Sunday, September 18, 2016


Reportedly, there are now at least ten billionaires who are building private rockets. ~ Per the basic idea in ALOHA that takes place in Barack Obama's adopted home state of Hawaii. ~ Hence that JUCO football players' bus getting sideways near Rocking/ham, North Carolina, just up from Hamlet on Hwy.74. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DENVER OMELETT RECEIPE: Your traditional greasy truck stop Denver omelett is made with chopped ham, chopped tomatoes, chopped green peppers&onions, and a slice of melted cheddar cheese inside. ~ Usually served up with a pile of fried potatoes on the side. ~ One could do a lot worse, if that is the only thing open all night along the lonely after hours highways of America. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Have you noticed that nobody in the JUCO league media has asked you anything yet about Donald Young? ~ Per: ~ EMMYS NIGHT NOTES: Tonight's golden EMMYS idol represents the Greek pagan godess of Mercury [theater] who has the wings of 666 electricity behind her powerfull forces of today's fascistic social media gagets. ~ Often times confused with the original woman on the American dime who was eventually replaced by the FDR dime. ~ Talk about two sides of the same coin. ~ DEBUNKED NOTES: The fact that Barack Obama was born in Kenya is proving to be just as hard to debunk as the fact that Bill Clinton is a rapist; who is still being protected by his wife Hillary Clinton and the Jewish media. ~ Put that in your mouth and pull the trigger. ~

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