Friday, September 30, 2016


The developing MATTHEW 25 ten virgins meet THE WEDDING CRASHERS storm turned into a yuuge cat 5 on the same day of Peres' big fat funeral for Babylon in 35 longitude Israel. ~ Which they are predicting will slam into Obama's negro Jamaica before it roars into Bernie and Hillary's socialist Cuba. ~ While everyone on the mainland is hoping and praying that the thing suddenly doesn't go sideways somewhere along the east coast of America. ~ Meanwhile, Donald Trumps' white male tow-truck drivers seem to be getting bus/ier and bus/ier by the day. ~ The latest being that school bus full of Miles' 8th graders that crashed in New Lebanon, USA on the day of Peres' 5 day DEATH TRAP omen funeral. ~ And the school bus crash in Olive Township, Michigan that confirmed those SIDEWAYS scenes shot in Los Olivos, California; etc. etc. ~ That represent the two olive trees of Judah and Ephraim in the last days of Sodom and Egypt. ~ When Hillary Clinton suddenly burst on the scene on the very first day of the two witnesses' 1260 days countdown in 1993. ~ And now her political carreer is going to crash and burn like the two dudes do at the WINDMILL INN location across the street from ANDERSON'S BEST WESTERN motel theme in the prophetically inspired 2003 movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MONDAY DEBATE NOTES: During last Monday's debate, there was an unusually large swarm of RT.111 earthquakes in Imperial County, Bombay, California's Chocolate Mountains region. ~ Most famous for it's war games practice zones involving live bombing runs and live artillery shelling target practice. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: At this particular point in time; October, 1 through October 23, 2016; it would not matter a hill of beans if somewhere along the campaign stump trail you get so excited that you dropped your pants like my forerunner Jim Morrison did at his last American concert rally in Miami. ~ You own it now. ~ You can say or do anything that you want now. ~ It's already in the bag. ~ And the best part is, not even Austin Powers or Woody Norris can stop you. ~


Miles exclaims "Christ Jack!!" after Jack sacrifices his aging scarlet 1993ish 1260 days period SAAB into that unmovable white oak tree of Israel at the end of SIDEWAYS, circa 2016. ~ And then playing like his full of grace Jesus figure would say, Jack replies, "I'll pay for it." ~ For an amazing Donald Trump blackjack 21 winning trump card prophecy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: We see images of the little adopted Obama negro child after Miles talks about his precious 1961 bottle of blood red French cab from France. ~ Which included the DC 76 point of view of the Father. ~ That is still missing at the childrens' Church of Mel Gibson in Malibu, California. ~ Even that same white temple sanctuary for illegal alien slave workers up in the 7 hills of the 666 beast featured in the Miranda Kerr HARPER prophecy. ~ [Miranda is presently living in a mansion in Brentwood.] ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: Starting on 10.23, the corrupted decadent political class in the Boswash zone will have two weeks to clean out their desks and pack it in. ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Try not to get too carried away and emotionaly involved with your latest LSD/LDS FFING missionary prospect. ~ I'm gonna need to have you on the set of my next film at a moment's notice that I will be shooting in Roma. ~ Of course, I will pay you forward for it handsomely; one way or the other. ~ Believe me you I know, there is nothing free in this life. ~ Especially when it comes to having the best wives. ~ PS CARREY MULLIGAN: According to THE SHINING prophecy, your time to shine will come during the winter time in Colorado, circa 2017. ~ Per my own private love shack prophecy at: ~

Thursday, September 29, 2016


It happened during the Howard Stern show for a reason. ~ When about 100 people were injured in that now typical black&white New Jersey cow train wreck in confirmation of Jack telling Miles that we should already be a hundred miles away from Brentwood, LA by now in SIDEWAYS. ~ But no way José. ~ We're still here; and still being forced to watch SNL reruns posing as exciting new season cutting edge comedy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TRUMP: You're welcome. ~ Say what you will about us half ass Jews. ~ We do know how to keep a favor; no matter how big or how small. ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: That DENNYS breakfast scene inspired by MULHOLLAND DR. was just confirmed by Naomi Watts' irreversible 50 ways decision to leave her Jewish athiest Bernie Sanders supporter lover. ~ PS PITT: My Hollywood agent and manager wife Allison Roth has two ADAPTATION level screenplays lying on her desk right now that are just begging to have one of your under-paid assistants read them. ~ So how about you make the call and have one of your own PLAN B PRODUCTIONS employees go over there and respectfully ask her if you can read them on a strick 24 hours window option. ~ I mean no disrespect by this. ~ But I AM is the one who holds all of the cards right now. ~ Simply because I got enough money to do anything that I want to do; that is if the girls are young and pretty enough and have the acting chops. ~ BARELY LEGAL NOTES: Right now I have two pre-physical transfiguration retirement options. ~ Either I park my billions in cash money in the Bahamas; or I go down to the British Virgin Islands and do the same thing. ~ Either way I win, and Hillary Clinton loses. ~

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


It was Christ Mezzapeso [half weight] from Charlotte, NC who rear-ended that half ass Jesus PSALMS 911 bus in Anderson County. ~ About one hour after that metro bus got rammed in the ass inside the Lincoln Tunnel of Barack Obama up in 911 NYC. ~ Where the anal sex crowd of sodom and Egypt primarily votes Democrat. ~ Now confirmed by that metro bus that just got butt fucked by a fuel tanker out in Brentwood, PA for Jack getting caught by that Donald Trump tow-truck voter at the end of the half&half ten virgins prophecy in SIDEWAYS. ~ Which gets rolling after Miles picks up Jack in Brentwood, LA. ~ "If you want to be a lightweight, that's your call." Jack. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL IN SCOTLAND NOTES: Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will be attending Peres' funeral upon the highlands of Jeruslem in day 1290 Israel this Friday. ~ PS JIM CAREY: Don't put me in the same boat with that money grubber who is trying to extort a boat load of free money out of you. ~ Heck, I only wanted to crash on your couch for about two weeks until my diplomat passport from England arrived in the mail box. ~ But now I hear that one of my friends is going to buy the British Bahamas estate of Michael Douglas for a cool 10 big ones. ~ Where it is much easier and quicker to get the legal papers that I will need to go anywhere in the world that I desire; including London, England and Victoria, BC; not to mention Sidney, Australia and Christ Church, New Zealand. ~ Like they say down in Texas and Mexico; money talks, bullshit walks. ~ THE MEXICAN NOTES: This is the Americano triple espresso movie where a lot of what is happening today behind the scenes in Hollywood started happening back in 2001, at: ~ For example, see:


It said PSALMS 91:11 on the back of that church bus which got sideways and crashed in Anderson County, South Carolina; for the HWY.246 shot of that "ANDERSON'S" BEST WESTERN motel in SIDEWAYS; after the two pass by THE PALM'S BARBAR hairstylist shop for a SHAMPOO election season 2016 timeline. ~ Then we see the RIO VISTA card dealership view of the 1290 days river in DANIEL 12. ~ Which leads to the film's thematic DC 58 feast advertisement voiceover for the event's expensive fine wines and low low 5.8% financing. ~ As just confirmed by the two weeks notice of Peres dying exactly 5 days before Rosh Hoshana starts. ~ I can't keep up anymore; is this the one where they send the injured kids to the Arnold Palmer childrens hospital? ~ GSR/TWN ~ BLOODY RED WINE NOTES: Basically, Pinot is the queen of wines, and cab is the king of wines. ~ The one being more tasty and seductive. ~ The other being more strong and noble. ~ And usually ages more handsomely than the first prettier one. ~ Which tends to be too sensitive at times. ~ NUMBERS NOTES: Here is Jennifer Aniston having a really good time with that handsome tv series actor named Jack in SIDEWAYS, at: ~ Which ended about 11 years go. ~ PS STEVE HUGHES: There is a reason why you look like that tall Jewish guy who co-wrote and directed SIDEWAYS. ~ Think LAST TANGO IN PARIS meets THERE WILL BE BLOOD at: ~ Note the above 00:10 time-stamp.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We know that SIDEWAYS is a 50/50 ten virgins Greek wedding thing when Miles buys a BARELY LEGAL magazine and some '55' box of something next to a '5lbs' jug item at the point-of-purchase checkout counter. ~ As confirmed by Monday's next chapter [Reading, PA] theme at the end; which was a "...we'll pick up there." debate prophecy, circa 2016. ~ Regarding that fraudulant conservative religion [George Bush] Baptist church bus that got sideways and flipped over on it's side on Monday, at: ~ Which had come from the HOMELAND PARK church because homeland security will be the next big thing that puts Donald Trump over the top; after SCREAM 5 comes out in time for Halloween season; talk about the proverbial 'October surprise'. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DEBATE NOTES: Cat napping on 9.25 at 8:09 pm, the distinct voice of Donald Trump woke me up and said, "Do me a favor..." Then I had a flash vision of Miles' short balding hair falling out in chunks. ~ I wasn't planning on mentioning it; but I just now noticed today's new posting time-stamp. ~ Shit. ~ You don't know the half of it. ~ IT NOTES: Now we know why that political circus clown with a haircut who is still running the FBI never did anything about Obama posting a fraudulent document on an official government web site. ~ "I don't care where Barack Obama was born. It's a felony to put up a fraudulent document on a federal web site." Sheriff Joe Arpaio. ~ FFING NOTES: My trout fishing buddy from Michigan is now saying this, at: ~

Monday, September 26, 2016


NBC's SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE after hours show has chosen to open season 42 with that intriguing babe from the mean streets in SUICIDE SQUAD. ~ I can't remember her name, nor have I ever seen the television show. ~ Or is it some new Internet social media movie? ~ Boy, how things have changed; and so quickly. ~ No wonder THE WAY WE WERE is such a romantic timeless Greek tragedy about me and Jennifer Aniston becoming best friends forever and ever after WWIII, at: ~ And most of today's Hollywood movies and TV shows are crap. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: The reason why Lehi, Utah has become the new hot spot on the map was foretold in the FOOTLOOSE movie prophecy; co-starring Kevin Bacon, at:

Sunday, September 25, 2016


The MARLINS' star pitcher from Cuba died at sea in an immovable jetty crash on the same day that Seattle's SEA TIMES published a special front page series on Cuba. ~ In corroboration of the Jet City's owner of the WAPO newspaper in Mount Vernon, DC. ~ Which report was pushed to the bottom fold due to that Muslim Turkey shooter in Washington's Mount Vernon area. ~ "You don't understand freedom." Jose Fernandez, no.16, quoting Ted Cruz. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RATINGS NOTES: People are betting that Monday night's debate ratings will beat that Monday night football game down at the end of the 1290 days river in DAN.12. ~ It will be interesting to see what the score is. ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: The JETS' former safety Kelley Rhodes crashed his car into Miles' SEA CREST apartment building when I was screening this road movie about President Trump. ~ According to: ~ Which ends with Jack not wearing his safety belt when he rams Miles' old high-miles red SAAB into a big old white oak tree. ~ 42" baseball bats are made out of hardword oak, yada yada. ~ In the above movie, Jack sprays his DAN.2 feet with some kind of a toxic chemical. ~


The far out idea that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii is like flying a CESSNA 120 to the moon and back again, like at: ~ Note the enclosed Mount Vernon context location just south of the Egyptian eye buffalo [NY] seduction scenario in SIDEWAYS when things start to go south. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ON THE SIDE NOTES: I really don't mind it whenever my no.12 wife Sienna Miller sincerely feels inspired by Jesus to do a little FFING missionary work on the side. ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ THE BIRTH OF A NATION NOTES: The reason why birtherism is the only thing that matters right now in American politics is ISAIAH 11 meets REVELATION 11. ~ When Judha will no longer vex Ephraim. ~ And Ephraim will no longer be envious of Judha. ~

Saturday, September 24, 2016


Somehow a charter bus from Chinatown got sideways on Saturday and slammed into a big oak tree on HWY.41 north of Oakhurst, CA in Madera County, due east of Rt.49's Mormon Bar at: ~ On the same day that they caught that Islamic shooter from Turkey in Oak Harbor, Washington; as in Washington's Mount Vernon, in Washington, DC. ~ Even the same day that the prince in DANIEL spoke at the opening dedication of the SMITHSONIAN's Africanized American museum. ~ Per this prophetic video by the prince that features the Hawaiian volcano of the abomination of desolation at: ~ Note the CASCADES MALL setting in this 1998 made song that opens with the words "Bring it." ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: In the opening act of the President Donald Trump prophecy SIDEWAYS, Miles declares that he just "...stopped caring." about political correctness. ~ As Jack pops open his precious rare bottle of bubbly celebration that they don't even make anymore. ~ Which also represents my own expensive $104,000,000 GOLDMEMBER top that tastes like an amber strawberry penis at their first winery stop. ~ Where they get served by the owner operater himself. ~ Who obviously is a Donald Trump type small businessman supporter. ~ Who resembles and represents Willie Nelson and his boys in the band.


Dude, there is a reason why you look like a monkey from outer space, and your scarey looking spawn look like underaged transsexul weirdos. ~ So rather than make threats about Donald Trumps' conquering white Holy Grail voters in 2016; why not step up to the plate and own it? ~ Have some fun with it. ~ Obviously, God has put you into the place where you are now for a reason. ~ In order to help the Jews finally understand and accept the differences between the Lamanites and the Nephites in the BM. ~ And by extention, that false Mormon prophet who gave the negro the higher priesthood in the swinging 1970s was such a lovable little short guy. ~ Who just wanted to make everybody feel good and love one another. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JIM CAREY: The loving God of northern Israel is letting the devil bitch slap you pretty hard right now because of the hogwash that you promoted in I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS. ~ And then after that, you moved to the Village and started playing like Andy Warhol. ~ I understand. ~ Sometimes we creative geniuses have too much talent, and too much money to burn for our own good. ~ Simply because we are better than most other people or persons. ~ So we get a little bit bored and frustrated and start to do some pretty crazy things. ~ Which is never an excuse to become a bad person. ~ Like in "...I know I'm a bad person." SIDEWAYS. ~ Or as it says somewhere in the Bible, "God is no respecter of persons." ~ GET WITH IT LINKS: For starters see and hear: ~ AND: ~ And all of you older fuckers from the MTV 80s never thought that Donald Trump had a snowball's chance in hell to become elected the next President of the USA on November 8, 2016. ~

