Friday, September 2, 2016


Some 23 year-old guy named Jesus, who looks like a his/panic Spike Lee, just ran over the latest white-as-rice poster girl for foolish middle aged woman who support Hillary Clinton in Color/ado, as reported at: ~ Think SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT. ~ Whereas in America we say, 'You gonna get it.' and in England they often say, 'You're gonna have it.' ~ Oh well, you say tomato, I say tomatoe. ~ You say transgender, I say transsexual. ~ Or as the mighty line goes in THE BIG LEBOWSKI, "Don't fuck with The Jesus!" on any given Wednesday night. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JT: You will never know where the love is until you understand where the hate is. ~ There needs be an opposition to all things. ~ For example, your new BLACK LIVES MATTER music video is fundamentally racist from a Marxist point of view, at:  ~ Therefore, more and more white people who know this are starting to dislike all of those crazy niggers out there now, more than ever; thank you my beloved negro sidekick monkey boy Barack Obama. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ Ergo, the colored people of the prince in DAN.9 will go to war against the more righteous white saints in REV.12 after Donald Trump becomes President. ~ Remember, that sainted Mother Mary figure with child in the original BLUES BROTHERS movie warns the kids like you about having, "...bad attitudes." ~ ILLUMINATI CONSPIRACY THEORY NOTES: The latter-day-saints prophecy about Donald Trump becoming President in winter time, 2016/2017 called THE SHINING, has certain secret thematic email communication connections with the EYES WIDE SHUT prophecy. ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The half hour of silence in heaven in REV.8:1 is about 21 years. ~ I.e. from around 1996 to 2016/17, give or take.

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