Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The ingenious brain dead star of Mel Brooks' BLAZZING SADDLES sheriff Obama prophecy died on the same day that that historic Prespeterian stonewall church burned down in the Overbrook area of 1776 Philadelphia; just up the street from [Dick] Morris Park. ~ For his inspired words on after hours tabloid radio about how; "Millions of people are going to vote for Trump who don't even know it yet." ~ Hence, the Scottish church's hosting of 5 other foolish virgin churches under the same roof; including a homosexual church and a negro Haitian congregation. ~ See what Jesus would do if he was me, at: http://6abc.com/news/fire-at-west-philly-church-goes-to-4-alarms/1489148/ ~ GSR/TWN ~ GOTCHA NOTES: My own private 1985 BYU [Idaho] film school project entitled GOTCHA ends was Paris Hilton getting a REV.9 stinger in the butt. ~ In the same spirit as CHARADE comes to a surprising end at the American embassy in Paris at room no.217. ~ IRISHMAN NOTES: All of those newer reports about Martin Scorsese getting the green light for his newer and more improved Irish mob movie were about that wilder REV.17 bitch at the EU. ~ Who now wants to extort $15 billion in back child support taxes from APPLE, et all. ~ This being about the third act in GOTCHA wherein I give the newer 666 beast the middle finger and shout, "FUCK YOU!!" ~ On a personal side note; I want to thank Jesus for letting me know that I get to have an English passport, and a UK drivers license to boot. ~ Because I AM is the future mother fucker [King David] ruler from hell of all of Englandl; not to mention France and Italy, circa 2027. ~ "Are you talking to me?" TAXI DRIVER, election season 2016. ~

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