Monday, August 15, 2016


The up-all-night [AFTER HOURS] niggers started burning and rioting in Arnold Schwarzenegger's New Berlin, Wisconsin area in confirmation of them getting so spooked by Trump's mostly white male voters in ANIMAL HOUSE. ~ That was shot in the Jasper [ghost] Oregon area along Rt.58, etc. ~ These being the dark skinned peoples of the [MUDDY WATERS] prince in DAN.9 and MARK 13 who will go to war against the saints in the flooded times of REV.12. ~ That is after the LSD church gets cleaned off with one quick swipe of the dirty plate; per ~ Since right now there is absolutely no reason why the worldly could possibly ever have a problem with mainstream Mormonism's totally noncontroversial conventionalism. ~ Obviously, now is not the time to give the negro even the lower priesthood of Aaron. ~ Hence, the Delta Greeks' theme song in the above 1978 priesthood revelation from Satan himself to Spencer W. [Jimmy] Kimball is LOUIE LOUIE, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD: Loving where you're at right now; great minds think alike, yada yada... ~ By the by; Kimball died in 85 in confirmation of DC 85 and Woody Allen's 1985 movie at, ~

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