Friday, September 23, 2016


Now that the cards are on the table, let's have a little fun and run with it. ~ For Christ's sake, most of the old Jewish men who are still running Hollywood behind the scenes are only one doctor's appointment away from having terminal prostate cancer. ~ So what do you got to lose boys? ~ Jesus, your average motion picture takes ten years to make these days. ~ How about we do something else in the [boring as hell] meantime just for the shits and giggles? ~ IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! ~ Cue the saxophones and the trumpets. ~ I'm thinking Donald Trump is the opening season host, with Barbara Streisand as the special musical guest. ~ Then we do a couple skits starring both of them, directed respectively by Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. ~ Hey, why not go out with a bang? ~ Besides, "I own your ass!!" says the buck naked Donald Trump voter at the end of SIDEWAYS. ~ "Vive le difference!.. Vive le France!! France is for the French!!!" LAST TANGO IN PARIS II&III, circa October, 2027. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 2BC NOTES: All of today's DC 86 leaders are going to be hunted down and murdered, one by one, by various lone wolf assassins. ~ Because of what they have done to America; not to mention the Republican Party Mormon church in Utah. ~ You kill Jesus, Jesus kills you. ~ TIME LINE NOTES: David Lynch's MULHOLLAND DR. was the basic LOST HIGHWAY 101 inspiration behind those two guys of Judha and Ephraim staying at the WINDMILL in SIDEWAYS. ~

Thursday, September 22, 2016


The violent rioting and chaos erupted in the African Congo at the same time that the niggers started doing the same thing in today's Africanized America. ~ Ergo, the liars on the left claim that Obama was born in America. ~ When in fact all we white people who know how to read know that he was born in Africa. ~ Hence, the SAAB crashed into the white oak that they use for making white wine in SIDEWAYS. ~ And we see the red car driving along the freeway with all of those 911 jet airplanes in the background. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WAPO DC NOTES: That newspaper owned by Seattle's Dr.Evil went after Snowden for a warning about those Russian hackers who have some of Hillary's deleted emails. ~ PS TRUMP: More vanilla wedding cake with white frosting, less chocolate wedding cake with brown frosting. ~ PS BRAD: God inspired Angelina to break up with you at this particular election season time because HE wants the people to start thinking more about the prophetic elements in THE BREAKUP follow up to the RISKY BUISNESS prophecy. ~ Which happened at the same time that my own crazy French prepschool wife left me in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II&II. ~ Now my handlers in Hollywood are telling me that you would make a more believable older dude fucking two nearly legal babes in the ass at the same time in these two sequals. ~ Plus, they are also now insinuating that we would have to find a way to squeeze Bill Murray into our two sequals to THE BIG LEBOWSKI if we ever hope to get the money for it. ~ Jesus. When will it ever end. ~ Talk about being stuck in development hell.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


ROSEMARY'S BABY died in a handicapped zone car accident up in [1290] Danbury, Conn on the same day that the film's prophetic anima figure was down in Orlando, Florida pushing for more 666 social media style fascist justice for people who are still stuck in their FDR era wheelchairs. ~ In confirmation of the SAAB in SIDEWAYS that runs into that huge immovable oak tree of lost Israel featured on the face of today's commemorative Connecticut coins. ~ This being the same idea in THE DARJEELING LIMITED about today's new age globalist Republicans like George Bush Jr. and Mitt Romney. ~ Hence, after Miles finishes off his 1961 bottle of red wine in a chocolate milkshake cup that bears Barack Obama's future 2008 campaign sun logo. ~ We see that UN basketball globe in the classroom. ~ Where the teacher is still just fucking up all of his prepschool kids with his elite liberal private school JUCO negativity. ~ GSR/TWN ~ LINKS: For starters, see: ~ Then Google the meaning of the Biblical name 'Thaddeus'. ~ APRIL 26 NOTES: This date refers to the initial 70 weeks period of President Donald Trump in DAN.9; when the wall will be built; and the road will be repaired; during very "troubleous times". ~ PS GLENN BECK: "More beautiful young women, less ugly old women." THE LOVE GURU:II&III. ~


SIDEWAYS' fall season scenes include a future 2016 Donald Trump [THE NOVEMBER MAN] voter; wearing Scotish tartan and a cowboy hat; walking along the sidewalk of some little lost tribes of Israel Tudor village in California's red wine country. ~ Complete with Trump's official campaign logo USA flag flying next to those white sheet red cross KKK flags featured in HARPER; costarring Paul Newman and Jennifer Aniston's cone shaped sugar tits. ~ Right before all of the cards are put on the table in REV.16:19; "...and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the [Sandra Oh] fierceness of his wrath." ~ Ergo, that white tow-truck father who dragged his little daughter around a WALMART in Cleveland, [Ohio] Texas was justified for doing it, at: ~ Then the police shot that disobedient nigger with who had an illegal unregistered gun in C/harlot/te, North Carolina. ~ Just because his surname was Scott. ~ In confirmation of that Clinton College bus getting sideways on I-74 near the Hamlet, N.C. border line of Scotland County, USA. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT: Less false government, more true religion. ~ You're not getting any younger you know. ~ PS HILLARY: More white frosting vanilla snow wedding cake, less dark chocolate negro wedding cake. ~ You are half right. ~ The hound dog whistles are now blowing loud and clear in all of those prophetic Elvis Presley hillbilly movies that were made in Hawaii during the swinging 1960s era of MLK and LBJ. ~ The King believed in your husband having more than one wife. ~ And you believe in it too; not that I would ever vote for you. ~ Mostly because you are a woman. ~ Plus, Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii too; which is a serious problem with most of the white folks in Tennessee; especially the men. ~

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Today's iconic George Bush Jr. cowgirl figure did his endorsment appearance with Hillary Clinton at the UN in confirmation of that similar deplorable scene in SIDEWAYS. ~ Where we see him on the TV while that fat Republican Party tow-truck slob is fucking his fat whore who is a waitress at some Texas style ribs joint in California's bloody red wine country. ~ And for a second witness, they put out that report about the Denton church lady waitress in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW at: ~ You spoof Jesus, Jesus spoofs you. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW BELIEVER NOTES: George W is featured at the end of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW in 1976; right before the surprise appearance of Donald Trump. ~ SIDEWAY NOTES: Right after Miles finishes off his precious 1961 bottle of Barack Obama's red wine label at some burger king joint, the film cuts to a gayish negro boy. ~ [The homosexual Obama still being in the closet.] ~ Who represents that negro boy virgin who died in the sideways Clinton College bus crash near Scotland County, North Carolina. ~ Which had originated from Rock Hill [Hillary] South Carolina. ~ Seems like the 2003 football season film SIDEWAYS just gets better and better with time. ~ Kind of like BUBBA HO-TEP and THE BOONDOCK SAINTS meets MOONWALKERS:II&III and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. ~ FULL DISCLOSURE NOTES: I will only have my business partner Paul Allen do a full on Hollywood Jew budget for my MOONWALKERS sequels if he agrees to make them into some kind of a crazy Ron Perlman and Mel Gibson cop buddies movie. ~ Seriously, the dude is already tired of his SEAHAWKS franchise; and is now looking for the next big thing that doesn't bore him anymore. ~ I'm thinking Mel and Ron play the new two-headed 007 BOND villain who squares off with that amazing new James Coburn spy look alike actor who is now making the audition rounds around Hollywood. ~ You cast me and give me a chance, I cast you and give you a chance. ~ And no, I AM is not talking about me. ~ I AM is talking about a physically transfigured Woody Norris from the San Diego area. ~

