Sunday, December 4, 2016


The London based American spice girl Madonna was performing at an overnight art works event for black Africans in the southern peninsula when that artist loft burned down during a GOLDEN DONNA performance in African American, Oakland, California, according to:$7.5M-for-Malawi,-slams-Trump-in-Miami-show ~ And now they are burying Castro's ashes on the same day that they are sifting through the body ashes at the so called GHOST SHIP artists' loft. ~ Ergo, the birthday girl name Britney means of Britain. ~ "Burn it down!" says the American sports agent from Chicago in BLACKBALL. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HAMILTON NOTES: The Napoleonic Hamilton was one of the few pro British politicians in early American history; back when it was more fashionable to be a loyal Francophile. ~ Hence, that fine French restaurant in the TRUMP TOWER that knows how to do a prime serloin cut the right way. ~ Oh yeah, Natalie Portmanteaux voted for Donald Trump. ~ Like most of today's hottest actresses in the 29 year-old range, she too wants in on my LAST TANGO IN PARIS remakes, prequels, and sequals. ~ Jesus. What girl out there could not use a couple extra big ones at this point in her life? ~ Not everyone has as much money to burn as Mad/onna. ~ NOTES FOR THE NON ILLUMINATI NOTES: I will get back into my Seattle acting career with the LAST TANGO IN PARIS [HASTY TASTY] movies first because I AM is only a close shave a few less pounds away from looking like my anti-hero does in the original movie. ~ Seriously, take a close look at the first [director cut] one from an independent film producer's point of view. ~ You got me in the lead role for union scale. ~ Then you got the two lead actresses; the older one working for $2,000,000 up front in cash money; the younger one working for nothing and getting fucked in the ass, basically. ~ Hopefully, it will look as good on the big screen as it looks on the small page. ~ Otherwise, yours truly is going to be faced with some rather serious daddy-daughter issues. ~ PS MEL: I beat your two guys from Australia in BLACBALL because they are still too uninformed about the Scottish Templar conspiracy that Napoleon Dynamite talks about in the the opening sequence to NAPOLEON DYNAMITE in Idaho; just north of Logan, Utah, circa 2003/4. ~ PS MR.FRESH: Today's trump card election results in Austria are why your were so obsessed with the 1970s BARRY LYNDON movie prophecy about Donald Trump becoming the President of the American colonies, circa 16, at: ~ Not to mention me being the supposedly "bisexual" co-star of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ Where in the end Donald Trump becomes the surprise leader of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ Look at it this way. ~ I let you fuck my French wife. ~ You let me fuck your Italian wife. ~ All is well that ends well. ~ All is fair in love and war.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


The Howard Stern look alike rebel figure gets blackballed from the old men's "tosser" club for 15 years in BLACKBALL after his shocking win down in England's southern peninsula region that represents Florida, USA in November, 16, and Donald Trump's inauguration as club president in 2017; some 15 years later. ~ When the politically correct establishment BBC media made him into a demonized 'Bad Boy' outsider hero of the common working man. ~ Who in this case, hangs wallpaper for a female college faculty elite. ~ Which depicts the stars of Israel with a snake constellation covering over her cracking whitewashed dry walls. ~ As just confirmed by THE OLD GREY LADY's latest piece about Trump not following traditional telephone protocol rules. ~ While they themselves continue to white out the fact that Barack Obama is not even a US citizen. ~ Tell me something that I don't already know next time. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REAL FAKE NEWS NOTES: According to dozens of eyewitnesses on the Internet, Barry liked to get his cock sucked off at that white middleaged gentleman's club in Chicago after a quicky pick-up game of B-ball. ~ However, he was never willing to recipicate the favor. ~ And who could blame him? ~ Yuck. ~ No. Really. I don't make this stuff up out of the blue. ~ It comes from somewhere else for sure. ~ For example, see: ~ Anyway. ~ Now that Paul Allen, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos er all no longer have a friend in the White House... How about me? ~ What am I, chopped liver? ~ "We're best friends." Says Napoleon Dynamite to the illegal alien's sainted sister in LOGAN'S RUN meets NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE, circa 2003. ~ Dude, call me. ~ I got this really sexy FLIRTY FISHING idea for a XXX remake of your own private Idaho breakout movie. ~ I'm thinking you playing the son of the dude in THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II, and Brad Pitt plays your long lost father. ~ Where in the opening sequence hook, we see him fucking a pair of under-age-appropiate movie stars like Emma Watson and Kristen Stewart at the same time on my own private twin VOLVO cabin criuser yatch owned by Michael Savage. ~

Friday, December 2, 2016


The establishment tried to blackball Donald Trump in the 16 election. ~ So like his future character does in the CADDYSHACK prophecy, he just bought the old mens club out from underneath them; metaphorically speaking. ~ As just confirmed by Mitt Romney showing up, hat in hand, asking it he could join them; since he couldn't beat them. ~ Per the ending of the above movie when Mr.Danger asks his two assistants of Judah and Ephraim to help the corrupt [birth certificate] judge find his checkbook. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ORIGINAL SOURCE NOTES: I still don't know a God damn thing about the so called alt-right movement; because non of the Jewish media reports about it never even offer the reader a slightest little scrap of original quotation information from them. ~ And I'll be damned if I AM is going to waste my time googling them. ~ Kind of like when they report about all those crazy right-wing reactionary birthers, yet never even give us one word about what makes them so crazy about Obama's obviously fake birth certificate, and his fact checked S.S. number that once belonged to a Navy retiree; who was born in Connecticut, and died of old age problems at a Pearl Harbor, Hawaii VA hospital. ~ Besides, I already know that white people are more civilized than dark people; according to the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ Tell me something I don't know already, or fuck off and leave us alone. ~ Believe me. You don't want to go there. ~ PS BECK: What's next? President Trump makes you his media communications director? ~ Works for me. ~ GO COWBOYS!! ~ By that, I mean that nigger cowboy sheriff in BLAZZING SADDLES of course, of course. ~ 2BC.INFO NOTES: According to the spoken word revelations from God, I have to pay for any wife that I want to fuck. ~ Including Amber heard, whether I like it or not. ~

