance in Saddleback, California; i.e. the male female lady sitting atop the beast in REV.17. Who tried to use Delaware's legal system to shut down little Larry's DC news conference.

DUMB AND DUMBER is filled with queer guy jokes. Like the Oklahomo one about that leaking fiery train wreck by the borderline of Lincoln County, along Rt.66, on the same day they leaked the Obama VP news, at:

They even quote the devil himself, Joe [Biden] Faust, in the enclosed NYT report. To the southwest is a little place called Jones. Joe does look a lot like the Great Leader in SLEEPER, with the mark of the beast in his hands, at:

DUMB AND DUMBER's juvenile 'butt' humor continued Friday evening around 6:00 pm. When a twin engine plane crashed in Utah's Tusher Canyon. Get it? Your tush's crack is a canyon, etc. at:

Dead Horse Point State Park is right there on my RM map. D&D's inspired movie poster with hairy Big Foot devil horns is a prophetic monkey ears message at:

The life of Aspen's famous high flying 70s icon, and devoted Jimmy Carter Democrat, John Denver, was a latter-day prophecy. Denver crashed his experimental LONG-EZ plane, with Egyptian registration numbers 'N555JD' into the REV.13 sea off of John Steinbeck's Monterey, [king mountain] California during the election month of October in 1997. Denver's futuristic aircraft looked just like something in SLEEPER, as seen at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Some of Obama's college supporters were robbed and beaten by a fat lady's gang in Newark, Delaware Friday morning at:

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Chocolate Denver pudding is sometimes called 'lava cake', because it is baked crisp on the outside, and is all gooey and melting in the middle, at:

Woody Allen's 666 robot bakes a major eruption size portion of it in 1973's SLEEPER prophecy, using a jar of instant cocaine crack rocks. That quickly spills over as the camera picks up a terrific Michelle Obama chocolate party guest. When it turns into 1958's THE BLOB alien prophecy, set on the down low in HERSHEYS' Downington, Pennsylvania at:

Basically, SLEEPER is an inspired story about the future 8.2 day 1290 medical abomination of desolation. When everyone is driving green cars. Featuring 'The Great Leader' look alike fascist liberal embodied in today's Dr Howard Dean. Here's a perfect shot of the mad Madison, Wisconsin style MD speaking with some black transsexual Voodoo lady wearing a crocodile jacket at:,0,2953923.story

Therefore a Democratic Socialist Spanish MD-82 crashed in Mad/rid on the opening week of VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA. That was operated by the 666 Scan/dinavian firm SAS, standing for Woody's renowned passion for Scandinavian films, and the sassy Scarlett Johansson Obama babe.

I watched SLEEPER's Orwellian liberalism tale Tuesday morning. That was confirmed the same day by the sudden brain death of the Oh Cult's black Voodoo lady from Ohio near [Spike] Lee Street, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs [Zeta] Jones. Who endorsed the known crack smoking sex pervert Barack Obama back in June, from her director's chair on the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct and Ethics.

The hidden mask behind her dark corrupt power-oriented 666 politics was removed by her passing on the 54th birthday of America's offical nice guy black weatherman Al Roker 'the joker'; during two major REV.12 flood signs in Florida and Texas. For all those major REV.12 floods that began on the very day of Hillary Clinton's big Obama endorsment speech.

Don't miss the film's astonishing painting of a virgin Olsen twins girl. Looking through an open toilet stall door, that depicts a high BJ-hole for tall Big Foot politicians. These are the brown cigars that 007 has in his mouth throughout LIVE AND LET DIE's plot, driven by the High Priestess' B.J. tarot cards shop sign.

"Boy, we really have gone wrong." says Woody's black&white SLEEPER hero, gazing up at the futurist 2008 'flying saucer' full of chocolate pudding above I-70, overlooking Denver's DNC convention site.

In the politically prophetic comedy, Woody jokes about being a mulatto, while screwing together his phallic shaped black clarinet from New Orleans. Confirmed on the same Tuesday by the passing of Dave Matthew's black bass sax player, LeRoi Moore. Who died from his injuries in an EZE.10 4-wheels ATV jet airliner icon crash on his ANIMAL FARM near C/harlot/te, NC. Back in June when Obama racked up the DNC nomination. Moore looks like a black Voodoo Jesus figure here, who died for the down low oral sex sins of Obama et al, and their murdered boy toy Donald Young, at:

SLEEPER's reformed fascist Great Leader is first seen sitting in his FDR wheelchair, watching the sunset in Malibu, next to Jennifer Aniston's beloved white shepard dog. The "friutcake" image was immediately confirmed by Tuesday's new REV.13:1 beach pix of Dustin Hoffman climbing all those REV.12 flood sandbags along Obama's day 1290 Mississippi River at:

SLEEPER's plot takes Woody on a hunt for the 666 "Aires Project" plan to destroy the misguided marxist rebels out west. Who are conducting field training classes with my old buddies Ken Kemp and Ken McLeod. [Ken means kin.] While Woody is having his brain re-programed by a liberal Jewish Sarah Silverman assistant; who assigns him to take computer sex classes from an Alison Deetz look alike technician. The climax is set up for an "Aires Day" strike reference to the 4.6 Aries birth/crucifixion date of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: Is the Welsh Catherine Zeta Jones part Spanish? Regarding the latest 4.6 Bruno signs involving Spanish explorer Bruno De He/zeta.
NOTE: The double London bus in LIVE AND LET DIE was sheared in half by a low [two witnesses dated] 9'6" bridge. Much like that Garfield H.S. bus in Seattle's arboretum, that was carrying the school's black girls softball team. That hit a low sewage pipe bridge a while ago, returning from a big defeat by some white girls softball team on the east side.
NOTE: Egypt's parliament burned down Tuesday, at:

Monday, August 18, 2008


Larry Sinclair just posted a large photo of his Colorado 'color' protest sign on a REV.11:1 measuring rod. For an inspired ten virgins Virginia, Minn Mini Me theme sign, that confirms my new Rt.111 Chocolate Mtns. earthquke info. His stick's 36" being a square root of six, and three 6s being a 666 thing. The "MOM BEHIND BARS" message refers to that literal Larry Sinclair look alike behind bars. When Dr Evil tells all the inmates to, "Listen up you all!!" and we see little Larry raise his left hand, seated next to the joint's top dog. See the crucified black voodoo Jesus sign at:

Note how FOX's polite society info babe refuses to look at Larry in the eyes.

Larry Sinclair made his initial perturbed contact with the Obama camp around the fall of 2007. Which is why Foxxy Cleopatra was so angry with AP at CLUB 69, and communicated through her secret Larry Sinclair figure, "...8 years and no phone call!!" Since they both kissed and made hot monkey love twice in 1999.

Wet snow piled up along Colorado's Loveland Pass across I-70, on the opening night of Woody's VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA.

At the library Monday, I found this fascinating FFing fish hook photo of Catherine Zeta Jones. I once read that Catherine and Michael like to go deep sea fishing. Walking back with the printout, I found an ALIEN 3 golf ball lying by the hearing aid clinic next to Bonney Lake's firehouse. I do know that they both love to golf. I also found an interesting photo of CZJ hugging that APPLE laptop monkey tree in an EZE.37 setting for the upcoming Black Rock desert tent city at BURNING MAN. See them both at:

Note the tree's monkey face/eyes image behind her, a couple feet above her hands. I don't know about Michael 'Dougie' Douglas, but yours truly is definitely hooked. I have had some sweet dreams about Catherine in years past. Maybe they were just a prophetic conversion message, for the both of them. We'll see wont we. When the first pic printed out, a little boy across the room said "mommy".

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I was going to watch my HOLLYWOOD VIDEO copy of 1973's SLEEPER Sunday morning. But a voice woke me up at 1:26 am that said "The Godfather of heroin". So I put in 1973's LIVE AND LET DIE black exploitation 007 movie. Because the other day I had noticed that it was about a black 'Mr Big' [Brown] mobster from the hood, involved in drugs.

LIVE AND LET DIE starts in New Orleans with Woody Allen's traditional and deadly "Olympia" jazz band funeral march on Bourbon St. Therfore, Bond only drinks dark bourbon in this one. Making it obvious to all, how so many decent black folks, like Oprah, are willfully involved with the spiritual and political corruption of today's power-oriented secret 666 combinations.

This is why Mini Me can not speak in the AP movies. Because the Chinatown media will not allow his prophetic Larry Sinclair figure to talk to them, and speak out about his story. As Larry explained Sunday on:

Take a long hard look at CNN's Rolin Martin for example. Doesn't he look like just a normal upstanding guy? Who you might see enjoying a cold one, next to you, at your local neighborhood sports bar? Unfortunately, Martin is basically the same black pimp thug behind the underground Voodoo mask in LIVE AND LET DIE. That ends with one of Mr Big's half-white half-black Voodoo henchmen riding the AMTRAK train to Washington, DC.

Even the future mystery man mulatto, who is prophesied of in the first act, by the film's REV.17 High Priestess. Who reads in her cards, purchased at Ms O's "OH CULT VOODOO SHOP" in Harlem, that a man comes from over the water, [From Hawaii] who brings "violence and destruction". Who maintains a tank full of REV.13 sharks inside his female uterus cave lair near HERSHEYS's Chocolate Mtns. headquarters.

Confirming everything towards the end, Bond wipes out one of Mr Big's main henchmen underneath a hangman crane. That is erected along the dark bayou waters, full of crocs, outside New Orleans, during the picture's famous southern sheriff CAR 54 chase scenario. In fact, the same Jamaica JAWS figure was featured on the front page of Sunday's NYT 54,405.

Helen held her transsexual Voodoo ceremony Saturday evening below Dr Evil's HOLLYWOOD sign lair. Who knows what they were doing by 10:56 pm, when that 4.6 earthquake struck off Hwy.101's Trinidad, California. Marking the stone cross atop nearby Trinidad Head, by the 4.6 date of our Lord's crucifixion.

The timing of Woody's VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA confirmed that surprize 3.4 quake in Spain by our Savior, who died at age 34. The Trinidad cross was put there by a Spanish explorer named Bruno at:

This is the coming crucifixion of today's Sodom and Egypt. Based upon that big muddy REV.12 flash fload Sunday, inside the Grand Canyon's REV.16 divide prophecy. That is being provoked by the DNC's Colorado [colored] River black exploitation convention this month.

