Thursday, August 18, 2016


Donald Trump just hired one of the original SEINFELD series investors in confirmation of Woody Allen's WHATEVER WORKS prophecy about his new surprise TV series that rolls out of West Seattle in October, 2016. ~ Remember, Allen is not a Jew, he is a Levite; big difference. ~ And for that matter, Jerry Seinfeld himself is more of a left-handed brown-eyed Benjamin tribe guy; with extensive Jewish genealogy tree tendencies of course. ~ Kind of like the tall blond President Monson is 51% Ephraimite and 49% Judah. ~ Hey, fuck it, whatever works. ~ Check out the snozzle on this one, at: ~
GSR/TWN ~ AFTER HOURS NOTES: This Mr.Link link has a great shot of that iconic gay guy in the BEVERLY HILLS COP series who Donny Osmond is tutoring in the opening to Scorseses' AFTER HOURS, at: ~
PS TARANTINO: During last night's after hours, I dreamed that you sent me a stack of your more recent screenplay inspirations; some of them having 300+ pages. ~ So after I read over their titles, and randomly glanced at a couple of pages of dialogue here and there, my sense was; you pick the one that you feel the most inspired to do. ~ PS ALISON ROTH: When you receive Quentin Tarantino's above said screenplay, don't call me. ~ Just initial it with my secret approval code sign and send it on to my people in Seattle. ~

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