Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We know that SIDEWAYS is a 50/50 ten virgins Greek wedding thing when Miles buys a BARELY LEGAL magazine and some '55' box of something next to a '5lbs' jug item at the point-of-purchase checkout counter. ~ As confirmed by Monday's next chapter [Reading, PA] theme at the end; which was a "...we'll pick up there." debate prophecy, circa 2016. ~ Regarding that fraudulant conservative religion [George Bush] Baptist church bus that got sideways and flipped over on it's side on Monday, at: http://wspa.com/2016/09/26/church-truck-collides-on-i-85-in-anderson-co-dispatch-says/ ~ Which had come from the HOMELAND PARK church because homeland security will be the next big thing that puts Donald Trump over the top; after SCREAM 5 comes out in time for Halloween season; talk about the proverbial 'October surprise'. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DEBATE NOTES: Cat napping on 9.25 at 8:09 pm, the distinct voice of Donald Trump woke me up and said, "Do me a favor..." Then I had a flash vision of Miles' short balding hair falling out in chunks. ~ I wasn't planning on mentioning it; but I just now noticed today's new posting time-stamp. ~ Shit. ~ You don't know the half of it. ~ IT NOTES: Now we know why that political circus clown with a haircut who is still running the FBI never did anything about Obama posting a fraudulent document on an official government web site. ~ "I don't care where Barack Obama was born. It's a felony to put up a fraudulent document on a federal web site." Sheriff Joe Arpaio. ~ FFING NOTES: My trout fishing buddy from Michigan is now saying this, at: http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/27/michael-moore-says-trump-won-the-debate/ ~

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