Sunday, October 4, 2015


A heavy concrete slab fell down on top of a highschool band on the same day that Miley starred in SNL's opening skit spoof of GREASE: I&II. "That's what I'm talking about." Skip in NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: I&II. ~ ~ You think that Jon the too tall mormon Jew boy from Oregon played a pretty good 19 year-old kid in the first one? How about he plays a pretty good ten years younger 29 year-old millennial geek in the next one? ~ ~ I'm thinking he has some kind of a pre middle aged crisis epiphany and so then he goes back to some fledging low tuition budget film school in the boon docks. ~ ~ Where Neil LeBut is now the small rural school's master program guru cinema arts director. ~ ~ FULL DISCLOSURE: Not that many people besides me know that LeBute is a brilliant comedy genius actor. ~ ~ That said, I never have liked his directing that much. ~ ~ In some ways he reminds me of myself. Back when I believed that I was the greatest screenwriter and director in the world. ~ ~ And then one day God let me know to my surprise that acting was really my future calling. ~ ~ Oh well, you live and learn. ~ ~ BFD/GSR/TWN ~ ~ EXCEPTION TO THE RULER NOTES: I will cast, write, and direct Miley Sire Us and Cara Delevigne into my first opus just to make a point. ~ ~ In other words; I may be the greatest director and screenwriter in the world right now; but I'm even a better actor. ~ ~ Which of course would never happen in a million years. If Donald Trump does not become elected as President in 2016. ~ ~ PS VV: If I were you, I would put down at least 10% of everything you got on this one in Las Vegas. And then when you win it big, you give me the 10% juice money that you owe me. ~ ~ Which is the 1990s inspiration behind my sense that I still have to pay Ken Keisler 9 big ones for the $900 I still owe him in commission over drafts. ~ ~ Heck, I will be getting at least $9 B in tithing from Dr. Evil, et al in Seattle in 2016. ~ ~ Talk about pocket change money. ~ ~

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