Monday, April 30, 2012


The prophetic Orwellian 1984 style Providential signs and wonders about that squirrely neo con radio talk show host fink in Denver getting murdered are probably quite specific, at; Based upon THE DAY OF THE JACKAL's main theme about all those Jew finks who betrayed the patriots who had given their lives to defend France, the mother of the Holy Grail of CHRIST in THE DAVINCE CODE. ~ You crucify me, I will crucify you. ~ Hence that MIRAMAR sign in the Liberation Square climax that stands for those new Third Way 666 Jew pigs at MIRAMAX; who were the inspiration behind George C/looney naming his pet pig after me, called Max. ~ No coincidence that the head of the new WEINSTEIN COMPANY is a ceasar Chavez look alike CAR WASH dog. ~ GSR/TWN


THE DAY OF THE JACKAL opens in 1971 with the writing on the wall of some nigger getting lynched in the south. ~ If you want to know who that is, just listen to Michael Medved's fake birth certificate radio show that lead to that Jewish talk show faker who was murdered in Obama's Denver, Colorado. ~ Because "the dictator" mention shortly after that, was same one who awarded a 'President of the United States' award on that GET SHORTY figure at the end, right when the Jackal shot France's JFK leader in the head and he lurched forward, in confirmation of the new 666 beast's FORWARD campaign slogan at MSNBC. Double 007 confirmed by that van full of aliens that literally flew into the Jew Zoo up in Bronx. ~ You rattle my cage, I'll rattle your cage. ~ Reportedly, that short EZE.37' sailboat was ground up by the blender-like blades on that Greek freighter. For Miley getting her knuckle cut up inside of a blender while making Mexican food. ~ The Jackal says "Goodbye Mr Duggan" when he tosses his suitcase into a typical Pacific Northwest Cascades river gorge. ~ THE DAY OF THE JACKAL's figure from southern "CAL", named Charles, turns out to be Will Ferrell in the end; from Orange County, CAL. Which is probably a SEMI-PRO thing, where the nigger gets shot in the arm cast by James Bond, who has a legal license to kill from the Divine Queen of God herself. ~ We see a strange royal British ROLLS ROYCE freeze-frame shot in the movie's Cannes Film Festival location, right before we learn that the Jackal has been betrayed. That corresponds with the link reporting that some typical Jew fink traitors in Paris, France are suing bloodspot et al for not completely deleting my GSR/TWN blog. ~ GSR/TWN

Sunday, April 29, 2012


That 37' Cannes Film Festival yacht named after the Greek sea, that was ground up like a Miley Cyrus blender, by the Greek freighter partnership in my Charlize Theron dream off the borderline of California, Mexico happened for a time-line theme about her showing up at the corrupt media Correspondents dinner in Wash. DC to put her full support behind the latter-day Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ In my Hwy.101 Olympic National Park sunset dream that took place on Seattle's Lake Union, that 69er Love Bus from Winona's 1969 film was parked on the ship's big Merchant Marine Marxist deck right behind us. Because America's first Socialist Workers 666 Party was founded in Seattle by the same gay sailor Merchant Marines that are now based in San Diego; where they filmed MY BLUE HEAVEN's political mob hit man movie. ~ Hence that 3.8 pistol earthquake under the junction of Princess Charlize's I-15 and I-215 at 8:07 on the same day she went to Washington. Happening just easterly of Scotland, CA's reference to that Rattlesnake Ridge beer mug sitting on Craig Fergie's desk that represents the KING OF BEERS tent that crashed down hard on all those sports idolators in St Louis, in a sudden violent wind. Who were so fucked up by the circus tent's steel pipe framing used in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, 1971. ~ You disrespect your husband, your husband will disrespect you. ~ GSR/TWN

Saturday, April 28, 2012


My half Jew Branch Davidian forerunner suddenly showed up on Leno Friday to promote GET THE GRINGO in Steve Martin's THREE AMIGOS prophecy. In confirmation of that big NBA nigger fireballer sign from the heavens last Sunday morning; that confirmed that it was OK for me to fuck my 13 year-old Britney Spears type wife in GREAT BALLS OF FIRE. [ Winona's 1969 era portrait about a guy who was posing as her older brother, so that nobody would suspect that he was fucking her in the back of his German Love Bus, looks like my kind of movie. [ I have yet to see it, but the box art on my Winona Ryder collection DVD definitely looks like she would be sporting a little pubic hair. [ Whatever, I just saw something about Chloe Moretz playing my own southern hick teenager wife somewhere, so I'll get right on this one, ASAP. Winona was born along the muddy day 1290 Mississippi River in 666' Winona, Minn, and all that. [ Can you imagine a GREAT BALLS OF FIRE remake starring Chloe Moretz and Ben Aflect? Which only was worth re-making so soon just because the very idea was so fucking hot? Talk about near-term physical transfiguration role playing; circa Winona Ryder 1988. [ The recent confirmations about Obama's fake Viet Nam style draft card registration and stolen Social Security number, by Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio make this 1969 movie a must see. [ GSR/TWN

Friday, April 27, 2012


That "one last mistake" warning given to my protagonist in THE MATADOR prophecy was about today's Jew boy nigger in the White House who is betraying his loyal French Legion soldiers, with the help of the homogaysexual neo-mormon media. I never wanted to join the military, but if I had to, it would have been the French Foreign Legion; as depicted in Steve Martin's SGT BILKO prophecy that came out during the two witmesses special purpose period in the 1990s. Who didn't give a shit of you were gay or whatever, as long as you had the guts to kill anybody who would fuck with you and your Branch Davidian genealogy of Israel. E.G. The Jackal was a British South African recrute from Brazil, who was a former member of the royal family guard. You fuck me for fuckimg whores, I'm gonna tell on you and your faggots in the media that you gave been getting your cock sucked behind Michelle's back. Just like Bill Clinton was getting his regular BJs behind Hillary's back, wink wink. Which lead to his 1260 days impeachment by the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. No wonder that Gordon B Hinckley could not stand Rush Limbaugh, much less Howard Stern. Polite society homosexuality is a very hard thing to overcome. Because that means that nobody in the Roman Catholic Church, or "the church" in Dallas etc will like you. Most homos just want to be loved. GSR/TWN

Thursday, April 26, 2012


The day after I watched THE DAY OF THE JACKAL's Prince Charles' look alike assassin from 1971, Sacha Cohen's new trailer for THE DICTATOR came out at: The British Jackal from London, via Africa, is assisted by a seductive undercover agent who is a drop dead Gwyneth Paltrow look alike. Who was pressed into duty by the former French military members who were betrayed by their commander in chief, General DeGaulle. Thursday, 30 ROCK had the black Crown Prince Davidian figure in CAR WASH sitting on his throne, next to his Princess dressed up in a dictator uniform, when an angel descended and turned things into a potential three-way. When CAR WASH's Davidian servant starts rattling his tambourine it sounds like a Danite rattlesnake. The day before DAILY MAIL's report about Redford screening some film at his London Sundance event with Prince Charles, a Utah pilot from REDTAIL AVIATION crashed his CESSNA 185 into the Indian red rocks country near Four Corners; right where the old Hwy.666 passes on my 1994 R/M map book. GSR/TWN


