Thursday, September 1, 2016


Woody Norris likes to open his lectures on futurism at MIT with the mighty line, "Nothing has been invented yet." ~ Ergo, there are still no new inventions out there that have discredited or disproven Larry Sinclairs' small [REV.10] book about Barry Obama being behind the execution style second story murder of Donald Young in Chicago on 12.23 because he could not keep his mouth shut. ~ Not to mention Sheriff Joe's iron clad report on Obama's computer generated birth certificate and stolen Social Security number. ~ Which begs the question; who is going to drop dead and die next? ~ The Scotish John McCain or the Scotish Donald Trump? ~ "A house divided can not stand!!" Hillary Clinton quoting Senator McCain. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS WOODY: Right now I'm about half way through 1967's futuristic FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN at: ~ Note the enclosed birthday girl time stamp. ~

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