Friday, September 16, 2016


In the REV.11 prophecy about the two witnesses' LSD/LDS era, the 666 establishment's clownish denials and lies will go on non stop for 42 months about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen 31 FLAVORS icecream cone SS number. ~ Starting from the Divinely timed 'cutting time' of May 9, 2013, to the Divinely timed election day of November 8, 2016; when Donald Trump will become the next President of America. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MY OWN PRIVATE FISHING GUIDE NOTES: In October, the Inter [middle] Fork White River usually becomes as clear as gin; anywhere upstream from the Silver Springs Campground. ~ Sunrise Creek is usually a good bet for small 6" pan size trout too; if one has the energy to wade that far upstream along the fallen uprooted logs and thick huckleberrie bushes. ~ SEE: ~ PAN FRIED TROUT FIXINS: Trout fried up to a crisp in salty canned Canadian bacon grease is the best. ~ However, if you are kosher, a simple salty basil garlic butter melt with black pepper is even a better way to go. ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: Any above average pinot blanc that costs over $35 a bottle is going to flatter my above trout cookout fish fry. ~ And if you feel like getting really crazy with it, put a $100 bottle of it in your hiking backpack this fall. ~ Believe me you, the added weight will be worth it. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: Loving your new off Broadway NBC/SNL stage comedy act; "Sometimes a girl has to be naughty..." Keira McDonald-Knightley, at Mr.Wonderful's Hoover Dam scene in DOMINO. ~ PS KEIRA: God only knows what it is with you. ~ Is it your sexy wide shoulders and virgin teenager boy titties? ~ Or is it your really long legs and perfect size FFING ass? ~ Which always drives me crazy and makes me want to eat out your pussy every time that I see your latest new publicity pix for your latest film festival movie. ~ And don't even get me started on Carey Mulligan; which is a whole other problem in and of itself. ~

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