Monday, September 19, 2016


Did I say something? ~ AM I doing something wrong? ~ Or is it something that I did not say? ~ For Christ's sake, just Google 'Clinton College' for the images of that JUCO bus that got sideways after it's front left tire blew out; and the driver over corrected to the right; which then caused a left side impact with some immovable object on I-74. ~ Oh well, whatever. ~ Like Miles says in SIDEWAYS' 2004 prophecy about Donald Trump winning the Californication vote at 29:00, "Now the cards are on the table." ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JIMMY KIMMEL: I am not going to let you fuck this up for me this time around with all of your snarky sophomoric JUCO negativity. ~ Now it's my time to have a little fun and rub up against my younger teenager wives like the ones featured in the above movie's BARELY LEGAL magazine scenario. ~

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Reportedly, there are now at least ten billionaires who are building private rockets. ~ Per the basic idea in ALOHA that takes place in Barack Obama's adopted home state of Hawaii. ~ Hence that JUCO football players' bus getting sideways near Rocking/ham, North Carolina, just up from Hamlet on Hwy.74. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DENVER OMELETT RECEIPE: Your traditional greasy truck stop Denver omelett is made with chopped ham, chopped tomatoes, chopped green peppers&onions, and a slice of melted cheddar cheese inside. ~ Usually served up with a pile of fried potatoes on the side. ~ One could do a lot worse, if that is the only thing open all night along the lonely after hours highways of America. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Have you noticed that nobody in the JUCO league media has asked you anything yet about Donald Young? ~ Per: ~ EMMYS NIGHT NOTES: Tonight's golden EMMYS idol represents the Greek pagan godess of Mercury [theater] who has the wings of 666 electricity behind her powerfull forces of today's fascistic social media gagets. ~ Often times confused with the original woman on the American dime who was eventually replaced by the FDR dime. ~ Talk about two sides of the same coin. ~ DEBUNKED NOTES: The fact that Barack Obama was born in Kenya is proving to be just as hard to debunk as the fact that Bill Clinton is a rapist; who is still being protected by his wife Hillary Clinton and the Jewish media. ~ Put that in your mouth and pull the trigger. ~

Saturday, September 17, 2016


That bus crash carrying Clinton College JUCO league football players was confirmed later in the day by that garbage dumpster bomb in Chelsea. ~ It happening near the Scotland County, North Carolina line on it's way to a game with the God's Chosen Deciples JUCO team; meaning the moderate Jewish Republican caricature Donald Trump is God's chosen servant. ~ BFD. ~ The man likes to tell a joke and toss out a few one-liners every now and then. ~ It being the same day I watched my previously enjoyed copy of SIDEWAYS. ~ It ending with that big fat Greek Orthodox Church wedding. ~ Wherein that once amazingly delicious blood red [REV.14] 1961 born bottle of Barack Obama is now past it's peak; so we better uncork it now. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: In this inspired 2003 made movie, Sandra Oh plays Woody Allen's wife "Soony"; who soon gets realy pissed off and angry with his liberal bullshit JUCO society nonsense. ~ Typically, Asian women are more attracted to mature men. ~ As opposed to those immature school boys in ANNIE HALL meets MANHATTAN, etc. etc. ~ "My own wife doesn't even like to watch my movies." Woody Allen. ~ I'm not really a big fan of the sideways fuck. ~ Possibly because my own cock is not quite as big as Tom Brady's slightly deflated football at the end of SIDEWAYS, per: ~


People who believe in all that hogwash about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii are basically afraid of their own shadow, like at: ~ In other words, birtherism is for men, and anti birtherism is for girls with blond hair shampoo jobs. ~ You want to restore civility in politics? ~ Stop spreading the silly divisive gossip and the outright angry lies about the man with the strange looking tan who was born in east coast [USA] Africa. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STOP IT NOTES: Barack Obama has three perfectly legal and legitimate [three woes] birth certificate documents; the one originally published in the HONOLULU ADVERTISER newspaper; the one that his [Lake Washington, Seattle, Mercer Island African] mother used in her 1964 divorce filing; and the original one filed at the hospital where he was actually born in British Kenya, Africa, circa 8.4.61. ~ Where today's Crown Prince of England proposed marriage to his current wife in a little mountain log cabin in Kenya. ~ And reportedly she is now pregnant with twins. ~ Think Michael Medved meets the ghost of Rodger Ebert in Chicago on PBS meets NPR, circa 1986. ~

Friday, September 16, 2016


Barack Obama's last state of the union speech on January 20, 2016 marked the 42nd mouth after the Aurora, Colorado shooting in theater 9 at the REV.16 multiplex screening of BATMAN:13 on 7.20, 2012. ~ Mark my words, on November 8 it will be all over for the man with a tan who was born in Africa, and later became an Indonesian citizen with a college foreign aid degree in 666 law from HARVARD. ~ Ergo, the FBI's Mr.Comey director with the short haircut is not recommending prosecution of the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, just because he has posted a fraudulent document on an official government web site. ~ Hey, if it feels good do it. ~ Or if it doesn't feel good, then don't do it. ~ Whatever. ~ GSR/TWN ~ SNL SHADOW NOTES: I'm thinking we have Donald Trump stand up and declare once in for all that Barack Obama was born in America. ~ Then we do the traditional after hours mean streets surprise interruption that goes, "IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!" ~ Then we have the Donald himself walk out on the live theater stage with the opening line, "I was only joking... YOU'RE NOT FIRED!! ~ Remember, I got paid $115,000 for writing [the moderate Jewish Republican] Joan Rivers just ten one-liners like this back when she was hosting for Johnny Carson in the Reaganite 80s. ~ After that, it was all downhill and easy going. ~ Come on, I seriously doubt that even today's top SNL writers get paid that much; adjusted for inflation of course. ~


