Friday, October 20, 2017


After George had seen Elaine's crazy kicking-the-bucket dance number at the cheese-plate office party, he tells Jerry the next day that, "Sometimes you can't help these [Jewish] people until they hit rock bottom." at: ~ Which is basically what A SERIOUS MAN meets FALLING DOWN is all about. ~ That, and Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel's upcoming drive-in double feature 1960s culture divorces; including at least two family rated intermission cartoons about the funny [MOTHER KNOWS BEST] sitcom marriages of Nicole Kidman and Olive Oil; a.k.a. Gisele Bundchen. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CURB 9 NOTES: Even Spielberg has agreed to throw in a free one in his standard [90/10] ten virgins episode deal with APPLE. ~ Wherein I own 90% of APPLE, and you and your squirrely little Jewish boyfriends and girlfriends get to fight amongst yourselves for the other 10% of the leftovers. ~ PS SERPENT HEAD: It did not work out for you in 2016; it is not working out for you in 2017; and it will not work out for you in 2018, nor in 2019. ~ So why pin all of your hopes on some southern girl's birthday party donkey effigy [negro tree branch lynching] full of hard crap Halloween candies from WALMART Arkansas in 2020? ~ According to the experts; doing the same thing over and over again; and expecting a different result; is the very definition of insanity. ~


First time around impressions are everything in my book. ~ Therefore, take another look at that top rated 1990s SEIGNFELD episode about the crazy way that the Jewish white lady [Julia Louis-Dryfus] kick-dances. ~ Which was an inspired take on that old man who kicks the bucket and gets things started in IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD, at: ~ AND:,_Mad,_Mad,_Mad_World ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GEORGE W: More manly Rush Limbaugh, less childish Michael Medved. ~ And don't forget to throw in a few Howard Stern Reagan Democrat moves while you're at it; just for the shits and giggles. ~ PS HARVEY: Like most of today's very savy and street smart Jews; you are about 85% right, but at least 15% dead wrong. ~ And it's always that poisonous -15+ or so that fucks up everything else in your life. ~ It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel. ~

Thursday, October 19, 2017


When the naive white lady, who needs plastic surgery, takes her [HARD BODIES] mystery dossier on Donald Trump to the Russians, they immediately contact their insider deep state friends at Hillary Clinton's STATE DEPARTMENT. ~ God forbid, some crazy tall blond NYC midnight cowboy "plan B" fool, who wants to rebuild America's 1980s MTV era military might, and challenge Putin on every front across the globe, could be allowed into the White House again, circa 2020. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BUSH LEAGUE NOTES: George W. Bush condemned President Trump's nativist 12 tribes of Israel international [pro JEREMIAH 31] policies in confirmation of that white Mr. Anderson style BUSCH series driver who died in a MOONEY 20 nose dive into the woods on the sound end of I-91 in Conn. ~ "I don't know why some people are homosexual..." GWB, 2008. ~ PS HILLARY: You probably were right to smash all of your smart phones and laptops with a yuuge hammer after you read about it in the mainstream liberal media; per this new 29ish looking James Comey FBI man pop culture 1980s MTV video, at: ~ AND: PS PRESIDENT MONSON AND SENATOR MCCAIN: Now that both of you are about to kick the bucket big time. Would it not be in your eternal best personal special purpose interest to confess on your death bed that I AM was right after all; starting in October, 1994 on KALL AM talk radio drive time in SLC, UT? ~


That black shooter in Woody Norris' original Edgewood, Mary/land home turf is the same crazy black radical shooter in the 52 PICKUP prophecy about Ken Keisler's metals business in San Francisco. ~ Per: ~ Only this time, the DANIEL 9 'prince' happening took place at a stone granite kitchen countertops factory. ~ For the food and fare of Babylon that spawns people with insane 'in the membrane' behavioral problems. ~ And respresents those two back to back granite stonewall landslide omens that happened on El Capitan. ~ In concert with Captain Hefner's stone mansion castle-temple death sign in the city of the angels. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STONEWALL NOTES: The 70 weeks period in DANIEL 9 is unveiling all of the behind the curtains [fake birth certificate] fakery that was happening at the DOJ during the two term administration of the dark skinned gentile prince. ~ Who does not respect the desires of women, etc. ~ Ergo, those two dualing secret basement email server set ups in BURN AFTER READING. ~ NEGRO LEAGUE NBA/NFL SPORTS NOTES: Rep. Wilson's name stands for all of those big brown WILSON brand balls used in today's negro sports leagues. ~ PS JESSICA BEIL: Obviously, your husband is another one of those PC white jerks who still thinks that he is a negro. ~ CURB 9 NOTES: Remember the epiphany that SEINFELD's Kramer experienced live on stage in Santa Monica? ~ When out of the blue, he suddenly looked way up high and started babbling in tongues about today's "giant niggers" being everywhere? ~ OH GOD NOTES: What's next? ~ President Trump appoints some Warren Jeffs look alike to head up America's future UNITED ORDER credit union?.. Per: ~ In response to the conflicting economic advice that yours truly gives to the President in the two dualing BEING THERE meets SHAMPOO playboy mansion sex cult cluster fuck prophecies? ~ For example, watch this 1982 movie trailer and make up your own mind at: ~ Note the Martin Scorsese look alike in the opening LA apartment hallway shots. ~