I was pretty shocked back in 1988, when I was watching the latest dubbed Woody Allen movie in Fiorenza, Italia, and suddenly the film stopped, and then everybody got up and went out to the lobby to have a cocktail. [I think it was his ANOTHER WOMAN movie about his Catholic Irish lesbian like cunt who freaked out when she discovered that he was fucking her adopted 16 year-old daughter, who looked like a 19 year-old Miley Cyrus, from Korea in Bothell, Washington named Ginger Blake, circa 1991. In confirmation of Woody's new decision to film his PLAY IT AGAIN SAM sequel with scene references on board Michael Savages' twin VOLVO yacht in Marin County in GET SHORTY meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. For all those older swingers who love them some smoked sockeye and stinky blue cheese brie with a nice fucking glass of Greek PEGASUS chard from the Gay Area's Russian River region. GSR/TWN NOTE: I read that Woody's sequel to ROMA, 1971-1973, will be playing "...outside of the competition..." I.e. Somewhere out on the docks where my 91' SAILOR DOG will be hosting Chloe Moretz et al.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Like everybody else, I was just as surprised by the breaking news about Lindsay Lohan playing the husband of my prophetic Richard Burton figure with the private Swiss bank account in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL, 1971. Talk about, THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD, [During swinging London's hot beer television show called THE AVENGERS, that was the inspiration from God behind AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF -Jew boy- IN LONDON.] from the new beast's 666 government in East Berlin meets the upper East Side in my MANHATTAN prophecy abbot me fucking a barely legal Dakota Fanning. GSR/TWN


I saw this same fair young VICTORIA'S SECRET lady from southern Africa at WAL*MART this week, and then Granny told me me to shisshh.. and be quite, at: Per Charlize Theron's dream in 09 about swimming in some muddy South Africa river and not worrying about being eatin by those huge Mississippi catfish with wiskers in Louisiana, or Mississippi; not to mention Caty, Texas. GSR/TWN


I suggest that you get into the proper Providential frame of mind of the Holy Ghost himself, who is called Michael in Britney Spears's meets Sienna Miller prophecy called GREASE II; by watching this inspired video of Megan Fox getting eaton out by Rachel Greene, both from THE FAT SPY's Florida, at: Just like my filthy half Jew boy homogaysexual sidekick murderer with the forged birth certificate documents in 1971' THE DAY OF THE [African] JACKAL said at Sandra Bullocks' Alma matter, my anti-Nazi Nazis just will not get it. While I AM breeding my new race of white Aryan nation children in THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL prophecy on my 92' SAILOR DOG boat off the coast of the Cannes Film Festival, starting in 2012. Absolutely, this is about me fucking my teenage looking wife Ellen Page, while my aging wife Penny Cruz watches us, and becomes inspired by the idea that she can become just as young as her. GSR/TWN NOTE: Blogspot just did a major upgrade, that caused my un-upgraded iPAD to delete my last flaming NBA basketball fore ball post to get deleted somehow. Now I can't even spell check or edit out my iPAD typos. Because I don't have access to an APPLE laptop NOTEBOOK anymore.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012


In 1976's CAR WASH prophecy, TC represents my Crown "Prince" of England polygamist nigger named Snoop Dog; a.k.a. THE FLY. Confirmed at the beginning, and at the end, of the movie's 5-SPOT greasy spoon fly shit reference to MY LIFE AS A DOG prophecy in Scandinavian Seattle.

"Where there's [dog] shit, there's flies..." [Jesus Christ, circa 1999.]

Where my first KYAC colored radio gig was at HASTY TASTY; working for $1.70 an hour in 1967 dollars.

The royal DEE LUXE white glove car wash sign, with a 7-point crown logo, has my hidden arrow running through it from ISAIAH 49:2.

That Barack Obama boy, who skates around the law in CAR WASH 76, takes a hard fall next to the DEE LUXE gas pumps with the number '76' on them.

Snoop Dog tells my future redhead street hooker, who I love to fuck no matter what, that his niggers at home are choking on chicken wings and will die, if she will not get off of today's phoney telephone line call to NYC meets SLC.

Where she is calling the bogus LDS church's telephone hot line for "Joe" Smith, that apparently some LDS missionary gentile on the street had given her.

However, there is no Joe Blow anybody left at that dead end phone number.

So then later she gives her cheap religion FDR dime pay-phone coin to my marred Branch Davidian servant, still holding onto London, England's royal scepter of Judah; asking him to please find the real Joseph Smith for her. Just after she wrote about her quest to find her true "Forevah" lover named Joe on the stinky MIRROR MIRROR in the ladies' bath room. That represented the arrogant self righteous bullshit of Charlize Theron's missionary president in South Africa meets Kenya meets Angelina Jolie.

Now that my 2BC 91 duties as the King of England are already pressing down hard upon me. I'm gonna have to ask Jennifer Aniston to hire out somebody on her PLAN B staff to find that royally restored 91' yacht of Britannia that will likely be docked somewhere around my DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS con men prelude to the Cannes, France film festival, circa 2012.



CAR WASH's prophetic 555 prefix numbers are for the 555' high Egyptian boner icon in DC to George Washington. Who suddenly died right after he caught a bad cold while chopping and splitting up Lincoln logs for his fireplace.

CAR WASH's three woes theme song is "number three with a bullet!" Hence, the joint's biggest nigger of all lights up a stick match for his big Cuban cigar boner icon when the filthy 666 Marxist Jew boy gets trapped inside of his new 666 car wash system.

CAR WASH's two black&white niggers dance act called "The Futuristics" was confirmed by the breaking futurism news about James Cameron's deep sea plans to extract gold from any back to the future si-fi asteroids from outer space, circa 1957, that may be headed towards our 666 planet earth on the eve of the seven seals millennium.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Right after Charlize dumps the King of the Cowboys, CAR WASH cuts to a woman whose eyes are closed.

"We see who you taking out tonight." say the street smart niggers, as Keira is fixing my TC Prince's hair, and we cut directly to a shot of the King of the Cowboys shorty walking into the LA STAPLES CENTER's locker room.

That Joan Rivers Log Cabin Republican bitch from Beverly Hills in CAR WASH is driving a pest colored beige SL.

The King of the Cowboys does his lonely JOHNNY WALKER take at the end of CAR WASH with a "LONG HOT DOG, 55 cents" sign. That starts the '55' elevator shot in SLIDING DOORS that came way before my dream about Jennifer Aniston jumping my bones inside of a no.55 elevator with sliding doors.

Reportedly, Jen just liquidated my Manhattan penthouse for 6.5 M because she knows that I would rather use the cash to acquire my fully restored vintage 91' sailor dog yacht. Besides, Julia Roberts had already got me a twice as nice penthouse there, and Sandra Bullock has a sweet brownstone that I can use any time I feel like swinging into town, on my way to or fro London, to say hi and fuck Scarlett Johansson or the Olsen twins. Not to mention Kate Holmes' sweet ass shag pad up on the east side.

They chase after the pop bottle bomber in CAR WASH next to a car with Judah's day 1260 plate date of '916...'

