Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Lana Del Rey's pop culture spell on President Trump was answered right after midnight on May 23, KING DAVID HOTEL Jerusalem time, because her surname means King in Mexicano. ~ While the rocks and boulders were still rolling down upon Rt.1 from that DANIEL 2 Los Padres forest mountain in Big Sur. ~ Because the Catholic Ariana Grande's surname means Big in Ital-Americano. ~ And the next day President Trump would be visiting all of those 1960s period Padre Pios at the Vatican; circa ROMA meets JULIET OF THE SPIRITS, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SANDY: After that little innocent 8 year-old Greek doll was killed by the satanic followers of the false prophet and the dragon in REV.16, I checked out the no.126 LIVING DOLL episode, costarring the Greek actor Telly Savalas. ~ Which was shot in the same house set where they made RING-A-DING GIRL. ~ PS KIM DOT COM: The fastest way to bury any incriminating evidence forever and ever, so that it will never see the light of day, is to turn it all over, via some Jewish lawyers firm, to some other official government investigation sham that is being sanctioned by the anti American internationalist Jews at the NYT and WAPO. ~ There is a reason why you remind us so much of that genius couch potatoe video game player in SHAWN OF THE DEAD meets THE ANDERSONS. ~ CHATTY CATHY DOLL NOTES: While cat napping yesterday evening at 7:38 PM, the little doll next door told me to..."Go for it!... Go for it..." Greg. ~ SEE: ~ PS CJ: Your late husband's father was a very successful pool contractor down in EZEKIEL 37 Arizona for a Divine last days reason; according to the very last no.156 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, at: ~ PS KENNY: That really big 6 figure deal just came through from the UNITED ORDER CREDIT UNION bank of Zion so that you could finally relax and stop worrying about me crashing on your couch rent-free for two years, circa 1987-1989; West Hollywood meets Venice Beach. ~ This time around, I AM holds all of the cards, and I AM calls all of the shots. ~

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


AN OCCURRENCE AT OWL CREEK was the last produced episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE series. ~ Which was an edited and remixed super 16mm French film, shot totally in France, that had won the top short film prize at CANNES in 1962. ~ Wherein we see the future Martin Scorsese Hollywood movie director getting hanged from an old train bridge in southern France's more rugged and aired regions that look like America's wild west frontier. ~ Therefore, the film opens with the bugle trumpet warnings of President Trump; heralding today's developing REV.16 civil war situation. ~ Right as Scorsese himself is producing a four hour documentary series of THE GREATFUL DEAD, at: ~ Meanwhile the old news NYT is reminding us of what we already heard about several months ago; when the President publically asked the intellegence community to stop spreading rumors and gossip about him and the Russians. ~ Exactly like for example last summer, when Putin told the press that he could work with either Clinton or Trump; but he would prefer Clinton. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: David Shearer's BYU student OSCARS winning short film western was a sign from God that we need to include him in our upcoming unofficial side-bar screenings at SUNDANCE 18. ~ Don't laugh; even my old long haired blond buddy Terry McKnight wants to get a slice of this kind of hot get-rich-quick action; not to mention Robert Redford himself. ~ So many rich friends, so little time to spend it on them. ~

Monday, May 22, 2017


On the same damned day that SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE spoofed my telephone call from Michael with their "Michael rowed the boat ashore..." halliluja opening, yet even more anonymous sources added to the chorus of sotto voce voices who know that Seth Rich was the DNC emails leaker, and not Putin, like at: ~ Which was then confirmed by the weekend's new reports about Mt Everest's famous 'Hillary Step' having been destroyed by an earthquake only 13 days after Hillary officially announced her run for President in 2015. ~ In other words; you give me the silent treatment, I give you the silent treatment. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: I'll ask my team of fly fishing Jewish lawyers, who specialize in government wildlife department regulations, to make sure that it is still legal to fish Gold Creek above the falls. ~ And if it ends up being some kind of a never ending who-knows-what Orwellian no-go situation; I'll pay for all of the transportation costs involved in flying up to Pam Anderson's private creel trout fishing property on Vancouver Island, BC. ~ Wherein you bring the young girls; and I concentrate on my outdoor fire cooking skills. ~

Sunday, May 21, 2017


"Howardville was rocked today..." says the breaking two witnesses radio report at the end of RING-A-DING GIRL, circa one month after Sandy's mother conceived her. ~ Revealing that the "...eye witnesses..." in DANIEL 12's Riverside Park picnic prophecy about the 1290 days era of the 1260 days witnesses was what Bunny meant when she repeated "I know... I know..." [eye know] in the episode's opening lines. That connect to the key hole seen at the end of her ring visions. ~ Which opens the locked doors to the House of [Larry] David in ISAIAH 22:22 etc. ~ Such as; who is the rod of Jesse in ISAIAH 11.1?... Even the same episode's hot rodder who drives a vintage PLAYBOY CLUB sports car. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RIVERSIDE NOTES: Scottsville is also located along the King James River, just downstream from Howardsville, Virginia. ~ For a Scottish President Trump 70 weeks timeline. ~ Even the same river that starts somewhere up around Sandy's legendary I-64 freeway and flows down past the abomination of desolation's Big Island, Virginia [Hawaii] landmark on May Day's [HWY.501, 1960s LEVI] blue jeans scene. ~


