Saturday, August 6, 2016


FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD was a prophecy about Donald Trump's legions of white homogaysexual haircut Republicans putting him over the top in SHAMPOO:II, 2016. ~ Like in this prophetic rainbow culture video from the Reaganite 1984s at: ~ Damn straight; fear and loathing is a powerful motivator when it comes to politics. ~ As just confirmed by those two lesbian cops who were attacked with a sugar cane harvest machete blade in Dr.Evil's chocolate Belgium. ~ For that fiery inferno at the CUBA LIBRE dike bar in Normandy, France. ~ Just as everyone in the Jew media was saying that Hillary is going to be the next top cop in the Casablanca. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS JAMES CARVILLE: More Louisiana, less New York. ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: More Montana, less California. ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: This link explains why so many white christians, who believe in the 66 book Bible, are secretly hoping and praying that the devil himself is going to start a nuclear war, just to get it all over with, at: ~ You have to crack a few eggs if you want to make an omelette. ~
PS DAN SAVAGE: Your last dying words at THE STRANGER will be, "Vote for Trump!" metaphorically speaking. ~ Relax, have some fun with it. ~ Besides, when we shoot THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II&III with Brad Pitt in Seattle, you will probably be the best insider source for all of the hottest on set gossip reports; wink wink. ~ If the money is right of course. ~ And believe me you, I do have the money. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: If you are still having problems finding the perfect spring creek fly fishing situation for me and my fuck buddies, check out that country estate that MADONNA invested in with Guy Richie. ~ Just do it, and get it over with, for Jesus sakes. ~ So what, you are an old big fat homo. ~ What else is new? ~ Time to move on. ~

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