Wednesday, September 21, 2016


SIDEWAYS' fall season scenes include a future 2016 Donald Trump [THE NOVEMBER MAN] voter; wearing Scotish tartan and a cowboy hat; walking along the sidewalk of some little lost tribes of Israel Tudor village in California's red wine country. ~ Complete with Trump's official campaign logo USA flag flying next to those white sheet red cross KKK flags featured in HARPER; costarring Paul Newman and Jennifer Aniston's cone shaped sugar tits. ~ Right before all of the cards are put on the table in REV.16:19; "...and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the [Sandra Oh] fierceness of his wrath." ~ Ergo, that white tow-truck father who dragged his little daughter around a WALMART in Cleveland, [Ohio] Texas was justified for doing it, at: ~ Then the police shot that disobedient nigger with who had an illegal unregistered gun in C/harlot/te, North Carolina. ~ Just because his surname was Scott. ~ In confirmation of that Clinton College bus getting sideways on I-74 near the Hamlet, N.C. border line of Scotland County, USA. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SCARLETT: Less false government, more true religion. ~ You're not getting any younger you know. ~ PS HILLARY: More white frosting vanilla snow wedding cake, less dark chocolate negro wedding cake. ~ You are half right. ~ The hound dog whistles are now blowing loud and clear in all of those prophetic Elvis Presley hillbilly movies that were made in Hawaii during the swinging 1960s era of MLK and LBJ. ~ The King believed in your husband having more than one wife. ~ And you believe in it too; not that I would ever vote for you. ~ Mostly because you are a woman. ~ Plus, Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii too; which is a serious problem with most of the white folks in Tennessee; especially the men. ~

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