Friday, August 26, 2016


Here I AM dutifully watching my used copy of CADDYSHACK:II on Liberation Day, when I would much rather be taking a fresh look at THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, at:
~ Then completely out of the blue, the 1988's crazy KKK phsyco killer does a test shot on a lynched negro watermelon similitude with his exploding golf ball bullets. ~ And then he tries to set up the assassination of that underground varmit with a crossbow; which backfires into his butt REV.9 stinger style. ~ Wherein the crazy Canadian actor's carreer gets a huge reboot by those three people who were just murdered with a [DEATH TRAP] crossbow in Toronto. ~ Jesus Christ Jim Carrey!! ~ That was a close one. ~ I almost was not even going to watch the above previsiously enjoyed comedy that symbolized all of those failed comedies that costarred my Greek wife Jennifer Aniston. ~ But fortunately for her, yours truly is full of grace and forgiveness and patience when it comes to Hollywood movie making. ~ You win some, you lose some; it's not the end of the world afyerall. ~ In her case, my little Chinatown fortune cookie pussy girl does win a lot more times than she loses. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JEN: More fuckable Gisele Bundchen, less fuckable Barbara Streisand, since you are looking more like her now at: ~
Note the enclosed Richard Pryor look alike, who did a rich limousine liberal prophet of g-d appearance in CAR WASH, at: ~ PS DAN: Your bald-headed illegal alien skin-head cone-heads on SNL looked like today's members of the KKK in those anti-white man Hillary Clinton campaign ads for a Divinely inspired reason. ~ You may recall; during the 1980s and 1990s, the same 12 skin-head Nazis and their various rotating blond [balding eagle] girlfriends would show up every year at a white surpremist rally in Spokane, Washington; surrounded by hundreds of Jewish homosexual communists from the east coast mainstream media who just wanted to make hay out it for today's big money ratings reality tv shows. ~ Talk about the Spirit of Prophecy in REV.19. ~

Thursday, August 25, 2016


"Your ways are not my ways, sayeth the Lord." ~ Which is one reason why women should not have the right to vote. ~ Since so many of my wives are still supporting Hillary Clinton; who for decades now has been trashing and destroying all of her sisters who were raped by her husband. ~ Obviously, it is now as crystal clear as a plastic bottle of SMART WATER that modern feminism is nothing but a Jewish Marxist hustle for women of a certain age. ~ As confirmed by my "two brothers and a stranger" hustle in THE COLOR OF MONEY that is I and the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Ergo, that doomed green $$ STARBUCKS $$ in Howard County, Indiana, west of Green Town; located along Wild Cat Creek on HWY.35. ~ When that 6.2 happened in the after hours in Italy; for Kiki's loft address on Howard Street in the [small Italian mob village] in lower Manhattan. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NEVE CAMPBELL: Darling. Sweetheart. Your first name combined with your Scotish surname means 'snow' in Italian. ~ Which stands for Donald Trump getting elected Il Presidente in November, 16; then getting inaugurated in January 17. ~ A.K.A. Il Duce. ~ PS NYT, 57,340: Either you two stiff fuckers who are now running the circus casino show at your [sidewalk doggie poop wrapper newspaper] lay off of Donald Trump; or I AM myself will be forced to make you eat shit and swallow another big round of layoffs. ~ No.Really. ~ Your full of shit paper's stock value has become so low that anybody out there can buy you out; just for the shits and giggles. ~ "I always wanted to run a newspaper..." Me writing, directing, and playing Orson Welles in CITIZEN COCAIN:II meets THE STRANGER:II, copyright 1993. ~ Since noboby else wanted to even touch it back then with a ten foot pole. ~ And I can understand it. ~ The idea of Paul Nestor directing me and Brad Pitt in THE BIG LEWBOWSKI: II&III on a restored 51' boat in San Francisco Bay and Union Bay is a pretty hard concept to grasp. ~ Even if the money is right. ~ Besides, everybody knows that anyone would do anything in order to get their next month's RENT money. ~

