Friday, August 26, 2016


Here I AM dutifully watching my used copy of CADDYSHACK:II on Liberation Day, when I would much rather be taking a fresh look at THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, at:
~ Then completely out of the blue, the 1988's crazy KKK phsyco killer does a test shot on a lynched negro watermelon similitude with his exploding golf ball bullets. ~ And then he tries to set up the assassination of that underground varmit with a crossbow; which backfires into his butt REV.9 stinger style. ~ Wherein the crazy Canadian actor's carreer gets a huge reboot by those three people who were just murdered with a [DEATH TRAP] crossbow in Toronto. ~ Jesus Christ Jim Carrey!! ~ That was a close one. ~ I almost was not even going to watch the above previsiously enjoyed comedy that symbolized all of those failed comedies that costarred my Greek wife Jennifer Aniston. ~ But fortunately for her, yours truly is full of grace and forgiveness and patience when it comes to Hollywood movie making. ~ You win some, you lose some; it's not the end of the world afyerall. ~ In her case, my little Chinatown fortune cookie pussy girl does win a lot more times than she loses. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JEN: More fuckable Gisele Bundchen, less fuckable Barbara Streisand, since you are looking more like her now at: ~
Note the enclosed Richard Pryor look alike, who did a rich limousine liberal prophet of g-d appearance in CAR WASH, at: ~ PS DAN: Your bald-headed illegal alien skin-head cone-heads on SNL looked like today's members of the KKK in those anti-white man Hillary Clinton campaign ads for a Divinely inspired reason. ~ You may recall; during the 1980s and 1990s, the same 12 skin-head Nazis and their various rotating blond [balding eagle] girlfriends would show up every year at a white surpremist rally in Spokane, Washington; surrounded by hundreds of Jewish homosexual communists from the east coast mainstream media who just wanted to make hay out it for today's big money ratings reality tv shows. ~ Talk about the Spirit of Prophecy in REV.19. ~

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