Thursday, October 15, 2015


I checked for any whore house landmarks in and around Crystal and discovered that right there is Devil's Hole. Which is a strange [EZE.47] underground spring creek that contains the rarest little fish in all the world; called the pupfish. In confirmation of my Gregory Scott Relf look alike in G:II taking away Miley's beloved little goldfish puppy pet, at: ~ ~ Note the page's 11 September 9:11 time stamp, London time. ~ ~ Oh yeah. When I start to look as hot as Iggy Pop, I AM will be soaking up the sun with a couple of my 23ish soul mates on Black's Beach, North San Diego, at: ~ ~ Since most of my more famous 'Relf' surname crazy-uncle relatives still live in the La Jolla area and are married into Hollywood's royal genealogy tree line of the independently wealthy Bing Crosby estate country club foundation clan. ~ ~ Sadly, today's MLK/JFK/LBJ/FDR spawned abomination of desolation of new and improved left-wing fascism is now forcing them all to allow Jews, homosexuals, lesbian women, out right communists, and nigger-rich Democrat Party pinko billionaires to play along with them; whether they like it or not. ~ ~ Not to mention Catholics and Mormons. ~ ~ Never forget, after Hitler died, his favorite female film director spent the rest of her brilliant career making documentary films about the savage mating dances of African women in Kenya, etc.

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