The REV.17 white woman being sacrificed by the black Voodoo snake people in the final two witnesses pole ceremony, represents Helen et al; most of whom support Barack Obama's political cult. When Mr Big takes my offical Jennifer Aniston TIMEX watch, and reads out Keira Knightley's birth date serial number on back, '326..', we see the EZE.38 card of death, showing her future knight riding atop Josep Smith's white horse prophecy.

Eventually, Bond makes an "earthquake" toast inside Mr Big's shark cave lair. Before vanquishing the arch villain, and declaring that, "He always did have an inflated opinion of himself."

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, August 16, 2008


The timing of Obama's new "body surfing" like a shark photos, on the REV.13 beach of his remote volcano island, confirm the shark tank scene in AP:III. Wherein Mini Me got screwed and switched sides like Larry Sinclair.

In the GODZILLA car chase scene, Dr Evil gets on the radio and talks like a southern sheriff in SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. For that car chase through southern Arkansas after the Democratic Party leader was shot in Little Rock.

That's Spielberg et al, inside the chopper, trying to shoot down my British 007 hero figure at the opening of AP:III. Where I'm trying to save my HOSEA 1 wives from the REV.17 beast destroyer. Kevin Spacey plays Dr Evil, who has been spotted frequenting homogaysexual haunts in London's public parks. Danny DeVito is Larry Sinclair, sucking on a big brown cigar penis in his mouth, flipping us the birdie.

Deep inside his secret Hollywood lair, Dr Evil asks Scott to 'spreckindie' the German lingo during his International Man of Mystery Berlin plot exposition, talking about how "...PREPARATION H feels good, on the hole."

AP:III's ivy league academy for International Men of Mystery is an inspired representation of Obama's prestigious Harvard.

Back in the swinging 70s at Goldmember's CLUB 69, the gay man with a chocolate mole, who secretly speaks for Foxxy, is a prophetic Larry Sinclair look alike. Telling the truth about Obama that no one dares speak in the open.

When that JACK IN THE BOX globe crashes down on Dr Evil's head, China is facing the screen. Then he gets hit in the nuts by a meteor.

Obama and McCain will be visiting ROCKY HORROR's Saddleback Church on Madonna's 50th birthday, August 16. Confirming their Pope 16 status quo as a branch of the great church of the Madonna mother in REV.17. The same day, 50 year-old Helen DeGeneres and her girlfriend will be getting transsexually married in LA somewhere. Just like Ted Casablanca got married to his boyfriend recently in Obama's Hawaii.

When Fat Bastard is on the toilet, dumping another load of corn chunks, he sings a tune based on the classic Rocky Mtns Colorado theme song 'On top of Old Smokey [mountain]... all covered in snow..."

Isaac Hayes style SHAFT music from the 70s is played during various AP:III scenes.

When 007 tells Dr Evil "I can see your nuts..." on Jacob's Ladder, we see a P. Diddy tattoo on the doctor's anal sex ass, for big time Obama supporter P Diddy.

In the end, the loving Father steps in to save both his Israelite and gentile sons from destroying each other.

For an amazing second AP:III laptop witness, LL and Sam were at the opening of LA's APPLE LOUNGE Thursday/Friday. Before heading back for some hot transsexual CLUB 69 style monkey love'n.

The day after the news came out about Angelina Jolie waiting to see which candidate is most supportive of international aid, three female international aid workers were gunned down by the REV.17 animals in Afghanistan.

Hollywood Stage 16's AP:III opens with a groovy mojo kiss for Quincy Jones. So a giant Big Foot hangman crane nicknamed "Goliath" collapsed in Quincy, Mass Thursday, killing a 28 year-old guy who loved hockey. He was spooked by the place as a kid, at:


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I got around to replaying the AP III: GOLDMEMBER prophecy Tuesday morning, wherein that Barack Obama monkey sticks his finger up his anal sex ass and then smells it. Before he falls off the jungle genealgy tree of Israel on Power's APPLE laptop computer screen. After Foxxy flashes her police officer badge. Confirmed immediately by Larry Sinclair's request for a laptop while on a flight to Dallas, Texas at:

Note the HONEY BUCKET porta-toilet in the background. For all those corn chunks that Fat Bastard kept finding in his no.2 dumps, due to too much corn-holing action in Iowa.

This is why one of APPLE's campus buildings caught fire Tuesday night in Obama's techno 666 Bay Area stronghold; where Al Gore's green Emerald City fantasy land is based.

In the end, John Travolta is Goldmember, the transsexual pilot who likes to put dirty salty skin into his mouth. That is "...long hard and full of seamen." In confirmation of that CNN campaign jet video of the Love Guru flashing his big brown banana nutbread.

'Frozen Since 48' Little Rock, Ark DNC leader, Bill Gwatney, 48, was gunned down Wednesday in confirmation of the red rock [stone] Wall Arch collapse in Utah's wilderness last week. 330' Little Rock off I-40 being a Larry Sinclair little Mini Me LEPRECHAUN IN THE HOOD killer prophecy.

Don't be surprized if someone puts the finger on Obama somehow for the death of his former Trinity Nat. Forest Church choir lover Donald Young. There is a $1000 dollar reward out for any information about his execution style killing. In recent months, I have seen rewards for lost dogs that were almost double the amount offered for Mr Young.

