Wednesday, August 24, 2016


My crazy Greek wife Jennifer Aniston was just papped riding up to Justin's fundraiser for Hillary Clinton among the seven hills of LA in one of those CADDYSHACK:II golf carts; in confirmation of me finding the same previously enjoyed DVD on the same gosh darn day at GOODWILL. ~ Which came out at the very end of the crazy1988s Reaganite era as a way long overdue followup sequel to the first one at the beginning of the Ronald Reagan 1980s, at: ~ Note the enclosed 00:16 timing for THE BREAKUP prophecy confirmation of the 6.2 earthquake in Martin Scorsese' Roman Catholic world view in THE COLOR OF MONEY. ~ Where yours truly has an amasing break shot, and that sleazy fornicator mother fucking fascist jerk Kennedy is the good guy; and the straight shooter guys like Goldwater, and the Scotish Joe McCarthy are the bad guys. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 9-BALL NOTES: The number '9' is symbolic of everything that has come to an end. ~ Hence the 1986 film's girl from Brazil theme song music inserts. ~ PS JENNY: When Justin leaves you because you are starting to look and act too much like my aging lover does in THE WAY WE WERE, don't panic. ~ My sister wives and I got your back, like at: ~ AND: ~ Always remember; you don't make me look good right now, I don't make you look good again later. ~ What goes around comes around. ~ PS MARTIN & MEL: More Book of Mormonism, less Biblical Catholicism. ~ Same thing goes for you too Arnold Schwarzenegger and Glenn Beck. ~ PS BILL GATES: Paul Nestor stole that antique stove in your quaint waterfront neighborhood on Lake Washington in 1983 for a prophecy about the time when I will take the money from you and run with it in that Steve Miller song. ~

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