Monday, August 1, 2016


It's getting late. ~ So I'll cut to the chase on this one. ~ Mormon nice guy and allaround computer wizz investor, Donny Ozmond, plays Paul Hack-It in 1985's award winning AFTER HOURS indie film. ~ Who gets chased all night by a gay rights right-wing vigilantism mob led by a lonely widow in her MR.SOFTIE icecream street-vender van. ~ After the neighborhood is saturated with his most wanted [FBI] man look alike robber baron posters that say, "STOP HIM!!" ~ Because the Mormons are not taking care of the widows and the orphens in the way that Gods says at ~ GSR/TWN ~ NO.REALLY.NOTES: Donny is now making a very nice dollar playing the Indian casino dinner theater circuit; BROADWAY DANNY ROSE style. ~ HOWARD STERN NOTES: Columbia Pike [Hwy.29] runs through Howard County, Mary Land, USA; and comes to an end at the 'T' junction located right outside of Mt.Hebron. ~ For the Washington, DC radio market where he first got his feet wet. ~ PS CARY MULLIGAN: That's for you baby in the opening 'B528' computer code number. Per your own private look alike woman in THE SHINING prophecy about my son who now lives in Bend, Oregon, of all places. ~ Which takes place in Barack Obama's 7-11 mountains state of Colorado; after Donald Trump is elected, and before he is inaugurated. ~ Think SLEEPER meets BLAME IT ON RIO:II. ~ If the money is right, and the girls are pretty, like at: ~ PS NICKI AND SANDY: The Clinton ferry to Whidbey Island takes one over to Beverlyy Beach and Baby Island Hights and Honeymoon Bay and Chase Lake, along Holmes Harbor. ~ So how about this very expensive and exclusive real estate offering? ~ I strap both of you down on a table at my PLAYBOY castle and drain all of your blood out while I AM is fucking your guts out; just like I do in the ANDY WARHOL PRESENTS FRANKENSTEIN prophecy. ~ And then you two leave my rejuvenating spa clinic looking like you are 29 years-old all over again. ~ And don't forget to bring along a friend or a sister. ~ Plus, we have a full service in house preschool nursery and professional baby sitting staff included in the price. ~

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