Saturday, October 31, 2015


Love these new pix of my wife hanging out with her sister wife who looks like a physically [born] transfigured [again] Ornella Fresh, at: ~ ~ JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! ~ ~ James Carville becomes Donald Trump's new campaign manager? Just to get his wife off of his back? ~ ~ So that he can buy that former slave plantation property for her in THE BIG CHILL:II meets THE BIG EASY:II?? ~ ~ Am I the only one who sees what the hell is happening out there?? ~ ~ Or have I gone completely fucking nuts? ~ ~ "You'd be surprised what could happen when you drag a $1,000,000 bill through a trailer park." ~ ~ Still no bites?? ~ ~ How about, "There's a lot more where this comes from." NAPOLEON DYNAMITE:II&III. ~ ~ [Nowadays, they tend to shoot major big bucks Hollywood sequels two-at-a-time because it saves a butt load of money.] ~ ~ Always keep it in mind. When it comes to 1950s era motion picture filmaking; the screenplay, the casting, the director, means nothing to me. ~ ~ All I need to know is if Jesus the super Jew is in the picture on some level. ~ ~ Think AMERICAN GIGOLO:II meets AMERICAN GIGOLO:III, both costarring Charlie Theron. ~ ~ Talk about having fuck-you crazy money to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want. ~ ~ Being the restored King of England and France already does have it's privileges. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~

Friday, October 30, 2015


Telephone call from Jesus anyone? ~ ~ They finally caught up with me in Kentucky, in confirmation of Sienna Miller's new chef cook lover movie called BURNT, at: ~ ~ White House, Tenn being located due north of Millersville, and Hendersonville, Tenn. in [Bonney Lake] Sumner County, and so forth. ~ ~ OK, I AM is not yet a very serious Iggy Pop look alike candidate; but I am working on it. ~ ~ I may not have a doctorate degree in ancient Biblical languages from some religion school in Dallas, Texas; but I am a two year high school graduate from Seattle's culinary arts community college program called F.E.A.S.T. ~ ~ And I still have my $50 scholarship certificate to prove it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIRTH CERTIFICATE NOTES: Even though the HONOLULU STAR ADVERTISER once published the completely legal and authentic birth certificate that they still have in their files in Hawaii. They still do not accept it at WND et all just because Obama's excited grandmother signed it with a missing vowel in her name. ~ ~ Which reminds me of the time when in my hast, I once quickly signed some anti-tax petition without even reading it in front of WAL*MART; noting that I had left out the 'o' vowel in my Christian name Greg_ry. ~ ~ PS SCARLETT: In the Kingdom of God, rebellious criminal children get stoned to death instead of putting them into some juvenile prison full of sex predators. ~ ~ Why be saddled with the never ending tyranny of a multi billion dollar 666 government state apparatus that dictates how you should be raising your children? ~ ~ Been there, done that, didn't work. ~ ~ EXWIVES NOTES: Just north of where they finally found "me" is a place on Rt.52 called Portland. ~ ~ Oddly enough, in some ways I almost feel like Ornella Fresh is the former sister wife to my exwife Laurence Pierson; circa 1974-1984. ~ ~ Right there is Fountain Head, Tenn. For when Steven and Ornella Fresh were living in that fabulous FOUNTAINHEAD complex located along Rt.9, east of Boston, Mass. ~ ~ RISK FREE DEALS: Here is how Elizabeth Hurley et al will get around laying down and risking any of their own private cash money for my extremely rare and limited real estate offers in Montana and Idaho. ~ ~ Since I only have a few of these exclusive ranch property condos left in my portfolio; I can finance them 100% with no money down. ~ ~ "Think about the children." Michael Caine, in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS:II.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


In the first act of DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, the billionaire businessman is named 'Sir Donald'. ~ ~ In order to establish the prophetic idea about what the 1971 Bond movie is all about. In the very same year that yours truly was cast as the young LDS missionary man in ROMA:II meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II. ~ ~ Therefore, now I get to make a butt load of worthless independent art film remakes with a shitload of worthless cash. ~ ~ And the best part is; not even Austin Powers can stop me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CORRECTION NOTES: I had to correct a few typos in my last posting because I do not have a blogspot app. Therefore some of my proof reading corrections do not get get get saved in the process. ~ ~ DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER NOTES: Jimmy Bond mountain climbs up and into THE WHYTE HOUSE because it represents the seven mountains of the new and improved and born again 666 beast in REV.17. ~ ~ We know beyond any doubt that DAF is a Donald Trump type reality tv show prophecy when Jimmy Dean says, "...tell him he's fired!" at about 1:30:10. ~ ~ Ergo, that Republican Party elephant wins the triple-play slot machine jackpot after we have a good hard look at Barack Obama's very scary 1950s era anticommunist horror movie [Halloween] African masks. ~ ~ I'm not just trying to fuck Steven Fresh's exwife because she looks exactly like T. Case does in a brunet wig. And then we see that physical transfiguration crystal chandelier at 25:25 minutes, yada yada. ~ ~ Looks like daddy has a new girlfriend anyway, at: ~ ~ PS LIZ: Yesterday in a dream I told you that it will be "...a whole new ballgame." Then later I saw your new '50/50 deal' ten virgins era bikini pix at: ~ ~ Look at it this way. You double down two times on my investment offer opportunities in and around Yellowstone, Montana, you finally get to understand the deeply troubling reasons why God had cast you in DOUBLE WHAMMY meets DAWG meets THE WEIGHT OF WATER. ~ ~ Not to mention AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY and MY FAVORITE MARTIAN: Iⅈ so have a new look at: ~ ~ By the way, if you are still having some trouble in understanding the importance of the United Order Credit Union situation, take another fresh look at WILDTHINGS; costarring my two rich bitch actor wives Neve Campbell and Denise Richards, at: ~ ~ PS SIENNA: Don't worry about me having enough money to take care of you. You just keep doing what you are doing and everything will work out for you and your crazy sister too in the future. ~ ~ PS DAVE: For Christ sake, can you at least put me in your next movie if I agree to pay for it? ~ ~ Seriously dude, I AM is a pretty good actor, maybe even the best there is right now. ~ ~ AND I do have a full stable of hot young girlfriend actresses under my command who love to suck-it-and-fuck-it-to-the-max. ~ ~ If you get my drift. ~ ~ What? ~ ~ Okay, too creepy? ~ ~ I also have a couple of more age appropriate wives who will do anything for me; like Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts, etc. at: ~ ~ "Name your price man!" SEINFELD.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


At the end of the LEPRECHAUN:3 Glenn Beck look alike prophecy, Conan O'Brien's last days wish is that he can perform at CAESAR'S PALACE before it is all over. ~ ~ At the end of the naive George Bush look alike prophecy [1:32:28] in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, we are shocked to learn that W may have sounded exactly like a typical whyte southern christian man; but in reality he was just another high society homo like Mr. Boner and Mr. Obama. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLOG NOTES: Today's 666 world is now being thoroughly undermined and destroyed by the independent 666 Internet forum thinkers at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Gone are the days when someone like Robert Redford or Bill O'Really can put out a book or a movie and just expect everyone out there to buy it. ~ ~ OCTOBERFEST NOTES: That 7.5 curry chicken earthquake was confirmation of those 75 cent BECKS across the street from the house of horrors pawn shop. ~ ~ PS MS WILDE: You can moan and bitch about men for the rest of your dying days; and it will change nothing in the long run. ~ ~ There is a Divine plan behind why it is, and it will always be, a white man's world. ~ ~ Who's your daddy? ~ ~ TIME-LINE NOTES: That hidden 'Clock Boy' bomb in the Baked Alaska desert at the end of DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER is about today's immature homogaysexual boys who never grew up. ~ ~ Hence the balding girly hair job homo in the 1971 picture named 'Kid'. ~ ~ And James Bond's next new wife looks exactly like a physically transfigured Ornella Fresh, circa 1974. ~ ~ James Dean [The southern breakfast sausage king.] tells George W to get on the phone and call Seattle's futurist Dr.Evil right away; before he launches his next foolish VIRGIN tourism rocket into outer space. Think AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY, AUSTIN POWERS:II THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME, and AUSTIN POWERS:III, GOLDMEMBER. ~ ~ NEW NAZI NOTES: The creative inspiration behind the stolen MARATHON MAN diamonds prophecy was the concentration camp furnice cremation scene in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