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Even Lady Gaga is starting to take a second hard sideways look at what I got going on right now, at: ~ Don't laugh. ~ Chicks dig guys who have $billions$ in the BANK OF CANADA's tax free offshore branches, and are willing to pay them $millions$ in after taxes up-front child support to have their babies. ~ Hey, he who pays the fiddler, gets to fuck the fiddler. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS VV: You lucky son of a bitch. ~ Looks like it is now going to be BLACKBALL 24/7 for the next three days at least, at: ~ PS BRIT: Hang in there baby. ~ It will be worth the wait. ~ I will be mowing your grass like that guy in Stephen King's LAWNMOWER MAN movie-novel does before you know it. ~ Think THE WEIGHT OF WATER:II meets KILL CRIUSE:II. ~ Both of which never really had a very satisfying ending that made sense. ~ PS LL: I like you. I get a kick out of you. And you make me so horny whenever you show me your yuuge luscious freckled tits on your latest pix. ~ But I still can not fuck you and make babies with you until the current currupt legal establishment crashes and burns up to a crisp. ~ So don't take it personally if it takes me a few more years to get around to you. ~ All is well that well. ~ Kisses. ~


After the five spicy girls make a big deal about people sticking around for the credits at the end of SPICE WORLD, after five days, we see that the Donald Trump prophecy was actually put together at some editing facilicity in London called THE WHITEHOUSE. ~ That is, after the scene where one of Trump's key administration actors complains that the American expatriot Hollywood phonies have made him into an evil Nazi caricature without any motivation or evidence behind it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BARBARA STREISAND: After Rush Limbaugh let it be known that Bill Clinton fucked you in the Lincoln Bedroom, during the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses, it was pretty much all over as far as middle America was concerned. ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: Do you guys remember me giving you a heads up about that 16 year-old actress who would suddenly show up from out of the blue and turn your entire world sideways? ~ Well hell's bells; last night at 9:48 pm she said to me; "I want to feel you up!" ~ In other words, "I don't do auditions. I just meet with them for a few minutes to get a feel for the way they talk and act in real life." Woody Allen. ~ PS AMBER: You are starting to really bug me. ~ Guess I AM is going to have to go over to my local TRUE VALUE hardware store and buy me that same yuuge can of bug spray that was featured in BLUE VELVET:II meets TWIN PEAKS:II. ~

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The five virgin SPICE GIRLS return from Milano, Italia on a British [VIRGIN] midnight flight no.1919 in confirmation of that midnight hour jet crash in Columbia. ~ Which represented all of those hot Italian soccer star dancers in their compromise gay ass video number musical. ~ Ergo, the video director is always wearing a heavy orange winter coat in the movie that was made in summer time; and released on Boxing Day, 1997 in London. ~ And when their long-suffering manager/polygamist husband figure gets the word from the 007 Chief at 9:00, we see the BOOK OF MORMON continent of South America in the near background. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRITNEY: The way it's looking right now, I'm probably going to be delving into the amazing signs and wonders surrounding SPICE WORLD all the way up to and through your birthday. ~ Hopefully, I'll find a way in the meantime to come up for air and have a quick look at '10'. ~ Which I have been meaning to get around to for the longest time. ~ PS REESE WITHERSPOON: The Jewish businessman, who looked like Mel Brooks, and created the double BIG MAC burger of Judah and Ephraim for his 47 [HASTY TASTY] restaurants during his hay days, just died at 98 in the same union town area where they made WAYNES WORLD, per: ~ SPICY NOTES: Here is a great look at my manager husband in SPICE WORLD; who has a really hard time ree!ing in his five foolish wives, at: ~ In my world, everyone gets to catch the big fish. ~


"Because now is the dangerous time... when the speeding mellon hits the wall, it's Christmas for the crows." ~ says the Chief in SPICE WORLD, circa 2016. ~ When the REV.17 parents of the spicy five virgin girls suddenly disappear during HAROLDS' yuuge annual January 2017 close-out sale in London. ~ And that Jewish woman who heads the Green Party's election recount scam is your typical girl power Marxist who is green on the outside and red on the inside. ~ Then the white James Bond villian mentions the girls' negro drummer in an orange cap who looks like that negro Muslim terrorizer in Columbus, Ohio. ~ In confirmation of the COLUMBIA picture being confirmed by that British made [jet to Spain] crashing in the Spanish speaking mountains of Columbia just after midnight on Tuesday. ~ Which was carrying a full load of brown LAmanites flying up to some Mitt Romney type OLYMPICS sports event. ~ Ergo, Donald Trump's DAILY EVENT fake news media plans laid out in the above 1260 days period first act. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TRUMP: Romney would make a great Secretary of State. ~ Because then the apostate Christians would start to understand that the idea of a white man billionaire Masonite internationalist banker taking over the world is probably a good thing after all. ~ Don't laugh. ~ I'm not the only person out there who believes in this stuff, like at: ~ Yeah yeah we all know, Charlie Sheen is also a believer. ~ But sadly, he doesn't count for that much anymore. ~ Too much pill popping and having sex with strangers. ~ Think MOON WALKERS:II meets SEAN OF THE DEAD:II. ~ And everyone involved gets a yuuge amount of money for agreeing to do it again without even reading the script, like at: ~ Minus my usual 10% of course, of course. ~