In the REV.11 prophecy about the two witnesses' LSD/LDS era, the 666 establishment's clownish denials and lies will go on non stop for 42 months about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen 31 FLAVORS icecream cone SS number. ~ Starting from the Divinely timed 'cutting time' of May 9, 2013, to the Divinely timed election day of November 8, 2016; when Donald Trump will become the next President of America. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MY OWN PRIVATE FISHING GUIDE NOTES: In October, the Inter [middle] Fork White River usually becomes as clear as gin; anywhere upstream from the Silver Springs Campground. ~ Sunrise Creek is usually a good bet for small 6" pan size trout too; if one has the energy to wade that far upstream along the fallen uprooted logs and thick huckleberrie bushes. ~ SEE: ~ PAN FRIED TROUT FIXINS: Trout fried up to a crisp in salty canned Canadian bacon grease is the best. ~ However, if you are kosher, a simple salty basil garlic butter melt with black pepper is even a better way to go. ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: Any above average pinot blanc that costs over $35 a bottle is going to flatter my above trout cookout fish fry. ~ And if you feel like getting really crazy with it, put a $100 bottle of it in your hiking backpack this fall. ~ Believe me you, the added weight will be worth it. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Loving your new off Broadway NBC/SNL stage comedy act; "Sometimes a girl has to be naughty..." Keira McDonald-Knightley, at Mr.Wonderful's Hoover Dam scene in DOMINO. ~ PS KEIRA: God only knows what it is with you. ~ Is it your sexy wide shoulders and virgin teenager boy titties? ~ Or is it your really long legs and perfect size FFING ass? ~ Which always drives me crazy and makes me want to eat out your pussy every time that I see your latest new publicity pix for your latest film festival movie. ~ And don't even get me started on Carey Mulligan; which is a whole other problem in and of itself. ~

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Here IS what happens after you make a big deal about hanging people up on meathooks who disagree with me and the King of England. ~ All of a sudden, everyone likes you, and wants to hang out with you. ~ Like at; ~ AND: ~ AND ~ ~ Stick a fork in the November turkey roast already to see if it is done. ~ Been there done that already. ~ By the by, I know. ~ I still do have a pretty nice cock and ass job tool for that fat guy in THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:II&III. ~ "I have a prostate the size of an Idaho potato, [on the left stage back of my head] but I'm still a pretty good stick man." Marlon Brando in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II&111. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: I'm not asking you, I'm telling you. ~ I want to make my own private remakes of ALFIE:II&III costarring Sienna Miller, like at: ~ You leave me standing on the edge in the opening to THE WOMAN IN RED, I cast you in the same role. ~ So you might as well just hand over all of your surplus tithing monies right now, and noboby gets hurt in the process. ~ That goes for you too Bill Gates and Steven Bean. ~ Don't think that I don't know that you two were best buddy classmates in high school in 1968. ~ I know everything. ~ I see everything. ~ Nothing gets past me. ~ I hear all evil gossip. ~ I see all evil gossip. ~ I speak all evil gossip. ~ PS PAUL GARRISON: There is a little river that runs along the southwest side of HWY.410 in MT.RAINIER NATIONAL PARK that is still in pretty good shape for a little bit of native cutthroat trout flyfishing. ~ By that, I mean it's clear-as-gin water levels are still high enough and cold enough because they are mostly sourced by underground glacial ice melts. ~ Plus, you do not even need a Washington State trout fishing license. ~ Because there is no state regulation fishing season in the federal park lands; ergo no dear hunting season. ~ Which means that we can be there during late October and early November; without any risk of being shot by some crazy trigger-happy post 2016 election season deer hunter. ~


Here IS what happens after you make a big deal about hanging people up on meathooks who disagree with the King of England at; ~ AND: ~ AND ~  ~

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


The day after I finished watching PORKY'S depiction of a high school [GREASE II] character nicknamed 'Meat', who apparently had an uncircumcised cock the size of Florida, that new video from IS came out that showed them hanging their enemies up on meat hooks. ~ Like it or not. ~ This kind of shit does happen in the real world of Dick Cheney. ~ No matter what Obama er all in the childish Jew boy media would like us to not think about. ~ "I have started to read the NEW YORK TIMES every morning because I want to become more smart..." Howard Stern, circa 2003. ~ GSR/TWN ~


I watched PORKY'S on 9.11 because it is Howard Stern's all time favorite movie. ~ Wherein I get into a fist fight with some slightly bigger guy who plays Frank Di Amore; who I knocked down two times on the high school basketball court at Roosevelt High School in north Seattle. ~ Once for Judah, once for Ephraim. ~ [Frank was from San Diego, where much of the 1981 movie was shot.] ~ In confirmation of the darkish swamp waters in Florida smelling like shit after Hurricane Hermine. ~ And now the 'Julia' storm is about to flood Julia Roberts' home state of Georgia, and back up their sewer systems to boot. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PSYCHOLOGICAL NUDITY NOTES: That big buck negro with a bloody machete in PORKY'S love shack scenario represents Barack Obama coming down on the naked white boys in the Bible Belt south. ~ Because in the Bible the word 'nakedness' means sin. ~ TIFF NOTES: Do any of those old socialist Jews who made the PORKY'S movies have anything happening on the has-been side-market at this year's film festival in Toronto? ~ Seriously. ~ I would like to see a screening of whatever it is. ~ "...maybe I can do something with it." Orson Welles. ~ N WORD NOTES: More and more, it is looking like this year's NFL season is going to be a yuuge heroic BONANZA retro TV series of priceless non stop 24/7 publicity, and very lucrative pay-or-play 24/7 advertising deals; all in favor of Donald Trump, 24/7. ~

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


"WOMAN HIT BY FLYING CATFISH!!" is just the latest example of how the NEW YORK POST has become a better read than that fish wrapper newspaper that the senile old gray ladies still read on the upper west side, at: ~ [Note the Greek vase museum context location.] ~ Obviously, all of those conspiracy theories about Bill and Hillary's political enemies dying off at just the right time have become vindicated. ~ And of course, Barack Obama is not even a US citizen. ~ Get it? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JULIA: Let me know when you finally get tired of looking so old. ~ And now you're thinking about going for a rather younger MYSTIC PIZZA meets SHAMPOO swingers look, like at: ~ PS MIKE: Dr.Evil just exposed his latest huge screen test rocket project. ~ Could be a sign from g-d that now you get to finally make AP:IV on a full sized Hollywood Jew budget. ~ Just for the shits and giggles of course; like who even gives a shit anymore if it makes one dime in profit at the box office. ~ "I make that much money in one day." Elton John. ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: Your underaged virgin son is really starting to look sexy and handsome these days. ~ Better keep him away from all of those homosexual pop culture predators out there in such movies as AMERICAN DREAMZ meets DEEP MICROPHONE. ~

Monday, September 12, 2016


God is making Hillary Clinton look ill because she originally comes from Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama's home state of Lincoln, Illinois. ~ As just confirmed by that negro burning house omen along the day 1290 river in Memphis, Egypt, USA. ~ Only hours after all of those sons of Ham in the NFL had disrespected Donald Trump's official USA campaign 2016 flag logo. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JULIA: In your own private Idaho state PRETTY WOMAN prophecy, you cast away all of your emotional baggage and ignorant political bigotry in order to help my friend and brother Donald Trump become a better man. ~ If you can do that for me too this time around, I will make you look just as marvelous as you did in the original Richard Gere [Buddhist] love guru movie. ~ What are fuck buddies for anyway? ~ You scratch my back, I scratch your back. ~ All is well that ends well in love and war. ~ Remember, you and I had a thing going on in Malibu at Charlize Theron's beach house in AMERICAN GIGOLO; not to mention MYSTIC PIZZA. ~ Back when you had that amazing full head of hair, like at: ~ And you were not afraid to look me in the eye and tell it like it is. ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: How about a reality TV show on the Internet that takes place on an amazingly restored vintage 51' sailboat in Marin County? ~ Wherein the show dares to go beyond the place in time and space where it all didn't have to happen in THE GRADUATE. ~ I know, they already did that in BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. ~ However, that iconic indie film did not get the widespread distribution deal that it deserved. ~ BFD, a certain amount of inner city sex perverts saw it and loved it. ~ Even the same old same old ones who are still trying to prop up Hillary Clinton and make her look sexy and attractive to this day. ~ Meanwhile, you and me are already lineing up the barely legal talent to star in THE BIG LEBOWSKI's uncensored series. ~ You betcha, I do have the kind of money that it takes to make that kind of thing happen now. ~