Keira's hot Jewish unisex bade with a nice tan job flashes her flat top titties at about 53:... minutes into my DVD copy of CAR WASH 76. In confirmation of the many Love Bug No.53 cars in the 1976 movie, from the beginning to the end.

"The car wash is on the house... [of Israel]" says the big one to the pop bottle bomber in the end. Shortly before the prophetic Rihanna whore leaves the scene in possession of the radio of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Who will finally be overcome by the devil at the end of their special purpose day 1260 era.


I found out that my SLIDING DOORS dream was a sex object lesson for the daughters of Israel in 2NEPHI 8 on Kate Hudson's 33rd birthday. Who are still oppressing their half sisters like my French X who would not even acknowledge the existence of her half sister wife; who was sired by her polygamist father in Epinal.

Which would eventually become the same evil spirit of denial of the father of her two sons; to the point where she would change their last names into a reference of the accuser in REV.12.

You change my name. I'll change your name. Because Justice never sleeps.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Anything else is as gay as the phony LDS, Utah temple engagement of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

In SLIDING DOORS, Gwyneth Paltrow eventually figures out that her cool artist of a lover is nothing but a phony bisexual pervert who is addicted to the fornicating art scene of the latter-day culture of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. But not until she has tasted the coming death of the abomination of desolation in MARK 13.

Same thing for Glenn Beck and Michael Medved et al.

That was foretold when those two EZE.10 planes bombed the two towers and then Gwyneth hopped on her private jet to the twin I-35 cities of Fort Worth and Dallas. Where Mr BECKS beer spokesman, who doesn't drink, is planning to hold his big 1960s Love In on 7.28.


Thursday, April 19, 2012


My future big black nigger attack dog shows up as an insider in a white LINCOLN woody station wagon at the 76 car wash in CAR WASH at exactly 42:... minutes into the DVD.

[Right when I hooked up with Woody Norris in Sugartown, SLC, Utah, circa 1976.]

Then he does a big Republican Party dog shit on America; that the movie's crazy Indian medicine wheel figure is forced to clean up, using a pink donuts box.

Like I said, Ted Nugent et al will need to have their noses rubbed in it before they can accept the fact that Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern are the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, prophesied of in REV.11.

Just like Michael Medved and Glenn Beck will have to actually see Obama get arrested for the greatest fraud in the history of America before they confess that Spencer W Kimball was a false prophet who was desecrating THE HOUSE OF THE LORD. And that they had become the same kind of deaf, dumb, and blind, liars and deceivers in the other media who were fooled by the devil who causes men to worship the new 666 beast.

When Sienna's 12/28/81 cab driver asks Keira's sexy Jewish nose job babe if she has seen Rihanna, she shows him her sexy Flat Top, West Virginia chest on Hwy.19, east of a small little place called Odd.

All 4 of the Branch Davidian's liberal limousine gentile wives in CAR WASH are not wearing bras, as if they needed them. In confirmation of the many recent pix of Miley Sire Us meets Lindsay Lohan.

Then the two witnesses radio DJ, named Rod, says that my D&C 85 marred servant, who will 'TITHE' the rich by 10%, in order to buy homes for the low wage earners at STARBUCKS etc is in fact, "The Big One!!"

Believe me. When I provide Nicole with a nice mortgage-free 4000' brick house, with wet plaster interior, and a life-time tile roof, on an acre or two, I'll get more than just a wife swapping hand job in BL's STARBUCKS ladies room for all my troubles.

Last night, I dreamed that some Gwyneth Paltrow babe, who was a publicist for ROLLING STONE, wanted to help me get the word out about Miley Cyrus grinding up her left index finger penis tip icon inside of a VITA MIX 3600, circa 1972, that is commonly used as a special purpose tool to grind whole wheat; style.

"...that he may tithe his people..."

"...while his bowels shall be a fountain of truth... [youth]"

D&C 85: 3,7

Then Thursday I found her 1998 movie about the two sides of London's beautiful women at GOODWILL called SLIDING DOORS, at:

Though I have never watched it before, it looks like the time when she missed her train into London because she allowed herself to become sidetracked by some seductive bisexual ROLLING STONE magazine star who believed that wife swapping was a gay thing.



Who is the crazy 7-UP, PEPSI, DR PEPPER, etc etc pop bottle bomber in CAR WASH? Who Barack Obama's little daughter says is the pilot of that airplane in her picture of the future at the end of the movie. I'l try to find that out for you in the latest PULITZER PRIZE news updates about that plane that circled around in the air above Mexico City, LA before it finally dove into the Gulf of Mexico.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Ever since Richard Pryor set himself on fire with Obama's bisexual crack pipe in Gurnee, Illinois, thus becoming the Lord's latter-day servant with the marred face in 3NEPHI 20:44, etc. I have been feeling the urge to watch his CAR WASH prophecy that came out in 76.

Right there on my 1994 Dakota Fanning R/M map book is something that says "For. Pres." north of Gurnee, east of Rt.131.

So I finally got around to watching it on Jennifer Garner's 40th birthday. Finding out that my really rich light skin half nigger pulled into the queer as orange car wash with his hot young 4 wives in the back seat of his gold LINCOLN limo.

In Divine confirmation from God for my blond nigger bitch who stiffed me in the back seat of Sienna Miller's yellow Egyptian gypsy NYC taxi no. 12 28, phone prefix no. 481...

Who quickly ran into the royal WHITE GLOVE 76 car wash off of REGAL's 208th entrance and changed into a red hair Rihanna wig. Where later she gives the Republican Rhino Hippo in a D&C 85 baseball jersey a BJ for just 20 bucks, i.e. his 19.99 box radio of the two witnesses that represented the 19.40 fee in the yellow taxi that stood for me fucking Dakota Fanning in the back seat of Sienna's London Taxi. Since the entire 1976 movie is all about the orange earth tones that are often labeled "Sienna".

CAR WASH 76 opens with a message from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt about gay rights. Then it cuts pretty much directly to a scenario about the owner's little spoiled Jew boy Marxist who is in need of a good thorough car wash treatment, circa day 1290.

Which comes after my messianic sidekick sits on top of his royal shoe polish throne and offers up my Holy Grail of Christ cup to anyone who wants to suck on it.

Then my prophetic figure in THE INVISIBLE MAN arrives in a lesser golden GREMLIN. And then that crazy Indian in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST stuffs some hot chili peppers into Sienna Miller's hot Mexico City birthday party cake burrito.

Most women who are really pregnant take like 5 seconds to come.



That prophetic SAILOR DOG yacht that the future OUR MAN FLINT meets IN LIKE FLINT always had docked at the Cannes Film Festival,
during the 40s, was actually 91' long, not 70' long. [He owned two different, really sexy classic sail boats during his Hollywood career.] Start with this James Franco look at:
In CAR WASH 1976, Charlize Theron dumps the King of the Cowboys, because she did not want to share him with another wife swapper.


Rihanna's cute sexy red wig concubine in CAR WASH only charges 20 bucks for a hand job. Just knock twice on her computer WINDOWS program from Seattle.

