Saturday, September 24, 2016


Somehow a charter bus from Chinatown got sideways on Saturday and slammed into a big oak tree on HWY.41 north of Oakhurst, CA in Madera County, due east of Rt.49's Mormon Bar at: ~ On the same day that they caught that Islamic shooter from Turkey in Oak Harbor, Washington; as in Washington's Mount Vernon, in Washington, DC. ~ Even the same day that the prince in DANIEL spoke at the opening dedication of the SMITHSONIAN's Africanized American museum. ~ Per this prophetic video by the prince that features the Hawaiian volcano of the abomination of desolation at: ~ Note the CASCADES MALL setting in this 1998 made song that opens with the words "Bring it." ~ GSR/TWN ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: In the opening act of the President Donald Trump prophecy SIDEWAYS, Miles declares that he just "...stopped caring." about political correctness. ~ As Jack pops open his precious rare bottle of bubbly celebration that they don't even make anymore. ~ Which also represents my own expensive $104,000,000 GOLDMEMBER top that tastes like an amber strawberry penis at their first winery stop. ~ Where they get served by the owner operater himself. ~ Who obviously is a Donald Trump type small businessman supporter. ~ Who resembles and represents Willie Nelson and his boys in the band.

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