Thursday, July 28, 2016


They just can't hack it. ~ That motherly bitch from hell in ROSEMARY'S BABY deleted 30,000 emails from her official US State Department email account in her basement, and Donald Trump is now the bad guy for even mentioning it. ~ Oh, and by the way; Barack Obama is not even a US Citizen. ~ Otherwise, he would not be using a dead man's Social Security number that even the mormon saturated FBI can not seem to find. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SCOTT FREE NOTES: My middle name is a latter day Scottish thing. ~ PS CAMILLE PAGLIA: Your career happened to blossom in 1776 town for Alice's older sister blossoming in Woody Allen's ALICE, after she relocated to Manhattan. ~ LINCOLN LIMO NOTES: Alice in wonderland rides around Chinatown, New York in the back of a Barack Obama LINCOLN limo in ALICE.


ALICE opens to the improvised jazz trumpet sounds of Donald Trump in the fall of 1990, at: ~ When the black eel trap is set in her high society New York condo and she is considering hiring a tall blond Swede to cure her devil's backbone problem. ~ Then she's on the set of SHAMPOO, having her new look done by a blond physically transfigured Donny Trump stylist. ~ Soon she meets her "horn player" lover who is a complete stranger to the political establishment. ~ While at the kids' school party for Halloween and Thanksgiving; circa 2016. ~ Complete with orange and black homemade TRUMP TOWER decorations on the wall at around 21:00 minutes into it. ~ Then thanks to THE INVISIBLE MAN of the two witnesses blog in the near future, we see Trump's Scottish tartan on display at RELF LAUREN on Madison Avenue. ~ Then those new scrolls of enlightenment are discovered in THE DARJEELING LIMITED film; per the new revelations at ~ And at the end, Alice becomes a new woman; living in a swinging plural marriage situation with a place of her own. ~ GSR/TWN ~
TRAPPED NOTES: I saw this, after I saw that, yada yada, at: ~ ROCKY HORROR NOTES: After she gets hers, I get mine. ~

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Like Donald Trump said today, the Danite Russians are going to have to step up and do the job that America's self righteous Jewish media and corrupt mormon FBI have refused to do regarding Obama's artificially flavored [31 FLAVORS] citizenship papers posted on an official government website. ~ Thank you Jesus!!  Think I'll have another scoop. ~ Say what you will about the Ruskies; they are well known for their sophisticated sense of humor. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SOPHISTRY NOTES: According to THE ITALIANS, the Russians and the Italians have a lot in common, per:,_Jr. ~ At one point, this Joseph Bologna look alike author was arrested by the fascists for leaking secret Chinatown information about the state. ~ And after that; he was a favorite book author interview guest on late night anticommunist talk radio shows. ~ Also see: ~ No wonder that my winter semester term paper, [based mostly on his book], for my Italian Civilization class at BYU in 1985 got me a big wakeup call C- grading. ~ This being around the same time that I started to sense that some thing was seriously wrong in the church. ~ PS SARAH SILVERMAN: Lindsay Lohan getting choked by her Russian lover was confirmation of you getting rushed to the ER because you could not breath. ~ Both of you crazy bitches have really nice big tits and all that shit. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: My west coast native rainbow trout stream fly fishing season in the Olympics and Cascades of Washington State usually starts in August. ~ Try Wolf Creek or the Upper Stilly for a free sample tasting of what Jesus has in store for you. ~ We can get around to the financial particlurs later. ~ Right now, I AM so fucking bored out of my mind that I only want to have a little fun for right now. ~ And you thought that you were pretty bored now. ~

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The two beautiful composite character ladies in VANILLA SKY represent the two parties of Judah and Ephraim in the last days of the two witnesses. ~ Focusing primarily on "Citizen Dildo" for a lesbian context to New York's 20 $trillion$ fantasy debt figure Hillary Clinton. ~ Who believes in her dream world that this will just all go away if everyone is nice to each other. ~ Per that doctor from Berlin [Vermont] who can miraculously make the ruined whore of whores come back from financial fornication again. ~ Therefore, the end of the sweet&sour [REV.10] movie takes place on top of the TRUMP TOWER, 2016; when it becomes clear to me that Sofia is now a born again Ornella Fresh. ~ And everyone gets a fresh start in life; spiritually, politically, physically, and even financially. ~ GSR/TWN ~