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Don't believe half of what you see on TV these days, including FOX; the original anti birtherism never Trump channel. ~ Ergo, Hillary fainted on 911 in confirmation of the two witnesses prophecy in 2 NEPHI 8 about the faint hearted Mitt Romney who would rather vote for her than him. ~ Much like in that Park City, Utah inspired movie entitled CITIZEN KANE. ~ Wherein the FDR era communist Jew media took him down by exposing his numerous scandals involving; adultery, child pornography, tax cheating, negro adoption child slavery, animal abuse racism, and yes, clean cut type Brad Pitt homosexual [married family man hypocrite] tendencies. ~ GSR/TWN ~ AM RADIO NOTES: In movies like MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets LOGAN'S RUN, the AM radio is a prophetic metaphor for the one who calls himself "I AM". ~ Wherein the main protagonist is a tall blond man. ~ "The nice thing about radio is, they pay you in cash." Says Orson Welles as he hands out his burning Lincoln dollar bills that represent the dark thin man in DAN.9 who turns out to be my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy. ~ LOVE GURU QUOTES: "Don't worry, be happy." ~ PS RL JR: So your son wants to become a physically transfigured filmmaker in the near future. ~ I'll make a few calls and get back to you. ~ I know that you don't need the principle photography money. ~ However, casting is a whole other issue. ~ THE NICE THING ABOUT IT NOTES: Hillary Clinton is still not sick enough to drop out of the race and let Joe Biden take over in time until it is too late ~ Think WEEKEND AT BERNIES; wherein they keep propping him/her up so that he/she still looks like she/he is still alive and well. ~ IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!

Saturday, September 10, 2016


I can't remember exactly how I got it. ~ But I do remember that the first time I listened to my radio nostalgia series cassette tape of Orson Welles' THE SHADOW was when I was driving my 1979 powder blue OLDS down to LA on I-15 southeast of Sandy Valley, Nevada, northwest of Crescent Peak; along the Scottish MCCULLOUGH RANGE's highlander mountains just out of a small place called Jean. ~ But now that I think about it. ~ I probably got the tape as a premium gift for subscribing to some east coast magazine back in the 80s. ~ Yes, I'm pretty sure that's right. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS HILLARY: You have been involved in a committed polygamist open marriage situation for some 50 years now. ~ Get real. Lose the left-wing third-way fascism. ~ Clean up your pop culture bullshit act. ~ You're too old for that crap. ~ Become born again and baptised into the born again LSD church in Utah. ~ You do have a friend in Jesus. ~ And friends don't let friends drink and drive. ~ PS JEFF: Less queer in the bad sense of the word. ~ More queer in the good sense of The Word, at ~ Yeah I know. ~ This is some pretty strange shit that is pretty hard for most people to take; whether they like it or not. ~ I love you man. ~ PS CARA MIA: In my world, you get to keep your physically transfigured Ornella Fresh look alike girlfriend in MOONSTRUCK, etc. and you get to fuck her husband too, like at: ~ What are friends for anyway? ~
I pay for everything. ~ You make me my everything. ~


Donald Trump is going to win the election on November 8. ~ "Big wow!.. Didn't see that one coming."  Rob Reiner, looking like Nyle Smith in ALL IN THE FAMILY, circa 1986, Provo, Utah meets Queens, NY. ~ Oh well, all is well that ends well, at: ~ "It's not gonna end like this!" Says Mr. Hamlet Jr. in ME & ORSON WELLES ~ Sorry Charlie. ~ Shit happens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FEEL GOOD NOTES: In Mike Myers' remarkable 2008 prophecy about the Republican elephants taking over Bend, [over] Oregon again in 2016, entitled THE LOVE GURU, his basic message is, 'Feel good, don't feel bad'. ~ In other words, be a normal heterosexual person, not an abnormal homosexual pervet predator freak; mind over matter [flesh] and all that. ~ "You can be whoever, or whatever, you want to be. "Timothy Leary, 1967, per: ~ PS MICKEY ROURKE: Act like a man, and not like some woman with a nice new shampoo and tan job . ~The hour is late. ~ Same thing goes for you too Bruce Willis and Jay Leno. ~ Seriously, we now have about two months left to save today's Africanized America from the apostate Christian Baptist negros, and the athiest Democrat Party Jews, and their aging amoral middleaged homosexuals. ~ After that, we're talking about total absolute atomic bomb destruction and desolation if we do not reverse our present course. ~ Better to let ten million people die on the west coast, and the east coast, rather than kill off the entire country. ~

Friday, September 9, 2016


There will probably be some really bad luck happening before the semi live theater style SNL show opens on the NBC stage at 30 ROCK this fall; per the ME & ORSON WELLES prophecy made in early pre Obama 2008. ~ Wherein some "blond kid" replaces Mr. Hamlet at the end. ~ Because God Himself is running the show and paying for everything out of his own pocket. ~ He who pays the fiddler calls the tunes. ~ Sure, by late winter, early spring, 2008, people were beginning to hear about some lean & light skinned negro guy from Chicago with no real political experience; and no real USA birth certificate. ~ So the idea of him standing a chance against Hillary Clinton was still a pretty crazy idea. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JIM CAREY: I'm paddling my Canadian canoe on Crooked Lake, British Columbia as fast as I can. ~ I know, the new anti law & order white man [Jewish] craze is about ME MYSELF & IRENE. ~ Trust me, I will get around to it when the time is right. ~ KING DAVID NOTES: Here is a nice cowgirl outfit on my barely legal wife who likes to go square dancing with the stars at Letterman's dude ranch in Montana, at: ~ 41ST STREET THEATER NOTES: The above 2009 Turkey season movie release takes place on 41st for a Hwy.41_ time line context. ~ About when the likes of Brad Pitt and Michael Medved start to wake up and smell the coffee. ~ Whatever, note that the trumpets of Donald Trump start playing again when the MERCURY THEATER's sprinkler system turns on. ~ Because the latter-day-sants' dark priesthood prince in DANIEL 9 worships the 666 goddess of physical scientific forces in the San Francisco Bay area of Oakland, California.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