One of the biggest reasons why Bill O'Really et all can't stop Donald Trump is because they keep lying about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii. ~ ~ Ergo, that bad batch of WHOLE FOODS curry chicken that was a Jimmy Fallon type three woes confirmation of the REV.11 earthquake that shook Afghanistan, Pakistan, and northwest India. ~ ~ Wherein every other spy novel in the past ten years has Islamic extremists sneaking portable A-bombs out the backdoor with the help of their deeply imbeded sympathizers within the Pakistan military. ~ ~ If the money is right of course; let's not fool ourselves. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS TARATINO: Right now I'm in the middle of taking another long and hard look at DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER being a prophecy about a wealthy hotel resort and casino owner-operator who is being held hostage by today's wealthy homosexual Jews. Complete with 1950s era short haircuts, black rim glasses, and big sexy shampoo hair job girlfriends. ~ ~ Hopely soon afterwards, I will find the time to take a first look at your movie about all of those Nazi hair job American GIs who murdered all of those innocent anticommunist white Nazis among the lost tribes of Israel in the north lands. ~ ~ So then they got what they deserved in spades. ~ ~ PS DAVID LETTERMAN: I lost almost [90%] of all of my respect for you and stopped watching your late night show, when you yourself stopped joking about Obama being born in Africa. But it doesn't matter because we are all now citizens of world anyway. ~ ~ And then the pressure became too much for you to bare. ~ ~ And in your weakened financial state of despare you started to demean and beat up on all of the little people in your own private home state of Indiana etc. Just because they were not going along with your polite society cocktail party bullshit culture. ~ ~

Monday, October 26, 2015


Jimmy Fallon's final 3rd woe omen happened at Harvard Saturday night, for IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!! at: ~ ~ In confirmation of my posted Klaus Nomi SNL link that also includes his 56 herbs liqueur bottle reference to the 5.6 White Horse Prophecy. ~ ~ Remember, this is where that former NYT editor woman is now teaching journalism. Even the same REV.17 woman who published Barack Obama's obviously forged birth certificate on their front page without even fact-checking it. ~ ~ If it helps at all, Elder Oaks et all in SLC,UT still think that Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy is just sillyness. ~ ~ In the same self righteous spirit that Michael Medved and Glenn Beck think that the candicency of Donald Trump is a completely silly thing of naught. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STAG PARTY NOTES: Speaking about the better half of Nazism, KN was quite famous for his Elton John 70s era swinger parties down in the East Village. Wherein he loved to role play Mormon polygamist midnight cowboys in Utah who like having sex with more than one person at a time. ~ ~ What? You didn't like KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN?.. Like for example at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Is there no pleasing you? ~ ~

Sunday, October 25, 2015


You gotta wonder if Miley Cyrus is having any interesting nakedness dreams lately. ~ ~ As for myself, Friday night I dreamed that some adult men were having a bit of flirty fun skinny dipping with some teenager boys in a stillwater pond somewhere; while sticking their fingers into each others butt holes. [A body of ground-fed water with no proper inlet or outlet.] ~ ~ Then I saw the news from Stillwater, Oklahomo about some Miley type. Who was returning from some drunken tailgater party and ran over all of those gay pride parade white people in Payne County. ~ ~ Where all the football player men wear orange. ~ ~ And so do the women who are often seen in their selfie mug shots wearing prison orange jumpsuits, like at: ~ ~ Ergo, most of the real advertising men in America are going to vote for Donald Trump. ~ ~ If only for the ultimate satisfaction of seeing Hillary Clinton wearing orange; which is the new black of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JACKPOT NOTES: That spicy batch of chicken curry was just recalled by WHOLE FOODS of Stanwood, Washington as confirmation of the East Indian owner of the pawn shop from hell in LEP:3 ~ ~ MOONSTRUCK NOTES: Perhaps because it was almost a full moon. Last night I had a crazy dream that they caught me sneaking around on some 1970s era [THE LOVE BOAT] prereality show just because I happen to have an AK-47 on me with a couple of extra banana clips. Then they brought me before the ship's first mate in charge of security. Who happened to be non other than a physically transfigured Ornella Fresh. Who said, "Let's hold him in the brig for two weeks." and see if it helps him to lose a few pounds. ~ ~ Think CAPTAIN RON:II meets THE LIFE AQUATIC:II. ~ ~ PS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Last night at 3:03 am, you and your former boy band buddies said to me, "LEAVE US ALONE!" ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ By this, I mean that Klaus Nomi represented the future better half of Nazi Germany in the 1930s. ~ ~ Flash forward to 2016. ~ ~

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Whether you are thinking about doing a MOONSTRUCK remake, or a remake of AN AMERICAN GIGOLO, be sure to include a healthy amount of telephone calls with me and Jesus in the preproduction process. ~ ~ I do have my share of thoughts in these matters. ~ ~ Look at it this way. ~ ~ In LEPRECHAUN:III, Glenn Beck's last golden coin jackpot wish is that the METS would finally get their act together. ~ ~ And then he can die in peace and become born again in the next movie. ~ ~ Allegorically speaking of course. ~ ~ Talking about inside baseball, yada yada. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 7 HILLS BITCH FROM HELL NOTES: Hillary Clinton and Natalie Merchant's third way three way birthdays will happen on Monday. ~ ~ 7 YEARS ITCH NOTES: You scratch my back, I scratch your back. ~ ~

Friday, October 23, 2015


That suprize cat 5 Patricia [ten virgins] omen slammed into Mexico because Donald Trump is about to bitch slap Paul Ryan et all at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ This being that surreal Patricia Picasso portrait figure in the 2004 NAPOLEON DYNAMITE prophecy about the surprise post 42 months election in 2016. ~ ~ When the niggers and their bitches go crazy. ~ ~ And even all of those white bitches like Clyde Lewis shit their panties like Gorgeous George does in BOONDOCK SAINTS:II. ~ ~ "I will come like a thief in the night." per all of those telephone calls from Jesus in SHAMPOO meets MIDNIGHT COWBOY. ~ ~ You just know that it can't be a good thing whenever your phone rings in the middle of the night. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS CAMY: I don't know if I love you. But nobody can tell me that I don't like you; and your sister wife too. ~ ~ DREAM LOVER NOTES: Two nights ago I dreamed that Jennifer Lopez wanted to have a drink with me after she got off work at her vintage retro 90s VHS videos rental shop. And I really did want to too in the worst way. But I had to give her some flimsy and rather disappointing excuse about needing to be somewhere. Because I didn't have any cash money on me at the time. And I would never in a thousand years expect her to let me fuck her if I can't pay my own way; and make it worth it for her too in the meantime. ~ ~


