Sunday, September 11, 2016


Don't believe half of what you see on TV these days, including FOX; the original anti birtherism never Trump channel. ~ Ergo, Hillary fainted on 911 in confirmation of the two witnesses prophecy in 2 NEPHI 8 about the faint hearted Mitt Romney who would rather vote for her than him. ~ Much like in that Park City, Utah inspired movie entitled CITIZEN KANE. ~ Wherein the FDR era communist Jew media took him down by exposing his numerous scandals involving; adultery, child pornography, tax cheating, negro adoption child slavery, animal abuse racism, and yes, clean cut type Brad Pitt homosexual [married family man hypocrite] tendencies. ~ GSR/TWN ~ AM RADIO NOTES: In movies like MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets LOGAN'S RUN, the AM radio is a prophetic metaphor for the one who calls himself "I AM". ~ Wherein the main protagonist is a tall blond man. ~ "The nice thing about radio is, they pay you in cash." Says Orson Welles as he hands out his burning Lincoln dollar bills that represent the dark thin man in DAN.9 who turns out to be my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy. ~ LOVE GURU QUOTES: "Don't worry, be happy." ~ PS RL JR: So your son wants to become a physically transfigured filmmaker in the near future. ~ I'll make a few calls and get back to you. ~ I know that you don't need the principle photography money. ~ However, casting is a whole other issue. ~ THE NICE THING ABOUT IT NOTES: Hillary Clinton is still not sick enough to drop out of the race and let Joe Biden take over in time until it is too late ~ Think WEEKEND AT BERNIES; wherein they keep propping him/her up so that he/she still looks like she/he is still alive and well. ~ IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!

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