Thursday, August 25, 2016


"Your ways are not my ways, sayeth the Lord." ~ Which is one reason why women should not have the right to vote. ~ Since so many of my wives are still supporting Hillary Clinton; who for decades now has been trashing and destroying all of her sisters who were raped by her husband. ~ Obviously, it is now as crystal clear as a plastic bottle of SMART WATER that modern feminism is nothing but a Jewish Marxist hustle for women of a certain age. ~ As confirmed by my "two brothers and a stranger" hustle in THE COLOR OF MONEY that is I and the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ Ergo, that doomed green $$ STARBUCKS $$ in Howard County, Indiana, west of Green Town; located along Wild Cat Creek on HWY.35. ~ When that 6.2 happened in the after hours in Italy; for Kiki's loft address on Howard Street in the [small Italian mob village] in lower Manhattan. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS NEVE CAMPBELL: Darling. Sweetheart. Your first name combined with your Scotish surname means 'snow' in Italian. ~ Which stands for Donald Trump getting elected Il Presidente in November, 16; then getting inaugurated in January 17. ~ A.K.A. Il Duce. ~ PS NYT, 57,340: Either you two stiff fuckers who are now running the circus casino show at your [sidewalk doggie poop wrapper newspaper] lay off of Donald Trump; or I AM myself will be forced to make you eat shit and swallow another big round of layoffs. ~ No.Really. ~ Your full of shit paper's stock value has become so low that anybody out there can buy you out; just for the shits and giggles. ~ "I always wanted to run a newspaper..." Me writing, directing, and playing Orson Welles in CITIZEN COCAIN:II meets THE STRANGER:II, copyright 1993. ~ Since noboby else wanted to even touch it back then with a ten foot pole. ~ And I can understand it. ~ The idea of Paul Nestor directing me and Brad Pitt in THE BIG LEWBOWSKI: II&III on a restored 51' boat in San Francisco Bay and Union Bay is a pretty hard concept to grasp. ~ Even if the money is right. ~ Besides, everybody knows that anyone would do anything in order to get their next month's RENT money. ~

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