AP reports that Little Rock's Gwatney was famous for his three car dealership ads that featured a giant inflatable dragon called "Gwatzilla". Like the one in AP III when Powers Jr and Sr are in a Britney Spears MINI, chasing after Goldmember's phallic mobile with Gwatney dealer plate frames.

In the first act, AP III continues with Obama's 'International Man of Mystery' Berlin speech. Revealing Dr Evil's sore PREPARATION H anal sex cure for world change, a.k.a. "Operation Ass Cream". That connects the Chocolate Mountains shit on Mini Me's face with that chocolate brown "mole" above N0.3's homogaycelibate face. That looks exactly like a younger transfigured Mel Gibson in Catholic Boston. The obviously true shit spot that everyone is staring at, when Austin shouts, "Mole!.. Bloody mole!.. We're not supposed to talk about the bloody [Obama/Sinclair] mole!.. But there's a bloody mole winking me in the face!.. "

Eventually, Mini Me changes sides, just like Larry Sinclair, as the plot leads to Obama's stinky Japanese mushroom penis shit man named Roboto; located in the mysterious candidate's land of the rising sun campaign logo seal.

At the AUSTIN PUSSY premier finale, held in CHINATOWN's famous Hollywood theater, where today's Chinese media tried to cover up John Edwards' explosive prelude to the inevitable Obama bomb, there are fireworks that represented August's annual meteorite shower. And Bruce Willis is the new boss sitting inside Dr Evil's secret HOLLYWOOD sign lair.

Yours, GSR/TWN

NOTE: We are coming up to the 9.21 .07 anniversary date when Obama's campaign advisor, George Clooney, crashed his fascistic motorcycle icon during the shoot of BURN AFTER READING; confirming that Hollywood movie poster with the tag line "Someone is going down on September 21"
PS: Mini Me was in jail for a period, just like Larry, but he escaped in the prison riots.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Black America's reigning king of all culture, the extremely gifted Bernie Mac, passed away at 50/50 in Obama's Chicago on the day of their big 79th annual black pride parade. That was one giant Big Foot campaign march for the town's down low transsexual candidate for REV.9:9's latter-day AIDS parade prophecy.

Swinging 70s icon Isaac Hayes passed away the next day, fallen beside a running 42 months treadmill political machine, who appears in the late Bernie Mac's upcoming movie SOUL MAN. It was a spectacular confirmation of Jesse Jackson's red rock Rainbow Coalition arch icon collapse in D&C 86 Utah's Arches Nat. Park; along the Devil's Garden Trail. Where the swinging 70s AP III opens with Tom Cruise being chased throughout the red earth region's many arch villain landmarks; like Valley of the Gods, Cataract Canyon, Mt Holmes, and Dark Canyon Primitive Area.

Monday evening, I popped a frozen "Since 1948" MARIE CALLENDER turkey dinner into the microwave, for 7:30 min., and then noticed the new TIME magazine cover lying around of Orange County's Pastor Rick Warren, sporting a very timely devil's goatee beard. Sitting next to it was a retro 1960s style glass. That was one third full [REV.16] of Ted Casablanca's Harvey Milk.

So I opened the inspired issue to page 41. And saw their ROCKY HORROR photo of the two spiritually related AIDS activist church men, Obama and Warren, holding hands by the traditional single red rose icon of 666 socialism. Taken inside the pastor's mega Saddleback Church?

This is the great latter-day church of the devil. Wherein we can clearly see God's Hand in the popular slang term for anal sex, i.e. "saddlebacking". Even the whore who sits in her saddle atop the beast in REV.17.

Later, on ET et al, I saw a 2006 cover of TIME featuring John Edwards, positioned over their prophetic Colorado title, "THE SLEEPER". Hopefully, the outbreak of war in the Cockassuses region will help wake up the sleeping lost Israelites like Mr Warren.

Yours, GSR/TWN

Saturday, August 9, 2008


REV.17 Asian Catholics have died, so far, from that Hwy.69 bus crash in transsexual Sherman, Texas, caused by the failure of a symbolic 42 months LOST HIGHWAY tire re-tread. Right there is the Austin College campus of Obama's brainless cheerleader girls with big tits.

The dead Love Guru cult followers from Houston's Vietnamese Martyrs Church were on their way to Carthage, Missouri, for the prophet Joseph Smith's martyrdom at the hand of the REV.17 whores in Carthage, Illinois, Hancock County; i.e. Al Gore's home town of Carthage, Tenn.

The Christian Asian bus crash happened in the Evangelical Dallas area while Bush was in Asia. Revealing the gentile nature of Dallas' apostate Christian Israelites. Who are willfully ignoring the Israelite foundation to all last days Bible prophecy.

I watched AP II again Saturday morning. That opens with a timely quote from Liz' KAMA SUTRA, about today's "...preying [DNC] donkey... or the Chinese shag swing..." situation with the XXX Barack Obama campaign; who is considered IN LIKE FLINT on television. Then comes John Edwards' 5-stars hotel room bomb and jubblies machine-gun fire at:

Soon we see NATO monitoring the Soviet tanks in Georgia, next to some southern KKK guys on JERRY SPRINGER, who rightfully ask Obama's Dr Evil figure, "What are you?!... Some kind of freak?!"

Then we go to some hot Obama models, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, who want to kill 007. But one can't do it when she sees that dead polar bear lying on his melting white iceberg bed... and so on.

Because during Austin's 1960s MOD tiger photo shoot, we saw Larry Sinclair's future time-machine web site numbers on the background monitor, that read "..:09:26" for
Above the number '46', for 46 year-old Obama, when his photo-op campaign really heated up in 2008.

At the end, little mini me Larry Sinclair beats up on the powerful USA astronaut anima figure, while coming in his face with a big AIDS infested lugie wad.

The movie starts right out confirming Ted Casablanca's latest MILK video. Showing Dr Evil with milk on his penis nose, and then cutting to his remore island volcano lair. Where we see Chief Crazy Horse's mountain face monument, featuring a suggestive pinkie inserted into his mouth. So far, both Dr Evil and Crazy Horse's mountains only have their face masks carved out, like at:

London authorities eventually track Obama's fat government Big Brown UPS man to a dirty gay bathroom stall at Paddington Station. Shortly before Mini Me sketches a hangman crane goodbye note for Dr Evil's rock n' roll ROLLING STONE son, Scott.

As the 42 months picture is almost over, we see 1960s swinger hero, Austin Powers, flying high in Obama's campaign jet. Sporting his big 'O' logo around the letters 'AP' on the rear [ape] fin. For a future that is "...ruled by damned dirty apes!"

Over the end credits, it's revealed on JERRY SPRINGER that Dr Evil's John Edwards has a love child, which his well paid-off mistress still has not denied. The mistress that he was visiting at a Beverly Hills hotel in July, and also in June. And Will Ferrel prophesies about Obama from the bottom of his Egyptian fez crash site, "Here goes nothing..."

Yours, GSR/TWN

Friday, August 8, 2008


At least 9 illegals died in a 4x4 crash below Arizona's 5587' Black Mountain on Charlize Theron's African birthday, 8.7. The horrific omen happened on Hwy.79, just north of Cat/alina, and due west of the Love Guru's Oracle landmark in the dry deserts of EZE.37. To the west of the crash site prophecy is Obama's marxist Red Rock, along the ten virgins' I-10 marker. God made it happened in the morning to correspond with the day's morning talkshow appearances by Michelle Obama.

The 4x4 was packed like sardines. Just like that elevator full of virgin 14-17 year-old cheerleaders for Obama at UT in Austin. Who so foolishly put themselves into captivity. The same kind of 666 captivity that they teach at all of today's corrupt universaries, including Obama's Boston area Harvard.

Outside Corpus Christi, Texas on I-37, Thursday, 5 Perez family virgins died when their car hit a fuel tanker. Confirming the day's latina VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA reference to that 3.4 earthquake by Jesus Christ in Spain.

AUSTIN POWERS: The Spy Who Shagged Me was released in 1999. Now we know that Dr Evil's remote volcano island stood in for Obama's Hawaiian islands history. Based on the movie island's anal sex tennis racket jokes, smoke bombs, and map signs; coming out at the same time Obama was smoking pipe and penis with Larry Sinclair. Not to mention the Johnson shaped moon rockets etc.

The island scene's presidential security detail was headed up by a homogaysexual Ted Casablanca [Whitehouse] figure. That was just confirmed by Ted's new extra gay video report this week, out on 8.7. Wherein he poses in bed with a little Larry Sinclair milk lip action next to his cat's favorite catnip monkey at:

Dr Evil's rock n' roll laser was aimed at Washington, DC. But misses it's mark when 007 takes care of the film's lesbian Hillary Clinton character, and saves Heather Graham from doing anymore homogaysexual indie films in Austin, TX.

The threesome timewarp ending sees the fall of 1999's 'Big Brown' UPS delivery man for big fat government. Confirmed again by Ted's brown shirt shots in his video release on the eve of Obama's Hawaii vacation. Most of the Casablanca video covers Sean Penn's upcoming gay politician movie about Harvey Milk, who was ass/ass/inated by Dan White in 1978.

The Gus Van Sant 'Bay Area' movie, entitled MILK, is itself a prophecy on so many levels. Like Milk having graduated from Bay Shore High School in REV.13:1 Bay Shore, NY. It's scheduled for theatrical release on 12.5.

A truck load of adult diapers spilled onto Renee Zellweger's hometown Katy Freeway Thursday, around Huston, TX, at:

The oil town sign was about that female astronaut who drove from Houston to Florida without stopping, wearing adult diapers, to fight with another woman over the same man, like the gypsy ladies in Sienna's FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. Renee has been shooting MY ONE AND ONLY this summer in Balthazar's Baltimore area.

Woody Allen plays his famous black clarinet in one of the tunes for Colorado's SLEEPER prophecy. Creating an inspired black guy oral sex theme at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Thursday, August 7, 2008


9.99 firefighters died in a chopper crash south of Mt Hilton Tuesday night in California, to the southwest of Packers Pk, west of Egypt's 555' Redding on I-5. The [Rocky]mountains location points to the truth of those John McCain ads, comparing the transsexual Obama with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Since Packers Pk establishes the blow-hole bathroom stall theme of Chief Crazy Horse's mountain monument. That was confirmed by California's gay weddings wildfire that killed Bonney Lake's fire chief named Packer.

