Sunday, October 25, 2015


You gotta wonder if Miley Cyrus is having any interesting nakedness dreams lately. ~ ~ As for myself, Friday night I dreamed that some adult men were having a bit of flirty fun skinny dipping with some teenager boys in a stillwater pond somewhere; while sticking their fingers into each others butt holes. [A body of ground-fed water with no proper inlet or outlet.] ~ ~ Then I saw the news from Stillwater, Oklahomo about some Miley type. Who was returning from some drunken tailgater party and ran over all of those gay pride parade white people in Payne County. ~ ~ Where all the football player men wear orange. ~ ~ And so do the women who are often seen in their selfie mug shots wearing prison orange jumpsuits, like at: ~ ~ Ergo, most of the real advertising men in America are going to vote for Donald Trump. ~ ~ If only for the ultimate satisfaction of seeing Hillary Clinton wearing orange; which is the new black of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JACKPOT NOTES: That spicy batch of chicken curry was just recalled by WHOLE FOODS of Stanwood, Washington as confirmation of the East Indian owner of the pawn shop from hell in LEP:3 ~ ~ MOONSTRUCK NOTES: Perhaps because it was almost a full moon. Last night I had a crazy dream that they caught me sneaking around on some 1970s era [THE LOVE BOAT] prereality show just because I happen to have an AK-47 on me with a couple of extra banana clips. Then they brought me before the ship's first mate in charge of security. Who happened to be non other than a physically transfigured Ornella Fresh. Who said, "Let's hold him in the brig for two weeks." and see if it helps him to lose a few pounds. ~ ~ Think CAPTAIN RON:II meets THE LIFE AQUATIC:II. ~ ~ PS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Last night at 3:03 am, you and your former boy band buddies said to me, "LEAVE US ALONE!" ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ By this, I mean that Klaus Nomi represented the future better half of Nazi Germany in the 1930s. ~ ~ Flash forward to 2016. ~ ~

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