Saturday, August 20, 2016


Friday night I finished watching my new pop art edition of PSYCHO, 1960. ~ That ended with the oddly politically preserved old dead mother figure in the form of Hillary Clinton. ~ Who practically has to be carrying up and down the stairs these days. And who finally takes over the life of her thin bad boy son in the end. ~ And then as usual I checked before posting about it, where I was surprised to see that Friday was Bad Boy Billy's birthday, at: ~ And over at DM, I saw those sexy babes who always caused the old lady to go crazy and do crazy things, at: ~ Like protecting her naughty little boy from any political career fallout that might come from raping women, or killing people who can't keep their mouth shut; not to mention bad boy Barry's fake birth certificate situation. ~ Thankfully all of those Iranian Persian rugs in the haunted [ADAMS FAMILY VALUES] house up on the hill are featured in the background when the SON OF SAM meets the MOTHER OF WHORES in no.17 happens. ~ And then we see those ominous Greek White House columns featured throughout in such prophetic movies as ANIMAL HOUSE and EATING RAOUL. ~  GSR/TWN ~ 1% NOTES: Trump will win in 2016 by at least 1% because yours truly will get 1% of my 1% friends in Seattle. ~ Hence, the cabin number '1' in PSYCHO. ~ Run the numbers yourself; 1% of 100 trillion in after-tithing money is... Therefore, as the future King of England, I think what I want to think; I say what I want to say; I do whoever and whatever I want to do. ~ I hang out with anyone or any person who interests me; for whatever reason. ~ And everyone else in the country who doesn't like me gets butt kiss; to put it mildly. ~ FULL MOON CRAZY WOLFMAN NOTES: That tall and thin Jewish genious who gets bagle cream cheese on him in MOONSTRUCK is Paul Nestor.

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