The "Take California" prophecy about Obama's 2008 Oprah campaign, by the PROPELLERHEADS, connects with the propellerhead movie poster for Woody Allen's Love Guru Colorado Rockies prophecy at:

A surprise 3.4 earthquake jolted Spain at 12:41 am Thursday, according to:

If Spain is 5 or 6 hours ahead of NYC, it must have hit shortly after Penelope Cruz was on Letterman. To promote her new Woody Allen threesome comedy VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. 'Cristina' is a female Latina name based on Christ, who was crucified at age 34; as recorded in the Book of Mormon.

There are always a lot of earthquakes around Alaska's freezing cold Rat Islands. But in the last 24 hours things have really become active up there. See:

Probably because Drudge got all negative and posted the ENQUIRER's photos of Obama's first choice for Attorney General, John Edwards, holding his Love Guru child at:

Plus, it was around the same time that Bush arrived in China for the ever more creepy and fascistic feeling 666 Olympics. They say the new Chinese Olympics stadium looks like a crow's nest. Confirming Ms Cruz' great uphostery seat outfit, with crow top, that she wore upon arriving outside Letterman's theater Wednesday, at:

Confirming that Russian photo of God's 26 year-old FFing cheerleader Sienna Miller, 26 cheerleaders got trapped Tuesday inside an elevator on the UT campus in Austin, Texas. See:

I like this S M U cheerleaders shot at:

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


AMERICAN flight 31 took off for Obama's Hawaii from LAX Tuesday. But smoke forced it to return quickly and inflate the slides for 188 passangers and 7 crew. When I sat down behind STARBUCKS Tuesday, 5 ROLLING STONE punk rocker virgins walked by, one limping on a crutch, for their day 1290 Avenue of the Americas address.

Iggy Pop and his Stooges' stuff was stolen in Montreal, Canada on Obama's Civic Holiday birthday up there. For the rock star candidate's promotion of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Jenny told the STAR that she doesn't like people who argue and get all negative about fascism. What's up with that? Watching Jessica and Scarlett promote this stuff is enough to cast doubt on the original wisdom of allowing the emotionally weaker female species to vote; i.e. vote us into a democratic anti-republican tyranny, like in Venezuela.

A tiger attacked some fool who entered his cage Monday at PREDATOR WORLD in Stone County, MO. The day after a tiger attacked a 26 year-old man at the "cat lady" wild animals farm, in Warrenton, MO, at:

A big wild cougar cat, boldly snuck into a family's house and snatched their pet Labrador dog, outside Obama's DNC Denver location, in Idledale. Right there on Rt.74 is Lair O the Bear Open Space Park, at the end of Miller Ln at:

Woody Allen's SLEEPER prophecy about Diane Keaton's future oppressive Love Guru leader was shot around the DNC's Denver location; much of it at the famous "Flying Saucer House" above I-70.

In one prophetic scene, Woody hops into an old VW Love Bug, inside some Batman cave, where he finds a D&C 86 newspaper headline about Brad and Angelina that reads "POPE'S WIFE HAS TWINS".

I read that Keaton is a regular HUFFINGTON POST blogger at:

Very heavy rain particularly soaked northwest Indiana on Obama's birthday, along the Lincoln Hwy area. [Read Southside Chicago.]

Texas asked for 8 of the FLDS kids on the same day God's second BORDERLINE storm hit land around Gilchrist, TX. The REV.12 flooding storm arrived just as Bush got into Asia. The apostate Christian gill-fish folks in Dallas have been baking in 100+ heat, like a dead carp, for weeks.

Have a look at the homogaycelebate looking priest in Harlem who organized the Pope's Yankee Stadiun event, at:

A freak tornado hit the Pitt's Hautmont, France Sunday night. Which means 'high mountain, or high place' etc. See:

Reportedly, Sienna contacted Mr Getty outside Malibu's RALPHS on Sunday; when the 2nd mystery volcano storm was approaching that huge Getty oil refinery crane sign in Texas. They say that Getty was riding around on a medicine wheel icon, casing out the place for any spy paps. By the Hand of God, the Bond movies are produced by the Albert R. Broccoli clan. Creating a prophetic Biblical "feed my sheep" message, with nutritious food like broccoli, from an ALBERTSONS, etc.

I like this royal crown hair shot of Sienna, with FFing Christian fish net, precious coins, etc. in the new FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE edition of ELLE magazine at:

The gypsy dancer in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE also wears a precious coins outfit. In the scenario where two women fight over one man, like Sienna and Rosetta fighting over Balthazar Getty, who's first name sounds Gypsy, at:

The RALPHS foods story is at:

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE was filmed in the historic Troy regions, around lost Israel's ancient Sea of Israel. Now known as the Black Sea, etc. The secret "16 code keys" decoder plot is basically about the Messianic Da Vinci code prophecies in ISAIAH 11 etc. To set up the two witnesses time frame, that KGB killer who crawls out of the REV.17 lady's mouth in the BOB HOPE billboard, represents Obama's "Hope" turkey campaign.

In this second 1963 Bond movie, the scarred Davidian servant's passport name is 'David'. Hillary Clinton is the "horrible woman" lesbian at the end in Venice. Where Martin Campbell's latest CASINO ROYALE ended.

