Saturday, January 21, 2017


That evergreen genealogy tree birthmark on my back in AMERICAN GIGOLO represents my own private 2BC:91 birthright to the unified throne of England, France, and northern Italy. ~ Wherefore, the abomination of desolation's jet could not land in Palm Springs because of high winds and heavy rains. ~ Therefore, it was forced to come down at that humble little day 1290 Riverside airbase in DANIEL 12. ~ And then they did the negro tin pot dictator caravan thing over to his palatious country club golf course escape in Rancho Mirage. ~ In confirmation of the mighty line in BLONDIE's theme song that goes, "...the love I saw in you was just a mirage." at: ~ Think MR IMPERIUM meets Elton John's iconic 1973ish hit song DANIEL. ~ Wherein the blond guys in the [MOONWALKERS] era band are backing up Elton's own words about having "...clouds in my eyes." ~ Complete with Keira Knightley on the drums, and a transfigured Natalie Merchant dancing to the beat in the foreground; at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BALDWIN: You do know of course that the short little Jewish bald guy is still running SNL after all these years is still screwing you in that wallet. ~ Why do you think that Donald Trump got elected in the first place? "Better dead than red." Barry Goldwater, the original Republican who came out in favor of gay rights. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JIM: Does the number '23' mean anything to you anymore? ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: That famous 17-story highrise tower in Iran looked a lot like the luxury highrise condos building at the end of AMERICAN GIGOLO, at: ~ Of course, we all know what they do when they catch some homogaysexual in the act over there. ~ PS JANE: There will be no lesbians in The Kingdom of God. ~ And most women and negros will not be allowed to vote; that is unless they hold title to properties. ~ There's always the exception to the rule. ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: When you finally sit down and figure out the bill for how much I owe you for my 144 grey hackel red top flies selection in every size; throw in a little something extra for yourself. ~ "I can be rather generous when the mood hits me." THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, circa 1976. ~ Ergo, that brick mason mansion in this [STAR WARS] movie is the very same one in the WAG THE DOG movie. ~

Friday, January 20, 2017


Looks like some little neomarxist worm at FUCK YOU TUBE deleted all of their AMERICAN GIGOLO videos that feature BLONDIE singing " me." ~ I do hope that they catch the skinny Jewish nerd who has a SOUR GRAPES type chip on his shoulder. ~ But don't bother to email them; because they will just tell you that the blond Russian allies of the blond Donald Trump obviously hacked their web site on the eve of President Trump's inauguration for political purposes. ~ Which makes sense these days. ~ Since Barack Obama er all also had interfered with the anti BiBi democratic elections in Israel. ~ Plus, while in office, he increased the budget of the CIA by two fold. ~ Therefore, watch the movie, and THEN read the prophetic lyrics at: ~ Hell. ~ It don't matter anyway. ~ Most of you already have a video copy of the above 1980s Reagan era movie. ~ And never forget, .P.,Pence looks exactly like that blond KGB assassin in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MARRED SERVANT NOTES: That scar on Lauren's leg represents the scar on my forehead. ~ Which was a 1980 prophecy about when she would have a bad fall on Dennis Hopper's BRANCH DAVIDIAN motorcycle in California, that was manufactured in Wisconsin. ~ Except for the motor, which the manufacturer had outsourced to a plant in Spain. ~ Think EASY RIDER meets THE WILD ONE meets GREASE:II. ~ Note the slightly overweight look in this 1950s still, which documents my upcoming physical transfiguration weight reduction during the politically brutal 8 years of Donald Trump's two administrations on SNL, etc. at:

Thursday, January 19, 2017


I bought WALMART's exclusive dvd set of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE because the black and red color scheme was indentical to my SUNDANCE calendar vision; wherein the 1960s' CIA tv protagonist is a Jewish Abraham Lincoln look alike at: ~ Fuck yeah, some of my best friends are Jewish eastern european anticommunists who are hip to what is going down at the NYT, etc. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ANSWERED PRAYERS NOTES: The miraculous election of Donald Trump was an answer to the prayers of the more righteous in REV.13: 10. ~ When the President of America would become the leader of the wiser 50% in the last days' ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25. ~ Depending on whose statistics one believes; the USA will still be at least 55% white 8 years from now. ~ That is, if we can deport even a half of the illegal aliens who hold unamerican Democrat Party third world political values, and don't belong here in the first place, like at: see: ~ Meanwhile, half of today's devout Catholics like Michael Moore, Martin Sheen, and Glenn Beck, are down on their knees begging God for some kind of a Divine 70 weeks miracle intervention. ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: More flavourful grilled sausages, less bland tasting boiled chichens. ~ UNFINISHED BUSINESS: This movie received the same kind of negative reviews and box office that Donald Trump got from all of those old ugly looking over-the-hill Jews who run Hollywood, at: ~ "I like older rich Jewish women... It's more of a satisfying challenge..." Yours truly in AMERICAN GIGOLO, circa 1980. ~


Two news reports on the same day; Alanis Morrisette's Jewish manager screwed her for $5,000,000; the Jewish 23TRADERS group screwed some retiree in Canada. ~ While my 'Thank you Judah' post rolled out about the Jews screwing America with their never ending promotion of the abomination of desolation in winter time, 2017. ~ Ergo, Judah will catch up with Ephraim in the last days after their "pain" in D&C 133:35. ~ This being the climactic ending to AMERICAN GIGLOLO; wherein the homogaysexual negro pimp slips out of his big [42 months] brown Italian leather boots and falls to his metaphorical death from a high Donald Trump building at Marina Del Rey. ~ And that 29ish looking German kid with a long blond Jesus Christ SHAMPOO hair job gets away with it in his German brown 911; sporting a semi-convertible [removable] sun-top roof. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAVOS: You disslabelng anyone who disagrees with you as a "populist" is the same thing as me saying that anticapitalist progressive taxation and forced equality globalism is in fact the new Jewish international socialism that bugged Hitler and his hard working [Flint, Michigan] labor union supporters to no end. ~ Or as Ayn Rand put it; "The conflict between Marxist fascism and Marxist communism is just gang warfare." ~ VALENTINE'S DAY MASACRE NOTES: They even shot the old German Shepherd car shop dog in this one. ~

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


That wild-at-heart pit bull in Atlanta killed the little virgin Logan Braatz because it's owner looks like Rep. John Lewis, at: ~ So now we have an army of crazy niggers and spoiled rotten little white Braatz who believe in Obama's fake WAG THE DOG cyber war conspiracy about the Russians hijacking the legitimate [Rocky Mtns. earthquake landslide.] election of President Donald Trump in REV.16, at: ~ As just confirmed by those triple 5s in one hour that rocked Roma. ~ Where most of the fascistic leaders of Africa get their fine tin medal suits taylored. ~ Thank you Judah! ~ GSR/TWN ~ AMERICAN GIG/OLO NOTES: Julian's birthmark at about 37:30 is the marred evergreen tree in front of my love shack hideout in Bonney Lake. ~ Whose top branches and pinecones were broken off and deformed by a winter time storm during the abominable administration of the prince in MARK 13:14. ~ Fortunately, the top third of the 19 year-old "volunteer" tree has started to grow up and out again, over the past few years. ~ According to the prophetic 1980s Ronald Reagan era Barry Obama solution, at: ~ PS CAGE: Dude. ~ You will never look like this again in this lifetime; until and unless you get your head out of your asshole, at: ~ PS BILL GATES: In the enclosed AMERICAN GIGOLO clip, Julian's bed cover is a quilted pattern of your typically defective 1980s era computer WINDOW screen icons. ~ PS CHARLIZE: Does your mother still have that beach shag pad in Malibu? ~ Just asking, because my business partner Paul Allen is still trying to buy up every single waterfront real estate investment opportunity property in Malibu. ~ God knows why. ~

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


According to the latest spoken word revelations from the lost tribes of Israel's plain minded AAMCO transmission shop prophets in LOST HIGHWAY and D&C 13/3:26, etc. President Trump is going to serve out his full two terms in office as the President of "born again" America; who will become baptised by the blood of Christ in A VIEW TO A KILL meets OCTOPUSSY. ~ In other words, in the end, he will become the President of ALL of America; and not so much the illegal alien invested parts of California. ~ Ergo, after the two witnesses' January 20 anniverserary, the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 will head straight down to the Rt.111, Bombay area below the Chocolate Mtns. ~ Exactly according to MY OWN PRIVATE CALIFORNIA physical transfiguration prophecy in AMERICAN GIGOLO, 1980. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CAREY AND KEIRA: How about you two doing my remake of THE SHINNING with you two fucking my long lost more age appropriate Crown Prince of England heir in Bend, Oregon?. ~ Just down the road in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO from the masonic Scotish Rites lodge temple on the upper slopes of Mt.Hood. ~ If the six figure up-front tax free off shore money is right for you two of course. ~ Bear in mind, that guy who was washed away by a big wave north of Point Blanco, off of Hwy.101's Sixes landmark in GOONIES, etc. was about me getting my two toddler sons getting taken away from me at the UNITED AIRLINES terminal in SEATAC in November, 1979; per the Hillary Clinton bitch prophecy in REV.13. ~ Wherein those two older mother and dauther cunts in REV.17 tried to put me into 666 jail, but then they end up going into 666 jail themselves. ~

Monday, January 16, 2017


Julian Assange was telling the plain truth when he said, "It.Was.Not.The.Russians...", at: ~ For example, Obama awarded Biden the Medal of Freedom for having his late Attorney General son in Delaware arrest the [pun intended] whistle blower Larry Sinclair at a free press conference in DC. ~ And most of the Third World leaders in neofascistic Africa show up at their not-so-free press conferences wearing so much metal all over their exquisitely taylored Italian suits that you can't even tell who their fashion designers are. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DE NIRO: What part of the word 'over' do you not understand? ~ Dude, you're like what, 80 years-old by now?