Hill/ary Clinton started caughing up a giant hair ball during the hearings yesterday up on the [7 hills] Hill. ~ ~ Big wow. ~ She is lying about Lybia. ~ ~ So what, the Republican leaders are lying about Barack Obama's fake computer generated birth certificate print-outs. ~ ~ Call me sexist, but I find it much more disturbing and surreal when white christian men lie to my face in their official duty bound capacities. ~ ~ Women and gay men with darker skin, like Obama, are supposed to lie. ~ ~ It is a natural born part of their self survival skills set. ~ ~ Ergo, lesbianism is not nearly as serious and troubling as homosexual behavior among men. ~ ~ Which is why most of them should not be allowed to vote; much less hold the priesthood. ~ ~ And of course, in the [] Kingdom of God, any man who is caught having sex with another man will be stoned to death after a brief trial, with no time and money wasting appeals. ~ ~ Talk about being freaked out and scared to death and ultra paranoid about homophobia!! ~ ~ I would be too if I were you. ~ ~ Talking as one Jew to another Jew. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TIPS: At the end of the DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRALS prophecy, yours truly sets the plate for all of those fabulous investment drop outs property opportunities that are located on your own private R/M mapbook guide outside of Yellowstone, etc. ~ ~ You protect me, I protect your money and your children. ~ ~ Minus the usual 10% in cash money on the barrel, Italian style. ~ ~ I don't ever work for free. ~ ~ Faith is dead without works, yada yada. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: Sometimes a deal can be made with me if you do not have the up front money for me right now. ~ ~ A little lost blue jay birdie outside my bedroom window told me that prime is still not so satisfied with their prestige Woody Allen TV internet delivery service deal. ~ ~ I mean think about it. ~ ~ You make a few extra $$$billions$$$ in just one day. What do you do next just to get your rocks off? ~ ~

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Looks like the Mormon church has now fully embraced the Buddhist christian world view of the late homosexual white-negro Michael Jackson, beginning circa 1977. ~ ~ Kind of like those two wonder kid directors of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and ET. ~ ~ What comes next? ~ ~ America elects a half Jewish half negro who is using a stolen USA Social Security number? ~ ~ Sorry, been there, done that. ~ ~ How about the US Supreme Court rules that men can marry each other in Holy Matrimony, even in Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ ~ Or maybe even someone as bat shit crazy as a Hillary Clinton or a Bernie Sanders should be allowed to lead America into THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO. ~ ~ Like in BEVERLY HILLS COP:III, shot in Santa Clara for Orange County, California. Wherein they are printing up those queer-as-a-clockwork-orange underground computer-generated $50 bills that represent Barack Obama's phoney baloney good time rock'n roll [PDF file] counterfeit birth certificate from the 50th state. ~ ~ Of course, the evil antagonist in the 1994 movie is white, and the protagonist good guy NFL LIONS fan from Detriot is black. ~ ~ Hey, why not? Works for me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SARAH SILVERMAN: Nice tits. And I say this as a guy who is more of a legs and face man than a tits man. ~ ~ SHAMPOO NOTES: That bitch in the 58ish limestone sedan JAGUAR, who says that she has now reconciled with Ronald [Ron] Reagan, represents today's back-to-the-future scared shitless ladies in Beverly Hills who suddenly want a man who can protect them from the upcoming alien invasion in EZE.38. And not some pussy whipped open-borders Jewish guy like a Paul Ryan, or that half Jew asshole Jeb Bush. ~ ~ Hence, the prophetic scene features both Jennifer Aniston and Nichole Kidmam; and then later Goldie Hawn herself. Who got her big 19666s hippie-chick break on THE LAUGH IN show. ~ ~

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Look at this LA/man who just saved 42 foolish white people from some retro 1960s Love Bus situation, at: ~ ~ Note the Hitler Youth haircut and the white skin. ~ ~ Obviously, back then in Germany, they did not let homosexual men become boy scout leaders. ~ ~ Contrary to what Elder Oaks just said in UTAH about allowing gays to get married. ~ ~ Per when the end times would come that we would see George Bush at the end times of THE ROCKY HORRO PICTURE SHOW, circa 1976. When the mormorn church would start giving the priesthood to the negros. ~ ~ In order not to offend people of color. ~ ~ As confirmed by this remarkable UFO bald-headed alien space craft shot at: ~ ~ For instance, that hairless pussycat pet at the end of the psychic prophets TV show in GHOSTBUSTERS:II was an atomic bomb radiation fallout side effects thing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ KINKOS NOTES: Looks like Sandy just got a little bit of physical transfiguration work done on her in this new video clip at: ~ ~ Personally, I think she over did it in the tits area. ~ ~ HOUSE LEADERSHIP NOTES: In my mind's eye, Paul Ryan just looks too Jewish, and not in a good way, like at: ~ ~

