Saturday, August 19, 2017


Every time that almost at least 100 Nazis show up somewhere for some IT clown convention protest, at least almost 10,000 Jewish homosexuals, niggers, and alien UFO fish-eyed red communists with gray skin and yuuuge bald heads show up at the same place, same time, same channel. ~ Talk about Judah vexing Ephraim in ISAIAH 11 meets REV.11, over and over, until it is actually really and truly all over for real. ~ Ergo, the latest LDS CURCH NEWS out of SLC,UT says that Bill Clinton and George Bush are the two examples of how all the rest of us should be behaving. ~ Think the crazy schizo Jew Mark Biltz meets the crazy Mark Biltz in the WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy. ~ Wherein yours truly suddenly bursts out in a shocking profanity laced blog full of dirty words and thoughts; while at the same time proclaiming the [Howard Stern] word of g-d at ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KIT WINN: A certain somebody told me that your sweet ass homestead property located off of Cheery Creek Rd is located near the Drunken Charlie Lake networks of beaver ponds full of native cutthrouts in the 6-9" range. ~ PS CAPTAIN GARRISON: That gentlemanly English country side type polite society [GORDONS GIN] river that flows into Lake Quinault, off of Pacific Hwy.101, is plenty strong enough to resist any of today's pop culture crap that the devil is trying to throw at us. ~ Remember, back in the naive 1970s, all of those foul-mouth athiest Jews in New York and California demanded that Nixon should be impeached from office because he was caught on tape saying swear words. ~

Friday, August 18, 2017


Don fired Steve right after he said that my IT blog staffers were a bunch of clowns. ~ While on the very same day, same time, same station, next week, the insider buzz was really already boiling over about Steve's new WHAT ABOUT IT? new and improved evil IT clown movie coming out in September. ~ [Steve being a common nickname for Stephen.] ~ Meanwhile back at the chichen ranch, the feds indicted two of Debbie's IT people on 4 charges of... who gives a fuck. ~ Just as long as the two start blabbing about who leaked those campaign killer Podesta emails to Seth Rich er all. ~ "Don't call me Leo in my house!" WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ GSR/TWN ~ POSSIBLE, BUT NOT SURE, CORRECTION NOTES: Last I read, there are no catch limits on eastern brooktrout within the boundary lines of Hwy.101's Olimpic Mountains. ~ Everything else is catch-and-release of course. ~ And of course, generally speaking, yours truly doesn't do catch-and-rease. ~ Never have, never will. ~ What is mine is mine. ~ And nobody in hell can take it away from me. ~ Not even the today's out of bounds IRS' game warders back in DC. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Oh for Christ's sake, just go ahead and "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!" AUSTIN POWERS:II, THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME meets THE FULL MONTY, at: ~ AND ~ You make me young, and good looking, and horny again, I do the same thing for you. ~ Heck, I may even give you a bit role in one of my upcoming Andy Warhol trilogy ripoff remakes. ~


Will Bob er all ever find the personal inner strength to take a vacation from their Republican Party 1990s hangups, and thereby "...lengthen one's stride."? ~ Like Gordon B. Hinckley was always telling the saints to do back in 1993 to 1996. ~ And finally take those big time man size steps needed to walk onto an airplane and go talk to Julian Assange, man to man, in London, like at: ~ Or is it that he is just l playing games like some foolish and naive virgin 13 year-old NYT WAPO paper boy from Brooklyn in 1991's WHAT ABOUT BOB? ~ Or is it that he still is just too chicken to dive into the dephts of reality tv and see the real insider conspiracy that caused Clinton to lose the election in 16? ~ GSR/TWN ~ BOB CUT NOTES: I know, the Bible says that women are not supposed to have short hair. ~ But the "Bob" does seem to be the right thing at the right time right now for a lot of today's sexy hot babes. ~ Think THE BIG EASY meets DOMINO. ~ Either way, everybody gets their rocks off, and everyone goes home as happy as a razor clam at high tide. ~ PS MITT ROMNEY: More Peter Relf likeness, less Bob Redford likeness. ~

