Saturday, August 13, 2016


Your typical straight cut college white kid, whose parents are country club Republicans, keeps shouting "All is well!!" as he lays down on the sidewalk and gets tread apon for 42 months in front of the official federal government historic memorial to Sodom and Egypt in the little village. ~ While the inspired movie's JAWS limo wrecks havok on the mean streets of New York in TAXI DRIVER meets THE POPE OF GREENWHICH VILLAGE meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY. ~ In other words, Donald Trump is the poison pill that Bob DeNiro er all need to swallow in order to get better. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: The last time that I saw you during the two witnesses' 1990s, you looked marvelous in your traditional Scotish tartan sports jacket. ~ For an inspired prophetic 29ish statement about the time when Donald Trump will be the President of America. ~ PS JEFF: You graduated from BYU with a four year degree in computer hacking in under 18 months; breaking all records. ~ Plus, you managed to obtain a C+ grade point average that was well above the line in 1978's prophetic ANIMAL HOUSE, Your secret admirer. ~ Let me know when you finally decide to humble yourself and become baptised again into the original Mormon church of Joseph Smith. ~ I mean think about it. ~ Your own all-payed-for 58th floor highrise 1200' luxury condo with private bathroom and weekly illegal alien maid service, if you get my drift. ~ PS KIT WINN: Whoever now owns your father's oil painting of a herring bait lying on a used SEATTLE TIMES newspaper, can retire in style. ~ Personally, I would give you ten big ones for it. ~ Keep it in the family, is what I always say. ~

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