Thursday, January 11, 2018


California's Jewish Dianne Feinstein feminazi figure stabbed those old foolish white Christian commitee Senators in the back in order to help the next deep state fake dossier witnesses prepare for their up coming cover-up [read fake birth certificate] testimonies. ~ And the only thing more vexing than that was their idiotic [old school] surprise that some 666 anti Christ Jewess would ever do such a dirty thing. ~ Ergo, LDS President Monson's funeral is at 12:00 noon on the twin January 12 birthdays of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in ISAIAH 11:11; "And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand the second time to recover the remnent of his people.... from the [shithole] islands of the sea." ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MEL GIBSON: Now we know for sure that you were Divinely inspired by God to buy that look alike island volcano lair in AP:II. ~ That looks exactly like some yuuuge A-hole with a PREPORATION H-bomb problem from outer space. ~ KISSING COUSINS NOTES: Meet me in Park City at ADOLPHS on the golf course. ~ Which is miraculously still so famous for their juicy pink rack of lamb, and old school style steak Diane, like at:,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:3607336441871234541,rc_q:Adolph's%2520Restaurant%252C%25201500%2520Kearns%2520Blvd%252C%2520Park%2520City%252C%2520UT%252084060,ru_q:Adolph's%2520Restaurant%252C%25201500%2520Kearns%2520Blvd%252C%2520Park%2520City%252C%2520UT%252084060 ~ For a little taste of what I AM is looking at and talking about, see: AND: Note the enclosed Scottish tartan look on the King himself. ~ Oh yeah, BIG DADDY DON GARLITS gets to fuck his little teenager daughter Miley Cyrus, and her younger sister too; somewhere out there south of the Smokey Mountains woods, like at: ~


After raising taxes all around, Gov. Brown is now dealing with an economy that looks more and more like the top-heavy French economy. ~ Where all the successful business people are going elsewhere while the going is good. ~ So then when Brown announced cut backs to government spending, the brown mud flowed down like a DANIEL 9 river in the state's famous community for rich liberals on the same day. ~ As confirmed by the new pix of Oprah wadding around in the deep state mud outside of her castle size mansion in Montecito. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: More base, less fiddle. ~ Have you ever seen a picture of some army marching to the front lines with a platoon of gay ass fiddle players? ~ Hell no, they are always pounding hard on the base beat drumps of war. ~ PS JIMMY KIMMY: The day after you said that you were on board the Oprah for president, Gay/le for V.P. campaign bus, a school bus full of virgins crashed near Galesburg, Michigan; west of Springfield; which is west of Battle creek; injuring 14 children, at: ~ Because SPRINGFIELD, COLT, and SMITH&WESSON were the three main firms that manufactured all of those surplus 1911 45s. ~ COLT being a white horse prophecy [Joe Smith] thing, etc. ~

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


DAVOS begins in Switzerland on January 23. ~ Which is the 42nd week of the 70 weeks chronology in DANIEL 9, when counting from the Divine election miracle of Saint Donald The Great in 2016 [and again in 2020] . ~ So that leaves us about two weeks to figure out what the higher meaning was ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, after the news rolled down about Trump going . ~ And then the DOW did -0.07% the next day. ~ Throw in GOLDFINGER's private golf club owner angle; his Swiss business connections; his private jet; Crazy Bob's DAVIDIAN Holy Grail conspiracy theories; it all starts to make sense. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NIGHTMARE NOTES: After a series of creepy dark dreams last night, I came up for air and asked Michael to please at least show me one of my future younger wives; in order to give me a little hope for the future. ~ So then he gave me a vision of a 29ish Charlize Theron fucking my hot headed friend Ken Kemp; who was role playing her recent short lover with a thick headed cock in the style of Sean Penn meets Al Baldwin. ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: Don't forget about our little secret handshake deal; wherein you get to fuck my wife, and I get to fuck your wife. ~ Hey, variety is the spice of life, like at: ~ AND:


Number 45's executive commander order to open up the US Army's WW:II surplus warehouses full of 1911 45s and TRAPPER NELSON back packs was an inspired first act of God; according to: "And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make [WW:III] war." REVELATION 19:11. ~ Holy Smokes!! ~ Cue the trumpets and the yellow pop corn, at: ~ Think GOLDFINGER meets GOLDMEMBER meets DAVOS in Switzerland, circa 2018. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MASONITE CONSPIRACY NOTES: Joseph Smith said that REVELATION was the most plain book that God ever caused to be written. ~ Which begs the question; why did the highly intelligent and very rational thinkers like Thomas Monson and Robert Redford never even understand one word of it? ~ Not to mention Tom Hanks or Michael Medved. ~ PS CHARLIE: Last night I dreamed over and over again that you were finally done with fucking the likes of those two hothead actors Sean Penn and Ken Kemp. ~ Hey, all is well that ends well. ~ Plus, at this particular point in time, you need a multi billionaire to squire you around downtown Seattle. ~ And not some Chinese Korean action indie film dime millionaire [Bruce Lee] movie star wanna be. ~ PS HANNA MONTANA: Hang in there little sexy girl, and keep doing what you are supposed to be doing, Gog willing. ~ Meanwhile, be sure to use protection against getting pregnant by some guy who has never eaten an egg salad Jewish deli sandwich on wheat bread in his entire life. ~ PS BOBBY D: More white pussy, less black pussy. ~

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBYING MISSOURI is a hilarious dark allegory about a mother Trump supporter who got so fed up by America being raped by some weird looking stranger for 8 years, and law enforcement just looked the other way, that she put up three of those WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE? billboards outside of town. ~ Since the 2016 indie politics movie was shot down in Sylva, North Carolina; just west of Waynesville. ~ WAY!! ~ In Divine confirmation of the same place in time and space where WAYNES' WORLD 1&2 happen, like at: ~ AND: ~ GSR/TWN ~ TOWER OF POWER NOTES: When President Trump escapes from the burning tower in THE BRIDE 1985 prophecy, he eventually makes his way through a thick woods full of tweeting and twittering early morning birdie [golf course] sounds. ~ PS NICOLE KIDMAN: Driving by the new underground KING OF CALIFORNIA construction happening along HWY.410 in Bonney Lake, Washington Tuesday, a royal blue DEL SOL bearing ...620 plates was paralleling us. ~


THE BRIDE prophecy opens with Dr.Frankenstein's sidekick playing the final victorious Trump card in his Tarot deck, at: ~ Shortly before the 'Victor' monster escapes the 62nd week fire on top of the TRUMP TOWER castle in Manhattan, New York. ~ Then we see the bride-to-be laying in her temple veil bed of the satanic blood rites of Joseph Smith in all of those inspired British made mormon PLAYBOY MANSION priesthood HAMMER movies. ~ And so by the time we see Victor cry out "Oh, my bady!" at 1:02... we immediately understand that it's a cut off umbilical cord abortion metaphore. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MONSTER MOVIE NOTES: Late night CBS radio is now suggesting, between the lines and under the sheets, that the only way Trump would ever allow crazy Bob to meet with him and his team of 16 attorneys is when the sucker is fully ready to hand in his resignation. ~ Since, Trump has already said that he would never fire the guy. ~ Hey, why fix something if it just continues to work out in your favor so well? ~ Sometimes, "Life just keeps getting better..." ~ FILM SNOB NOTES: Call me crazy. ~ HANNIBAL:2 was more interesting than the first one. ~ Because it delves more deeply into the crazy mindset of a mentally ill and emotionally unstable FBI agency culture that actually turned a blind eye to Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and confirmed use of a dead man's Social Security number. ~ PS JIMMY KIMALL: Everybody laughed at me when I said that it was your blown up image in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE when your Jewish bitch Sarah Silverman gets raped by Kit Winn and the boys. ~ Look who is laughing now. ~

Monday, January 8, 2018


That smoky [provolone cheese] fire on top of the TRUMP tower was confirmation of today's horrifying monster escaping from the burning castle [high-tech 666 electricity] tower in 1985's Ronald Reagan 2 scary clown prophecy, at: ~ And then going forth to save the little guy from today's gang of bullies in the liberal media pop culture. ~ And then he eventually pounded all of those [carnival of souls] LDS stakes of Zion into the ground. ~ And then he discovered that he had way over paid real gold for those fake [multicolored] gems of Israel; before tossing them into the 1290 days river cited in DANIEL 12. ~ After he had climbed the New Castle's stonewall construction of sodom and egypt, and then saw those real all white TIFFANY diamonds of Israel through some future computer WINDOWS blogspot. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Probably now is as good a time as any to let the little people know that your private yatch was only eventually and completely dedicated to oceanic research after you had read my entire blogspot series on THE LIFE AQUATIC meets OCEANS 8, like at: ~ AND: ~ I mean think about it dude. ~ You are a couple years younger than me, yet you look like shit when compared side-to-side to my latest touched up 8x11 actor photos, at for example: AND: ~ AND: