Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The new 666 beast just took 8.5 in precious stones from my wife Miranda Kerr in the 1964 HARPER Mel Gibson Malibu temple hills prophecy because, A.) progressive taxation is an abomination, B.) she is supposed to give Jesus 10% of her off shore tax free monies if we ever hope to overcome the 666 beast in REV.14 etc. at: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/06/27/miranda-kerr-hands-over-8-1m-in-jewelry-to-justice-department.html ~ C.) I will take her precious children away from her if she does not obey her husband. ~ ~ That would be me of course; because I am the great great great grandson of Jesus Christ, and the future post WW:III King of England in 2BC:91. ~ Look at it this way. ~ You stiff me, I send around the [O.J.] juice man who is still living with his mother in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE just to make everything square between us. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GOOGLE: See what happens when you play footsie under the blankets with the OCTOPUSSY GALORE whore of the new and improved third way beast of the G7 hills in REV.13.? ~ PS JOHN CUSACK: Dude, you see yourself as an avant quarde artist. ~ So why not start looking at things with the more symbolic eye of a truly fatalistic and inspired artist? ~ Why so serious and void of all humor and humanity? ~ People get sick, then they die; happens every day. ~ Under Obamacare, everybody gets sick and dies too; but only after being hooked up to various blood cleansing kidney/heart machines for two or three years later. ~ Maybe Canada has the right single payer system after all... ~ You get sick, you die. ~ Because we don't have the budgeted money to keep you alive for that much longer in the first place. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: I long for the day when America doesn't have the best health care system in the world anymore. ~ Better dead than red. ~

Monday, June 26, 2017


After all of these years, my long lost buddy [public education school teacher] Donell Willey continues to believe that yours truly has gone gone gone completely mad. ~ Wherefore God knew that this would happen. ~ So He cast him in my own private preexistence Provo, Utah role in TTZ' MINIATURE episode no.110 for some kind of a surreal missionary man object lesson. ~ [Marie Osmond does own the world's largest private CHATTY CATHY doll house of Israel collection.] ~ Who plays a man who still lives with his mother and does not have a car or a job. ~ As just confirmed by 'Charlie' Sheen having to sell his Babe Ruth ring just to make ends meet. ~ Look at it this way. ~ Everything that happens to Charlie Sheen [bright light] is a reverse mortgage metaphore situation about my own life. ~ "I'm having to sell some of my art pieces just to make my child support payments to that Russian bitch." paraphrasing Mel Gibson, 2012. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HAPPENING NOTES: It so happened that I watched MINIATURE on Nicole Kidman's 50th birthday. ~ PS MS RODRIGUEZ: All of my sexy dreams about you always seem to happen during baseball season. ~


When no.112's gospel of Paul figure comes into sharp focus on the time machine's monitor, we can clearly see a future Mel Gibson who is dealing with the exact same WW:I-II-III issues that are portrayed in his latest movie at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacksaw_Ridge ~ Complete with thematic one sheet artwork that resembles Paul's cloudy [McLeod] time-travel motif. ~ Which is enlighted up later in the story when the elixir's medicine-wheel wagon gets loose and burns down the corrupt public education school of Sodom and Egypt on the 1260 days anniversary of the two witnesses in REV.11,12,13-17... yada yada. ~ Which in fact stands in for that little 1900 public school in Oso, Washington; located right next to Deer Creek. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MS SIRE US: "A man and a woman have different walks in life." Jesus Christ himself at 2bc.info. ~ "Vive le difference!" 400 BLOWS. ~ SAFE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TIPS: Looking for a cosy little mountain cabin retirement spot? ~ Try the Darrington, Washington area, at: http://town.darrington.wa.us/ ~ Where for just a little over $250,000 you can get a nice little two room cabin out in the woods that has a great wood stove and a little steelhead trout smoke house out in back. ~ And when the Nazis Vs. the Commies shit hits the fan in downtown Seattle; it will feel like it is all happening a million miles away on some far out distant PLANET 9 FROM OUTER SPACE 666 science movie plot. ~ Plus, Washington State still has no income tax. ~

Sunday, June 25, 2017


Will Ferrell plays the SS officer who raids the assassin's TRUMP HOTEL room with a view in no.112 entitled NO TIME LIKE THE PAST. ~ Because his Democrat Party is so paranoid that the new blond assassin in DAY OF THE JACKAL wants to kill off the new and improved 666 beast. ~ Whose head was once wounded in WW:II, but then it was miraculous healed "with a heart". ~ So now comes WW:III, "Two shots to the head... you know it's dead." NURSE BETTY meets MY BLUE HEAVEN, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Blue_Heaven_(1990_film) ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: You won the $2,500,00 jackpot in no.111, [adjusted for inflation] but you did not know it yet, because you were not looking out for it. ~ Not to mention all of those younger 39ish lookers who are attracted to rich older men who still got it. ~ PS DAN SAVAGE: Pride always comes before the fall. ~ And it won't be pretty. ~ TEXAS TWO STEP NOTES: My driver service in BL bears PDDYWGN plates. ~ In confirmation about my visions of all the head banger niggers in white Seattle getting rounded up and tossed into a paddy wagon; Baltimore, Maryland style. ~ PS MS DOWD: The reason way President Trump is so wildly popular in America is because he has a knack for telling the plain truth using the common words and simple spoken language of the common man. ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: Your ignorant, immature, uneducated and probably half Jewish exboyfriend actor from Ireland was inspired by God to make his indie film director debut about the nazi white lesbian cops of sodom and Egypt in Seattle beating the crap out of all those future fascistic resisters. ~ "Anytime the commies go up against the Nazis, they always lose... sooner or later. That's why I'm supporting George Wall/ace." ~ My stepfather Leslie Winn, circa 1967; who had never voted for a Republican politician in his entire short life. ~ Er: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Independent_Party ~ "I usually vote Democrat." Donald Trump, 1981. ~ "The Democrats are nothing but a bunch of losers." Donald Trump, 2016. ~ "Sometimes I say one thing one day... And then I say something else that sounds completely different the next day." Jesus Christ Louisiana, circa 2bc.info. ~ PS TOM HANKS: The reason why your over the hill political party will not be in power for the next 1000 years is because of your old gray lady wife who doesn't want you to have a little fun fucking any of your more sexy underaged wives at the Scottish PLAYBOY MANSION

Saturday, June 24, 2017


The Jet City's rather strange and satanic looking Dr.Evil rocket science prophet bought out the failing WASHPO paper for a Providential fulfilment of THE TWILIGHT ZONE's 111th prophecy entitled PRINTER'S DEVIL. ~ Call me a crazy mother fucker too, but the blond owner of THE WINCHESTER pub in SHAWN OF THE DEAD, who rings the closing-time bell is non other than Donald Trump himself; complete with hot underaged trophy wife. ~ Ergo the episode's Mormon devil polygamist, named Mr.Smith, who has two wives. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GISELE: ~ Getting a little bored with your current handsome high school quarterback sports jock husband are we? ~ Looking for a little action on the side lines to spice things up are we? ~ Here's an idea. ~ You go into a borrowed-money business partnership with your sister wife Adriana Lima and buy out my own private winter escape jet-strip resort outside of Lake Powell, complete with German brown trout spring creek on the sprawling 500+ acres property. ~ I pay you back in two weeks with full interest. ~ Plus, you get to fuck whoever you want in the short term meantime. ~ Ex husband? ~ Former camera man fling boyfriend? ~ "I DON'T CARE!" PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE meets BLAME IT ON RIO prophecies: both 1&2. ~ "I never remember any of your past foolish and immature sins... Once you sign on the dotted line and agree to fuck me only, and any of your 200 sister wives." Jesus Christ. ~ "Was I ever so young?" CONFESSIONS OF A DANGERIOUS AND NAIVE STUPID MIND. ~

Friday, June 23, 2017


Mr Comey is smoking on a crooked cigarette in the opening to PRINTER'S DEVIL. ~ Which then matches the crooked cigar that the devil is smoking when he too is introduced. ~ Who later claims that he has a green nose for today's crooked science and fake news statistics "green" reports about today's pop culture climate change and sex change fads. ~ Hence, after the future green fanatic Ms Bundchen leaves, we see her 7:20 birth date on Mr. Winter's clock. ~ And then we see her beauty contest winner fraud headline in the GAZETTE syndicate mob tabloid. ~ Now relocated in a building that burns down and suffers $500k in loses. ~ In Divine confirmation of the 500 S&P closing at 1.11 on the same day that Comey and his gray lady walked into the NYT building in NYC. ~ Where they type up a new batch of Russian connection fake news every damned day. ~ Even though nobody is buying it anymore. ~ Well, almost every body, since FOX is still reporting that the DNC emails were hacked by the Russians. ~ Contrary to the obvious fact that Seth Rich did it. ~ Remember, these are the same bubby boy people who believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ And that Larry Sinclair's extensively corroborated accounts about him sucking on his cock in north Chicago, while he sucked on the crack pipe, were just too good to be true. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICES: In no.111, the paper's subscriptions triple in just two weeks. ~ Figure when Trump fires all of those Jewish backstabers at the DOJ, it will be just like when Reagan fired all of those airport traffic controllers in the 80s. ~ And after that it was smooth sailing all the way to his second term election victory. ~ "I own your asses!!" Says the proverbial [pre 2016 election] Donald Trump supporter in the third act of the SIDEWAYS prophecy. ~ Not to be confused with those two other major President Trump in Scotland prophecies; entitled FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL and THAT SINKING FEELING. ~ Trump being the first President of America who has actually showed up in person and attended a gay wedding. ~ Think about it. ~ WEDDING CRASHERS takes place in Wash, DC because THE BREAKUP takes place in Chicago, Ill. ~ Complete with two alternative and optional endings. ~ "Always give a man a back door way out..." Dennis Hopper.


The paper's circulation is way down in the prophetic PRINTER'S DEVIL episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, circa 2017. ~ So it's very understandable how the agnostic and suicidal James Comey look alike editor in no.111 would be tempted to turn to the devil as a last resort. ~ Which is pretty much what everyone else is doing now on the left. ~ Think Johnny Depp is as financially bankrupt as the rest of them. ~ Therefore, the DNC er all have sold their soul to the devil. ~ Ergo, today's America of the abomination of desolation now owes the 666 devil himself around 20 $trillion$ and counting; with no end in sight; starting with Depp's [pronounced like debt] adopted home state of Illinois. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JEWISH PSYCHOLOGY NOTES: Woody Allen's BLUE JASMINE movie was a very special "open audition" prelude to me fucking my final choice of barely legal hot underaged teenagers on Michael Savage's twin VOLVO in Marin County. ~ When you become the physically transfigured King of England, you get to have pretty much whatever you want, like at: http://www.hollywood.com/celebrities/playboy-hugh-hefner-number-of-women-sex-60231467/ ~ AND: https://www.cineplex.com/Movie/skipper-bloody-atlantic/Photos ~ "In America, you can have anything that you want. If you work hard enough for it." Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1985. ~