In Joseph Smith's white vanilla horse prophecy, the black chocolate pudding horse of the prince in DANIEL 9 also makes war with the red raspberry jello horse. ~ Per the black horse FERRARI and black MUSTANG that Tom drives in the long opening sequence to VANILLA SKY, 2001. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SAND FIRE NOTES: The other side of that monster Sand Canyon inferno is about Bernie Sanders fucking his supporters in the ass after telling them for months what a piece of shit Hillary Clinton is. ~ "Feel the burn!!" Bernie Sanders, America's stereotypical lying Jew. ~ FIRESTORM NOTES: In REV.17 it says that the beast will turn against the MOTHER OF WHORES who gave birth to him. ~ For example, Pope Francis encouraged the French Catholic church to allow their country to be overrun by strange dark skinned E.T. aliens. ~ Now he gets to eat all of the brown chocolate icecream shit that he can stand. ~ Like some little Jerry Lewis boy in a candy shop comedy movie who never grew up. ~ "It's good!! Yes?.." PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000. ~

Monday, July 25, 2016


Crazy blue-eyed blond Camy crash lands her vintage car into a stonewall and metaphorically kills off the long time Hillary Clinton supporter Tom Cruise in the fall election season of the VANILLA SKY prophecy. ~ Then it dream-cuts to that same vintage WWII toy plane that Harrison Ford crash landed on a symbolic Donald Trump golf course in Area Code 310. ~ Ergo, the color of 31 FLAVORS' vanilla icecream is white; and the color of their chocolate rocky road icecream full of nuts and mini marshmallows is brown. ~ And this pre-Obama 2001 movie ends with Tom taking a leap of faith from on top of the TRUMP TOWER in Manhattan, New York, circa 2016. ~ GSR/TWN  ~ FLASHBACK NOTES: In the above fantasy politics film, the old aged establishment's [7 hills] dwarfs are trying to steal David's 51% vote in order to take over his magazine inheritance called RISE. ~ [Cruise is a 5'4" Woody Allen Martin Scorsese type dwarf figure.]  ~ No coincidence that Cameron's 2016 movie came out in 2001; after Trump is elected, and before Trump is inaugurated. ~ LIFE EXTENSION NOTES: In the above visionary physical transfiguration picture, the book author of LIFE THE SEQUEL is interviewed on TV at Penelope Cruz' pad at 35:25 minutes on my DVD. ~ JEW NOTES: That old socialist athiest Jew from Brooklyn stabbed his naive, and low information supporters in the back because that is what the doulbe-talking Jews do. ~ "How was your house [of Israel] after the party?" VANILLA SKY. ~ "White man speak with forked tongue." yada yada. ~ E.T. NOTES: Those unprecedented rapid moving wildfires are happening in the same suberban [Bush Hills] highland foothills housing development areas where they shot E.T. ~


You have to go back to your special [1260 days] edition of RAND MCNALLY's 1994 mapbook of Judah and Ephraim to get why the Sandy Canyon fire is building up to such a hot half moon Charlize Theron type three-way climax on her July 26 birthday. ~ No shit; even the local White Man Airport landmark has been removed from their more recent PC editions. ~ Remember, this is all happening in the San Gabriel Mountains; named after the angel who told Daniel about the 1290 days abomination of desolation at the DNC convention in 2016. ~ Shit happens for a reason. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CROSSOVER NOTES: I got through the first two acts of TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000 last night. Wherein the tall dark and handsome Jew thinks that the tall blond and handsome crazy Bernie Sanders progressive Jew in real life is an idiot who should be locked up in an insane asylum for believing that Hillary Clinton is a monster. ~ By the by. This NATIONAL ENQUIRER tabloid spoof came out on November 8,  in 1985. ~