Tuesday, August 2, 2016


It's hard to come up with a great ending for a feature film screenplay. ~ Wherefore, the original script title for AFTER HOURS was L.I.E.S. ~ And it took 31 years for it to play out and make complete sense in the form of New York's Hillary Clinton running for president of sodom and Egypt in 2016. ~ When Paul Hack It would be role playing yours truly in the late night bar scenes that feature Kristen Stewart dancing with some stranger as the juxbox plays, "...you're mine..." Complete with Harry Potter lightening bolt forehead scar markings and a JAWS movie graffiti on the bathroom wall. ~ As a lonely and desparate single Jennifer Aniston blond waitress imposes herself on me. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NIXON NOTES: Tricky Dick was the first President to put some real teeth into the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964.~ Up until then, it was mostly just a bunch of hot air. ~ Hence that deadly 'smiley face' hot air balloon crash outside of I-35 Austin that represented the state fair hot air balloon at the REV.16 ending to THE WIZARD OF OZ. ~ They don't call Seattle the Emerald City for no reason. ~ THREE WOES WONDERS: The running 'three' note riffs in ALICE is about the three woes in REV.11. ~ For example, I was riding a red three-speed bisexual medicine wheel bicycle up to John Marshall Jr. High when the great 6.7 Seattle earthquake hit at 8:29 on 4:29 in 1965. ~ Just when Rich Nixon was getting into the groove with his law and order campaign featured in the SHAMPOO prophecy; co-starring Warren Beauty. ~

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