Thursday, July 20, 2017


There will be another yuuuge two weeks notice firing event on the upcoming eve of the very flexable Sandra Bullock's birthday. ~ Who costarred with Hugh Grant in TWO WEEKS NOTICE as the personal lawyer and chief assistant apprentice of a NYC real estate billionaire developer. ~ Complete with Russian oligarch size yacht and a very tall building penthouse. ~ Which was ultimately about her giving up on yours truly; but then she comes back to me once she gets her head on straight. ~ "Life just keeps getting better... "Come to Butthead..." 1993-1996. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NEVE CAMPBELL: Your prophetic indie film about you letting an Italian billionaire fuck you , for the right amount of tax free cash money, was a President Trump era thing. ~ Remember, Mike Tyson is a big time Trump supporter. ~

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


A friend and I drove up to the Green Water River area's shooting pit to try out the new hair-pin trigger on his SIG AR. ~ Where we encountered two Arab speaking guys trying out their new Bulgarian AK 47 with a 40-round banana clip; using a 6' black rock for a target at about 100 yards. ~ And when I got back home, I read that Megan McCain had called her father " rock, my hero..." ~ Because Trump said during the 2016 campaign that John McCain was no great military hero just because he survived a 666 prisoner of war camp in North Vietnam until he was set free some 6+years later by President Richard Nixon. ~ Who was the President of America for about six years. ~ Plus, up at the firing range, the surname 'TRUMP' was spray painted in orange on all of the surrounding boulders. ~ In other words, McCain was hogging most of the glory to himself; and not giving enough of it to the Rock of Peter. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WORD NOTES: Read the prophetic words to this Vietnam era song at: ~ REMINDER NOTES: Jesus was crucified on his 34th 4.06 birthday and rose from the dead three and a half days later on 4.10; i.e. 4.09 in BM time. ~ PS JENNY: Your phony politics husband who comes from a well established Wash. DC family of short Jewish lawyers looks like a 29ish Richard Nixon, like at: ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: You were born on 1.21 because of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE's number 121 episode in 1971. ~


In AP:II, Dr.Evil tells the born again 1969 President Rich Nixon that for just $100 B he can fix his Paul Allen progressive rock project problems, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~ Note the WW:III hair job in the latter link to that JUST THE TWO OF US two witnesses piano number in AP:II. ~ Lyrics at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ 90/10 DEAL NOTES: Back during THE TWILIGHT ZONE era, the Jews in Hollywood got 90% of every small town theater's box office. ~ And the FDR era Jews at the IRS got 90% of every millionaire's annual income. ~ PS MARCRON: The problem with France's economy can be fixed with a quick 180 degree turn around in your tax structure. ~ Ergo, industry keeps the same percentage of money that the state is now keeping. ~ And the state keeps the same percentage of money that businesses are now getting. ~ What would you have to lose anyway? ~ Government revenues would remain about the same. ~ Plus the entire nation would just have a more positive outlook on life. ~ "Everyone in France is so negative [taxation] these days." My expatriot Frenchie exwife Laurence Pierson. ~ AP:II DVD NOTES: My old worn out 1999 copy of AP:II has my future fuck buddy wife Madonna role playing a 29 year-old babe at some physical transfiguration [SHAMPOO] fuck film happening at the Scotish PLAYBOY castle in LA; circa 2017. ~ Think Lindsay Lohan and Kristen Stewart are both fucking me at the same time in THE VAMPIRE HAPPENING meets TRANSYLANNIA 6-5000. ~ Yeah, really. ~ President Trump's current third rock wife comes from the very same area where the latter movie is supposed to be happening, like at: ~

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


America's Greek Roman Republican Senate in DC failed to repeal Obamacare on the same weekend that the dark skinned gentiles started to riot at the [1290 radio days, 8.2.96] desecrated Temple Mount in Jerusalem. ~ Which is why the more light skinned LAmanites at the LA TIMES are blaming the white man in the White House. ~ And not all of those gangsta darkies in East LA who have been in a bloody protracted civil war with each other ever since the MTV 80s. ~ And now, thanks to the abomination of desolation, the battle front has moved to South Chicago. ~ ~ "Better red [state] than dead." Hubert Humphrey. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DANIEL 9 NOTES: America's lying Jews made Trump say that Iran is in full compliance in the same way that the Jewish liars in the media made him say that Obama was born in Hawaii. ~Now see what is really happening in the real news world at: ~ BLUES BROTHERS NOTES: I entered the D&C 4 mission field on January 23, 1971 when I boarded a 727 at BOEING FIELD in Seattle; located right next to THE RED BARON restaurant. ~ Which happened to be the exact same day that the 121st episode of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE aired, entitled THE FIELD. ~ Think Burt Reynolds fucked Sally Field at least two times a day, almost every day, on the set of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT, at: ~ BLOODLINE NOTES: Senator John McCain's blood clot operation needed to happen because he was never that interested in the bloodline of Israel prophecies in EZE.38 etc. ~


Carl Bernstein is still trying to blame today's rather ominous WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S:III situation on the alt-right-wing. ~ In other words, like Larry King and Bob Redford, Bernstein continues to prop up the rich Bernie insurance CEO out on [JAWS meets FANTASY ISLAND] Martha's Vinyard and pretend like he is still alive and having a great time, like at: ~ Meanwhile, everybody in the silly mindless comedy audience knows that he is as dead as a door nail. ~ Think Obamacare meets Medicare. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS FRANCE: Macron will be only 49 years-old when the French start to drive out all of the Muslim snakes from their country in October of 2027. ~ Of course by then, his current old gray lady will probably be dead and gone, thank God. ~ Don't forget, my redhead [SHAMPOO] sidekick wife named Frenchie in GREASE:II kind of looks like Kathy Griffin. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ "You look so youthful." Dr.Evil; AP:II. ~ PS MEL: The reason why you made that mysterious passion of Jesus movie in a dead language that nobody could understand is because Catholic doctrine is so much like the reverse language miracles at: ~ Ergo, sometimes somebody just has to step up and tell it like it is; and damn the torpedoes, at: ~ PS KS: I'll bet you an old wrinkled dollar bill that you and your tall blond hot model girlfriend would love to suck and fuck me off camera at the same time if I looked like that; and the petty cash money was good enough for both of you. ~ I have always been a firm believer in you get what you pay for up front if you are serious. ~

Monday, July 17, 2017


That 7.7 on 7.17.17 in the REV.13 ocean east of Russia was confirmation of the fictional media's Russian spy [Ivana hump a lot] babe who works for Dr.Evil in AP:II, at: ~ Think OCEANS 11,12,13. ~ Since everyone left and right today can agree that the election of the sexy as hell Donald Trump was a major earthquake prophecy. ~ And even that WATERGATE meets THE WAY WE WERE era Jew named Bernstein had to confess after Saturday that we are now in the initial stages of the civil war earthquake in REV.16. ~ Because that muddy REV.12 flash flood in Airzone looked like the devil himself had opened the dark water gates of hell on Saturday. ~ Which is exactly what he did back when he and his filthy dirty planet ape niggers brought down the clean living Dick Nixon with a bunch of trumped media hype about him hacking the DNC's old school metal cabinet files in DC. ~ "At least there were no dead bodies in my White House scandal." Rich Nixon, refering to the now very rich Bill Clinton. ~ GSR/TWN ~


That deadly flash flood surprise roared down Ellison [woman' son] Creek and gushed into the East Verde [green] River, near Star Valley, Arizona, the day after God fired Senator McCain on the operating table with a two weeks recovery notice. ~ Who has been giving President Trump the dirty left eye ever since he sent one of his staff over to London for that fake Russian spy surprise dossier in order to get the mud on him. ~ And who continues to believe with A SERIOUS MAN face that the Jewish run Russian chess game investigation of Trump at the DOJ is actually a legitimate real life operation. ~ Ergo, the vote to streamline and improve the day 1290 abomination of desolation called Obamacare has been delayed for at least two weeks. ~ "SURPRISE SURPRISE!!" Says the blond Scotish hit man wearing a brown shirt at the end of AP:II; as he pulls out a DIRTY HARRY .44 from his home delivery package. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READER NOTES: Socialism is streamlined communism; fascism is streamlined socialism; liberalism is streamlined fascism. ~ Approximately 90% of all the world's Jews fall into one of the above 666 beast catagories in REV.13. ~ There are always the exceptions that prove the rule of course; such as Mark Levine and yours truly. ~ Which is why the WW:II Nazis had to murder at least 6,666,666 million of them in the prophetic docudrama film entitled INGLOURIOUS BASTARDS; costarring Brad Pitt er all. ~ "The whitie needs to show the blackie how to do it." Charles Manson, circa 1969; while crashing at Mike Love's shag pad up in the canyon, per: ~ AND: