Monday, September 26, 2016


NBC's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE after hours show has chosen to open season 42 with that intriguing babe from the mean streets in SUICIDE SQUAD. ~ I can't remember her name, nor have I ever seen the television show. ~ Or is it some new Internet social media movie? ~ Boy, how things have changed; and so quickly. ~ No wonder THE WAY WE WERE is such a romantic timeless Greek tragedy about me and Jennifer Aniston becoming best friends forever and ever after WWIII, at: ~ And most of today's Hollywood movies and TV shows are crap. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: The reason why Lehi, Utah has become the new hot spot on the map was foretold in the FOOTLOOSE movie prophecy; co-starring Kevin Bacon, at:

Sunday, September 25, 2016


The MARLINS' star pitcher from Cuba died at sea in an immovable jetty crash on the same day that Seattle's SEA TIMES published a special front page series on Cuba. ~ In corroboration of the Jet City's owner of the WAPO newspaper in Mount Vernon, DC. ~ Which report was pushed to the bottom fold due to that Muslim Turkey shooter in Washington's Mount Vernon area. ~ "You don't understand freedom." Jose Fernandez, no.16, quoting Ted Cruz. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RATINGS NOTES: People are betting that Monday night's debate ratings will beat that Monday night football game down at the end of the 1290 days river in DAN.12. ~ It will be interesting to see what the score is. ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: The JETS' former safety Kelley Rhodes crashed his car into Miles' SEA CREST apartment building when I was screening this road movie about President Trump. ~ According to: ~ Which ends with Jack not wearing his safety belt when he rams Miles' old high-miles red SAAB into a big old white oak tree. ~ 42" baseball bats are made out of hardword oak, yada yada. ~ In the above movie, Jack sprays his DAN.2 feet with some kind of a toxic chemical. ~


The far out idea that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii is like flying a CESSNA 120 to the moon and back again, like at: ~ Note the enclosed Mount Vernon context location just south of the Egyptian eye buffalo [NY] seduction scenario in SIDEWAYS when things start to go south. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ON THE SIDE NOTES: I really don't mind it whenever my no.12 wife Sienna Miller sincerely feels inspired by Jesus to do a little FFING missionary work on the side. ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ THE BIRTH OF A NATION NOTES: The reason why birtherism is the only thing that matters right now in American politics is ISAIAH 11 meets REVELATION 11. ~ When Judha will no longer vex Ephraim. ~ And Ephraim will no longer be envious of Judha. ~

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Somehow a charter bus from Chinatown got sideways on Saturday and slammed into a big oak tree on HWY.41 north of Oakhurst, CA in Madera County, due east of Rt.49's Mormon Bar at: ~ On the same day that they caught that Islamic shooter from Turkey in Oak Harbor, Washington; as in Washington's Mount Vernon, in Washington, DC. ~ Even the same day that the prince in DANIEL spoke at the opening dedication of the SMITHSONIAN's Africanized American museum. ~ Per this prophetic video by the prince that features the Hawaiian volcano of the abomination of desolation at: ~ Note the CASCADES MALL setting in this 1998 made song that opens with the words "Bring it." ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: In the opening act of the President Donald Trump prophecy SIDEWAYS, Miles declares that he just "...stopped caring." about political correctness. ~ As Jack pops open his precious rare bottle of bubbly celebration that they don't even make anymore. ~ Which also represents my own expensive $104,000,000 GOLDMEMBER top that tastes like an amber strawberry penis at their first winery stop. ~ Where they get served by the owner operater himself. ~ Who obviously is a Donald Trump type small businessman supporter. ~ Who resembles and represents Willie Nelson and his boys in the band.


Dude, there is a reason why you look like a monkey from outer space, and your scarey looking spawn look like underaged transsexul weirdos. ~ So rather than make threats about Donald Trumps' conquering white Holy Grail voters in 2016; why not step up to the plate and own it? ~ Have some fun with it. ~ Obviously, God has put you into the place where you are now for a reason. ~ In order to help the Jews finally understand and accept the differences between the Lamanites and the Nephites in the BM. ~ And by extention, that false Mormon prophet who gave the negro the higher priesthood in the swinging 1970s was such a lovable little short guy. ~ Who just wanted to make everybody feel good and love one another. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JIM CAREY: The loving God of northern Israel is letting the devil bitch slap you pretty hard right now because of the hogwash that you promoted in I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS. ~ And then after that, you moved to the Village and started playing like Andy Warhol. ~ I understand. ~ Sometimes we creative geniuses have too much talent, and too much money to burn for our own good. ~ Simply because we are better than most other people or persons. ~ So we get a little bit bored and frustrated and start to do some pretty crazy things. ~ Which is never an excuse to become a bad person. ~ Like in "...I know I'm a bad person." SIDEWAYS. ~ Or as it says somewhere in the Bible, "God is no respecter of persons." ~ GET WITH IT LINKS: For starters see and hear: ~ AND: ~ And all of you older fuckers from the MTV 80s never thought that Donald Trump had a snowball's chance in hell to become elected the next President of the USA on November 8, 2016. ~

Friday, September 23, 2016


Now that the cards are on the table, let's have a little fun and run with it. ~ For Christ's sake, most of the old Jewish men who are still running Hollywood behind the scenes are only one doctor's appointment away from having terminal prostate cancer. ~ So what do you got to lose boys? ~ Jesus, your average motion picture takes ten years to make these days. ~ How about we do something else in the [boring as hell] meantime just for the shits and giggles? ~ IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! ~ Cue the saxophones and the trumpets. ~ I'm thinking Donald Trump is the opening season host, with Barbara Streisand as the special musical guest. ~ Then we do a couple skits starring both of them, directed respectively by Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. ~ Hey, why not go out with a bang? ~ Besides, "I own your ass!!" says the buck naked Donald Trump voter at the end of SIDEWAYS. ~ "Vive le difference!.. Vive le France!! France is for the French!!!" LAST TANGO IN PARIS II&III, circa October, 2027. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 2BC NOTES: All of today's DC 86 leaders are going to be hunted down and murdered, one by one, by various lone wolf assassins. ~ Because of what they have done to America; not to mention the Republican Party Mormon church in Utah. ~ You kill Jesus, Jesus kills you. ~ TIME LINE NOTES: David Lynch's MULHOLLAND DR. was the basic LOST HIGHWAY 101 inspiration behind those two guys of Judha and Ephraim staying at the WINDMILL in SIDEWAYS. ~

Thursday, September 22, 2016


The violent rioting and chaos erupted in the African Congo at the same time that the niggers started doing the same thing in today's Africanized America. ~ Ergo, the liars on the left claim that Obama was born in America. ~ When in fact all we white people who know how to read know that he was born in Africa. ~ Hence, the SAAB crashed into the white oak that they use for making white wine in SIDEWAYS. ~ And we see the red car driving along the freeway with all of those 911 jet airplanes in the background. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WAPO DC NOTES: That newspaper owned by Seattle's Dr.Evil went after Snowden for a warning about those Russian hackers who have some of Hillary's deleted emails. ~ PS TRUMP: More vanilla wedding cake with white frosting, less chocolate wedding cake with brown frosting. ~ PS BRAD: God inspired Angelina to break up with you at this particular election season time because HE wants the people to start thinking more about the prophetic elements in THE BREAKUP follow up to the RISKY BUISNESS prophecy. ~ Which happened at the same time that my own crazy French prepschool wife left me in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II&II. ~ Now my handlers in Hollywood are telling me that you would make a more believable older dude fucking two nearly legal babes in the ass at the same time in these two sequals. ~ Plus, they are also now insinuating that we would have to find a way to squeeze Bill Murray into our two sequals to THE BIG LEBOWSKI if we ever hope to get the money for it. ~ Jesus. When will it ever end. ~ Talk about being stuck in development hell.