Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Clock Boy's invite to the desacrated White House was confirmation of the dream I had the night before. Wherein God told me to watch out for A CLOCKWORK ORANGE again. Because it is a prophecy about the time when a man with an orange tan job would politally beat the shit out of today's terrorized London based G7 [666,666,666] Jews and queers. ~ ~ Most of whom have the heart of a Jewish woman and the strength of an NBA negro giant. ~ ~ Jesus Christ almighty already, check out the tan job on that kid at: http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/ahmed-the-clock-boy-stargazes-with-obama/ ~ ~ You know what they say in the Arab World, "Women are for making babies, boys are for having fun." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 666 NOTES: According to the mathematic logic of modern geneolgy research, there must be at least 666 million people on the earth today who have at least a partial connection to the lost tribes of Israel and Judah. ~ ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: The 70 weeks prelude that we saw was about the first 70 weeks of Donald Trump's term in office in DANIEL 9. ~ ~ Much like the 42 months confirmation/prelude that ended and began in Aurora, Colorado in theater no.9 at the REV.16 multiplex. I never did see Michael Moore's inspired prelude to all of those 42 months shooters in the Denver area where Barack Obama was nominated. ~ ~ PS LIZ: I know how strange this might sound to some people; but every crazy thing that you have been doing with your money for all these years is right. ~ ~ Hence, my rich lover bitch in SHAMPOO promises me that she is going to protect me, and take care of me, in the film's opening [telephone call from Jesus] scenario. ~ ~ Darling, sweetheart, you team up with Sandra Bullock and buy up that certain special fly fishing creek property outside of Yellowstone, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana; I double your money. ~ ~ Of course, I get the usual 10%; which goes without saying. ~ ~ I never have been a big left-wing anti establishment believer in getting something for nothing. ~ ~ "The problem with lesbianism is that there is no payoff." Carrie Fisher.

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