Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The Internet spot campaign rolled out for SULLY's 9.9 opening on the same day that 11 kayackers were rammed in their stern back side by a ferry on the dirty waters of the Hudson River, at: AND: ~ And for a second witness, Woody Allen rolled out a surprise election season spoiler with the sounds of Donald Trump's trumpets; backed up by the wild African beat of that negro pounding on his empty plastic food container drumbs along the sidewalk in TAXI DRIVER, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~
PS KEN MCLEOD: Let me know if you need a little seed money to set up your new fly fishing guide service. ~ Don't forget to include enough in the budget to construct a private jet airstrip and FORTUNE 500 helicopter port. ~ With what is happening with the crazy weather these days, you're going to need to offer fishing trips to various alternative far flung locations at a moment's notice. ~ For example, if the Yellowstone is too low and sickly right now, you can always offer your rich guests a fabulous top fly fishing experience for rainbow trout grayling on the upper north fork of the North River in Alaska. ~ PS NICOLE KIDMAN: I'm ready whenever you are ready. ~

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