Pryor ran down Greece's Parthenia Street on fire in Northridge, CA. In confirmation of the suburb's MLK Kobe, Japan earthquake anniversary that was confirmation of the REV16 earthquake that will destroy the status quo in Utah.

Monday, April 16, 2012


FOX is reporting that those three virgin 13 year-olds in THE MATADOR, 05, died in Bob Woodward's Oklahomo because their MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17 would not let them suck on my cock, while I licked the sea salt off the edges of my two margarita martini glasses. While the filthy Jewish PULITZER PRIZE homogaysexual finks awarded their highest honors to the liberal media mother fuckers who betrayed NYC's finest law enforcement officers who were trying to stop the next black 911 explosion.

No wonder my sidekick Barack Obama is going to kill all of them. While I don't even have to lift a finger.

You dirty little half ass TMZ Jews betray me. This half ass Jew, who is taller than you, will betray you. And we're both gonna like the wife swapping boyfriend aspects about it, at:

That were immediately confirmed by the new series of earthquakes among the Greek Islands of Jennifer Aniston's forefathers. Where all one really needs is a classic IN LIKE FLYNT era 70' sailboat from the 1960s film festival out of Cannes.

Just as long as you keep your assets in small unmarked gold bullion pieces, most under 1/32 ounces. That will allow you to stock up on all the sweet black olives and cheap red table wine and goat cheese that you will need until the day 1290 storms pass.

Don't say I didn't warn you Jen.

THE MATADOR starts off with a wake-up traffic warning at 666th and Lincoln. And finishes up my future day 1290 job with my two pairs of teenage Greek wives cheering me on; while I jump Jennifer Garner and Nicole Kidman's bones at various points in the 05 preview movie.

Which was about those two black naked crucifix BLING RINGS that my 007 agent always took off his fingers before he fucked Emma Watson and Emma Roberts at the same time with one bullet to the heart.



THE MATADOR in 2005 begins and ends with the three-way Dakota-Dakota Olsen-Olsen mirrors motif in MIRROR MIRROR, 2012.
That old fat man sitting on the no.2 toilet at the bull fighter arena in Mexico City is a mirror image of Francis Ford Coppola.

That's a latino Larry King at the royal CORONA crown concession stand.

Henry died three years ago and "six months later" in THE MATADOR's gay ass day 1260 prophecy that ends at the horse race track in Tucson, Arizona.

Greg's blond wife 'Bean' represents my wife-swapping Gwyneth Paltrow Green Lake dream, circa July 20, 2012.


Sorry about suddenly putting you back in the game so rudely like this. But last night Jesus said that THE MATADOR was a more sophisticated and dramatically rendered theatrical version of your campy tv spy show, ALIAS, that happened around the same time. That said, you really only have to lose about 25 pounds, and about ten years, not thirty years, before everything works out for you.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Only the elect few direct descendants of Jesus Christ understand why Jim Car/rey's ultimate masterpiece was THE CABLE GUY, that everyone else was just too deaf, dumb, and blind to see.

Or to quote my drinking buddy sidekick in THE MATADOR at 38:... minutes into my own private 05 DVD;

"Look, I'm not psychotic Danny... I'm psychopathic maybe, but not psychotic."

Since everybody and his dog, and even Bob Woodward, knows that Obama was directly involved in the assassination of his gay LDS choir lover Donald Young, the assassination of that agent in DC who was investigating his mother's missing passport records, and the assassination of Arkansas' DNC party leader who wanted to rat on him, etc etc etc.

Therefore, I completely agree with the secret double probation meaning behind almost everything that Barack Obama says.

Why in the world would any of you media pimps even give a shit about a few of my security detail fucking whores down in Mexico City, Columbia? So what. One of my bitches got stiffed? What else is new?

Cry me a river.

So I agree with Pennsylvania 6-5000's former Senator Sanatorium; if you want to elect a polite society SLC, UT style homo, vote for the real deal who is currently illegally occupying the Oval Office at REV.16's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And let's just get it over with.

In the iconic 1978 prophecy, ANIMAL HOUSE, the filthy dirty Jewish Delta frat boys, who dance in Greek sheets to the prophetic homogaysexual tunes of OTIS DAY AND THE KNIGHTS, are violating the USA constitution of The School of Prophets at .

This being "THE ALL AMERICAN CLUB" sign on the front of 1969's STONEWALL riot landmark in the East Village; seen next to the draped red, white, and black colors of America, circa 2012, SLC, Utah. Which is probably the most red state in America right now, next to Arizona and Georgia.



The school bus crash death of Danny and Bean's son Henry, in THE MATADOR, was confirmed by my THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? post in that fiery death of the 18 horses in McHenry, Illinois at:

There will be much gnashing of teeth when the apostate Mormons in Utah realize that their boys are being spiritually killed off by their mainstream religion MOTHER OF WHORES in REV.17. The LDS church is not a branch of the Relief Society. The Relief Society is a branch of the LDS church.

This royal Queen Elizabeth II sign from God is the response to my WHERE'S THE BEEF?" postings about Obama's birth certificate forgery that Hollywood has created in partnership with Michael Medved's radio publicity program at:

Medved's best seller, HOLLYWOOD VS. AMERICA, was a prophecy about his future Mercer Island based radio talk show from Seattle. That would try to fuck America in the ass with his fake half Jew "President" from Brad and Angelina's dark Africa. Just like Kenny Kemp tried to do on his short-lived middle-of-the-road pragmatic politics talk show in Salt Lick City, Utah. But the naive short Ephraimite straight-shooter didn't quite have Medved's kind of Jewish ISAIAH 11 talent to make a go of it.

Here is the latest 6.2 Chicago style sign about the coming REV.16 earthquake breakup, featured in the gay alternate version of THE BREAKUP at:

Julian Noble's "gotta pee" theory was the subtext to my dream about fucking Britney Spears in the face, and then having to pee.

When Noble calls my old LDS limey missionary friend on his birthday, a.k.a. Eric Jaderholm, he only hears Eric's old running deaf guy telephone joke that went, "Who?.. Who?.. who?..."

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Those twelve black and white niggers on Obama's anti-assassin detail were shit-canned in Columbia in confirmation of my lonely protagonist sidekick bisexual in THE MATADOR, Mr Noble. Who ends up in a whore house of Israel in Mexico City, on his Branch Davidian Letterman birthday, because basically, he has nowhere else to go.

THE MATADOR biopick about me starts out with the fierce thunder storms in Barack Obama's DENVER. That causes the big old tree to fall down over in SLC, UT just as my LDS missionary companion look alike in the early 70s was headed down to Mexico to meet me.

Hence that prophetic black 911 suddenly explodes, in confirmation of my overweight JG MILF who wants to meet me. But her little half Jew boy of a husband from Boston doesn't know shit about wife swapping.

Can you say Brad Pitt? To coin an old tired expression from the 1980s...

THE MATADOR's opening sequence shows a huge mulatto statue of the future Barack Obama messiah. Who eventually sacrificies his life in order that the little illegal alien darkies from down south could also have a really nice home; with old world 18" thick walls, and classic wet plaster interiors, that the lost tribes of Israel say is just a bunch of cult religion Mormon bullshit.