Thursday, August 17, 2017


That anti white terrorist with dark skin drove his evil white van into a crowd of liberal white European socialist tourists in Spain as God's answer to the anti white Jews in the media going bonkers about President Trump being too pro white. ~ No wonder that our beloved blond Elvis TRUMP CASINO HOTEL AND RESORT headliner performer is going to get elected big time for a second encore performance term, Ronald Reagan 1984 style. ~ Which will easily grant him time enough to fulfill the prophecy about him appointing five wise virgin judges to the SUPREME COURT; before his 8 year-long Providential presidency during the last 1290 days' ten virgins [WEDDING CRASHERS] prophecy is over and done with at the WAPO and NYT. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: Hwy.101's landmark McDonald Mountain stands over the Little South River that flows down from First Top Mtn. and Second Top Mtn. and Wildcat Mtn. ~ PS RUSH LIMBAUGH: My brother Peter hit the only hole-in-one in his life at that Park City, Utah course where one of it's more shortish greens takes an immediate 1000' cliff drop off from the tee. ~ Bet they don't have anything like that in Florida. ~ PS DENNIS: My royal Crown Prince of England, who is second in line to the Thrown of England, is going to be married to your PADYWGN2 taxi driver daughter from South Texas. ~ Because in the original TAXI DRIVER movie prophecy, all of those Democrat Party mother fucker big time $10 tippers who live in downtown Manhattan are going to get what they have coming to them in spades. ~ You cheat me, I cheap you. ~ So now what the fuck? ~ It is finally high time for me to watch the INGLORIOUS BASTERDS prophecy about today's mostly white Jew anti Nazi media warriors? ~

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


WHAT ABOUT BOB? ends with Bob still going crazy trying to tie up President Trump to the white Russian cocktail metaphors in my own private political sex cult Reagan Democrat movie THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ While the rest of the paranoid schitzophrenic liberal Jew media is all tied up in knots, and having neurotic self denial episodes about the Alt Left's well known use of violent agitation instigation propaganda. ~ Think Barack Obama's fake Hawaiian birth certificate meets his stolen SS number. ~ As explained so clearly by Dr.Who herself at: ~ AND: ~ Then in the film's ten virgins wedding ending, crazy Leo stands up and shouts "NOOOO!!" ~ Still in denial of President Trump winning the democratic 2016 election fair and square. ~ GSR/TWN ~


The insane asylum in WHAT ABOUT BOB? looks like the White House in Wash DC. ~ Because when Bob takes an outdoor death therapy shower in the movie he has a PINK ELEPHANT CAR WASH figure perched on the M.A.S.H. military shower stalls set up. ~ That represents all of today's crazy paranoid schizophrenic Republican pinkos who are subconsciously identifying with the completely insane liberal wacko media, like at: ~ Exacly like Woody Allen does in his two inspired make believe ZELIG meets PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO prophecies. ~ Ergo, the color theme in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS and LEGALLY BLOND is pink pink pink pink 24/7/365. ~ Meanwhile back at the DAVID LETTERMAN chicken ranch northeast of Gibson, Montana. ~ Five foolish virgins on a BLACK HAWK crashed into the REV.13 ocean at the very same time that some [BLUE HAWAII] Elvis expert was being interviewed on COAST TO COAST talk radio; talking about The King's years in the US Army; later featured in his Hawaii movies period. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL: The easy enough three mile switch-backs hike into Angle Lake is looking like one of our last options for catching as many 6-9" eastern brook trout that we can eat by using your traditional no.10 yellow professor buck hair wet fly just under the surface. ~ Heck, the last time in late September, early October, that I was up there with Ken McLeod we caught at least 35 of them; no questions asked. ~ PS GEORGE CLOONEY: Don't get discouraged or downhearted. ~ It took me too almost an entire lifetime to understand that you just go ahead and eat the [HASTY TASTY] dark skin of fried char trout; bones and all. ~

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


That yuuuge mud slide in Sierra Leone was confirmation of Leo showing up at Bob Mueller's surprise birthday party on August 7, all covered in dirt and mud, like at: ~ By then he had completely switched sides with Bob. ~ And was going out of his mind like a mad man because he had thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Bob; but he still only had come up with butt kiss. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIBLE FOOTNOTES: That genealogy tree of Israel fell down and killed 12 apostate Christian Catholics on Mad Island because they were ingnoring the 12 tribes of Israel history along the Iberian Penninisula, at: ~ PS JIMMY BOY: If you sincerely desire something better in this life than Donald Trump, you will be forced to get down on your knees and ask God to forgive you for all of the abominable shit that you have wrought upon the more righteous in REV.12. ~ Sorry, but Social Security, Medicare, etc. just ain't gonna cut it. ~ What America needs more than ever right now is a for real repeal and replace policy on THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964; just for starters. ~ Not to mention the AMERICANS WITH [spiritual] DISABILITIES ACT. ~ MUD LAKE, IDAHO MAP NOTES: Atomic City; Sugar Town; Roberts; Black Foot; St. Anthony; TETON FLOOD MUSEUM; Madison County; Hamer; Lincoln; Marysville; CRATERS OF THE MOON; Moreland; Riverside; the GSR/TWN list goes on and on. ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: Everything that happens on Mt. Hood, Oregon, good or bad, sweet or sour, is about me fucking you baby, and your step sister too in THE SHINING's REV.10 movie stars prophecy. ~ Ergo, two 29ish female happy campers fall to their horrible deaths on the rocks below off of Mount Hood, the DOW closes up 5.28. ~ Note the enclosed yellow man poster art that was just confirmed by that RAT MAN artist in front of the TRUMP TOWER in Manhattan, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: