Sunday, September 25, 2016


The MARLINS' star pitcher from Cuba died at sea in an immovable jetty crash on the same day that Seattle's SEA TIMES published a special front page series on Cuba. ~ In corroboration of the Jet City's owner of the WAPO newspaper in Mount Vernon, DC. ~ Which report was pushed to the bottom fold due to that Muslim Turkey shooter in Washington's Mount Vernon area. ~ "You don't understand freedom." Jose Fernandez, no.16, quoting Ted Cruz. ~ GSR/TWN ~ RATINGS NOTES: People are betting that Monday night's debate ratings will beat that Monday night football game down at the end of the 1290 days river in DAN.12. ~ It will be interesting to see what the score is. ~ SIDEWAYS NOTES: The JETS' former safety Kelley Rhodes crashed his car into Miles' SEA CREST apartment building when I was screening this road movie about President Trump. ~ According to: ~ Which ends with Jack not wearing his safety belt when he rams Miles' old high-miles red SAAB into a big old white oak tree. ~ 42" baseball bats are made out of hardword oak, yada yada. ~ In the above movie, Jack sprays his DAN.2 feet with some kind of a toxic chemical. ~

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