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


The media went ape shit after that negro woman in a crazy Mexican cowboy hat began role playing those apes who get their first look at the monolith that President Trump plans on erecting across America's arid southwestern borders in 2001: A SPACE ODDITY. ~ In order to protect his white kin in all of those amazing PLANET OF THE APES [No borders, language, or culture anymore in EZEKIEL 38] prophecies. ~ While adding insult to injury by declaring that the Anti American Cubans are behind those sonic attacks on US citizens, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOODWILL FUCKING NOTES: I swung into GOODWILL's secondhand shop on hump day at 6:24:54 pm because I wanted to grab their last used copy of BURN AFTER READING before someone else got it. ~ Whereupon, I also snatched up an older DVD movie about me getting the girl during WW:III, and or immediately thereafter; entitled HANOVER STREET; complete with an amazing 29ish Elizabeth Hurley look alike actress, at: ~ Think 1941 meets Steve McQueen in THE GREAT ESCAPE. ~


PACKERS' white star quarterback will be out of the negro league football games this season in confirmation of that stinky no.2 cheese bomb plot against the better half of Ronald Reagan's America at the end of DEADMEN DON'T WEAR PLAID. ~ [Read negros don't wear plaid.] ~ Green Bay being in Brown County, and so forth. ~ Remember, President Trump beat creepy Halloween Hillary up in Charlize Theron's adopted home state of Wisconsin. ~ Where the full name of the governor sounds like a JOHNNY WALKER red label scotch commercial on the cable PLAYBOY CHANNEL, circa 1993-1996. ~ Because right there on the upper west side is Outagamie County; which incorporates New London, Wolf River, and Black Creek; just over the county line from Clintonville, Wisconsin. ~ GSR/TWN ~ VIEWER NOTES: Last night Michael suggested that I might actually want to watch A SERIOUS MAN again before I dive into BURN AFTER READING. ~ As some kind of a thematic [tall semi Jewish negro league basketball hotshot] introduction about a compromised James Comey putting in the fix on behalf of Hillary Clinton. ~ Ergo, when yours truly arrives at the east coast PLAYBOY MANSION in my own private sex cult BEING THERE happening in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW meets BAY WATCH, a kid's BASKETBALL MAN cartoon is playing on the 9" TV in the back of his future rich rescue-wife's stretch limo, as seen on tv at: ~

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


That serious Jewish man child jerk named Bob began his special purpose DOJ investigation into President Trump solely based upon what was contained in those leaked pix of Miley Cyrus peeing on a parking lot while bracing herself against some black FBI ops vehicle. ~ So here is all of the Providential prophetic proof that you need for it; BURN AFTER READING came out at the same time that the abomination of desolation's lawless prince in DANIEL 9 won the DNC nomination in Denver, Coloredada. ~ Even though he was not a US citizen who had graduated from HARVARD LAW on some foreign aid student program. ~ Wherefore, pour yourself a tall stiff double of Scotland's finest before you sit down and go very slowly and carefully through all of the hard evidence and relevant facts, at: ~ AND: ~ Then view the inspired trailer evidence before you actually watch the 2008 prophecy, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS QT: If your 9th masterpiece about Charles Manson suddenly walking out of jail Scott free and becoming the born again 29ish looking leader of some vampiric blood cult gets financed by Harvey Weinstein; people might become a little less PC in the years to come. ~ BFD: Things are about to get pretty ugly. ~ Tell me something that I don't already know. ~ "The gospel of Jesus Christ is all about forgiveness..." ROMA, 1973. ~