When yours truly comes up for air from my basement bedroom lair carrying a WW:II picnic suitcase bomb in No.133, Sandy exclaims, "Who is this Divine man?!" [Unknown Hollywood actor movie star fucker.] ~ Then she asks her medicine prescription delivery man, who drives a sexy WW:II German sports car, and reminds us a lot of Cook [book] County, Chicago's future Ferris Beuller figure, if he wants to go for a walk and say hay to the locals in Bonney Lake. ~ Per all of those 440 dead Chinese squirrels omens on NATALIE's BB that were confirmed by the season's 440 bails of hay harvest signs. ~ Ergo, President Trump is visiting Arabia during a crescent moon; while flashing my REV.19 sword around for the Jewish media cameras. ~ And on a side note, we see in the end that Sandy's black onyx Stone of Jacob seer ring is divided into the three parts of the holy city in REV.16. ~ In confirmation of 016's earthquake election. ~ GSR/TWN ~ E=MC2 NOTES: This eternal life numbers formula represents the square gospel of the Messianic Christ of the 2 witnesses of Judah and Ephraim; i.e. the church, the school of prophets, the United Order credit union, and the political party of the Kingdom of God. ~ EPISODE NOTES: In no.133, my Divine one in DC 85 sees the 911 sirens outside of his temple veil WINDOWS. ~ Then he tunes into the liberal Jewish news media reports on his mother's 13" seer screen television. ~ PS CHICAGO: More strick letter of the law enforcement, less STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY meets BLACK LIVES MATTER Marxist revolution anarchy. ~ Think AFTER HOURS meets TAXI DRIVER, at: ~ AND: ~ Note President Trump sitting in the back seat of Robert De Niro's prophetic [Yellow Sea submarine] retro 1950s Cold War looking taxi, circa 2017. ~

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Sandy pulls the plug on her sister's carpet cleaning efforts when she suddenly arrives unexpected back home in Howardsville, Virginia. ~ Where she got her first break at some prophetic rinky-dink Donald Trump type beauty pageant; per HOPE FLOATS meets both of her inspired MISS CONGENIALY prophecies. ~ Then she delivers the 1964 Cold War episode's most mighty line of all, "I told you there'd be an explosion." ~ When the Jews in the hit-and-run media would be fulfilling the latter days secenario in JUDE 1:16; that goes, "These people are grumblers and faultfinders; they follow their own evil desires... for their own advantage." ~ Or in other words, "...the accuser of our brethern is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night." REV.12:10 ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MARTHA STEWART: Racism, homophobia, sexism, masculinity, misogeny, extreme wealth, righteous greed, sizzling hot slave sex, fine wine, and even the occasional beef pot roast with mashed potatoes, can be a good thing from time to times. ~ Not to mention reformed Nazism; which is basicall the same born again thing as yesterday's turn of the century [1900 meets 2000] modernist Jewish immigration invasion of eastern European progressivism. ~


In 1964's A SHORT DRINK FROM A CERTAIN FOUNTAIN episode, brother Gordon says that the PEPSI syrup serum will not be ready for human consumption for another 20 years; circa 1984. ~ When yours truly retired to BYU's school of prophets looking like I was in my late 20s. ~ After having been married to Miss Cardin of Epinal, France some ten years earlier in Provo, Utah's amazing retro 1960s style temple. ~ Which looks exactly like one of those marvellous white exterior pavilions of the future millennium era at THE SEATTLE WORLDS FAIR. ~ When Dr.Evil himself would be building outerspace planetary glass spheres in the Jet City; and be firing rockets into outer space in the EZE.37 deserts of California. ~ So it only makes sense that he would now be the new owner of THE WASHINGTON POST. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MORE NUTTY NOTES: The prophetic TTZ episode of Sandra Bullock opens with a reference to her short film director debuted, entitled MAKING SANDWICHES. ~ Then towards the end of it, there is a local home town reference to her inspired [same 29ish age range] broom pushing performance finale in PRACTICAL MAGIC, ~ PS NYT: More serious real news, less new weekly scandal tabloid fake news based on unnamed sources and fake birth certificate sensational headlines. ~ If you really want to go down in a fiery blaze of glory, at least do it like a man. ~