Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Kiki's loft is located at no.28 on Howard Street in AFTER HOURS. ~ Where the Neve Campbell look alike is introduced with a reference to THE SCREAM oil painting. ~ Over ten years before THE PARTY OF FIVE star's SCREAM movies came out. ~ So I checked out her latest wiki page that had been time-stamped at 00:28 four days ago. ~ This being the Providental film that Scorsese made after THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST was interupted. ~ Oh yeah. ~ The tall blond Jewish Donald Trump is definitely a forerunner to Jesus Christ. ~ And when Howard Stern officially endorses Trump for President, New York will be all mine. ~ "Start spreading the news..." Frankie Blue Eyes. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DONALD: Hang in there buddy. ~ Me and the boys are almost finished with our final last minute touches on SCREAM 5. ~ Of course, we're going to do a few preliminary rough-cuts and  runthrough audience screening testings first; in order to make sure that everything goes to plan on the big day of the grand [AP:III] opening at the Chinese in Hollywood. ~ Ergo, that ten virgins bus from Mexico to Washington was cut right down the middle in California, killing five innocent hard working LAmanite people. ~ So we are probably looking at a close 50/50ish Richard Nixon type election win; per the SHAMPOO meets PLAY IT AGAIN SAM meets CASA BLANCA prophecies. ~ Like in the latest LA TIMES USC poll that still has you up by 1% among likely voters. ~ And that is not counting the millions of unlikely voters that Dick Morris says are going to vote for you in November. ~ PS JIM CARREY: God inspired you to relocate from LA to the village and play like the late Andy Warhol for a reason. ~ For one thing, he wanted you to lead the way and lay down the groundwork for the YES MAN meets AFTER HOURS prophecies. ~ So looking forward to your latest pre Donald Trump [anti-NATO] businessman candidate movie shot in Poland entitled TRUE CRIMES, at: ~

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