ME & ORSON WELLES ends in 2016 with that magical Greek President of America vase prophecy in all of those NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM movies. ~ After starting out with a medicine wheel wall portrait of the thin light skinned abomination of desolation's son of Ham at about 10:18 into it. ~ And then my sexy blond FFING Jewish wife refers to me as "Mr. Relfes'"  ~ While they hand-write in November 22 on the yellow MERCURY fliers. ~ Wherein the 2008 made movie happens right before, and right after, Donald Trump gets elected on November 8. ~ Per the film's special NAPOLEON DYNAMITE election season warning in the end to never trust that tall thin man with a light skin tan in DANIEL. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CITIZEN KANE LIGHTING PREVIEWS: Hillary Clinton's phoney progressive  political career suddenly implodes when the other [Brad Pitt] half who only watch CNN and FOX NEWS learn about her shadow husband's shadow career as a womanizer in the worse degree. ~ PS PITT: FOX was the original "never Trump" channel. ~ And the reason why you still don't know this is because you never listen to Rush Limbaugh. ~ More big Lebowski, less little Lebowski. ~ In other words, more after hours anticommunist midnight radio, less Howard Stern SPACEX satellite late night radio about winter-time UFOs and abominable snowman sightings in the Hymalayan Mountains. ~ PS SNL: Howard Stern is your only other chance for decent ratings on this season's guest host opener. ~ That is if you really do want a large cut of this fall season's cash money on the barrel; Italiano style. ~ PS TRUMP: Your 7 trumpets in REV.8.2, 2016, start to play, "...after two beats." in ME & ORSON WELLES right after the theater's [two matchsticks of Judah & Ephraim] cause the house fire sprinkles to go off and wreck everything. ~ "Bad luck happens." Woody Allen. ~

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Dude, I understand. ~ Even the Utah Mormons are going to be given an entire one year grace period to repent and become baptised again in places like Steven Fresh's luxurious backyard pool in Pepper Ridge, Sandy, Utah. ~ Kind of like what my X told me back in 1979, "I like you, but I don't love you." ~ Jesus, took me long enough. ~ In your typical plural wife situation, it is much more important that your many wives like and respect you; more than they think they love you. ~ Besides, most women don't know what they think away, so why worry about it? ~ GSR/TWN ~

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The nice thing about looking like Orson Welles did in the middle act of CITIZEN KANE, is that I don't have to end up looking like he does in the tragic ending of the third act. ~ And that goes for you too Mel Gibsin. ~ Just think of the possibilities. ~ Right now I AM is at the perfect age to start making my choice of Orson Welles remakes and sequals; starting from the end. ~ And then working backwards through his vast independent film catalogue to the beginning of his career in Chicago. ~ Kind of like Hugh Grant is now at the perfect age to do a really ripe package deal of sequels to FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL:II&III. ~ "In the end, everything will be restored to how it was in the beginning." Jesus Christ. ~ Dude, think about it. ~ You make millions in your two picture deal that mostly takes place in Scotland. ~ Where half of the time the writers and directors are sitting around scratching their asses as you go golfing. ~ GSR/TWN ~


When I finally become talk radio's after hours anticommunist [THE SHADOW] President of America this fall, you will know that I AM is on the verge of becoming the King of England. ~ One thing leads to another. ~ For example, every time that the 49ERS' negro team captain does not stand up and respect Donald Trump's official campaign logo flag; the tall white man with the blond hair job and Orange County tan gets another million dollars in free campaign advertising. ~ And the FEC and NYT er all just have to sit there and eat shit; and than lay back and take it up the ass and like it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NBC NOTES: The above Orson Welles FDR era radio show was a prelude to today's Bernie Sanders generation show SNL. ~ PS DAVID LETTERMAN: Don't be a stranger. ~ How about a reality TV show about rich kids from the east coast visiting your dude ranch in Montana? ~ Naturally, I'm talking about barely legal teenagers in skin-tight blue jeans riding on wild horses, like at: ~ Including flyfishing classes on your private trout pond conducted by a cast of celebrities; like Gwyneth Paltrow and Miley Cyrus. ~ Please. Get real. ~ You have to spend money to make money, yada yada. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: More fascism, less socialism. ~ Yeah, we know. ~ The low information idiots don't know that the two are the same thing. ~ But you have to do what you need to do in order to get elected in 2016. ~ THE JOY OF SEX NOTES: After 5 years, the new born virgin Ms Z is coming out with look alike publicity pix of her physically transfigured husband, at:

Monday, September 5, 2016


What? ~ Are you some kind of an insane posse clown? ~ How else are they supposed to open this season's premier of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE this fall? ~ Call me crazy. ~ Just don't call me late for dinner. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ALEC BALDWIN: Meet my friend Val Kilmer at: ~ More younger wives who like to swing, less older 1960s generation wives who have forgotten how to have a swinging time. ~ Of all people, you should know this by now. ~ But there you are. ~ Still hanging out in the East Village of Hillary Clinton er all, with the likes of Jim Carrey and Micky Rourke. ~

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Guess who will be blowing on Trump's horn this fall. ~ Really. No shit. See: ~ Talk about GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER meets CAR WASH in DC 58. ~ In other words, those 10% negros who vote for the rich Don Juan will be getting their hands his tithing money. ~ And the other 90% who vote for that ugly looking crooked old witch of the west coast and east coast will just continue to get the same old butt kiss. ~ Ergo, that swarm of bees that just invaded the Cerritos, LAmanite area next to Hawaiian Gardens. ~ For the abomination of desolation from Hawaii in AMOS 6 and MARK 13:14. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DENNIS WOOD: You are meant to be the example unto your own people now. ~ Because you so graciously let me overstay my welcome and crash on your sofa for an extra week in Venice Beach during the special 1260 days period of the two witnesses. ~ So now you get to have that Internet series acting gig that Jesus promised to you. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ What the hell. ~ You want to do CAR WASH:II&III only and if you can get Spike Lee to direct and write it on a full size big screen retro 70s Hollywood Jew money budget? ~ Fuck it. Why not. Throw in Taratino as the car wash owner whose adopted son is played by Justin Beiber; and I'm pretty sure that we could put something together. ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: AMOS 6 is a future warning to EZE.38 Israel, not Judah. ~ And most of the Lamanites who were cursed with a dark skin in the BM were of Joseph. ~ That said, some of them do have a significant amount of Judah in their blood line; such as Selena Gomez. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: I speak for you and your citizen campaign to become President in 2016 at about 1:04:44 into the ME & ORSON WELLES prophecy; which was made back when Barack Obama was running for president in 2008. ~ See:


The seven trumpets of Donald Trump start playing after their half hour of silence in REV.8:2. ~ Which are represented by that muted trumpet player in the secret underground LAmanite temple in the after hours in MULHOLLAND DR. ~ As in the inspired thematic surprise opening act on SNL that always goes, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!! ~ Oh the tears of joy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: A half hour in heaven is less than 21 years in earth time. ~ Therefore, starting from 7.3, 8.2, 9.16, yada yada in 1996, that would be about the time when Trump is elected President, and when he becomes officially inaugurated with his  left hand placed on top of the Bible, and his right arm to the square, DANIEL 12 style. ~ PROGRAMMING NOTE: Probably the only other one who could haul in a $billion$ in free publicity on SNL's opening night season, besides Donald Trump and Woody Allen, is Matt Drudge. ~ If all else fails to happen right now; I would go for PLAN B PRODUCTIONS' Brad Pitt. ~ Otherwise, nobody older than 40 will even bother to tune into the once cutting-edge NBC network show. ~ FUCK ME NOW JESSE NOTES: Puffy Combs just endorsed Donald Trump's blond hair shampoo job for President!! ~ What's next? ~ John Waters tweets that for the first time in his life he is going to vote Log Cabin Republican? ~ PS SPIKE LEE: I will slip in a little something extra special for you and the boys on the backside if you agree to come out in favor of Donald Trump for President; a.k.a. Daddy Warbucks. ~ I know that you personally don't need the money. ~ However, you could always use it to help out all of your neighbors, friends, and family who actually do need it. ~ I get it. ~ You niggers only vote for the one with the money. ~ "That's what I'm talking about..." NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ What are friends for anyway? ~ I don't kill you. ~ You don't kill me. ~ And everyone goes home fat and happy. ~ Like in DO THE RIGHT [WING] THING meets your typical Greek ANIMAL HOUSE fraternity movie entitled SCHOOL DAZE, at: ~