Just like me. Julian Noble has no home in THE MATADOR, nor even an apartment address.

Until he shows up at Greg's house in Denver to make the "wife swapping" whisky and pecan pie deal that he owes him. Which we do not understand, circa 2005, is about me retiring to a Greek Island with Jennifer Aniston, [FOR YOUR EYES ONLY]. Where I get to fuck all the little girls who look like little boys while we ride out the financial meltdown up in Athens. Per the Greek ANIMAL HOUSE preview to the Greek White House situation of today.

Of course, this was my dream Saturday morning about a friendly Charlize Theron showing me around her mother's Greek cargo ship limited partnership tax deduction investment, probably registered in Panama. That was now dry-docked in Union Lake, Seattle somehow. Which was confirmed only a few hours later in the day when I saw her adopted little Curious George monkey hanging from some lady's rear-view on 192nd and Hwy.410.

Now I'm finally beginning to understand what Howard Stern means when he talks about having 'hot monkey sex' with mothers in their late 30s and 40s.



THE MATADOR's Mr Stick is a classic establishment Republican politician look alike.

My Mr Noble King of England assassin has been at it for 22 years, i.e. since I left Provo, Utah in 1990.

Jen is so tired of being fucked in the butt by Obama's lying media morons, that she is getting ready to return the favor, TOTAL RECALL style.

Saturday morning at 3:17, little Miss Dakota's mother told me to not touch her virgin daughter figures in THE MATADOR's shooting gallery scene.

My secret double probation 007 agent's BACK TO THE FUTURE King of England figure down in Mel Gibson's THE MATADOR country in THE GRINGO likes to lick the salt off of two Michelle Rodriguez margarita fuck glasses at a time.

Think about Jennifer Aniston sipping on the lip of her girlfriend's dirty martini, at:

Thursday, April 12, 2012


The Zimmerman case is a clear confirmation of that recent assisted suicide case in Florida where they pulled the plug on that brain dead REV.17 woman who would have pre-voted for Barack Obama, at these Egyptian eye link icons at:

Makes you want to puke, doesn't it?

Ya think that the alien looking dude with the Jewish surname, Zimmerman, is going to get off for killing that Jew fucker from Brentwood's C/LOONEY restaurant? In confirmation of O.J.'s flight to Obama's Chicago right after he cut her throat from ear to ear with a sharp red Jewish SWISS ARMY knife crucifix logo.

Last night I dreamed again about Sienna Miller at:

Now I see the double secret 42 months probation inspiration behind James Franco's latest whatever look alike movie at:

In my pre-Obama 2005 Denver, Colorado prophecy, THE MATADOR, the new James Bond 007 King of England goes down to Mexico City's Pink Zone for SEMI PRO assassins when nobody else wants to hang out with him on his upcoming 8.4 birthday.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


The black JFK assassination LINCOLN in ANIMAL HOUSE becomes the "DEATHMOBILE" after that black giant from MOSES 7:15 makes the white kids flee from the black roadhouse called DEXTER LAKE CLUB.

You know that Tarzan's elephant stampede is coming in ANIMAL HOUSE when we see an elephant at the big parade finale that includes the JFK diversity theme float. Which features a giant black hand holding onto a giant white hand. That soon breaks apart in the ensuing riot for a metaphor of the earthquake in REV.16 that breaks America up into three parts.

DEXTER LAKE CLUB has black and white zebra walls in confirmation of the future mulatto abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 etc.

ANIMAL HOUSE's breakup prophecy was confirmed by the powerful quakes in the Indian Mohawk Ocean off the coast of Obama's Indonesian homeland, and the 5.9 quake in the REV.13.1 sea off the Lincoln County coast of Oregon.

The final riot in ANIMAL HOUSE happens in Cottage Grove, Oregon; located along the Al Sharpton landmarks of DANIEL 12, called Sharp River and Big [giant] River. Right there on my R/M map is Lookout Point Lake along Rt.58. For the film's 58 CORVETTE physical transfiguration icon. Hence the nigger with the sharp point knife at the lake club.

Here is a look at that Tarzan elephant face they just discovered on the Red [state] Planet at;

Which of course is Providential publicity for the upcoming 42 months release of the red planet remake called TOTAL RECALL, at:

That new 4.3 earthquake in George Albert Smith country was near Tropic, Utah for a Flint, Michigan TROPICS theme reference to Mitt Romney. [Think giant NBA players doing the Big Foot size 16 NIKE sneakers thing.] Smith's vision about the Greek frat house homo in the White House has been described as a WW II sequel.

ANIMAL HOUSE was first shown to a public audience in Obama's Denver, Colorado. Here is his image on the new red, white, and black basketball colors of the USA at:



Michael Medved's 770 broadcast from Seattle was cut off the air at 2:12 pm local time while he was bitching about illegal aliens getting free dinners in the blue state of Lake Whitney [Houston] Conn. While at the same time he was conning America about the illegal alien at the New Casablanca.

What a confused little Jewish boy-girl from Mercer Island, Washington, Africa.

'When I was a boy growing up in [Obama's] Denver, we didn't give a fuck about the niggers and the waps and the Okies. We only went after the dirty little Jew boys...'

[My bald German, half redhead Levite, Moses Lake, Washington stepfather-mentor templar, Les Winn, circa 1962, who spoke fluent East German Russian.]

Hence, the powerful earthquakes in the Indian Mohawk Ocean in REV.13:1 off of Obama's Native American Phuker, Indonesian landmark for all those LOUIE LOUIE Kingsmen from Portland who suddenly died when a 1776 stonewall fell on top of them in KINGS 1-2-3 in the King James [Jimmy Fallon] version of the Bible, according to Queen Elizabeth II et al.

I watched the end of ANIMAL HOUSE 1978 Wednesday morning. And saw the future day 1290 period of the homogaysexual Otis [Obama] Day singer performing at the house of the Greek Homosexual that President George Albert Smith saw in his Saint George, Utah vision about the latter-day abomination of desolation in DAN. 9 etc.

Wherein the 'EAT ME' DEATHMOBILE rammed into the fake neocon platform of Mitt Romney meets George Bush. And the entire Mardi Gras parade comes falling down. For a prelude to what is going to happen to the fake Mormon church pukes in SLC.

['Pukes' was Les' favorite descriptive word for the Civil Rights era of the phony 1960s era of George Wallace et al.]

In confirmation of the flying puke scene in the 1978 ANIMAL HOUSE White Horse Prophecy. That was about the race riots that are going to happen in the end when the truth comes out about Otis Day's day 1290 abomination of desolation's fake birth certificate, fake draft card insult, fake Conn Socialist Security number, and fake concubine white house slave breeder marriage.

No wonder Steve Martin goes berserk when he hears the truth about my future "Cleaning Woman" house slave in DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID.


PS; Here is a sweet link to Rihanna's new king's harem single at:

Driving back in the rear leather seats of GG's white 1990 limo Wednesday, we crossed a white 4RUNNER bearing 927-EYE plates from ANIMAL HOUSE's State of Oregon at the Bucky Larson T off 192. That was followed up by a black 'DEATHMOBILE' hearse VO/VO station wagon.

Don't miss the scene where Kevin Bacon [Ham] gets trampled to death by the Republicans' elephant stampede in front of the 1969 STONEWALL tavern in ANIMAL HOUSE meets ANIMAL HOUSE II, circa 2012. While he was shouting over and over that "All is well !!" like some polite Mormon high society idiot in SLC, UTAH.

Hence two white Aryan Nation Asian frat house Japs were just killed by my two black niggers from Mercer Island, King County, who hijacked their blue state BMW 760 in the TAXI 04 prophecy at:

The southern style animalistic DELTA fraternity in ANIMAL HOUSE meets DELIVERANCE was on 'double secret probation' for the 42 months period when the big black Greek nigger NBA NIKE foot of the 666 beast will be pressed down on top of their necks, George C/looney style.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


To all my dear friends in NORTH BY NORTHWEST Hollywood meets Westwood and Brentwood;

You need to stop fretting like a bunch of little GIRL SCOUTS selling cookies in front of a SMITH'S FOOD KING in Provo, Utah.

If my LITTLE BIG MAN Indian with the big tomahawk boner, Justin Theroux, decides that he wants to accept the fullness of the Father in D&C 76, then I will personally see to it that he gets two pairs of underaged teenager virgins for all of his troubles.

Just like in the wife swapping exchange for my wife Jennifer Aniston that took place when Brad Pitt met Angelina Jolie in MR AND MRS SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, circa 2012.

Those who support Jesus will get their measuring cups in REV.11.1 packed up really nice and tight and high and hard and full, with whatever seed grains that their righteous hearts desire. After they take care of His BODY DOUBLE Branch Davidian business in the city of angels where they are now shooting the sequel to BUCKY LARSON meets JUST GO WITH IT.

You let I AM fuck your 29ish girlfriend. I'll give you two pairs of teenager girlfriends to take her place. Fair is fair.

Since I watched half of ANIMAL HOUSE 1978 Monday night, and then they found those stupid five foolish 50/50 virgins who voted for Obama in the basement dungeon of Steven Fresh's family frat house for Greek homos in Brady's Bean Town at:

That was immediately confirmed by that MALA NOCHE [85] pack of niggers who role played the above film's University of Oregon location.

Wherein Ellen Page ended up enrolled for a semester to study the finer points about swallowing organic wheat germ sprouts. While her Three Sisters, Ore sisters in EVEN COWGIRLS GET THE BLUES meets STILL LIFE WITH WOODPECKER, took turns around the campfire girls site going down on her royal wet pussy in my DRUGSTORE COWBOYS prophecy, circa 1981, circa Taylors Ferry Road, at:


PS: Jennifer Aniston's BEACH BOYS father went back to Greece to study the wholistic olive oil medicine cure that his daughter would administer unto the daughters of Israel in 2NEPHI 8. Hence the 4.4 earthquake in the islands of the 1776 Chocolate Hills of the Philippines Islands. Where yours truly can get his cock sucked for a half hour by two 15 year-old hotties for just a left-over $5 bill from the USA military base that once was there in 1976.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Turns out that the WILD AT HEART meets DEAR HUNTER hunter in North Tulsa was literally an MLK Indian nigger stalker with a native Mohawk haircut, according to Monday's used NYT in STARBUCKS' recycled newspaper bin.

Now just confirmed by that new cfake image of Keira Knightley, that is about my fake blond bitch in TAXI who loves her some cheap ENGLISH LEATHER sofa throne musk spray at:

Coming out right after the breaking NOTTING HILL II news from London that Knightley's ugly stand-in body double REV.17 mother got a royal upgrade by Queen Elizabeth II at:

Which was immediately backed up by Miley's predicament about not liking wheat bread. Since I would never want to sire one of my princesses who does not eat sperm that smells like wheat germ.

There are already too many downs syndrome bipolar kids with semi autistic problems and cleft lips out there already. Why in the world would I ever want to sire a woman who can't even handle a thin slice of GREAT HARVEST's special purpose EZE.4.9 bread for breakfast in this crazy environment?

Since 3 people were killed at a preschool in Brooklyn Park's Jewish suberb of the Twin Cities. And then in Michael Medved's BMW 1776 Philadelphia, those two firemen of Judah and Ephraim were killed when a burning furniture store wall collapsed on top of them. Because Israel's BiBi PM started out as a furniture salesman in Brooklyn.

Not that there is anything wrong with that. For instance, see my back to the future furniture salesman fucking Tom Cruise's Austin Powers X-wife in a three-way at Seattle's SLEEP COUNTRY chain mattress store at:

Where do you think that I started out at, and then ended up at today, in the above link?

Therefore, those two REV.18 angels of eternal death in Tulsa, Oklahomo were given a 9M bounty hunter bail each. In confirmation of those poor 9 copper miners who are now trapped inside of Ms no.9's big world-wide Jew nigger vagina hole in DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID.


PS: My vivid Green Lake take-out picnic salad dream about getting back together with Ms Paltrow, in the heat of July, was for Gisele's 7.20 birth date iPAD APPLE child namesake reference to the 42nd month after the abomination of desolation's illegal inauguration on 1.20 in 09.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


TAXI DRIVER 1976 was a political campaign season movie. Wherein the protagonist from Mohawk Park in north Tulsa goes after the pimps and pushers in the end, who act as stand-ins for the politicians, like at:

In TAXI 2004, after the red state BMW 760 turns into a blue state BMW 760, the 4 VICTORIA CROWN babes get trapped on an I-44 overpass section that is broken off by the film's Obama figure who blow-torched the NYC Police badge, turning it into a dark blackened money clip.

On my 1994 R/M map book of Judah and Ephraim, the Tulsa International Airport is shaped like the State of Texas; located right on the south side of the Tulsa Zoo in Mohawk Park.

Broken Arrow is located on the southeast side of Tulsa, due east of Hunter Park, off Washington Street.

I saw a man walking out of the woods from behind the REGAL TALL FIRS 10 theater Saturday who was carrying a stick that looked like a crude arrow. Then he broke it in half and went inside.

Basically, the charming black female driver in TAXI is a racist, who jokes that she won't pick up white people, and breaks every law on the books.

Tom Brady T-boned that illegal alien lady in Boston with his red A8 in confirmation of Gisele Bundchen's TAXI prophecy.

In DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID, Rigby keeps adjusting the English babe's VICTORIA'S SECRET bra, that is revealed in the Carlotta, Peru ending. When the beautiful South American Gisele figure turns out to be a fast F.O.C. German car driver.



That white guy who shot 5 foolish Jew niggers who voted for the illegal alien Obama on the anniversary of his father getting murdered by them, off of Oklahomo's I-44, was a crazy TAXI DRIVER 1976 prophecy confirmation. Because my tall German Nazi Jew babe in TAXI was driving a 'double wish-bone' BMW 760 with a fake red state Republicans paint job.

[Think THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL meets MARATHON MAN meets THE STRANGER in my three-way tunnel limo ride in my WILD ORCHID preview about the Davidian bike rider star on DOMINO.]