You can see the threesome film's prophetic plural wives poster at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


On the eve of Obama's 47th birthday, a UNITED jet [Read unity campaign jet.] took off from Sea-Tac, headed for the gay Bay Area; but was forced to return when the take-off G-forces caused a row of seats to fall backwards.

In Hillay and Barack's Chicago, a powerful lightening storm canceled over 350 flights at O'Hare on Obama's birthday. Then it poured down like cats and dogs. Political tornado prophecies caused the CUBS and homogaysexual ASStros game to be evacuated at Wrigley Field. Right as that powerful mystery volcano storm approached the ASTROS' Huston area.

At Obama's CASH-O-GRAM [of coke] fundraiser birthday party in transsexual Boston, someone gave him a Hawaiian RED SOX baseball beach shirt.

See the inspired 'O P' keyboard Oprah Obama background omens at:

Those K2 climbers died in an area known as 'the bottle neck'. For the Love Guru pilgrims who were trampled to death in a bottle neck section of the [Rocky Mtns] trail to their mother godess shrine. Heavy rains had caused some loose stones to roll down, panicking everyone, and confirming Sharon Stone's brand of shaky Buddhist Christianty at the ROLLING STONE's day 1290 Ave of the Americas NYC address.

Morgan Freeman rolled his FEDEX lover's MAXIMA on frozen Hwy.32, off I-55, near Charleston, east of Brazil and Rome, in day 1290's Mississippi. They say he's going to be alright. And is recovering nicely at a pyramid shrine hospital in Egypt's Memphis, nursing a broken elbow and arm. Sounds a lot like what happened to my long lost 70s B-film buddy David Broadnax.

Here's a nice transsexual statement by Jenny. Note the 42 months tire tread, featured in LOST HWY, at:

I'm amused how so many religious conservatives are avoiding the Larry Sinclair confirmations of latter-day prophecy; involving the modern day two witnesses location of REV.11's Sodom and Egypt. For example, see the below email to WND from Larry Sinclair.

"I respectfully request that WND print a correction and advise your readers that the claims by of my failing a polygraph have actually been shown by several polygraph experts to be false. In fact the computer says I passed, not failed."

Seems like everyone who trys to screw little Larry ends up with some kind of cultural, political, and spiritual, AIDS infection. See his questions for WND, and for the mysterious Delaware AG, and his media connections, at the bottom of this page:

Monday, August 4, 2008


The same day, USA-time, that the transsexual mother Madonna screened her African I AM BECAUSE WE ARE for Obama movie at Moore's Traverse City Film Festival, about 150 pilgrims died in a stampede, many falling off a cliff, as they were traversing up a mountain to visit some Love Guru's "divine mother" goddess shrine, at:

Since Moore is a devout Catholic church supporter of the Rocky Mtns. transsexual Obama campaign, at least 9.99 people were also killed that day in the same region's K2 [2 tits]peak by an ice avalanche, at:

I watched 1977's THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Sunday morning, 3 Aug. Noting that their microfilm contact, killed at Obama's Egyptian pyramids' "Sun god rise..." tourist show, had a "3 Aug." appointment with Max Kalba at the MUJABA CLUB. In the movie, Dr Evil feeds a Paris Hilton caricature to his pet Obama shark; via a surprise elevator floor trap-door inside his UFO shaped undersea base. It happened shortly after all the fuss about McCain comparing Obama to Paris and Britney. The next day, both Paris' mother and Obama's people [the media] were still claiming that it's not fair.

The third act finishes with that amazing George Bush look alike sub captain; as good as the one in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. Wherein the liberal Republicans' sub, and the leftist Democrats' sub, nuke each other out in the REV.13:1 sea.

Mel Gibson and CASINO ROYALE director, Martin Campbell, start shooting a movie in the transsexual Boston area this month, entitled EDGE OF DARKNESS. I read that it's about a secret US government plan to make A-bomb grade fuel at atomic electricity plants. Exactly like they are doing in TEAR OF SHIRAZ' Iran.

As per the new government homogaysexual marriage between Massachusetts and California; that's why it was in the cards for Cali's Arnie to marry Mass' Maria Kennedy.

That poor 5'5" Canadian carnival worker got beheaded inside a GREYHOUND bus, and his body parts eaten, by a Chinese church man, because right after the GREYHOUND bus scene in FORCES OF NATURE, they go to a gay bar. Where they saw the CASH-O-GRAM joint burn down. Today is Obama's 47th birthday. Which is an official civic holiday in Canada. See the latest 4:02 stamped update at:

See the church connection at:

In the transsexually named town of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, near Howards Grove, 4 people were hit by a wild driver at some sausage and weiner parade, at:

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Cheese packer S. J. Johnson, 38, was the Niagara, Wisconsin bikini shooter. So I watched 1974's THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN Saturday morning. The best part of the flick was when James Bond hopped into the same used scarlett AMC coup I bought in Seattle, for $1000, right after Laurence dumped me in 79; and my ALFA got repoed. The Lake City junk-car dealer was located in the same spot where Ken McLeod ran over the look alike dog of my ex-wife, named Flicka. Which means 'friend' in Scandinavian, for my future 3 FRIENDS wives.