Saturday, September 3, 2016


It's looking more and more like Donald Trump will be the opening premier season guest host for SNL this fall. ~ I know, it's pretty damn hard to look at a $$ billion $$ in free publicity cash just lying there on the writers' conference table right in front of you without helping yourself to some of it. ~ So what if I'm wrong. ~ Since the entire opening season after hours show is going to be all Trump, all the time. ~ You bet your sweet ass darling; even when I am wrong, I AM is twice as right by half. ~ Besides, what's the next most possible option that could generate that kind of big money heat? ~ Woody Allen gets the gig? ~ Yeah, right. ~ GSR/TWN ~ WHITE MAN NOTES: This Sabbath morning's 5.6 White Horse Prophecy Pentecostal shakers sign happened near [Dick] Morrison, Oklahoma in the Jewish pawn shop area of Pawnee County; near the negro's Black Bear Creek right there. ~ The bear being a furry relative of the pig. ~ PS MS FOX: Keep standing up and speaking out in church with your mysterious undecipherable GSR/TWN posting tongues about today's Sodom and Egypt situation. ~ Sooner or later, someone in your local LA church congregation will post his inspired translations of what Jesus is saying through you on the Internet. ~ PS JC: Is it OK if I crash on your sofa for a few weeks in the East Village this fall? ~ While I await my British Virgin Islands diplomat passport and drivers license to come through. ~ Which will allow me to enter Canada and France er all anytime I feel like it on my own private G6 without having to answer to any of their pesty [birth certificate] email questions about back taxes and back child support payments. ~ When I AM  becomes the King of England, I do what I want. ~ You do what I say. ~ Otherwise you have no promise. ~

Friday, September 2, 2016


Some 23 year-old guy named Jesus, who looks like a his/panic Spike Lee, just ran over the latest white-as-rice poster girl for foolish middle aged woman who support Hillary Clinton in Color/ado, as reported at: ~ Think SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT. ~ Whereas in America we say, 'You gonna get it.' and in England they often say, 'You're gonna have it.' ~ Oh well, you say tomato, I say tomatoe. ~ You say transgender, I say transsexual. ~ Or as the mighty line goes in THE BIG LEBOWSKI, "Don't fuck with The Jesus!" on any given Wednesday night. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JT: You will never know where the love is until you understand where the hate is. ~ There needs be an opposition to all things. ~ For example, your new BLACK LIVES MATTER music video is fundamentally racist from a Marxist point of view, at:  ~ Therefore, more and more white people who know this are starting to dislike all of those crazy niggers out there now, more than ever; thank you my beloved negro sidekick monkey boy Barack Obama. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ Ergo, the colored people of the prince in DAN.9 will go to war against the more righteous white saints in REV.12 after Donald Trump becomes President. ~ Remember, that sainted Mother Mary figure with child in the original BLUES BROTHERS movie warns the kids like you about having, "...bad attitudes." ~ ILLUMINATI CONSPIRACY THEORY NOTES: The latter-day-saints prophecy about Donald Trump becoming President in winter time, 2016/2017 called THE SHINING, has certain secret thematic email communication connections with the EYES WIDE SHUT prophecy. ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The half hour of silence in heaven in REV.8:1 is about 21 years. ~ I.e. from around 1996 to 2016/17, give or take.

Thursday, September 1, 2016


FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN's Hermine storm made a bullseye on Franklin County's St.George Sound region for President George Albert Smith's vision of a Greek becoming President of America in 2016 meets 2017. ~ In confirmation of those Greeks who threw a football through James Bond's Westwood, LA apartment [MICROSOFT] window right after he got back from Bernie Sanders' Berlin at the Tom Bradley [Brady for Trump] terminal at LAX. ~ Having barely escaped from the new 666 beast that his sexy lover still worships in the form of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES ON A SCANDAL: Hermine hit Florida on the same day the Israeli made satellite for FACEBOOK, named AMOS-6, exploded on the FALCON-9 no.40 launch pad. ~ While the foolish virgin Zuckerberg was waiting for it all to happen and pop open the champaigne on the Sabbath's next day in Tarzan's Republican elephant stampede country. ~ Not a good sign. ~ "Ye which rejoice in a thing of nought..." AMOS 6:13. ~ Oh yeah, Frankenstein is a typical Jewish surname. ~ No kidding, practically every other doctor listed in the New York phone book is Jewish. ~ And it goes without saying that 90% of them vote Democrat. ~ Which is why all of those Pennsylvannian German Nazi doctors in WW II terminated around 6,666,666 of them during America's Communist Jew FDR period in INGLORIOUS BASTARDS meets A BRIDGE TOO FAR. ~ PS JENNIFER LAWERENCE: The marred servant's lover in FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN miraculously transforms into a physically transfigured woman who looks like you in the third act. ~ With hints of my exwife Laurence Pierson, circa 1974, BYU Provo. ~ PS BRAD PITT: More acting, less reacting. ~ "Welcome home Mr.Relf... New information has come to light!" THE BIG LEWBOWSKI: II&III. ~ PS LL: The nice thing about indie filmmaking is; you show up; we squeeze you into my vintage 51' sailboat FFer sex scenes; you get paid 1k in cash on the barrel on a daily bases; everyone goes home happy at the end of the day. ~ All expenses paid of course; including first class airfair tickets and 5 star hotel accommodations at the Saint Francis Mission for the homeless in San Francisco. ~ Just kidding. ~ You can stay with me and my underaged girlfriends on my restored vintage Hollywood 91' yacht for free. ~ Just as long as you don't stir up any trouble with the rest of the cast and crew. ~ Remember, it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel. ~ PS PAUL NESTOR: I can do TOUCH OF EVIL: II right now if that is what you need to see as some kind of screen test proof, like at: ~


Woody Norris likes to open his lectures on futurism at MIT with the mighty line, "Nothing has been invented yet." ~ Ergo, there are still no new inventions out there that have discredited or disproven Larry Sinclairs' small [REV.10] book about Barry Obama being behind the execution style second story murder of Donald Young in Chicago on 12.23 because he could not keep his mouth shut. ~ Not to mention Sheriff Joe's iron clad report on Obama's computer generated birth certificate and stolen Social Security number. ~ Which begs the question; who is going to drop dead and die next? ~ The Scotish John McCain or the Scotish Donald Trump? ~ "A house divided can not stand!!" Hillary Clinton quoting Senator McCain. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WOODY: Right now I'm about half way through 1967's futuristic FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN at: ~ Note the enclosed birthday girl time stamp. ~