Wednesday, November 22, 2017


2002's TWO WEEKS NOTICE Christmas bonus special purpose movie sets up the plot's prophetic two witnesses period with shots of FM/AM RADIO CITY and the double arches landmark logo of MC/DONALDS' triple bun with double meat skinny patties BIG MAC. ~ Which are immediately followed up by Lucy, [That arrogant German speaking Jewiss bitch who adopted two negro slave children just to stick it to me.] tapping her yellow no.2 [ERASERHEAD] pencil while waiting forevere for that girly man Mr.Grant to show up at his controversial and contentious divorce situation between today's Jewish Democrats and Ephraimite Republicans. ~ As confirmed by my GSR/TWN posts from Washington State being the opposite to Jeff Bezos' POST publishings from Washington, DC. ~ Ergo, Trump ate a fat beef burger with gory catsup during his his pre Korea visit to Japan. ~ Because ever since the Reaganite 80s, MCDONALDS has pretty much ruled the roost in Tokyo. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EMMA WATSON: More light beige skin color, less dark brown skin color, per: ~ Seriously girl, try going back in time and telling Van Gough that color has nothing to do with anything when it comes to oil panting. ~ [My blond boy killer in AMERICAN GIGOLO drives a brown 911.]

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Prince Charles Manson died right on time for a priceless publicity stunt by God for Taratino's upcoming no.9 thing. ~ Now I see that POST will go wide on January 12 because the WASHINGTON POST's new owner was born on the same birthday of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim in ISAIAH 11 meets REV.11 meets DAN.11. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MR. PRESIDENT: Oh for Pete's sake, stop recommending older middle aged men who look like ladent homogaysexuals who never had the guts to come out of the closet; much less stand up and defend the US CONSTITUTION in the face of diversity, per: ~ PS ERIC JADERHOLME: Note the enclosed link's physically transfigured satanic blood rites [Chris Wright] mormon look alike. ~ "You're just a haircut!" HANNA AND HER SISTERS, circa 1986, per the prophetic trumpet sounds of Donald Trump at: ~ NEW READER NOTES: Woody Allen is not a Jew; rather he is a Levite.


After that creepy high society IT clown party for the negro league children in TWO WEEKS NOTICE; Lucy tells her fantasy lover "Barry" at the farewell party; "If you ever get accused of murder... You can find me at LEGAL AID." ~ Followed up by a central shot of Barack Obama er all not smiling. ~ Then it cuts to Lucy's father upon the shores of REV.13:1 Coney Island going down the list of unamerican reformed fascism accomplishments that the neighborhood's [Holocaust survivor] Jews have placed upon the neck of Ephraim er all for the past "75 years". ~ Where about ten years later Superstorm Sandy did a number 1290 day wrecking ball job on the whole g-d damned place, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE KINGDOM OF GOD NOTES: President Trump's public confession that he should have let those three ungrateful negro slaves remain in a prison in CHINATOWN was an inspired Freudian slip of the tongue. ~ Remember, in the secret underground DEL RIO temple rites of satan scenario in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ Those two weeping beauties represent the white horse and the red horse who are at war with the black horse in Joseph Smith's WHITE HORSE PROPHECY; wherein the black horse goes to war against the two because he dies not want to go back into slavery, apre WW:III. ~ PS QUEEN ELIZABETH: A central part of God's plan to make me the bloody HOLY GRAIL sire of England, France, and Italy involves yours truly buying that special purpose real estate opportunity that is about to come on the market in Monte Carlo. ~ Remember, when it comes to buying investment property, "location location location..." is the rule of thumb. ~ PER: ~ AND OR: ~ ~

