Friday, February 24, 2017


That HARRY IN YOUR POCKET clip opens with the prophetic muted trumpet score of Donald Trump in 2017. ~ For when the 666 antichrist Jews in the media are trying to mute the democratically elected voice of the dark high tower President of white America with their fake Hillary Clinton Cold War basement email leak schemes in WAG THE DOG. ~ Ergo, Seattle's futurist monorail goes right by Allen's rock music museum. ~ [The Germans built the first ever monorail in Berlin.] ~ Note the shot where Vermont's socialist Bernie Sanders look alike also gets bumped and ripped off with a RED BARON red capitalist sign in the background. ~ Then we see my BYU VW BEATLES car in some parking lot as me and the gang walk through a lot in Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: That is you playing your Col. "Donald Land" look alike in TWILIGHT ZONE's 15th episode, that takes place 97 miles away from Reno. ~ Wherein it took about 4.5 years to make your own private ERASERHEAD indie film. ~ That ended up launching your Hollywood movie career into outer space. ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: I keep posting as much offensive surreal rightwing reactionary shit that I can think of on this blog, in order to draw them out into the open. ~ And then like some hunter's stupid hound dog, you get a better shot at them with your Elmer Fudd .12 gage double barrel shotgun, like at:

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Last night the distinct voice of Quentin Tarantino said to me, "I'm not interested." ~ Oh well, how about we try this. ~ HARRY IN YOUR POCKET was obviously a 1973 missionary man movie about yours truly from Seattle pick pocketing the foolish and naive likes of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, at: ~ AND: ~ Which was around the same time that God's BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant Woody Norris started to believe that he was the one in DC 85. ~ And so he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah at the same time that my own family did. ~ Who was that same UW/US AIR FORCE nuke bomb expert from the Maryland, DC area who looks exactly like his TWILIGHT ZONE era character in DR. STRANGELOVE:II meets IN LIKE FLINT:III. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT JOHANSSON: No question, you are indeed a very nice looking 29ish woman. ~ Who keeps showing up in my wildest dreams; role playing the friendly sexy "girl" next door who would love me to fuck her too; Paris, France Hilton hotel style.. ~ Therefore, two nights ago, a nurse clothed in white hospital clothing appeared in my room holding an open RED CROSS medicine box that had a huuuge 1950s size needle and bottle of the secret experimental serium that is going to cure you of your herpes no.1 and herpes no.2 problems. ~ PS DE NIRO AND CARREY: We don't need no fucking 666 science reports in the fake news media when it comes to getting the children vaccinated fro the evil forces of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ Per the prophetic cold war era opening sequence to CRY BABY meets KISSING COUSINS, at: ~ AND: ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: What the fuck to you want from me anyway? ~ I put $3,000,000 in your own private bank account, but nothing. ~ Then I multiplied that amount times ten, yet not even a phone call or a little 55 cent stamped thank-you post card. ~


That negro with a dusty Abraham Lincoln top hat and a Jewish deli cow tongue in CLOSER TO GOD represents Barack Obama er all. ~ Who are trying to cut out free speech and open debate at today's government run re-education camp schools; not to mention CNN and MSNBC. ~ After the unmentionable abomination of desolation had his two unconstitutional terms in office; yet he still refuses to go away, per this other blood drenched video by NINE, at: ~ But now the tables have been turned on them, REV.13 style. ~ As represented by the monkey on a cross in NIN'S prophetic CLOSER video. ~ Where we get closer to God; and even start to experience the [walking on waters] principle of antigravity. ~ In other words, if you have the faith to walk on water; you sure as hell don't need Medicare or Social Security. ~ Not to mention the IRS and LBJ/MLK's abominable CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of 1964. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: Episode 12 depicts a time-lapsed George Clooney figure from the future who wants to force you to be his government partner. ~ Hence that Alps poster on the wall of the old guy's room, who voted for President Trump, which puts Clooney's Lake Como mansion for rich reformed socialists into perspective. ~ [Mussolini and his girlfriend were both shot and hung upside down at a gas station near there.] ~ Probably the same one featured towards the end of his CIA asshole movie called THE AMERICAN, at: ~ Seriously dude, those same fucks at the JEW/CIA/NYT who are leaking President Trump's phone calls to the white Josephite Russians are the same anti-american traitors who are still lying to us about the Russians hacking the election. ~ Which is just an extension of their silly fake news nonsense about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii, yada yada. ~ PS GEOEGE: Like in my own private 8mm home movies from 1959-1964, I always go by my gut instincts; per THE BELLY OF AN ARCHITECT, meets DUPLICITY, at: ~ NEW READERS: So what. ~ I like movies and television series that have me fucking my underaged BIG LOVE virgin teenager sister wives in the near future. ~ 009 NOTES: Admittedly, I AM is having a ball watching everyone in Hollywood going ape shit over who is going to be the next James Bond. ~ Personally, I like the idea of a physically transfigure Pierce Bronson returning to the role. ~ Contrary to popular opinion, my favorite James Bond 007 cold war agent was Roger Moore. ~ So why not spend the money to bring back the actor who everyone in the movie business believes was the best James Bond ever? ~ BFD. ~ We keep the low-budget plot sweet and simple, circa 35 big ones or so. ~ And we spend the rest of the post production $100,000,000 budget making sure that 009 looks like he is around 58 years-old in every single frame. ~ PS QT: I too like the idea of some 'SON OF BRUCE LEE' Chinatown movie that takes place up in Seattle. ~ However. ~ Sometimes you have to be patient and make a big budget Hollywood movie extravaganza in order to make that other little indie film that you are more passionate about in the long run. ~ So let us both make a 70 weeks production deal on this right now. ~ You agree to make 009, I let you know who is the next James Coburn. ~ And yes, the 29ish actor is living in the Seattle area right now; just waiting for you to discover him. ~ Seeing is believing, at:,_You_Sucker! AND: ~

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Today's typical Greek Olympic sports [Bruce Jenner] jock g-string supporter of President Trump and his scary white cabinet of the elders of [Zion's] Ephraim in the prophetic NIN video about getting closer to God, is probably some kind of a "MARCH MADNESS" basketball man thing in BEING THERE meets CLOSER, at: Talk about "play it again Sam" and all of those Russian cold war TWILIGHT ZONE episodes about WWII meets WWIII. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CLOSER TO GOD NOTES: This 2004 movie is about the flirty fishing laws of concubinage, at: ~ Not to be confused with the principle of every woman having the right to a sure sign and witness from God about who her eternal husband is supposed to be, according to what it says in the 2BC. ~ And I'm pretty cool with that. ~ Who in the hell would ever want to fuck someone of the weaker sex who doesn't feel like being fucked by you in the first place? ~ You being some macho man jerk who gets his kicks out of taking advantage of people; such as Geraldo Rivera, Ted Turner, David Letterman, and Bill Clinton. ~

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


TWILIGHT ZONE's episode 12 is entitled WHAT YOU NEED. ~ Because George Clooney er all needed to die off by a hit-and-run car with JAWS type 1958 shark fins. ~ Which would replicate today's "drive-by-media" gang who Rush says is trying their damnest to run over President Trump. ~ According to the two-times-two doubling-down two-terms of the Donald Trump Jr. [18-holes golf course] prophecy in REV.18. ~ Who has been using his leaky pen to sign one executive order after another. ~ And he will continue to do so during his two terms in office. ~ So thank g-d that yours truly gave Clooney those pair of scissors that he needed to save himself from his own private GSR/TWN scarf that was strangling him to death in that same elevator [lift] featured in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II meets DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER:II. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS GEORGE: The race horse next to the marked horse race sheet in the above episode is called Migrator; go figure. ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: Milo suddenly fell down and got a big bump on his head and knee on the eve of Mrs. Ellen Degeneres-Page-Relf's twin polygamist sister wives birthday. ~ Talk about older guys fucking underaged virgin boys. ~

Monday, February 20, 2017


Our gentle Jesus Lord Jew, full of wisdom and your typical Jewish longsuffering type patience and grace, has told his real [good news] prophets among the lost tribes that the sudden death of the whore of Babylon in REV.18 is not going to happen until well after the completed two terms of his tall blond BRANCH DAVIDIAN servant Donald Trump. ~ In order to give his 5 wise virgins enought time to convert their worthless paper stocks and 666 Social Security email checks into small denominational solid gold and silver coins. ~ Practical enough for buying your daily bread and a few vegetables at your local farmers' market. ~ And only then will He allow the shit to hit the fan on WALL STREET, etc. like at: ~ And that's a good thing because why? ~ Well, for starters; every mother fucker in the 1980s NIN band is a white dude; even the Jewish ones. ~ And the above prophetic year-17 NINE video features a group portrait of Trump's new cabinet that includes his latest Scottish membet cabinet pick named McMaster. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS LL: God himself cast you personally in his own private THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING prophecy even before you were born. ~ So for your sake, let's hope that your current flirtation with the filthy rich antichrist devil of Islam is just a passing flirty fishing thing. ~ PS TRUMP: I saw the X-20 episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE only a few hours before your 747 jet airplane hanger rally just down the road from CAPE KENNEDY. ~ Note the future Tom Hanks' look alike actor ["break a leg"] guy in this one. ~ Who suddenly vanishes into outer space. ~ Because he often plays very manly looking heroic figures, who are in fact nothing but your typical naive John McCain type pussy whipped husbands behind the scenes. ~

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The 9th court in San Francisco ruled against President Trump's traditional American FDR/JFK foreign policies in confirmation of those doomed crab boat CIA fishermen in A VIEW TO A KILL. ~ Who in the 1986 movie were actually underwater CIA spies trying to figure what that blond Russian political hybred freak from Paris, France was doing. ~ And since I AM is paying for the whole she-bang anyway; how about we shoot the whole damn 009 thing in the Bay Area? ~ Followed up by various prelude shots happening in the Puget Sound, Seattle area. ~ To my best recollection; there has never been a James Bond movie made in Seattle. ~ Other than that Super 8mm short that was written and directed by Woody Norris, circa 1967-1968; costarring Ed Lee smoking a candy cigarette near the UW campus' atomic research science building. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ST.JOHN NOTES: A 29ish looking Elton John is wearing shaded red planet glasses in his evergreen themed PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE video. ~ Where we hear Dan's rattle snake getting ready to strike down the tall Jewish horse in THE WHITE HORSE PROPHECY; that was given to us by Joseph Smith on 5.6, 1830 something. ~ No.Seriously. ~ This is the reason why Woody Allen was inspired to have his suicidal movie entitled BLUE JASMINE take place in these same waters of the born again 666 beast in REV.13. ~ And then voilĂ !.. The hottest ticket on Broadway is now some tall thin Greek Jew guy who looks like a physically transfigured Paul Nestor, circa 1982. ~ PS QUENTIN TARANTINO: Just ignore any of my above advice if it does not jibe in anyway with your inspired first impression ideas for 009. ~ And I do mean it. ~ Don't call me. ~ Don't ask for any of my advice in post or anything like that. ~ Just cast it, and shoot it, and then edit it. ~ Surprise me. ~ By now we know that President Trump has a yuuge [Ben Afflect size] cock. ~ And that's not necessarily a bad thing. ~ Per this 42 months apre-ski moon boots devil in this NIN video that features the look alike image of Kenndall Jenner's Olympic Greek champiom transsexual father who is /has now been loosed upon us in spades, like at: ~