Wednesday, August 10, 2016


They nabbed that guy who was using suction cups to climb the 58 stories TRUMP TOWER on the 21st [blackjack hand] floor. ~ In Providential confirmation of Mitt Romney's suction cup therapy themes at the 2016 Greek Olympics in Brazil. ~ Remember, it was a Greek man, not a woman, who gets elected President in President George Albert Smith's Washington County, Utah vision about WWIII; that happened in St.George just after the end of WWII. ~ Per Trump's ANIMAL HOUSE prophecy about the Greek Delta brats that was shot around Oregon's Fall Creek; off of Rt.58, yada yada. ~ The day 1290 Mississippi River delta in DAN.12 being a major MLK Atlanta airlines time line for the 1260 days era of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES THAT SUCK: The cop killed in Hackett was for Mr.Softie's Paul Hackett Donny Osmand figure who loves soft vanilla icecream more than he loves getting hard on violent lawless criminals in AFTER HOURS. ~ Most of whom are dark skinned for a reason. ~ Obviously, now is not the right time to go soft on crime in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.. ~ Hackett is located right across the upcoming civil war Texas/Ark. borderline from Rt.112's Williams, Texas. ~ The Biblical name 'Caleb' means truth teller. ~ For that ten year-virgin who was decapitated on a waterslide tower in Kansas that means 'insane' in German, at: ~ "Liberalism is insanity." Michael Savage. ~ PS JEN: You are Greek. You are Jewish. Your legendary soap opera star father from Manhattan is a yuge soap opera star [alternative rock politics] Donald Trump supporter. Your father studied alternative degree medicine in Athens. You give great head. I love a great head job. ~ Great minds think alike. ~ Therefore, I AM is starting to think that there is nothing that you can do wrong; generally speaking. ~ This sexy back pic of Britney Spears rolled out on the same day I had my DVD art work vision at 3:22 pm, at: AND: ~
TOWER RECORDS: This 1980s [LA STORY period] CD/DVDs retail chain store phenomenon was about the future dark glass TRUMP TOWER of Babylon happening in 2016. ~ With age comes wisdom. ~ The girls grow up faster than the boys. ~ "There is a reason!!" Paul Nestor, JC PENNY, NORTHGATE MALL, Seattle, 1979; two weeks after my French omlette wife left me in Stanwood, Washington. ~ PS STEVEN: There is an even-steven wife-swapping reason why your wife left you. ~

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