Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I watched PORKY'S on 9.11 because it is Howard Stern's all time favorite movie. ~ Wherein I get into a fist fight with some slightly bigger guy who plays Frank Di Amore; who I knocked down two times on the high school basketball court at Roosevelt High School in north Seattle. ~ Once for Judah, once for Ephraim. ~ [Frank was from San Diego, where much of the 1981 movie was shot.] ~ In confirmation of the darkish swamp waters in Florida smelling like shit after Hurricane Hermine. ~ And now the 'Julia' storm is about to flood Julia Roberts' home state of Georgia, and back up their sewer systems to boot. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PSYCHOLOGICAL NUDITY NOTES: That big buck negro with a bloody machete in PORKY'S love shack scenario represents Barack Obama coming down on the naked white boys in the Bible Belt south. ~ Because in the Bible the word 'nakedness' means sin. ~ TIFF NOTES: Do any of those old socialist Jews who made the PORKY'S movies have anything happening on the has-been side-market at this year's film festival in Toronto? ~ Seriously. ~ I would like to see a screening of whatever it is. ~ "...maybe I can do something with it." Orson Welles. ~ N WORD NOTES: More and more, it is looking like this year's NFL season is going to be a yuuge heroic BONANZA retro TV series of priceless non stop 24/7 publicity, and very lucrative pay-or-play 24/7 advertising deals; all in favor of Donald Trump, 24/7. ~

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