Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Bernie's stump campaign train that was headed to Washington, DC derailed south of West Berlin, Vermont, near the fabled brook trout Winooski River, for the brook trout dinner scenes with [Mel] Gibson coctails in NORTH BY NORTHWEST. ~ ~ Which comes to an end at Rush Limbaugh's MOUNT RUSHMORE black [7] hills gold landmark prophecy that is set in granite stone. ~ ~ Oh yeah, there is not a dime's worth of difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton's reformed Marxist party of that MADONNA third way EVITA movie. ~ ~ Come on! That is the country where today's 7-hills Pope comes from. ~ ~ Both of the GHOST BUSTERS movies were BLACK RHINO [Republican] PRODUCTIONS. ~ ~ 770's Michael Medved et al being from Mercer Island in the middle of Lake Washington and that shit. ~ ~ Hey, you don't have my back, I don't have your back. ~ ~ I know that sounds kind of gay and all. But... "It is what it is." Rush Limbaugh. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: It is now the time for you to make a major upgrade in your life. And no, you do not have to get rid of your current fuck buddy. ~ ~ I AM only talking about you buying that special secret agent acreage property along the shores of [Ken] McLeod Lake, located just north of the Hanna Montana and her sisters state line. ~ ~ PS JERRY: In the prophetic GHOSTBUSTERS:II sequel, the crazy bar fly lady says that an alien told her that the world would come to an end on Valentines Day in 2016. In confirmation of Sandy and Matt calling it quits on a cetain Valentines Day back when... ~ ~ MORALITY TALE NOTES: Bernie the Jew boy likes to talk about the morality. I.e. the Jewish Marxist traditions of robbing Peter [Relf] to pay Paul [Nestor]. Hence, a house explodes on 13th and 42nd in Brooklyn. Because Michael Merged still believes that there is nothing that immoral with having an illegal alien sitting inside of today's Oval [vigina shaped] Office in the Casa Blanca. ~ ~ No wonder that so many of today's rock solid conseravitives, who are now bored to death with AM talk radio light rock anticommunism, are going to vote for Donald Trump. ~ ~ Hence those huge atomic bomb earthquake craters at the end of CADDYSHACK that put Donald Trump over the top in REVELATION 2016. ~ ~ LEP 7 NOTES: I fully expect Connan O'Brien to step up to the plate and make the 7th LEPRECHAN sequal using his own personal private Idaho surplus funds. ~ ~ Don't doubt me on this one. ~ ~ That id if the screenplay involves Jennifer Aniston returning to the original franchise in some kind of an age appropriate sex scene relationship with him and her being equally gender costar lovers. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I definitely do not want to waste my time reading the screenplay, or anything like it. I just want to be assured in writing that everybody gets paid in full. ~ ~ PS HILLARY: You are the crazy unbelievable [CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964] reason why women should not have the right to vote. ~ ~ And I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. ~ ~ Honestly, I could argue this point until I AM is blue in the face and the penis; and they still would not believe me. ~ ~ ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Every time that I start to feel a little bit discouraged and frustrated, I just buck it up and watch LEP 3 and or VIVA LAS VEGAS and or maybe CLAM BAKE. ~ Works for me anyway, usually, about 99% of the time.

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