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Clock Boy's invite to the desacrated White House was confirmation of the dream I had the night before. Wherein God told me to watch out for A CLOCKWORK ORANGE again. Because it is a prophecy about the time when a man with an orange tan job would politally beat the shit out of today's terrorized London based G7 [666,666,666] Jews and queers. ~ ~ Most of whom have the heart of a Jewish woman and the strength of an NBA negro giant. ~ ~ Jesus Christ almighty already, check out the tan job on that kid at: ~ ~ You know what they say in the Arab World, "Women are for making babies, boys are for having fun." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 666 NOTES: According to the mathematic logic of modern geneolgy research, there must be at least 666 million people on the earth today who have at least a partial connection to the lost tribes of Israel and Judah. ~ ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: The 70 weeks prelude that we saw was about the first 70 weeks of Donald Trump's term in office in DANIEL 9. ~ ~ Much like the 42 months confirmation/prelude that ended and began in Aurora, Colorado in theater no.9 at the REV.16 multiplex. I never did see Michael Moore's inspired prelude to all of those 42 months shooters in the Denver area where Barack Obama was nominated. ~ ~ PS LIZ: I know how strange this might sound to some people; but every crazy thing that you have been doing with your money for all these years is right. ~ ~ Hence, my rich lover bitch in SHAMPOO promises me that she is going to protect me, and take care of me, in the film's opening [telephone call from Jesus] scenario. ~ ~ Darling, sweetheart, you team up with Sandra Bullock and buy up that certain special fly fishing creek property outside of Yellowstone, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana; I double your money. ~ ~ Of course, I get the usual 10%; which goes without saying. ~ ~ I never have been a big left-wing anti establishment believer in getting something for nothing. ~ ~ "The problem with lesbianism is that there is no payoff." Carrie Fisher.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Those rivers of slimy mud that ran over Hwy.58 north of LA were the same pink and brown rivers of muddy slime in GHOSTBUSTERS:II. Hence the restored 1958 Caddy and all that shit. ~ ~ Get over it. The physical transfiguration is already happening, like at: AND: ~ ~ Because it says that "WE BELIEVE YOU" on the side of the Chinatown spook chasers' suped up ambulance homage to all of those inspired-by-God si-fi horror movie prophecies that were made for peanuts back in the futuristic 1950s. ~ ~ Hey, what do I know? ~ ~ It says in the BOOK OF MORMON that when the dark skinned LA/man/ite savages repented of their wild-at-heart ways, their skin became almost white. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I still believe that most of today's white people have still not learned how to think and act like a white person. ~ ~ Which is why the more modern mormon church has replaced the word 'white' with the word 'pure' in their more modernistic and politically correct new versions of the BM. ~ ~ In order not to offend people of color. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JEB: The reason why you don't feel that Trump is a serious candidate is because you take yourself way too seriously. ~ ~ PS REDFORD AND DAVID: You two have the exact same indulgent visionary [rich artist snob] problem that Bush has, times two. ~ ~ The main difference being that you two are twice the actor that Bush is; and much better looking. ~ ~ BEAT IT NOTES: War/ren Beat/ty's full name is for that rebellious kid who got beat to death at a converted highschool building church in New Hart, New York, due east of Clinton. ~ ~ You make email jokes about America's national security, the joke is on you. ~ ~ An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. ~ ~ And if that does not work out for you in some so called court of law, then you are justified in meeting with a higher court of the Elders of Zion and putting a deadly curse upon the heads of your enemy.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Reportedly, all of those toxic nappy hair shampoo-job niggers had to evacuate that bistro club where Snoop Dog was having his no.44 birthday party in the hood on Friday; a.k.a. Boss's Day. ~ ~ Carefull now, don't diss me on this one. ~ ~ Just because I don't happen to have in my possession a copy of LEP IN THE HOOD: 5&6 right now; it does not mean that the infinite grace of Jesus doesn't also apply to the Egyptian sons of Ham. ~ ~ Ergo, you-know-who calls for the boss when the NYP stop to ask him why he is digging a hole in the middle of the street in G:II. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ VIEWER SUGGESTION NOTES: If you too only happens to have the LEP:I-IV DVD collection set in your own private hard copy video library; just watch no.2 and imagine that all of the white people in the movie are negros; and all of the prerequisite blacks in the background are whities. ~ ~ Talk about spooky. ~ ~ Today's mainstream Mormons have become the new Christians. And today's mainstream Christians have become the new and improved Muslims, Hindus, and reformed Buddhist Jews; not necessarily in that order. ~ ~ PS JEB: I believe that both of you are half right. However, one of you represents the better half of what is right with America. And the other represents everything that is wrong about today's Republican Party golf club set. ~ ~ Let me put another way. Half of America doesn't give a shit if Obama is not even an American citizen. The other half has a problem with it. ~ ~ Mind you now. I'm only talking about white people here. ~ ~ What the niggers think don't matter to most anticommunist Americans anymore. ~ ~ They had their chance to start thinking and acting more like white folks; but they just pissed it all away. ~ ~ Jesus Christ. ~ ~ They say that even Tom Cruise is liquidating everything that he has in LA and moving all of his assets down to tax free Florida. ~ ~ Think PET DETECTIVE:I&II meets PET DETECTIVE:III&IV meets WAYNE'S WORLD:III&IV. ~ ~ After Larry David gives me 90% of his stock if I let him be in charge of where the money goes.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Devil's Hole in east Death Valley, Nevada is about that hole they are digging in GHOSTBUSTERS:II when we see a NEW YORK TIMES delivery truck drive by in the background. ~ ~ Probably because Keira Knightly is in town right now doing some kind of a DEATH TRAP theater play about today's back stabbing Jews. ~ ~ I can't be sure about this. Since I have not seen it yet. ~ ~ Per that look alike Keira bitch from hell who appears at the end of the first GHOSTBUSTERS, circa 1984-1985. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHAMPOO NOTES: My Nazi helmet [TRIUMPH OF THE WILL] protagonist in this 1975 movie gives the old rich guy with a died hair shampoo job some tips about how to look better. ~ ~ Think Michael Cane schools Sandra Bullock in MISS CONGENIALITY: I&II. ~ ~ Hey, I'm not that much different than your better than average actor out there. ~ ~ We all get turned on by that whole reverse role player thing. ~ ~ "I've seen better, but not that many." Bill Murray in G:II. ~ ~ "You're money baby." Vince Vaughn, SWINGERS. ~ ~ "Okay, that's enough." Heather Graham, AP:II. ~ ~ "Everybody's shit stinks." Sarah Silverman on the left. ~ ~ "Everybody's shit stinks." Adam Sandler on the right. ~ ~ For example, that very wealthy older guy with the died-hair shampoo blow-drier job in SHAMPOO thinks that the Republican Party establishment is no different than the Democrat Party establishment. ~ ~ Which of course is the complete reverse of what Warren Beatty and Robert Redford think. ~ ~ Go figure. ~ ~ MIXED BAG NOTES: There were more than a few amateurish and repetive insert [clock] shots in the original THE DAY OF THE JACKAL. So what, nobody is perfect. ~ ~ Of course! There is always the exception to the rule. ~ ~ I fuck both Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevigne in my own private remake of LAST TANGO AT THE PARIS HILTON:II, you just have to lay there and take it in the ass; over and over again. ~ ~ Think LEPRECHAUN 1,2,3,4,5,6... especially number two.

Friday, October 16, 2015


After a flash vision of Warren Beatty riding by on his TRIUMPH motorcycle in SHAMPOO; I watched the 1975 movie about Donald Trump winning a close election against the former V.P. Joe Biden. ~ ~ One may recall, this is the movie where we see Jennifer Aniston walking along the sidewalk wearing a TRUMP campaign straw hat. And then Nichol Kidman walks up to the shampoo shop. Meanwhile, George still has the hots for Elizabeth Hurley. Even though she leaves him for some old rich fuck. ~ ~ WOW. ~ ~ Trump loses in Illinois, but he wins California. ~ ~ All is well that ends well. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ G:II NOTES: This 1989 sequel opens with 'Step on a crack, break your mother's back' for when the time would come in 2016 that the slimey Jewish pinko professorial political establishment at NYU/NYT would start to crack up under pressure. ~ ~ Later in the very special 1980s popcorn movie at 39:44, we see the NYP newspaper headline that screams, "GHOST COPS BUST CHINATOWN SPOOK" ~ ~ GHOSTBUSTERS NOTES: This 1984 movie's first act features a view of Obama' LINCOLN CENTER in the background. Where today's upstairs 12th floor RLDS temple is still possessed by the film's 1975 demon ghosts of Spencer W. Jimmy Kimball, et all. ~ ~ PS LIZ: God inspired you to purchase your country estate property in the hills area that was featured in the indie film that co-starred your ex boyfriend. ~ ~ PS HUGH GRANT: I would only consent to fully finance a 6-figures SHAMPOO:II remake-sequel-prequel if you would agree to be in it. ~ ~ If it would help you to make up your mind; I would be willing to throw in an AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON meets AN AMERICAN GIGOLO remake in some kind of a two for the price of one deal. ~ ~ BFD. The $100,000,000 contract that I AM is now offering you in full faith would require you to do a few full on nudity scenes with a couple of 18 year-olds. ~ ~ For God's sake, loose some weight, do some sit ups and push ups. ~ ~ Look what it did for Bill Murray's born again career in THE LIFE AQUATIC. ~ ~ You want David Lynch to direct? You got it. ~ ~ Money is no object. ~ ~ PS

Thursday, October 15, 2015


I checked for any whore house landmarks in and around Crystal and discovered that right there is Devil's Hole. Which is a strange [EZE.47] underground spring creek that contains the rarest little fish in all the world; called the pupfish. In confirmation of my Gregory Scott Relf look alike in G:II taking away Miley's beloved little goldfish puppy pet, at: ~ ~ Note the page's 11 September 9:11 time stamp, London time. ~ ~ Oh yeah. When I start to look as hot as Iggy Pop, I AM will be soaking up the sun with a couple of my 23ish soul mates on Black's Beach, North San Diego, at: ~ ~ Since most of my more famous 'Relf' surname crazy-uncle relatives still live in the La Jolla area and are married into Hollywood's royal genealogy tree line of the independently wealthy Bing Crosby estate country club foundation clan. ~ ~ Sadly, today's MLK/JFK/LBJ/FDR spawned abomination of desolation of new and improved left-wing fascism is now forcing them all to allow Jews, homosexuals, lesbian women, out right communists, and nigger-rich Democrat Party pinko billionaires to play along with them; whether they like it or not. ~ ~ Not to mention Catholics and Mormons. ~ ~ Never forget, after Hitler died, his favorite female film director spent the rest of her brilliant career making documentary films about the savage mating dances of African women in Kenya, etc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


That giant negro basketball star from LA got sick to death at a Crystal, Nevada whore house on Tuesday because white America is sick and tired of the Jews propping up and prolonging America's unofficial communist negro party for 42 months nonstop. ~ ~ Therefore, the tall white guy with blond hair is going to win the election in 2016. ~ ~ Anyway you run the numbers, over half the country is still about as white as Dallas, Texas and all of Utah and Idaho; not to mention Iowa and Beaverton, Oregon. ~ ~ What? ~ ~ One of the first things that people notice when they visit Seattle for the first time is how white the place is; ironically speaking. ~ ~ "Seattle is sooo white!!" Alison Roth, 1991. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK TO THE FUTURE NOTES: In G:II, those two negros, and my French exwife, get pretty spooked when we hear, "I'll be back!!" at around 50:... minutes into the DVD. ~ ~ ELECTION 2016 NOTES: The reason why Donald Trump already has it in the [golf] bag is because most liberal white people know that they are significantly better than black people. "You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl." Willie Nelson. See: ~ ~ NUDIST NOTES: The reason why Ms Montana is so obsessed with nudity is because being naked is a traditional Biblical concept about exposing one's sins. Ergo, all of us will eventually have to appear before the judgement bar of God looking like some nude beach regular along the sands of Black Beach, California; north of San Diego. ~ ~ I don't know about you. But I would rather look like an Iggy Pop in that kind of a situation. Rather than say a Jack Black or a Seth Rogen. ~ ~ Call me an egotist, whatever; I'm not into humilliating and forcing my Democrat Party wives into having sex with me if they don't like it. ~ ~ Rather, I prefer that we have a mutual sexual attraction right from the start, like at: ~ ~ Non of this 'we can learn to love each other later' nonsense.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


"Let's see what happens when we take away the puppy." says the research scientist who everybody said looked like me in G:II, 1989. ~ ~ This being the same movie about the flood of evil slime in REV.12; wherein the satanic armies of the accuser go to war against the saints. ~ ~ Five years after Donald Trump, the giant white marshmallow man, wins the election in 2016 meets 2021. ~ ~ Think Ms Sire Us' latest album is entitled MILEY CYRUS AND HER DEAD PETZ. ~ ~ Not to mention that Ms Z is currently filming some kind of a TWIN PEAKS:II remake homage in London, England to ROSEMARY'S BABY:II meets GHOSTBUSTERS:II. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ AP:II NOTES: In G:II, we see Alison Roth stuff that limestone crystal ball up between her legs that represents the movie's fully restored 1958 CADILLAC ambulance conversion job. For the upcoming ND:II movie that I'm probably going to have to pay for myself if I even want to see it. Based upon the original's spoof of the rip off time machine in the second AUSTIN POWERS spoof of Austin, Texas becoming the future capitol of a three way divided American map in REV.16. etc. ~ ~ Think MISS CONGENIALITY:II was an inspired prophecy about some future Donald Trump sponsored beauty pageant in VIVA LAS VEGAS: II; co-starring Lindsay Lohan and Randy Quaid as her sugar daddy from hell who saves her from the Democrat Party's star-wacker politics mob. ~ ~ Seriously, by the time I bother to look at the project's screenplay written by Mr. Kauffman, to be directed by Mr. Soderberg, they will already have finished with the principle photography. ~ ~ That's a pretty rich thing to say, I know. ~ ~ But hey, money talks, bullshit walks. ~ ~ 1969 ERA NOTES: Probably the best 007 movie that was ever made is ON HER MAJESTY'S [VICTORIA'S] SECRET SERVICE. ~ ~ I'm pretty sure that I never saw it before. ~ ~ Possibly because this was around the same time when I started to become obsessed with Federico Fellini. Which probably distracted me from seeing the new surreal face of my hero James Bond. Back when Andy Warhol's mass produced factory art works were all about me. And I barely ever heard of Picasso.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Nobody but nobody gets to have a glorious one in a $$million$$ career in Hollywood if it is not a part of God's Divine plan. ~ ~ That also goes for the even more cutthroat music business. ~ ~ Which is why my prophetic pre GSR/TWN masterpiece art restoration figure in GHOST:2 is introduced at 11:47 minutes, wherein he says, "...nobody listens to me." Because of "...all this blackness" at 27:10 minutes in the nigger loving New Jew York area that is still blacking out the truth about the abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14, etc. ~ ~ Ergo, Bill Murray says that I AM is at the top of the email list of jerks at about 51:00 minutes. ~ ~ Wherein again I tell him that I come from the upper west side of the USA map, circa 2016. ~ ~ Then later, the Lord promises me that I get the mother of his child in REV.12. Per the direct cut to an image of Carey Mulligan who is the future single mother seen on late night TV, after the 1:12 minutes mark. ~ ~ Hence that bowling ball icon in the background from THE BIG LEBOWSKI; the RL POLO brand golf shirt references. Ms Mulligan being a new 'Oscar' baby nominated mom and all that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MORMON NOTES: The new wave of earthquakes in Oklahoma is for Napoleon Dynamite's girlfriend model in the prophetic 42 months line movie. ~ ~ PS WND: The 7 years of tribulation interpretation of DAN.9's 70 weeks is nothing more than the false traditions and false doctrines of apostate Christianity. ~ ~ PS BEN: Those new pix of you getting it on again with that look alike figure in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is confirmation of yours truly returning to the inspired 2004 movie for a good reason. ~ ~ Sometimes I write very esoteric [code] stuff on my GSR/TWN blog that only a handful of people should understand. ~ ~ That way I sound like the crazy night school lawyer for the three white men ghost chasers in G:II; by design. ~ ~ NOTE JOKING NOTES: This morning I picked up a rare copy of ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE at WAL*MART. And later I got the shock of my life when I saw ÀLASKA AIRLINE's Capt. Paul Garrison, from the frozen north country, featured on both sides of the DVD box art, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND:'s+secret+service&client=tablet-android-google&biw=1024&bih=720&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAmoVChMI7bWRmaC9yAIVVe9jCh2p9QX1&dpr=1#imgrc=BHbGLM6i3jbTzM%3A ~ ~ AND:'s+secret+service&client=tablet-android-google&biw=1024&bih=720&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAmoVChMI7bWRmaC9yAIVVe9jCh2p9QX1&dpr=1#imgrc=Z1Ccgf_oe71-hM%3A ~ ~ AND:'s+secret+service&client=tablet-android-google&biw=1024&bih=720&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAmoVChMI7bWRmaC9yAIVVe9jCh2p9QX1&dpr=1#imgrc=NpGcI-YAIAptuM%3A ~ ~ AND:

Sunday, October 11, 2015


In the last days, any rioting in Jerusalem will always be directly connected to any and all rioting in the New Jerusalem. That is if you believe in the BM's scenario about the darkie hating the whitie; as explained by Charles Manson and David Lynch in LOST HIGHWAY. ~ ~ Let's not kid ourselves here. ~ Duh. ~ ~ White people are definitely better than that wild-at-heart LaFawn/duh type negro in NEPOLEON DYNAMITE. ~ ~ Which sad but true is really saying soming. ~ ~ Because by all appearances in the 2004 movie. The well bred negro woman from Detroit comes across as being slighty more intelligent and down to earth than everyone else. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOI NOTES: Only when the negros replace the true prophet who gave us the BM, with their false prophet who gave them the Koran in REV.16 etc. Then will they be saved from the whore of Babylon mother who gave birth to the likes of Glenn Beck et all. ~ ~ Who is going to continue to bomb their secret hideouts in Syria and Iraq, etc. ~ ~ For example, I myself will be launching atomic [yellow submarine] bombs down on you camel fuckers according to the exact GPS coordinates given to me through spoken word revelation. ~ ~ Of course, something like that could never happen in a thousand years until and unless the white people repent of their sins and put away their idols. ~ ~ You know the drill. ~ ~ PS JIM: I know how much you are hurting right now. Would it help if a couple of my best girlfriends come over to your place and cook you up a nice dinner? Including a nice therapy third way fuck session afterwards? ~ ~ In my world, anybody who pays me what they owe me in up-front cash, gets my full attention and goes to the front of the line. Everyone else has to wait their turn. ~ ~ NESTORVILLE NOTES: Jesus Christ people! You don't even care if Obama is not a US citizen. Yet you get all excited about him going down to the San Diego area for a relaxing day of golf without telling anybody. ~ ~ Obviously, DR STRANGELOVE OR: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE [Donald Trump] BOMB was a 1964 civil rights insanity movie about the United Nations in the year 2015 meets 2016. ~ ~ See the real future me played out by Donald Trump, for my sake, at: ~ ~ BFD. Sometimes I too get a bit carried away with things. Who doesn't? ~ ~ WILDEST DREAMS NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Jimmy Fallon was all excited about making one of his latest talk show comedy videos into a full length feature film video internet movie.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Now is the time to just let it all hang out. ~ ~ If it's free of course; I still have not gotten my 10% commission check from Bill Gates et al yet. ~ ~ So you all will just have to accept a post-dated IOU check from me for now. ~ ~ Remember, even Bill Murray no longer believes in worthless paper money contracts that have been written up and doctored to death by Hollywood's secular liberal amoral Jew lawyers. ~ ~ And obviously my good buddy BiBi feels the same way as I do about it now. ~ ~ Think John Kerry meets Jim Carrey meets Barry Obama. ~ ~ Ergo, the new timely pix of Jim Carry carrying the coffin of the church lady in THE BIG CHILL meets THE BOONDOCK SAINTS: II, at: ~ ~ Which is the symbolic meaning of of the church of the lambs in the latter movie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEEING IS BELIEVING NOTES: The reason why so many Americans don't believe that Obama is an American citizen is because the sainted government church of Michael Medved and Glenn Beck has not allowed them to see his actual physical original Hawaiian birth certificate on real 1961 issue paper. ~ ~ Damn straight, "There is something strange going on..." in GHOSTBUSTERS: I&II. ~ ~ PS REDFORD: Since you are MY OWN PRIVATE UTAH special case exception; you get to pay me 90%, and you get to keep the other 10%.

Friday, October 9, 2015


McCarthy's face looks like Glenn Beck's face; because the Dallas, Texas anticommunist [midnight AM radio] latter day saint located out in the boondocks of middle America has been having an affair with the REV.17 whore of Babylon ever since he was living with his mother in Bonney Lake [Sumner] Washington. ~ ~ See what I mean at: ~ ~ BFD. I like'em barely legal with no stretch marks on their thighs or tits. ~ ~ Call me a crazy wanna be fan groopie die hard member of the movie cult of Bill Murray. ~ ~ Wild bulls could not stop me from voting for Donald Trump in the 016 election. ~ ~ And I happen to know that half of my half Jewish friends feel the same way. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BARRY: You come to my legendary NORTH BY NORTHWEST neighborhood, and you don't even call me? ~ ~ "I get no respect!!" Rodney Dangerfield meets A-Rod, circa 2016. ~ ~ Better yet; BLUE VELVET meets WILD AT HEART. ~ ~ No kidding, even David Lynch has never called me either; if you can believe it. ~ ~ Money can't buy you friends, and all that. ~ ~ Otherwise, I would be face fucking both Ellen Page and Ashley Greene on my restored vintage 51' whale boat as we speak.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


The woman with child in GHOSTBUSTERS:II is the same latter-day saints woman in REV.12. As confirmed by the same chapter's Biblical flooding omens in the two Carolina states of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Hence that cargo ship's sinking feeling about the container ship in the first act of THE BOONDOCK SAINTS:2. ~ ~ Which reportedly was heading for [Jesse] Jacksonville, Florida meets Boston, Mass. ~ ~ Talk about being as black Irish Catholic as George C/looney. ~ ~ Who is now married to some crazy back-stabbing muslim woman who hates the back-stabbing Jews, via London, England. ~ ~ Oh yeah, most of today's Jews hate white America; and will continue to stab her in the back at every chance they get. ~ ~ For example, Woody Allen was "married" to that crazy Catholic church lady bitch for how many years? ~ ~ Yours truly, the original foolish ten virgins era mormon boy virgin, was also "married" to an equally foolish French virgin for 5 years. ~ ~ I rest my case. ~ ~ Takes one to know one. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ But now I AM is a new man. ~ ~ Yada yada. ~ ~ Who has achieved a higher consciousness. Yada yada. ~ ~ Thanks in part to having watched LOST HIGHWAY ten times at the masonic temple EGYPTIAN theater in Seattle. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ G:II NOTES: "Now is a season of evil..." says the ugly looking super Jew look alike prince. Then the movie's naive virgin Jew boy from Canada says that, "...the black guy was a big problem for everybody." at 28:44 minutes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


DRUDGE posted up that pic yesterday of Barry Diller because the evil super Jew looks a lot like the 1290 days demon prince in G:II at: AND: ~ ~ Like I said, it's pretty hard to Jew a Jew; tweet tweet. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RLDS NOTES: In DC: 77 it says that the two witnesses are for Judah, not Ephraim. Which is why you guys still don't get it. ~ ~ PS JOE: You and your late son did a very flakely and ameturist hit job arrest of Larry Sinclair during his DC press conference about himself sucking on Barry's long brown cock while he sucked the crack pipe. ~ ~ All puns intended. ~ ~ Don't kid yourself. ~ ~ Hillary Clinton herself will bring up this very proffessiioonally coorrobborratted fact in Sinclair's underground paperback novel biography if you ever start to threaten her. ~ ~ TaLk about ANSWERED PRAYERS, like at: ~ ~ Think Truman Capote meets David Brock, just like at: ~ ~ EVIL NICE GUY NOTES: During the production of CADDYSHACK, Chevy Chase was always complaining to the director that Bill Murray was a really bad guy. And Bill Murray himself was always complaining to the producer that Chevy Chase was the actual evil guy. ~ ~ Whatever, that unidentified chocolate brown look alike candy bar anal sex turd that was floating around in the pool and scaring away all the white kids, represented Barry Obama's 42 months [country club] reign of terror that ends in 2016. ~ ~ Now that one can look back on the respective careers of both actors with a certain amount of mature perspective. IT is pretty obvious which one was the better it girl person. ~ ~ At least on an artistic talent level. ~ ~ G:II NOTES: The 4 ghostmen of the apocalypse in 1989 destroy today's Greek high court that is still stonewalling the truth about Barry's forged birth certificate and stolen SS number in 2016. Which is a French lady's homage to THE BLOB prophecy about America being invaded by illegal alien LAmanites who have dark skin. ~ ~ Hence, there is something that is not quite right about Stephen Spielberg's new 1950s era anticommunist movie. ~ ~ I smell a rat. ~ ~

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Bernie's stump campaign train that was headed to Washington, DC derailed south of West Berlin, Vermont, near the fabled brook trout Winooski River, for the brook trout dinner scenes with [Mel] Gibson coctails in NORTH BY NORTHWEST. ~ ~ Which comes to an end at Rush Limbaugh's MOUNT RUSHMORE black [7] hills gold landmark prophecy that is set in granite stone. ~ ~ Oh yeah, there is not a dime's worth of difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton's reformed Marxist party of that MADONNA third way EVITA movie. ~ ~ Come on! That is the country where today's 7-hills Pope comes from. ~ ~ Both of the GHOST BUSTERS movies were BLACK RHINO [Republican] PRODUCTIONS. ~ ~ 770's Michael Medved et al being from Mercer Island in the middle of Lake Washington and that shit. ~ ~ Hey, you don't have my back, I don't have your back. ~ ~ I know that sounds kind of gay and all. But... "It is what it is." Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: It is now the time for you to make a major upgrade in your life. And no, you do not have to get rid of your current fuck buddy. ~ ~ I AM only talking about you buying that special secret agent acreage property along the shores of [Ken] McLeod Lake, located just north of the Hanna Montana and her sisters state line. ~ ~ PS JERRY: In the prophetic GHOSTBUSTERS:II sequel, the crazy bar fly lady says that an alien told her that the world would come to an end on Valentines Day in 2016. In confirmation of Sandy and Matt calling it quits on a cetain Valentines Day back when... ~ ~ MORALITY TALE NOTES: Bernie the Jew boy likes to talk about the morality. I.e. the Jewish Marxist traditions of robbing Peter [Relf] to pay Paul [Nestor]. Hence, a house explodes on 13th and 42nd in Brooklyn. Because Michael Merged still believes that there is nothing that immoral with having an illegal alien sitting inside of today's Oval [vigina shaped] Office in the Casa Blanca. ~ ~ No wonder that so many of today's rock solid conseravitives, who are now bored to death with AM talk radio light rock anticommunism, are going to vote for Donald Trump. ~ ~ Hence those huge atomic bomb earthquake craters at the end of CADDYSHACK that put Donald Trump over the top in REVELATION 2016. ~ ~ LEP 7 NOTES: I fully expect Connan O'Brien to step up to the plate and make the 7th LEPRECHAN sequal using his own personal private Idaho surplus funds. ~ ~ Don't doubt me on this one. ~ ~ That id if the screenplay involves Jennifer Aniston returning to the original franchise in some kind of an age appropriate sex scene relationship with him and her being equally gender costar lovers. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I definitely do not want to waste my time reading the screenplay, or anything like it. I just want to be assured in writing that everybody gets paid in full. ~ ~ PS HILLARY: You are the crazy unbelievable [CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964] reason why women should not have the right to vote. ~ ~ And I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. ~ ~ Honestly, I could argue this point until I AM is blue in the face and the penis; and they still would not believe me. ~ ~ ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Every time that I start to feel a little bit discouraged and frustrated, I just buck it up and watch LEP 3 and or VIVA LAS VEGAS and or maybe CLAM BAKE. ~ Works for me anyway, usually, about 99% of the time.

Monday, October 5, 2015


You are God damn right that I AM is a lover and a hater. "Big wow!!" Ornella Fresh, STAR MAPS. ~ ~ You hate me, I hate you. ~ ~ You love to fuck me, I love to fuck you. ~ ~ Quite frankly, it really and truly is as simple as that, at: . ~ ~ Hence, my sidekick in the Oval Office hates the white christian anti Mormons in Texas who are still holding my misguided look alike "underaged" teenager fucker in jail. ~ ~ Whereas, I watched the NORTH BY NORTHWEST prophecy about my 29ish spy wives one day; and then the next day Steven Spielberg has a screening of his new phoney baloney spy movie in Manhattan. And get this, I watched 1984's original HOLY GHOST BUSTERS the next night. ~ ~ Yeah right, one of Hollywood's biggest Hillary Clinton boosters fancies himself as a 1959 type anticommunist midnight cowboy radio actor. ~ ~ So allow me to give you the low down right now; before you throw away any of your hard earned money on your next neo fascist opus. ~ ~ That is non other than Donal Trump himself at the end of GHOST BUSTERS. After the "nuclear excellorators" kick in when the ground breaking earthquake happens in Manhattan in 2016. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BULLSHIT NOTES: Don't get me wrong now. I am not saying that Spielberg's new spy movie is 100% GI ARMY shit on a shingle in movies like CATCH 22, etc. Since only Jesus himself knows what is in the heart of a man. ~ ~ But I CAN tell you this. It would be a cold day in hell before he ever personally returned a personal line telephone call from my 10% cash money agent wife Alison Roth.

Sunday, October 4, 2015


A heavy concrete slab fell down on top of a highschool band on the same day that Miley starred in SNL's opening skit spoof of GREASE: I&II. "That's what I'm talking about." Skip in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: I&II. ~ ~ You think that Jon the too tall mormon Jew boy from Oregon played a pretty good 19 year-old kid in the first one? How about he plays a pretty good ten years younger 29 year-old millennial geek in the next one? ~ ~ I'm thinking he has some kind of a pre middle aged crisis epiphany and so then he goes back to some fledging low tuition budget film school in the boon docks. ~ ~ Where Neil LeBut is now the small rural school's master program guru cinema arts director. ~ ~ FULL DISCLOSURE: Not that many people besides me know that LeBute is a brilliant comedy genius actor. ~ ~ That said, I never have liked his directing that much. ~ ~ In some ways he reminds me of myself. Back when I believed that I was the greatest screenwriter and director in the world. ~ ~ And then one day God let me know to my surprise that acting was really my future calling. ~ ~ Oh well, you live and learn. ~ ~ BFD/GSR/TWN ~ ~ EXCEPTION TO THE RULER NOTES: I will cast, write, and direct Miley Sire Us and Cara Delevigne into my first opus just to make a point. ~ ~ In other words; I may be the greatest director and screenwriter in the world right now; but I'm even a better actor. ~ ~ Which of course would never happen in a million years. If Donald Trump does not become elected as President in 2016. ~ ~ PS VV: If I were you, I would put down at least 10% of everything you got on this one in Las Vegas. And then when you win it big, you give me the 10% juice money that you owe me. ~ ~ Which is the 1990s inspiration behind my sense that I still have to pay Ken Keisler 9 big ones for the $900 I still owe him in commission over drafts. ~ ~ Heck, I will be getting at least $9 B in tithing from Dr. Evil, et al in Seattle in 2016. ~ ~ Talk about pocket change money. ~ ~

