Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I had a rare dream about Ellen Page wearing a very sexy, but relatively modest by today's standards, retro 1961 two-piece bathing suit. ~ So I googled her and found out that she her church lady sister wife Jennifer Garner will be doing a JUNO script reading at the Donald Trump named ACE HOTEL theater in LA on 4.8, for a Planned Parenthood charity fundraiser. ~ Which is being produced by the film's Jewish director Jason Reitman because Donald Trump got elected by the Russians, yada yada. ~ It being the same day that California is charging those two white guys with Nazi haircuts with 15 felonies for their videos about the PP network just being a glorified abortion mill; paid for by the new Nazi medicine state. ~ It being the same day that a church van full of Baptist choir singers crashed at 12:23 Donald Young choir director time] next to Garner State Park in Texas. ~ It being the same that NEW YORK MAGAZINE put out their piece about that other church lady George W. Bush saying that Trump's January 20 inauguration was like a 1961 TWILOGHT ZONE episode called THE INVADERS. ~ It being the same week that Donald Trump has been in the swanky White House for 9 weeks. ~ In confirmation of his 9 1/2 WEEKS; in confirmation of Mickey Rourke's wealthy character living in a fancy [Lafayette] Paris hotel. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MIRANDA KERR: I know, early 1960s two-piece bathing suits are only flattering on girls who have a full figure, from top to bottom. ~ That's where you come in like an angel from heaven and give my less attractive wives a hand up in their time of need. ~ PS SALEM, UTAH: Don't worry yourselves about all of the federal 666 red tape rigmarole involved in setting up a bank. ~ I just buy out the failing ZIONS BANK in Salt Lake City, Utah; then I turn it into my own private off shore tax free piggy bank that is no longer subjected to any federal reserve banking laws or regulations. ~ Think CARNIVAL OF SOULS meets STARDUST MEMORIES, at: ~ Wherein I have two children with my French exwife in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS and it ends up meaning absolutley nothing to her in the end. ~ Not to mention the film's sexissimo Keira Knightley look alike figure at: ~ Kind of like all of those former German shifty high gear 911 sports car Nazis who hate their own blood in THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE at some low rent pawn shop in Brooklyn, New York. ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: There is a Providential, Rhode Island plan behind why Richard Dreyfuss now looks some much like Senator John McCain. ~ Old age shit face happens for a reason. ~


No.50 aired on the January 20, 1961 inauguration of America's PT 109 war hero. ~ So it makes complete sense that this one is about a Senator John McCain look alike war hero in a prophetic episode called THE WHOLE TRUTH. ~ Wherein McCain decides to pass on buying an old run down MODEL-A; because the FDR era car is cursed with an iron clad promise that whoever buys into it will be compelled to tell the truth. ~ Therefore, he must pass on the deal and let the boss of Russia have it. ~ Because he too believes in the newspapers propaganda about the Russians meddling in the REV.16 2016 election. ~ Ergo, the 13th Ward politician tells the used car salesman that he should have gone into politics. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KNOW IT ALL NOTES: Yeah I know already. ~ My love for top-fly flyfishing borderlines on the selfishness of homosexuality. ~ Hence my interest in purchasing MADONNA's former countryside spring creek trout fishing and horseriding estate in England that is/was featured in MOONWALKERS: 1969. ~ Wherein I can step outside for only a brief hour or so to relax; then get right back to taking care of my many wives' needs. ~ Not to mention their dozens of spoiled brat rich pony riding kids; who also need a daddy to hold onto their hand when the riding gets a little too rough in MONTANA meets A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. ~ SEE IT AT: AND: ~ PS MR.BACON: I'm thinking that you would make a fabulous James Bond 007 secret agent with a bad American CIA British Canadian accent. ~ Kind of like me in ROMA, 1973; when all the girls in Padova fell in love with my strange sounding perfect Udine accent in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, at: ~ AND: ~ PS GISELE BRADY: Contrary to popular media opinion, I felt that your performance with Jimmy Fallon in TAXI was pretty damn good. ~ CRAZY CANADIAN BACON JAMES BOND FILM FESTIVAL NOTES: None of the indie films in my upcoming full-budgeted union-scale-pay film festival half to have the full name of 'James Bond' in it, or even his secret PIN number '007' in their titles. ~ Just as long as everyone in the Vancouver, [VICTORIA'S SECRET underwear] BC audiences get it, and know full well what I AM is talking about.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Get it? ~ That typical high society, fancy pants financies Jew with a handsome 007 Irish surname jumped out of a nice NYC hotel window right before I watched the one about those 4 jumping out of a hotel window with a huuuge bag full of ill gotten ponzi scheme cash in no.46. ~ Note the younger hot Bond Girl babe standing beside him at: ~ Which featured an old stolen curio shop camera that gives each new owner a ten virgins 50/50 chance to make it. ~ Hence TRUMP's consistent 50% approval ratings in the alternative reality facts TWILIGHT ZONE news sites that the other half of America depend on for their real news reports of the day. ~ For example; the Russians did not meddle in the 2016 election; Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii; homosexuality is not normal; and even Dick Chenney's own blond PISTOL ANNIE daughter from Wyoming hardly believes anything that her crazy old man says anymore. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FINANCE NOTES: Shortly after Mike told me that we will soon be seeing 20% inflation; I stopped by our local Korean grocier for my usual $2.99 half gallon of SMITH'S DAIRY milk. ~ But this time, the price had suddenly gone up overnight to $3.49. ~ "There is no such thing as a free [money] lunch." Milton Friedman, speaking at the Austrian School of Economics, circa 1986. ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: I could not care less if you like me. ~ All that I want from you right now is around 10% of your wealth. ~ And you and all of your wealthy middle aged fuck buddies who are about to drop dead and die at any minute now, are going to give it me. ~ "I'm not asking you... I'm telling you." Greg. ~

Monday, March 27, 2017


Episode 41 has yours truly locked up at the Wolfing's old Scottish castle mansion up in the Beverly Hills highlands of Hollywood. ~ Located high above a small and peacefull little post WWIII [Germanic Hebrew high-shift] village called Schwarzenegger; a.k.anyway... My own 2BC:91 surname Relf means 'powerful howling wolf' in the old world tongue. ~ Which means that I will be the King of England because it is my right by birth. ~ Wherein that lost and naive American Christian Israelite fool sets me free from the abominable Bible Belt church; and I immediately turn into my rather charming and unholy sidekick with horns on his butt-head, named Barack Obama. ~ And of course, when the girls see that, it drives them crazy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PLAN B NOTES: The idea of the bisexual Paul Allen giving the bisexual Brad Pitt a cool billion to make any ten James Bond movies that he wants too; ergo his own private Idaho THE BIG LEBOWSKI movie entries in my own private 007 film festival are designed to free up my own private [fly fishing] time with a minimum of personal distractions. ~ "I'm not a hands-on evil dictator kind of guy..." Dr.Evil in AP:III. ~ "I'm a big believer in delegating authority..." Donald Trump. ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS: You too can get in on this. ~ Heck, Daniel Craig is just about as bald as you are by now. ~ PS ROB LOWE: With your fantastic head of hair still being there, you might want to make your 007 movie debut look more like like something based on the original THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, as opposed to the remake sequel starring Bruce Willis. ~ PS MILEY CYRUS: Of course, there will be a LAST TANGO IN PARIS wet T-shirt look alike competition that you will love to watch over and over again at my JAMES BOND FILM FESTIVAL side bar venues in Victoria, BC, like at: ~ Believe it, I AM is no more interested in shaming and humiliating myself than you are. ~ Also see: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ Don't worry, if we can't get Woody Allen or Gus Van Sant to direct, I'll put it on the back burner and see if Paul Nestor would consider doing it after his next project. ~

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Mel Brooks plays the small cheap antiques curio shop owner in TWILIGHT ZONE's no.38 episode entitled THE MAN IN THE BOTTLE. ~ Who gives an old widow $1 for a fancy empty wine bottle that she found in a trash can. ~ Which turns out to have a genie inside of it who is a tall dark and handsome [con artist] Barack Obama look alike. ~ Who then later fulfills all of the liberal Jews' fantasies and wishes for $trillions$ in free paper money with only one catch; none of his "unholy" acts can ever be altered or reversed. ~ And, Mel Brooks himself would become the future Hollywood movie star of SPRING TIME FOR HITLER, circa 2017. ~ When the anti-social-socialist white people would be fighting against the pro socialist Jews. ~ In the form of today's Freedom Caucasians in the House of Israel defeating President Trump's plan to streamline Obamacare fascism, rather than just get rid of it. ~ "We have to make sure that everyone is covered." Donald Trump. ~ Actually my friend, we have to make sure that nobody is covered up. ~ "You can't have your cake and eat it too.." Woody Allen. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KING RALPH THE 1ST: Your birth certificate says that you were born on the anniversary of the March 25 date when the devil appeared to Howard Stern and tried to make a new deal with him. ~ But THE KING OF ALL MEDIA said that he would get back to him. ~ But he never did. ~ Him being your typical queer Jew fuck who never returns your phone calls. ~ IN OTHER WORDS: Most of today's piano man homos are losers who are possessed by the SOUTHERN BIBLE BELT snake handler devils. ~ "Life just keeps getting better..." BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD, Dallas, Texas, 1993-1996. ~

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Judah is the soft principled and more child-like element that gives Ephraim's hard ass iron rod of Jesse more strength in the long run. ~ Which is why Donald Trump is the masked Jewish 007 spy [double agent] leader of today's hard truth white man Ephraimite Republicans. ~ Therefore, there is nothing wrong with that. ~ Which is why the Republicans will now hold complete power over what is left of 2/3's of America for as far as the eye can see. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WORD UP NOTES: Last night Mike told me to hury up and finish my B.B. [MTV SNL NBC] series posts and get right back to THE TWILIGHT ZONE's second season episodes. ~ PS ALEC BALDWIN: Is there any reason in the world why you could not hit the gym and lose a few pounds and be as good as that 56 year-old James Bond in A VIEW TO A KILL?.. [Possibly the best 007 movie ever made, next to GREASE:II.] ~ Like at: ~ You know the one that I AM is talking about? ~ That features a blond Donald Trump billionaire Russian plant who looks like a physically transfigured Ken Keisler? ~ Who last I heard, is still in the iron rod gates of hell Russian import steel fences business in the Bay Area. ~ So how about we try this very novel and original screenplay idea? ~ Both Pierce Brosnan and you have Irish names that nobody can ever remember how to correctly spell. ~ So how about you two co-star in some JAMES BOND movie with a boat load of underaged hotties on location at Marlon Brando's private island?. ~ That is if you two really and truly want to get in on my JAMES BOND FILM FESTIVAL in Vancouver, BC. ~ Seriously. ~ This is the real deal. ~ Check it out. ~ Even the ex husband of Amber Heard wants in on this. ~

Friday, March 24, 2017


If past is prelude... g-d has cursed today's Democrat Party Jews because they crucified their own tall blond Messiah figure in the meridian of time. ~ Therefore, the House of Israel's white conservative Ephraimites did the right thing 😈. ~ Sometimes the real men up in the Highlands who wear plaid line skirts just have to go THE FULL MONTE if they want to survive the complete devastation that the abomination of desolation brought upon them in MARK:13,14. ~ Think GREGORY'S GIRL meets THAT SINKING FEELING that Keira Knightley is starting to feel, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWO STATE SOLUTION NOTES: The real two state solution in Israel will only come to pass after the Jews admit that there were two states in ancient Israel. ~ The northern one called The Kingdom of Israel, and the southern one called The Kingdom of Judah. ~ Meanwhile, all of those butt fuckers at the NYT will keep lying to us about Barack Obama's fake news birth certificate. ~ And all of those Mr.Anderson types at will continue to deceive themselves about Joseph Smith and the BM; not to mention Larry Sinclair. ~ MORMON TIMES NOTES: The iron rod in Lehi's genealogy tree dream is the rod and stem of Jesse in ISAIAH 11:1, per: ~ PLAYBOY NOTES: One way or the other, I AM will end up owning that Scottish highlander castle [PLAYBOY MAGAZINE] mansion; as depicted in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MAN meets BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD. ~ PS TRUMP: So what? ~ You buy the PLAYBOY mansion out in LA in 2017; then the Jews who hate you accuse you of doing it just because you wanted to start WW:III for a front line distraction for all of those billionaire Russians who still believe that Barry Obama is a homosexual who was born in Africa. ~