Monday, November 20, 2017


The key to a great blow job is a really firm but soft tongue grip on reality. ~ Running to your flaky Jewish lawyers and asking them to dig up dirt on your dirty husband's accusers [for $500 an hour] just does not do it these days for most of America's manly men anymore. ~ Maybe that was enough money back in the soft-peddling 1990s. ~ However, today it's a whole new ball game. ~ Wherein I AM is fucking two underaged virgin teenagers at the satanic Scotish rites PLAYBOY MANSION endowment house of our Lord and Savior Count Dracula; and noboby gives a shit about it anymore. ~ That is after everybody knows that Barack Obama was always a gay man, and he was never even a US citizen anyway. ~ Or for the days when Jeff Bezos could say to Rose McGowan that, " don't have any proof." ~ Never forget WHAT HAPPENED to that former [KGB] Hillary Clinton meets Frances McDormand Russian look alike agent in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~

Sunday, November 19, 2017


Those two border agents who were shot by illegal aliens in Texas cattle country were confirmation of my two TWO WEEKS NOTICE notices about Bullock's involment with some crazy Texas female politician [having her period] who also opposes Trump's plans to build a wall along the border in Lake Casa Blanca, Texas in [ shoppers] Webb County. ~ Because Bazos spent his summers growing up on the family ranch in Texas' livestock ANIMAL FARM regions to the east of Devil's River in DANIEL 12. ~ More precisely, just west of Los Angeles, Texas, in the Nueces [walnuts] River valley. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NUTS NOTES: Unless you crack your own walnuts by hand for your traditional chicken pasta with walnuts in a basil cream sauce, I recommend that you only use packaged chopped walnuts. ~ Thereby avoiding the risk of biting down on a piece of rock hard shell and breaking one's tooth. ~ PS JEFF BEZOS: They made a special purpose movie about you going to the movies every Friday night at that little theater in Cotulla, Texas at: ~ Think MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets AMERICAN GRAFITTI, like at:


When Bullock's Jewish feminist gets hit really hard on her GSR/TWN forehead by a yellow tennis ball from that white Republican redhead in TWN; she momentarily blacks out. ~ And then she comes out of it and prophetically recites the upcoming 5 Supreme Court Justices who will be appointed by President Trump. ~ Which will lead to the court taking a wrecking ball to ROE VS. WADE. ~ Then George W. gives her a ride home in his 'BENTLEY'; that is being closely followed up by Barack Obama's BIG BROWN UPS delivery van, circa 2008. ~ In confirmation of buying up the WASHINGTON POST; while investing billions into some new rocket to the moon scheme, based down in Alabama. ~ Don't forget, Bezos grew up on a beef cattle ranch in south Texas. ~ And now Sandra is involved in some kind of an abortion rights movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: Don't sweat it; your typical average milage 2002 911 costs only around 20k; maybe a little bit more if it is in excellent condition, per: ~ Remember, this is the only German made PORSHE 911 that I AM is interested in right now; because it came out well before the German car company sold out to some mysterious and faceless multi national and started fucking around with the steering; making it more soft and warm and fuzzy for their rich old men stock investors cliental. ~ PS CAMERON DIAZ: Yeah I know, you already have daddy's own private vintage 911 parked inside of your garage. ~ But let's hold off for now and wait to see if we can use it as bait to catch her in the act. ~

Saturday, November 18, 2017


In Hitchcock's 1972 FRENZY prophecy about today's tragically immature and overly emotional spoiled brat frat house rich Jew boys, we see the red hand of Judah by the entrance to your typical middle class politics pub in London. ~ Later, we see the very same bloody red hand sticking out from a 100 lb sack of Moses Lake, Washington State no.1 baker size potatoes. ~ Ergo, "Passion is the enemy of precision." says yours truly in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO meets ZERO EFFECT. ~ For example, "I'm completely convinced that Trump colluded with Putin in order to steal the election." Hillary Clinton. ~ So see what I mean about him choking to death all of those naive sissies at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: I saw that used evergreen 2002ish 911 that I get from you just for startes. ~ As some kind of a virginal first fruits pagan sacrifice resurrection reaction to the undead offering in JOE VERSUS THE VOLCANO meets PRACTICAL MAGIC. ~