Sunday, April 30, 2017


David Lynch is pretty famous for not suffering any of today's Hollywood Jew [birth certificate] phonies. ~ Therefore, that is actually him himself directing THE TWILIGHT ZONE's no.85 episode about some famous Rod of Jesse .45 six-gun slinger in SHOWDOWN WITH RANCE MCGREW [up] circa 2016, at: ~ Wherein all of the cowboy movie star hero's were in their 40s; and all of their alluring soon-to-be-wives were in their 20s, at best. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TTZ NOTES: Old Man McLeod's name in THE HUNT episode is 'Hyder'. ~ For today's lost tribes of Israel kin hiding out in plain sight in BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID meets A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, at: ~ AND: ~ Note the Woody Allen comedy soundtrack in the former trailer. ~ Note that my two sons changed their last names during the 1290 days river in DANIEL 12. ~ Then during the great world war, they had their names changed back to their father's name. ~ "I have always respected my father." David Lynch. ~ "Your lost sons of Israel will come to remember who their real [DARTH VADER] father of Abraham is after WW:III starts..." Jesus Christ, speaking to me in the middle of the night, circa 2005. ~ PS NEIL LABUTE: Since I AM is so God damn busy right now, you might want to look into writing and directing a few of the indie projects that have fancied me for the past few years. ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: The sooner you shut down the 666 government, the sooner you get the 666 Jews off your back. ~

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Some clown in WAYNES WORLD, Virginia is going around shaving the pussies of the lost cats along the Tree Street neighborhood. ~ As just confirmed by Katy Perry's TIMES SQUARE end times performance of her new pussy eating song; complete with free cherry pies for everyone who showed up to see her new shaved hairdo. ~ Therefore, meanwhile, back at the ranch in MONTANA; the square dancing ending to THE HUNT episode represents the four square gosple church outling in the 2BC. ~ Where the coons are coons, and the crackers are cracters. ~ "Stay in your own backyard." Rod Serling, circa REV.11:1. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HOLLYWOOD: When they finally catch that guy in Waynesboro, Virginia who has been shaving the pussycats' pussies, I get first dubs on any indie film ADAPTAION screenplay drafts. ~ Since right there is Stuarts Draft, Virginia. ~ And Kristen Stewart also just recently shaved off her hair. ~ Note the area's Dooms landmark at:,_Virginia ~ Oh yeah, the Virginia mountains have some of the best coon hunting in all of North America. ~ Remember, this was the same region where they shot the WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy, at: ~ Wherein Richard Dreyfus goes bat shit crazy after the surprise co-star of CADDYSHACK gets elected THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA FOR LIFE. ~ Who spends half of his life living at some swanky golf club mansion down in the Mar A Lago area of Florida. ~ When after the wake of WW:III, the two-term [political] climate change rules are totally changed back to where they were during the handicapter three-terms FDR era. ~ Everyone loves a winner. ~ PS LARRY DAVID: That is you truly sitting on the bus across from Bob in the above trailer, circa 1991. ~

Friday, April 28, 2017


That is my old mountain man fly-fishing buddy Ken McLeod, and his shorthair hunting dog too, in the 84th episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, entitled THE HUNT. ~ Who eventually gets buried along with his dog by his own younger looking kin. ~ [Ken means kin] ~ And then he goes to his own private ALPINE QUEST heaven; where they still believe in the scriptural truth about the word 'coon' being a code word for coon skin black people; per MOSES 7:8 and 2NEPHI 5:21. ~ And before you get too upset with me darling; there are also a few verses in the BM about the coons being more civilized and righteous than the crazy white flour crackers. ~ A lot of it has to do with proper breeding and a good education naturally. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: Old man McLeod died at 70 in the above episode. ~ In corroboration of the Spoken Word at ~ That says that 70 years is the life of man. ~ And any plan by man to spend trillions of tax payer's money to put off the truth of it for a few more years is today's 1290 day [OBAMACARE] abomination of desolation that was set up by Newt Gingrich on August 2, 1996. ~ PS KEN KEMP: We see both you and Ken McLeod sitting on the ground around the mountainous wilderness of Evergreen, Colorado in Woody Allen's SLEEPER meets BANANAS period prophecy about THE SCHOOL OF PROPHETS, circa 2017, at for example: ~ AND: ~ Note the anti gravity ending in the latter trailer. ~

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Where have you heard this one before? ~ Let me guess. ~ Nanzy Pelosi and Ms. Weinstein never have been a part in your three-way sex fantasies when you can't get to sleep at night. ~ Seriously. ~ In the name of God. ~ How can you still get it up for your two old exwives who still want to steel more of your money in the name of "progressive taxation"? ~ Have you so little love for your country that you want the bitches to now be in charge of everything? ~ "Thy sons have fainted, [like a little girl] save these two..." 2NEPHI 8. ~ "Men who need that little purple pill are probably still married to a woman who is getting older, and a little over weight." Rush Limbaugh. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRUCE JENNER: What the fuck is your problem dude?! ~ Rich and famous men become more sexy and attractive with age. ~ So now in the few years left in life, you suddenly need to have a vagina in order to make you feel happy? ~ Why couldn't you just have used your butthole for that kind of thing? ~ Since we all know, women have a tendency to change their minds from one day to the next. ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: The wife-swap deal that I have with you and your husband is the same deal that I have with Kiera Knightley and Jennifer Aniston. ~ Two for the price of one is what I always say. ~ Especially when I AM is getting a bit desparate and I need to get more customers in through the door. ~ Think Orange County's Will Ferrell will look exactly like Orange County's President Trump, circa 2017, at: ~ AND: ~ I know. ~ Once I said that I could never imagine seeing the faithfully married family man Will Ferrell hanging out at the PLAYBOY MANSION, not to mention Tom Hanks. ~ However, now they are both looking like they own the damn place. ~ How times have changed. ~ And that's not necessarily a bad thing. ~


Turns out that Jim Carrey's excentric multimillionaire life had been nothing but an [F FOR FAKE] school grade fantasy and illusion in ONE MORE PALLBEARER; after he got caught cheating, etc. ~ Which was first aired on the January 12 birthday of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in 1962. ~ Wherein he was disciplined for refusing to assault one of the G7 hills of the beast in Africa. ~ Where the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 was born in 1961. ~ And his shrine to deception, fakery, and Jewish power agent politics, will be constructed at the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. ~ "The Jews are trouble makers..." Leslie Winn, circa 1969. ~ "The Jews are trouble makers..?" Larry David, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, season 9, circa 2017. ~ See: ~ Hey, whatever works. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JC: Sometimes I lay awake at night and fantasize about how it is going to be after the very brief time-out period of WW:III. ~ Where I imagine myself hanging out at the Scottish Highlands' PLAYBOY mansion in 1969-1976, circa THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW meets THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING. ~ While everybody is drinking bloody Mary cocktails and watching one of my all time favorite movies; like MOONWALKERS or MONTANA, like at: ~ Note the Korean dog meat eater who gets it in the opening shots. ~ Also note that the boss' lost pussycat girlfriend looks a lot like Katy Perry. ~ ~

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


ONE MORE PALLBEARER is about an amazing Jim Carrey look alike trouble maker who was guilty of driving his girlfriend to commit suicide on the eve of WW:III, at: ~ AND: ~ Which ends with the idea that the end of the world is just a metaphoric fantasy of today's apostate Christians who believe that the EU will become the new UN world order 666 beast. ~ Close, but no cigar. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TIME NOTES: I just saw the west coast time-stamp on this new posting. ~ Could be a 10-20 thingy, not sure though, see the footnotes at: ~ PS JIM CARREY: Please stop pretending like you are Michael Moore and that you have never met me. ~ Even though I have been crashing on your livingroom's sofa bed down in the East Village ever since 1959 to 1964, like at: ~ Same thing goes for you too Bobby boy, circa 1959 to 1964. ~

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Ephraim's legendary beared rabbi George Albert Smith, said that WW:III is going to make WW:II look like a Sunday picnic in the park. ~ Because today's Jews are too much like those two boys in BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD, who keep getting pounded by that white Nazi muscle-car dude in Dallas, Texas; and they love it. ~ Ergo, one would think that after the 1993-96 [1260 days] era of the two witnesses, the boys with bipolar emotional problems would finally learn that there is no such thing as " year's budget." ~ Nor even a scripted "government shutdown" [twilight zone] network television news series scenario, circa 1959 to 1964.. ~ Not to mention an existing birth certificate that proves that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. ~ Per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ROBERT REDFORD: Your surreal dreams and fantasies about mainstream media news being the ultimate source of truth are played out in your own private tv episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE. ~ Wherein my brother in law look alike role plays your prophetic President Trump supporter who is going to bring down the house, like at: ~ AND: ~ Note my sidekick monkey boy homo on the back of both Judah and Ephraim in the above BRANCH DAVIDIAN David Lynch meets David Byrne look alike video. ~ By the by; yours truly has pronounced a satanic Mormon church sex cult curse upon anyone and everyone who does not believe in at least half of what I say, from day to day. ~ PS JT: God wants you to dump your fake marriage certificate wife because she is getting too old and unattractive. ~ That also represents her old school politics of Will Ferrell and Carey Mulligan er all in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW is ultimately about my French exwife in THE FRENCH CONNECTION meets THE DAY OF THE JACKEL; but this time the more civilized white guys win. ~ PS MRS.RUTHERFORD: You gave me a hand up when I needed it, now I give you a hand up when you need it; fair is fair. ~ PS BILL GATES: You either give me the 1976 vintage VELOCE 2+2 sports car of my choice, or I give you brain cancer; metaphorically speaking. ~ Have it your way. ~