The night before the shooting in North Tulsa, I dreamed that I was driving around in a big black mud tires RENEGADE JEEP with a huge long barrel 10 Gage shotgun lying on the seat beside me. Then I woke up on Neve Campbell's 10:03 am birthdate, realizing that I was on my way to hunt wild high-flying Canadian Geese somewhere.

Then a half hour later, I was at the U.S. Postoffice and saw the exact same Big Foot tires black JEEP drive by with a weird looking redneck dude at the wheel with a big shit-eating DELIVERANCE movie grin on his face.

[Think about BATMAN's anti-hero in my middle-aged spread BATMAN tv series prophecies, replayed years later by my crazy Hollywood sidekick Jim Carrey.]

Because in TAXI 2004, my big fat blond bitch with the GSR/TWN scar on her forehead, who was figuratively married to the invisable star of SEARCHING FOR BOBBY D in 2004, was heading for their safe house in the Poconos in Santorum's German state of Taylor Swift's TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000.

Don't even try to watch TAXI 2004, if you can't stomach the idea of my 2004 co-star in FAST AND FURIOUS spreading eagle in REV.12 while she goes down on my cold Brazilian Aryan Nation wife who is superior to you in every way; like Paris Hilton.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that..." [Larry David writing behind the scenes in SEINFELD's 89-98 palendrome time-line.]

The too fast driver message in the above prophetic movies is why Gisele Bundchen was recently stopped for speeding on Cape Cod's homogaysexual bastion for bisexual hookers in Massachusetts. But the smitten cop let her off with a warning just like he did in TAXI.

Like my TAXI DRIVER hero in 1976 does when he goes after the black and white abomination of desolation niggers in Harlem who are threatening my blond teenage love interest in HUGO.

In confirmation of that public bathroom Mohawk Park haircut landmark north of Tulsa, located off of the Cherokee Parkway.


PS: The Will Rogers Memorial park is just northwest of there. For the Beverly Hills arrest of George Michael at the public bathrooms beside his Republican Party LDS church temple memorial that says; "I never met a man that I didn't like."

Here's a look at De Niro's slim 19ish shooter in Tulsa at:

Friday, April 6, 2012


When my big ass light skin concubine Queen Latifa, with the blond Rihanna BJ INSTYLE hair job above her GSR/TWN forehead scar line of Israel, receives her titanium supercharger in TAXI, the film walks right up to my 'one mighty and strong' darkie sidekick from Relf St. London, in D&C 85 and 2BC 91.

Who ultimately helps my ridiculous super hero cop with that "DAN" tattoo for DANIEL 9's road construction on his soft shoulder. And then they go on to capture my Brazilian wife Gisele Bundchen, and her Three Sisters in Oregon too, who thought that they could get away with robbing America. Just because it's now garbage pick-up day in the USA.

Some of my newer readers may need to watch this pre-Obama 2004 movie in reverse in order to understand how my future wives are going to Robbin Hood the banks of Sodom and Egypt and then deposit their stolen [converted-into-gold] funny money into the non-profit credit unions of Israel.

All you polite society neo con half-Jews out there who are stonewalling the truth about my abomination of desolation drinking buddy are going to suddenly die and disappear like Mr Breightbart did in Ben Afflect's Brentwood, LA.

The devil is coming after you. Even the same one who is called the 'accuser' race baiting nigger in REV.12 etc.

You fuck me on the face of it, I'll cum on your face with my halfbreed's .45 pistol right between the eyes in some black and white 1950s episode of the ALONE RANGER.

Gisele's Vanessa character was 23 when they made her TAXI movie about Joseph Smith's comment regarding the 23 year-old nature of eternal life. Hence the 23 year-old halfbreed time-line reference to Vanessa Hudgens, circa 2012.


Thursday, April 5, 2012


I walked right up to a used DVD copy of TAXI for 2.99 at THE CHECKOUT Thursday; right after grabbing a nice chunk of stinky moldy Brie blue cheese for just 2.99.

The box art depicted a Rihanna look atype concubine wife, back to back with Jimmy Fallon. So I figured that the 2004 movie must have something to do with the end of DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID. Where I tell the new Jewish German Nazi hottie that, "I'm here to bust up your [husband's] game..."

As confirmed by Carl Reiner's amazingly convincing part as the Jewish Nazi who speaks the German language that is approximately 40% ancient Hebrew. According to research done by the world's greatest linguists at BYU.

I.e. Queen Latifah is my future transsexual Barack Obama sidekick in the above Di Caprio Code DVD tag line that says, "TAKE A RIDE ON THE WILD SIDE." at:

According to the laws of Israel, if your wife has already been fucked a thousand times by so many strangers, then you can have her for free. As long as you still agree to respect her like a plastic Catholic Madonna virgin bobble-head on your old car's dashboard, touched for the very first time; like in a 70s porn movie horror film remake like CARRIE.

[See the blond Chloe Moretz forerunner in the back seat of the King of England's car in DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID. Who seriously wants me to take her home and fuck her after I wine and dine her at the PLANTATION CLUB; whose all wet from watching me sire my "cleaning woman" house slave Rihanna.]

To all of you German shorthair hunting dogs out there who think that I AM is kidding. You are all going to be hunted down and beaten with the two sticks of Judah and Ephraim until you confess your sins and agree to start picking up the piles of shit that you have been leaving on the white carpets inside THE HOUSE OF THE LORD in LA etc.

"These people we're dealing with are killers." says my protagonist in DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID.

As confirmed by the dead US troopers on the front page of Thursday's NYT, right after the Georgia Surpreme Court fucked the US Constitution in the ass regarding the illegal alien in the CASABLANCA film noir movie of the same two witnesses era.


Looks to me like Miley is getting in shape for her Janis Joplin nude scenes in Oliver Stone's next biopic at:

Ok, fuck the money that you owe me, and fuck the critical acclaim that you will get from it. I realize that by now you are probably over all that shit anyway. But just think about how you could still park your big 5-wheeler MONTANA rv rig on the set and do what you want with it in between takes. It's called rehearsing.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Woody Allen has basically admitted in recent interviews that all he likes to do these days is walk around his brownstone sipping on a bottle of beer after work. Waiting for his oddly sexy looking Korean Moony face wife to get in the mood, Miley Cyrus style.

Hey. To each his own. I get turned on just by watching reruns of my underaged fantasy stepdaughter wife in HARD CANDY.

Therefore. My Christian P.O.V. jerk in THE JERK prophecy takes the London subway train ride to the suicidal Manhattan bridge in Woody Allen's 50 SHADES OF G-REY looking MANHATTAN prophecy about yours truly fucking my transfigured teenage Hemingway hottie from Salmon, Idaho. Where he sits down under a banner ad depicting my African sidekick half ape half Jew holding onto the same 4 boner bottles of Sienna Miller brew featured in Mr Relf's THE BIG LEBOWSKI movie.

At least half of my wives would never really be happy in a plural marriage situation if they did not have a little monkey pet or three to keep them happy while I was fucking one or two of their half sisters in the next room.

The shot where the jerk sprays his backwards MANHATTAN message on the train's future computer window from Seattle is when I spray all over my future wives and concubines in section 91 of the 2BC.