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


My crazy Greek wife Jennifer Aniston was just papped riding up to Justin's fundraiser for Hillary Clinton among the seven hills of LA in one of those CADDYSHACK:II golf carts; in confirmation of me finding the same previously enjoyed DVD on the same gosh darn day at GOODWILL. ~ Which came out at the very end of the crazy1988s Reaganite era as a way long overdue followup sequel to the first one at the beginning of the Ronald Reagan 1980s, at: ~ Note the enclosed 00:16 timing for THE BREAKUP prophecy confirmation of the 6.2 earthquake in Martin Scorsese' Roman Catholic world view in THE COLOR OF MONEY. ~ Where yours truly has an amasing break shot, and that sleazy fornicator mother fucking fascist jerk Kennedy is the good guy; and the straight shooter guys like Goldwater, and the Scotish Joe McCarthy are the bad guys. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 9-BALL NOTES: The number '9' is symbolic of everything that has come to an end. ~ Hence the 1986 film's girl from Brazil theme song music inserts. ~ PS JENNY: When Justin leaves you because you are starting to look and act too much like my aging lover does in THE WAY WE WERE, don't panic. ~ My sister wives and I got your back, like at: ~ AND: ~ Always remember; you don't make me look good right now, I don't make you look good again later. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ PS MARTIN & MEL: More Book of Mormonism, less Biblical Catholicism. ~ Same thing goes for you too Arnold Schwarzenegger and Glenn Beck. ~ PS BILL GATES: Paul Nestor stole that antique stove in your quaint waterfront neighborhood on Lake Washington in 1983 for a prophecy about the time when I will take the money from you and run with it in that Steve Miller song. ~

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


At around 53:00 minutes into 1986's THE COLOR OF MONEY prophecy, I suddenly reveal the two sticks of Judah and Ephraim in REV.11 to the doomed negro gentleman in the pool house. ~ Pointing out that the thicker one at the base is Ephraim, and the thinner one with the sexy tip off point represents Judah. ~ Who get screwed together in the middle before the score starts to play my own private Idaho half Jew theme song entitled AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, at:
~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DREW: That gayish GREASE:II guy who was so insistant about double dating you, and possibly getting to double fucking you too, at least two times, reminded me so much of myself. ~ Much like him, I also have a tendency for liking people who are as crazy about BLUES BROTHERS:II as I AM... ~ PS PRESIDENT TRUMP: Your new giant MR.SOFTEE white marshmallow man in the original Reaganite 80s GHOSTBUSTERS movie, that ended up getting roasted from the top of your street number 1290 TRUMP TOWER, is what I AM is talking about. ~ All is well that ends well, is what I always say when it comes to big blockbuster movie Hollywood screenwriting. ~ And that is really saying something these days. ~ Besides, we can always get around to rounding up all of the Jewish hustlers in the marxist communist after hours radio media, and their illegal alien storm trooper invaders too and put them into concentration slave labor camps later. ~ PS MARTIN SCORSESE: More early era Greco Roman republicanism, less late era red Roman plum tomatoes, California democracy. ~

