Monday, August 22, 2016


THE COLOR OF MONEY opens with a long tracking shot of fake lable [birth certificate] origins 6 year-old OLD MCDONALD Scotch in a shot glass next to a stack of old wrinkled $20 that Eddie is hustling for about $35-50 less a case. ~ On the same day that a 12 year-old girl bombed that ten virgins wedding party dance in [WILD TURKEY whisky] Turkey. ~ And the next day, a coal train fell off of a broken bridge into the Denton River near I-35 Justin, Texas; for the new blond haired leader of the Denton, Ohio church in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ On the same day that the news rolled about Justin Timberlake taking over DiCaprio's fund raiser for Hillery in Beverly Hills. ~ Then some lady drove her car into an old folks Frank Sinatra concert in the Cleveland, Ohio Republican convention area near Seven Hills. ~ GSR/TWN ~ GREEN NOTES: Most pool tables are covered in green felt. ~ The Jewish media is hustling for Hillary because they are mostly greens. ~ The very rich Paul Newman was a famous Jewish Democrat who lived in Conn. yada, yada... AFTER HOURS NOTES: Last night I dreamed that a panicked Keira Knightley got arrested in Darfur for hustling $500,000 from some local tin pot investor who had given her the money if she would make the movie in his home country as some kind of a positive PR tourist industry promotion. ~ And she swore up and down that she had given all it to her native based co-producer who was his first cousin in law. ~ But obviously, the man had just pocketed the money and then spread it around amongst his friends and family; third world South Africa, USA style. ~ Therefore, most of the tuff-as-nails white people who have stubbornly decided to remain there and continue to do business with them are Orthodox Jewish. ~ And that's a good thing. ~ One could never expect to become a southern white man multi billionaire owner of multi millionaire negro slaves, as portrayed in THE BLUES BROTHERS:II prophecy, if he did not believe in The Kingdom of God as revealed at ~ SEE: ~ PS JT: Your white Germanic Jewish wife with those big 29ish honey tits already has one foot out the back door; because you are not tough enough to deal with it. ~ PS BRAD: AM I the only one out there who can see you looking like that dude in the above Austin, Texas music video? ~ Yeah. Well. Fuck it. ~ After I take charge of 90% of the surplus money in Seattle and run with it, you and I get to do whatever we want to do. ~ You say tomato, I say tomatoe. ~ So here is the deal. ~ You say that you are going to vote for Donald Trump, after that atomic bomb explodes in Oakland, California; I cover your ass, and make it look like you had nothing to do with it. ~

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