Thursday, September 29, 2016


It happened during the Howard Stern show for a reason. ~ When about 100 people were injured in that now typical black&white New Jersey cow train wreck in confirmation of Jack telling Miles that we should already be a hundred miles away from Brentwood, LA by now in SIDEWAYS. ~ But no way José. ~ We're still here; and still being forced to watch SNL reruns posing as exciting new season cutting edge comedy. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TRUMP: You're welcome. ~ Say what you will about us half ass Jews. ~ We do know how to keep a favor; no matter how big or how small. ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: That DENNYS breakfast scene inspired by MULHOLLAND DR. was just confirmed by Naomi Watts' irreversible 50 ways decision to leave her Jewish athiest Bernie Sanders supporter lover. ~ PS PITT: My Hollywood agent and manager wife Allison Roth has two ADAPTATION level screenplays lying on her desk right now that are just begging to have one of your under-paid assistants read them. ~ So how about you make the call and have one of your own PLAN B PRODUCTIONS employees go over there and respectfully ask her if you can read them on a strick 24 hours window option. ~ I mean no disrespect by this. ~ But I AM is the one who holds all of the cards right now. ~ Simply because I got enough money to do anything that I want to do; that is if the girls are young and pretty enough and have the acting chops. ~ BARELY LEGAL NOTES: Right now I have two pre-physical transfiguration retirement options. ~ Either I park my billions in cash money in the Bahamas; or I go down to the British Virgin Islands and do the same thing. ~ Either way I win, and Hillary Clinton loses. ~

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