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Low budget filmmakers know all about the idea that sometimes you just have to shoot it. And hope to g-d that you can fix it all later in post production. ~ ~ "It is what it is." BOOGIE NIGHTS. ~ ~ Oh yeah, I would fuck Miley Cyrus, and her girlfriend too, just like both of them are right now. ~ ~ And worry about fixing it and trying to make it better later. ~ ~ On the other hand, this is probably not a good idea when it comes to international treaties about curbing atomic bombs. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ I AM SO SORRY ABOUT IT TOO NOTES: It says in the BM that one has a right to kill anyone who threatens his family. Contrary to what today's foolish Mormons in Utah are saying. ~ ~ PS PENNY: The death of those DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS was a warning unto you fascist Spanish bitches who think that being a citizen of the world is more important then individual liberty. ~ ~ In other words, international law is International Jewish marxist tyranny. ~ ~ Go ahead, vote for the next Democrat Party candidate to come down the pike in 2016, and see what happens. ~ ~ Just remmember, Mr. Harper Mercer Island was a conservative Republican. ~ ~ CADDY NOTES: The crazy caddy in CADDYSHACK is a guy who shoots little brown furry vermin pests with a long rifle. In confirmation of the many spoken word revelations about "the fox" in DC being a Muslim at heart with Buddhist [Dahli Lama] sympathies. ~ ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: Jim Carey's woman committed suicide during the new TWIN PEAKS reshoot for a reason. ~ ~ Guess you all are just going to have to watch the 2016 series on SHOWTIME if you want to find out why. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: What you are doing right now is pretty Oakie Dokie with me. Same thing goes for my low budget movie angel bag man Donald Trump. But I still have a few suggestions. ~ ~ You cast LL, you get one billion $$$ in free advertising. ~ ~ What? You don'think that she can act? ~ ~ So what, she always shows up on set at least a half hour late because she is starving for some real love and attention. ~ ~ Deal with it. Cast her transfigured Emma Stone look alike in enough of your shots that it doesn't matter anyway in post. ~ ~ This time around, you will have to do something different if you want to make a difference in the tv ratings. ~ ~ Besides, think about her really sweet big freckled milky white tits sliding around on your face as she tops off your cock. ~ ~ I'm not just talking little innocent virgin girl blow jobs here. ~ ~ You go full in on this deal. You get the whole thing.

Friday, October 2, 2015


The good looking and very intelligent 26 year-old mulatto guy who shot the white college kids reprepresented Barack Obama. Given the fact that the handsome stonewall architecture of the place is located just north of the Rt.42 junction on I-5. For the ten virgins prophecy in MATT. 25. Wherein half of the virgins are Winchester, Oregon style long rifle zombies. ~ ~ Remember, in the London made movie, you need to shoot the walking dead in the head. Leg shots, arm shots, can't stop them. ~ ~ Oh yeah, Barack Obama has some serious anger issues towards white Christians. ~ ~ The number '26' being symbolic of all things uncircumcised. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 42 LINE NOTES: Oregon's southern 42 border line is the same line that separates the two Hwy.91 prophecies of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and LOGAN'S RUN in northern Utah. ~ ~ KEY NOTES: Last knight I dreamed over and over again that everything was coming up in 4s. Then I saw this report about some guy who is obsessed with my no.4 wife at: ~ ~ To the point that he was crazy enough to show up to the opening night reproduction of DEATH TRAP:II. ~ ~ Which by the by, is one of BiBi's all time favorite movies; costarring the Jewish Michael Caine and the Jewish Christ/opher Reeve, like for instance at: ~ ~ The half Jewish homosexual abomination from Mercer Island, Washington in LAGGIES, etc. has stabbed Israel in the back with your typical old fashion theater dagger, and all that. ~ ~ FREE AGENT NOTES: The reason why I now need Alison Roth to become my future exclusive 10% up front cash money on the barrel agent, is that it is pretty hard to Jew a Jew. ~ ~ Especially when it comes to forged checks, phoney worthless movie deal contracts, and forged birth certificate documents that have fake legalistic Social Security numbers on them. ~ ~ For example, if Conan O'Brien wants to have a co-starring role in the next LEPRECHAUN 8 sequel/prequel, she gets 10% of the 4 big ones budget. And Mr.TNT himself only gets a respectful amont of union scale cash pay-out per dieum money. ~ ~ Which could mean anything of course; if the money is right and tight in the first place. ~ ~ And please, for God's sake; no screenplays; no long drawn out pitch sessions; and no boring to death pre-production meetings. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: That crazy utopian Oregon state type 1980s spiritual love guru who once had 99 ROLLS ROYCES, and at least 99 wives, who was featured in your YES MAN prophecy was actually me playing Donald Trump for your own private sake. ~ ~ Hey, you already tried that half white nigger mother fucker who was born in Africa. And look what that got you. ~ ~ So why not try my totally white man with the orange skin [Lindsay Lohan] tan job in the next election? ~ ~ I think that you are going to be very happy with the final results when everybody becomes quite surprised that my Long Island Republican Party wife Lindsay Lohan is not that crazy after all. ~ ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: How about a cluster fuck three-way picture costarring Lindsay and Emma in some HANNAH AND HER SISTERS sequal. ~ ~ So what. You can't rely on LL to show up on set every day? ~ ~ Then you shoot enough extra footage with Miley Cyrus as a dirty hippie Janis Joplin look alike wannabe. That way, you cover all the bases in post production. Without having to worry about going back for reshoots.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Last night I watched Stanley Ku/brick's allegory about the masonic templers' underground conspiracy to take over the world in 2001 A SPACE ODDITY meets EYES WIDE SHUT. ~ ~ No doubt about it. Donald Trump is a filthy rich Jew nigger lover who attends gay weddings. ~ ~ Because I remembered that the 1968 movie was about that mysterious underground secret conbinations UNITED NATIONS idol replica object that they discovered on the moon. Which always was showing the Islamic Crescent anti Christ moon every time it appeared on the radar. ~ ~ My point being, the amazing Wi-Fi Si-Fi silence movie homage to the THE BIRTHER OF A NATION silent picture was just confirmed today by Bibi's historic 44 seconds of silence. ~ ~ Which is probably about Sandy's latest non gravity movie set in outer space or something. ~ ~ What do you want from me anyway? ~ ~ I turn down her loving and generous offer to move into her guest house in Beverly Hills? ~ ~ Never look a gift horse in the mouth, and all that. ~ ~ If the gift is large enough of course; let's not shit our panties here. ~ ~ Big fucking deal. My wife Sandy is over at the main house FFing one of my brothers who really does need a helping hand at this particular point in time. ~ ~ And my other wife Jen is over at her nearby mansion giving my best friend Justin Theroux a hand up. ~ ~ "I'm not that controversial... Come on!" Truman Capote, at one of his many cocktail parties for artists at his UN tower condo, circa 1967, 1968, 1969. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BOTTOM LINE NOTES: Please, everybody, call my agent Alison Roth at the GSR/TWN TALENT AGENCY in Hollywood if you want to hook up with me. ~ ~ If you don't have the 10% for her up front, you probably don't have the other 90% up front for me. ~ ~ HALF TIME NOTES: This opening season SNL is a Providence, Utah half moon reference to Charlie Theron's legendary Half Moon Bay beach resort hangout for homosexual looking surfer dudes who look like Mathew McConaughey. ~ ~ Nothing wrong with that per say. ~ ~ Just because you are now almost 39ish, you can still look almost 29ish.