Or was the best part where Sienna's 'Miss Goodnight' look alike actress watched me make love to the film's Gisele Bunchen "double feature" figure? Hard to say. Ms Britt Ekland also kind of looked like Jessica Beil.

Towards the end, Miss Goodnight admitted that her "hard to get" act wouldn't last very long, confessing "I'm weak... I need 007". Adding "I've dreamed about you setting me free."

As for James, he looked at Sienna in her recent Amalfi Coast bikini pix and remarked "There's more to you than meets the eye Miss Goodnight." at:

"Don't you believe in signs?" asks Bond.

In the end, they track the captive Sienna to a small group of remote volcano islands. Where the Welsh 'Ben' and his new wife were shoot by a FORCES OF NATURE monster while honeymooning last Sunday in British Antigua. Reports say that Ben is now brain dead, confirming Ben Affleck's sexy half-closed eyes look.

Don't get me wrong. I think Ben is the sexiest male actor in Hollywood. Much more sexy looking than the homgaysexual boy type actor Brad Pitt. And GIGLI was not that bad of a romantic popcorn movie, at all. In fact, Ben co-stars in the upcoming HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU prophecy about Mr Getty and Mr Mayer.

Speaking of pop corn. That REVEL transsexual celebration jet crash in a corn-holer field, happened on the 52nd birthday of Mass Gov Patrick, for a B52s bomb thing. A day or so earlier, several people drowned off the coast of homogaysexual Key West, Florida during their brief, but very intense, ROCK LOBSTER garlic butter season. Right before the Urban League's annual conference on the down low in O/rland/o.

In THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN prophecy, love always comes just before the kill.

Here's another Pussy Galore shot of Marisa Miller, with 'mr i' in the background, at:

I like her love sofa upholstrey fabric bikini in this volcano island beach shot at:

Yours, GSR/TWN

PS: Larry Sinclair's new political AIDS site is at:

Just in time for Saturday's breaking news about the DNC political AIDS situation. Which is much worse than they thought at the NTY.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I watched 1999's FORCES OF NATURE cat.-2 hurricane prophecy Thursday morning, for the first time in a few years. It begins with the prophetic sound track by PROPELLERHEADS, entitled Take California. Wherein Oprah et al introduce Senator Obama on his California campaign tour.

The same day, a 70mph wind storm blew through Larry Sinclair's Minnesota, confirming the film's 1999 connection to Sinclair's doped up blow job orgasms with Obama in 1999. It may have caused a private HAWKER 800 jet, flying for REVEL ENTERTAINMENT, to crash in the Indian town of Owatonna, Minn; south of Clinton Falls, north of Hope, in Steele County. At least 7 died, and one survivor was carried away on a Gurnee, Illinois hotel reference.

Larry was blowing snow, and Barack was smoking crack, back in 1999. So there is probably a relationship there with Sandy's private jet crash landing in the dry Wyoming powder around Jackson Hole, WY at Christmas time. The same week PEOPLE published a picture of the FORCES OF NATURE star laying on a snowy scene.

Last Monday morning, I watched the new DVD copy of 1964's GOLDFINGER; tipped off by that Knoxville church shooting. That starts in Miami with Rush wearing a hearing aid, so he can screw the naive country club Republicans in cards. His hotel blonde, working the binoculars, looks exactly like Sharon Stone, but only when she's laying on her back. I'm not joking.

The film's "operation grand slam" dirty bomb Ft Knox gold prophecy is quite ominous. When one considers that Thursday's symbolic 'O' campaign jet crash happened on the same day that Massachusett's black Gov Patrick signed their new transsexual marriage bill for out-of-staters; thus the out-of-state crash in the day 1290 state.

I found out Thursday that Bond's 007 Pussy Galore convert is a Marisa Miller look alike prophecy. You can see her in a great 60's hairdo at:

This image is inspired by GOLDFINGER's famous roll in the hay scene, showing her in a 60s bikini at:

Pussy's symbolic moles are clearly evident in this big-O key ring shot at:

When this 'Spy Who Shagged Me' image printed out at Bonney Lake's library Thursday, a lady at the counter said "Thanks for coming in." at:

Marisa definitely puts the symbolic female '8' figure into the number 8. Back at the house Thursday, Granny Grass informed me that she just bought 8 frozen sweet&sour chicken and turkey dinners by MARIE CALLENDER, on special for 1.88 each. Even before hearing that, I was already impressed to give the 29 year-old her official bikini robot number 8.

At the end of FORCES OF NATURE, Ben marries his fiance under a romantic BRIDE OF CHUCKY Niagara Falls setting in Obama's Hawaii; quoting some 16th century Catholic priest about the bitter-sweet burdens of marriage.

The details are not in yet, but Thursday there was some middleaged guy running around the riverside woods in Rt.141 Niagara, Wisconsin, like a human Big Foot monster, shooting at Obama's girls with big tits in bikinis, at:

Thursday morning at 1:20 am, I woke up hearing a voice say "Today!" At 1:41 am I heard "Three!" At 1:43 am I heard "Shot". At 1:46 am, I had a flash vision of a toilet at Bonney Lake's library, that was filled with yellow pee, ready to be flushed.

Mary-Kate Olsen is often seen wearing heavy black mascara, like her Bride of Chucky doll look alike, at:

Yours, GSR/TWN