Saturday, September 10, 2016


Donald Trump is going to win the election on November 8. ~ "Big wow!.. Didn't see that one coming."  Rob Reiner, looking like Nyle Smith in ALL IN THE FAMILY, circa 1986, Provo, Utah meets Queens, NY. ~ Oh well, all is well that ends well, at: ~ "It's not gonna end like this!" Says Mr. Hamlet Jr. in ME & ORSON WELLES ~ Sorry Charlie. ~ Shit happens. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FEEL GOOD NOTES: In Mike Myers' remarkable 2008 prophecy about the Republican elephants taking over Bend, [over] Oregon again in 2016, entitled THE LOVE GURU, his basic message is, 'Feel good, don't feel bad'. ~ In other words, be a normal heterosexual person, not an abnormal homosexual pervet predator freak; mind over matter [flesh] and all that. ~ "You can be whoever, or whatever, you want to be. "Timothy Leary, 1967, per: ~ PS MICKEY ROURKE: Act like a man, and not like some woman with a nice new shampoo and tan job . ~The hour is late. ~ Same thing goes for you too Bruce Willis and Jay Leno. ~ Seriously, we now have about two months left to save today's Africanized America from the apostate Christian Baptist negros, and the athiest Democrat Party Jews, and their aging amoral middleaged homosexuals. ~ After that, we're talking about total absolute atomic bomb destruction and desolation if we do not reverse our present course. ~ Better to let ten million people die on the west coast, and the east coast, rather than kill off the entire country. ~

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