When THE JERK hits the 777-UP jackpot, he appears in PLAYBOY with Lindsay Lohan's recent bunny of the month calendar girl no. 617 at .

Last night, I dreamed that I held onto Britney Spears' hair while I fucked her long and hard in the mouth with a boner as hard as a long neck CORONA bottle in some public park bathroom. While Mel Gibson stood there watching us both. And then I gave her a nice sweet thank-you kiss, and then we all got a good laugh because I needed to take a pee right away.



Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hugh Grant has recently complained that they still do not have a satisfactory script for the third BRIDGET JONES DIARY. And who can blame him? I would not do it either if the third installment was just a rehash of his Scottish FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL prophecy about some transcontinental Hollywood actors who look "ancient" by now; since the last BRIDGET JONES movie came out some 8 years ago.

If they are really serious about doing this. It's going to have to be about the hard NR 17 wife-swapping ending to THE LONELY GUY. Where Ms Brothers represents my own brothers exchanging one of their wives with one of my own; like in Tom Cruise's upcoming King of the Cowboys movie at:

So much for fucking any good looking woman that you fancy. How about getting permission first?

In DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID, the F.O.C. list of the cheesy LDS friends of Obama's new fascism, that was found at the cheap LDS mormon HOTEL WARD on 5th Street, was immediately confirmed by that 5.4 earthquake off the 'Carlota' island coast of Peru, at:

Because Ms Kitty starts to look an awful lot like my tall Jewish German wife of POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN from Peru, South America in the context of THE KILLERS' movie from Ernest Hemingway's short stories novel, entitled MEN WITHOUT WOMEN, at:

Wherein 'Iris' represented those 666 boxes made in Japan that Steven Fresh was selling in 666 Manhattan. That were supposed to read out your own unique iris image and then translate it into a digital number.

Which was presaged by Steve's 666 shadow puppet images of the mark of the beast in the hand that looked like Abraham Lincoln standing in for Barack Obama.

Since today's shadowy media is the evil force behind the dark knight from Chicago in 2012. Who is in bed with the voice of the new Mormon church from Dallas, Texas. Who wants you all to stop talking about Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery. Because that would mean that MLK et al were wrong about negros having the right to hold the priesthood.

Monday, April 2, 2012


I watched DEAD MEN DON'T WEAR PLAID on the first day of LDS Conference. That was then confirmed by the 5 dead Korean Moony christian virgins who were shot dead in Dirty Harry's Gay Area; perhaps with a .44 look alike gun.

[See all those plaid golf course pants on all the old fuckers in any one of the inspired 1980s movies starring Bill Murray and Chevy Chase.]

Because the short hair LDS leadership in Utah is only teaching us about the second class glory of the moon in D&C 76, etc. And so all of them are going to be shot dead according to the recent revelations at etc etc etc.

In other words, northwest porn star plaid is a Fife, Washington dream-come-true Scottish Plaid reference to the England Red Cross blood of Israel along my ancestors' humble Relf Street in London. And if you are at least not wearing plaid in your HEART TO HEARTS gig, then you are a DEAD MAN WALKING Love Bus actor hippie with a new Nazi short hair cut who still lives in Marin County, CA.

I.e. Ephraim is as high as an experimental kite, that dropped into the REV.13.1 sea with John Denver at the controls, but not on pot; to paraphrase the Torah of Judah.

In THE LONELY GUY in 1984, the leaders of the D&C 86 church in Gwyneth Paltrow's CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy have lost the Israelite blood of the lonely guy named Warren.

Sadly, there is no blood of Israel anymore in the hearts of the Gentiles who are desecrating the House of the Lord at North Temple in SLC, UT.

This tragic Israelitish situation was just confirmed by the Mr Bodish of Christ's 777 jackpot payout for 14.14 at the second hand shops where I often find my GET SHORTY prophecies about such shorties as Spencer Kimball at GOODWILL. Per:

Which is why the tall Taylor Swift was not all that happy from the moment they said I DO to her at the latest awards show for faggots and white niggers who look like most of the country music singers out there, at:

A queer steer is still a queer. Even if you drive some big old mud tires pickup in Tennessee or Oklahomo, and you look like Brad Pitt in a cowboy hat on a motorcycle.

THE LONELY GUY opens with a Nyle Smith cave man in Southern Utah. Who is compared to a shuttle pilot in outer space who is getting mind fucked by the 666 Cosmetologist babe in THE JERK.

Hence THE LONELY GUY's three sixes motif that corresponds with the suicidal 'Bridge to the Future' that leads to the future tragic condition of Michael Jay Fox. Who still believes that Republicans don't believe in science because they want scientists to get together with other scientists and debate the man-made theories of global climate change.

Which is the very same thing as the theory of evolution. Which no respectable scientist out there has ever been able to justify based on any known principle of physics, chemistry, biology, or even mathematics.

Therefore the famous shorty from Vancouver, BC has been cast by God to be looking like he is shaking in his boots. For the 42 months period seen in THE LONELY GUY where he confronts the Barack Obama hoods on Spike Lee's underground subway and we see a '42' omen in the background.

The lonely guy talks to his Jacob's Pillow Stone at 5:46 am and tells Emma Watson how much he loves her Neve Campbell type freckles.


Sunday, April 1, 2012


Even us royal know-it-alls, who are slightly better than you, get sucker-punched once in awhile, just to keep things even.

Jesus... I was standing downstairs taking a pee on 3.31 when I finally realized that President Momson sounds exactly like a younger bisexual Clint Eastwood, born on 5.31. Who is well on his way into role playing the physical transfiguration at age 84, meets age 81 and counting down the years to his amazing 29 year-old spaghetti western Utah movies. That were shot where all those dudes have at least a dozen wives each in Washington County, USA.

Then in my dreams later, a friendly but cautious Jennifer Aniston asked me about what my intentions were when I put my arm around her 29ish waist, suggesting that we two go on a long road trip up along her own private Hwy.101 coast line in her new shiny black MERCEDES.

I couldn't really blame her for asking; so I just cut off the dream at that point. And then I dreamed that two really really cute teen hotties came up to me, who couldn't wait until I cum on their faces.

But of course, dreams are metaphorical and all that. So what they really wanted me to do was cum out loud while I was looking at them in the face. Since the most sexy thing about a 42ish looker is her face.

Face it mothers. I AM your middle-aged man GIRL SCOUTS leader who will be fucking your 23ish girl scout star of Drew Barrymoore's feature film director debut in WHIP IT GOOD; by DEVO. [Think pot-head planter abusers of Michael Medved et al in THE JERK's DVD extras, Etc. Because of his secret homogaysexual crush on Obama.] at: ]

Talk Megan Fox all you want. What's more sexy than a Canadian Justin Beiber who was born with a genuine pussy and real girly titties?

Whose new short Emma Watson haircut just makes you want to gently grab onto the back of her head and softly and slowly fuck her in the face.

That's like having Keira Knightley on your round 70s water-bed in some KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND-TABLE movie and eating Sienna Miller's big round pregnant birthday cake pussy too. In her latest eat-me pictorial about that cake with pussy-whipped cream frosting that Woody Allen's double still owes me in BODY DOUBLE, at: period, end of story, that's a wrap.