Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The federal high court trial case against the Greek Deltas starts on November 15 in ANIMAL HOUSE. ~ Which is a date that falls after the Greek President is elected in 2016, and happens before he is inaugurated in 2017. ~ Note that the Jewish attorney for the Deltas in the above scenario is wearing a traditional Scottish tartan jacket. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MS MONTANA: I picked up the new pop art DVD edition of 1960's PSYCHO because they make the girl in the Hitchcock profile borderline movie look like you, at: http://www.dvdsreleasedates.com/covers/psycho-dvd-cover-61.jpg ~ So I figured that there must be something to it; now that Woody Allen's big October surprise series is about to roll out on amazon.com, West Seattle. ~ Plus the big 500 closed today at -12; for those 12 lonely Hwy.410 roadside motel rooms that the weird guy who lives with his old mother in the 1960 movie is renting out to strangers. ~ PS DONATELLA GRECO: Your November 30 birthday girl surname represents the time when a Greek house man would be elected in the same month as you were born. ~ PS MEL: The usual unreliable reports claim that your church in the hills is now worth 70 big ones. ~ Whatever. ~ Let me know when you get tired of fucking around with it and you want my guys to buy you out with full interest and a reasonable return on your [blood-sweat-and-tears] investment. ~ Hell, make them pay for your next 3 movies and they will probably go for it. ~

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