Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Even better that actually firing Bob, let him commit career suicide in public and resign in disgrace on his own. ~ By giving Julian Assange a full pardon and let him have a little private couch talk with President Trump and his legal team, per: ~ Much like all of today's suicidal liberals in media, politics, education, and mindless sports entertainment are doing right now. ~ So what, WIKILEAKS has jeopardized some of our foreign CIA agents in the past. ~ However, now the deep state's FBI/CIA/DOJ dark underside at State is infested with double agent enemy spy insider Jews who love a secret, and want to overthrow the American election resulys in 2016. ~ Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do. ~ Bye bye Bob. ~ Cue the capitol 'T' theme music at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS LOVITZ: Michael told me to tell Alison Roth to greenlight your movie if we can keep the budget under $25,000,000 and get a few more Jewish names attached to it; both above and below the line. ~ BUSINESS NOTES: Bill Marriott's successful business career, starting out in DC with his Mexican HOT SHOP restaurant chain, was a prophetic Donald Trump paradigm. ~


I would also fire Bob and his NEW YORK TIMES Jew lawyer buddies in the next ten days of shock&awe if they continue to stonewall Sens. Grassley and Feinstein's request to interview James Rybicki and Carl Ghattas about that fake Russian dossier that Comedy used to justify his compadres' destruction of evidence and lawless illegal alien leaks to the media. ~ Not to mention their direct interference with America's democratic election process in 2016. ~ Plus, I would ad to my NYT no. 57,726 list of threats the fact that I could always hire a new and much younger and stronger AG who would not be afraid to raid the birth records in Hawaii and expose Bob's official FBI involvement in destroying evidence of Barack Obama's African born birth records and foreign student scholarship funding records for his easy free pass degree from Harvard. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR.PRESIDENT: When you do fire that old creep Bob, about 5% of America will disapprove; and about 5% of America will jump up from their potatoe couches and shout, "YEAH!.. RIGHT ON!!" ~ Just like that dude does during the beauty and talent pageant contest in the LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE yellow motif LOVE BUS prophecy. ~

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


That Divinely timed 32nd anniversary earthquake in Mexico happened on the same day President Trump gave his angel Moroni speech before the many foreign tongues at the UNITED NATIONS. ~ For a 1290 days desecrated temple confirmation by the MARK 13 Jews trying to GET THE GRINGO at the Casa Blanca. ~ Ergo, Trump should tell Bob to hand over the Manafort recordings during the upcoming ten days of judgement or he's fired. ~ And if that doesn't work, fire Sessions, too. ~ Then hire somebody who will do it and stop pussy footing around. ~ Remember, the Day of Judgement begins this September 29 on the Gregorian calendar. ~ GSR/TWN ~


That MOONEY 20 crashed near Indian Neck, Conn for the stiff necked Larry David who only dons the armor of God from the neck up; but not the rest of His full suit of armor in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING paradigm prophecy. ~ Now flash foreward to the virginal Jennifer Aniston welcoming the Invisible Man into her bed chambers at the end of DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE; circa 1974. ~ But only after the Holy Grail full of the royal bloodline of yours truly is mixed with blood of the gentiles. ~ Obviously, whoever was the set designer on the above two vampire movies had a yuuuge influence on the look for THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's prophecy about Trump taking over everything at the end of the 1976 Mormon polygamy temple sex cult movie. ~ Wherein the entire cast of characters accepts the fullness of the Father in DC 76. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE FEAST OF TRUMPETS NOTES: Now would be a good time to reread the entire book of MORONI, per: ~

Monday, September 18, 2017


That baby boomers DRUG STORE COWBOY tabloid at street number 1290 went up for [a fire sale price] on the eve of America's surprisingly popular baby boomer President speaking before the UN assembly in STAR WARS meets MAD MAX. ~ In confirmation of Howard Stern's day 1290 abomination of desolation manifestion at the UNITED NATIONS in 1996. ~ [Trump was a regular on Stern's Reagan Democrat radio show in the 90s.] ~ In the form of that alien formation in 2001 A SPACE ODDITY. ~ Wherein Louise Farrakhan spoke before a freed negro slave mob of lawless and uncivilised BLACK LIVES MATTER forerunners. ~ Ergo, ROLLING STONE is a prophetic title of the rolling stone in DANIEL 2 that smashes down on the feet of clay and pot iron of the giant of Babylon in Boulder, Colorado etc. in THE SHINING meets CHRISTMAS VACATION in 2020 Las Vegas. ~ The REV.17 code names in these films being a Divine reference to the babbling foreign speaking tongues at the UN tower of Babylon in 666 Man/hattan. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FDRJFKLBJMLK NOTES: More and more, it's looking like the real clown party fun for the innocent virgin kiddies in MARK 13:14 is going to start happening this Christmas season and New Years Day. ~ Hence that white as a snowman Santa Claus beard that David Letterman has been sporting around town for the past 42 months or so. ~


Open support of pure unreformed Nazism in America has gone from about 1% of the population to at least over 2% of the population due to the blood sucking liberal Jews trying to get at President Trump and his family, at: ~ Because the simple minded [Mr.Anderson] neo Marxist Hitler hated the traditionally Marxist athiest Jewish homosexuals for undermining social justice for their own personal money grubbing career objectives. ~ He was right of course. ~ But that was no excuse for the way he behaved. ~ "Come on!.. I'm not that controversial." Truman Capote; former UN high rise condo penthouse resident and nextdoor neighbor to Johnny Carson. ~ GSR/TWN ~

Sunday, September 17, 2017


At about 58:00 minutes into DRACULA'S GREAT LOVE happening at today's PLAYBOY MANSION castle, we see that the suicidal Dracula is a Justin Theroux leftovers 9.23.17 prophecy. ~ And his [twice married] naive virgin love interest is a physically transfigured former EMMY award winning Jennifer Aniston. ~ Dr. Marlow being your typical caring and sensitive blood sucking bleeding heart liberal. ~ Ergo, the Holy Grail ending about the blood cleansing rights that will cure Jim Carrey er all of his itchy herpes no.1, and herpes no.2 problems. ~ Not to be confused with yours truly, the future KING OF ENGLAND; who does not have herpes. ~ "Because of you, he has been restored." says the anonymous source narrator in the above 1974 film shot in 16mm. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR.PRESIDENT: You will become elected for a second time around in 2020. ~ So let that be the comforting [second chance around] reality of everything that guides you; in what you say or what you do. ~ Talk about having my kind of fuck you money. ~