Monday, August 22, 2016


THE COLOR OF MONEY opens with a long tracking shot of fake lable [birth certificate] origins 6 year-old OLD MCDONALD Scotch in a shot glass next to a stack of old wrinkled $20 that Eddie is hustling for about $35-50 less a case. ~ On the same day that a 12 year-old girl bombed that ten virgins wedding party dance in [WILD TURKEY whisky] Turkey. ~ And the next day, a coal train fell off of a broken bridge into the Denton River near I-35 Justin, Texas; for the new blond haired leader of the Denton, Ohio church in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ On the same day that the news rolled about Justin Timberlake taking over DiCaprio's fund raiser for Hillery in Beverly Hills. ~ Then some lady drove her car into an old folks Frank Sinatra concert in the Cleveland, Ohio Republican convention area near Seven Hills. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GREEN NOTES: Most pool tables are covered in green felt. ~ The Jewish media is hustling for Hillary because they are mostly greens. ~ The very rich Paul Newman was a famous Jewish Democrat who lived in Conn. yada, yada... AFTER HOURS NOTES: Last night I dreamed that a panicked Keira Knightley got arrested in Darfur for hustling $500,000 from some local tin pot investor who had given her the money if she would make the movie in his home country as some kind of a positive PR tourist industry promotion. ~ And she swore up and down that she had given all it to her native based co-producer who was his first cousin in law. ~ But obviously, the man had just pocketed the money and then spread it around amongst his friends and family; third world South Africa, USA style. ~ Therefore, most of the tuff-as-nails white people who have stubbornly decided to remain there and continue to do business with them are Orthodox Jewish. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ One could never expect to become a southern white man multi billionaire owner of multi millionaire negro slaves, as portrayed in THE BLUES BROTHERS:II prophecy, if he did not believe in The Kingdom of God as revealed at ~ SEE: ~ PS JT: Your white Germanic Jewish wife with those big 29ish honey tits already has one foot out the back door; because you are not tough enough to deal with it. ~ PS BRAD: AM I the only one out there who can see you looking like that dude in the above Austin, Texas music video? ~ Yeah. Well. Fuck it. ~ After I take charge of 90% of the surplus money in Seattle and run with it, you and I get to do whatever we want to do. ~ You say tomato, I say tomatoe. ~ So here is the deal. ~ You say that you are going to vote for Donald Trump, after that atomic bomb explodes in Oakland, California; I cover your ass, and make it look like you had nothing to do with it. ~

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I woke up at 10:31 PM Halloween time last night to watch the rest of NOTES ON A SCANDAL. ~ Noticing that a spider had bit me two times on the inside of my left elbow. ~ In confirmation of the 2006 film's KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN in Brazil message. ~ Then later on in the semi awake after hours, God let me know that my next big movie post sensation is October 17, 1986's THE COLOR OF MONEY prophecy; directed by Martin Scorsese. ~ Note the Scottish tartan on Tom Cruise in the movie poster at: ~ Scorsese was born on Nevember 17, and so on; yet another born again celebrity date that comes after Donald Trump is elected President in 16, and before he is inaugurated in 17. ~ GSR ~ PS DAVE AND CONAN: Here are the rotten fruits of the pop art culture and pop politics that both of you have been shamlessly promoting in the after hours of New York City for all of these years, at: ~ While pretending to be family men with traditional values and short haircuts. ~ Hence that rocket that just came down on a place in south Israel that rhymes with 'rot'.  ~ "Not everything that looks white is white." Lord Jesus, circa 1996. ~ PERSONAL BACKGROUND BIOGRAPHY NOTES: This 1963 picture is about me playing an American 007 agent in: AND: ~ Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up even if I wanted too; I'm pretty good, but not that good. ~ I AM is around the same age as the freakishly young looking Paul Newman is in THE COLOR OF MONEY for a reason. ~ Still pretty fuckable, just as long as I keep my shirt on and keep my weight down. ~

Saturday, August 20, 2016


That is a blond hair job transgender Donald Trump persona at the end of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW musical that was, and still is, vastly popular with gay audiences. ~ Who suddenly becomes the new turn around [180 degrees] dark moon drenched planet leader of Sodom and Egypt in 2016. ~ Chosen by g-d h-m self to gather up the lost 12 tribes of Israel and take them all back home to where they belong. ~ If the money is right of course. ~ I wasn't raised on some chichen farm in Texas. ~ Hence, Miley Cyrus' trucker cap pix that say, "MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN" ~ Gay, as in happy, or glad; not so much homosexual. ~ GSR/TWN ~DVD NOTES: I discovered their new stash of sliced hickery wood smoked Oregon cheese at THE CHECKOUT this morning; that are seal-packed like a stack of round DVDs. ~ So I went ahead and grabbed a "previously enjoyed" DVD copy of NOTES ON A SCANDLE for a discounted price of 2.99 up at the checkout counter. ~ One may remember, this was the 2006 movie where that old crazy bat Hillary Clinton [ivy league college] lady goes completely psycho when she discovers that a physically and spiritually revived Cate Blanchet is having a secret love affair with yours truly, at: ~