Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Some circumcised 25ish Scottish guy named McKenzie just got arrested for stalking Kendall Jenner, daughter of Olympic champion transsexual Bruce Jenner. ~ And get this, his bail is set in stone at 180k. ~ In confirmation of Belushi stalking those sexy braless Greek sorority sister babes having a pillow fight in ANIMAL HOUSE, per:
~ Since so much of the iconic 1978 SNL/AFTER HOURS comedy sketches movie was shot in the McKenzie River area of Oregon. ~ Which is so famous for it's fabulous log jamming native rainbow trout fishing along the two witnesses' 1260 days landmarks of Rt.126. ~ Such as Twin Buttes, Paradise [Lost] and the Three Sisters Wilderness in EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES; all of it located on the south side of the federally dedicated Washington Mount Wilderness. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MR LINK NOTES: See why this stuff always happens for a reason when it happens, at: ~ BIG TIME NOTES: Mel Gibson is about ten years younger than the original "Mr Relf" Lewbowski figure who was played by Malibu's native son Jeff Bridges ~ So we may want to cheat the senior look alike character in the two TEQUILA SUNRISE sequels by having him played by a younger looking Mel Gibson. ~ That is if we can come up with enough 6 figures money to persuade the Coen brothers to direct it. ~ Personally, I would prefer a more hungry-for-it starving artist genious like Paul Nestor behind the camera for half the money.

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