Thursday, October 22, 2015


Looks like the Mormon church has now fully embraced the Buddhist christian world view of the late homosexual white-negro Michael Jackson, beginning circa 1977. ~ ~ Kind of like those two wonder kid directors of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and ET. ~ ~ What comes next? ~ ~ America elects a half Jewish half negro who is using a stolen USA Social Security number? ~ ~ Sorry, been there, done that. ~ ~ How about the US Supreme Court rules that men can marry each other in Holy Matrimony, even in Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ ~ Or maybe even someone as bat shit crazy as a Hillary Clinton or a Bernie Sanders should be allowed to lead America into THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO. ~ ~ Like in BEVERLY HILLS COP:III, shot in Santa Clara for Orange County, California. Wherein they are printing up those queer-as-a-clockwork-orange underground computer-generated $50 bills that represent Barack Obama's phoney baloney good time rock'n roll [PDF file] counterfeit birth certificate from the 50th state. ~ ~ Of course, the evil antagonist in the 1994 movie is white, and the protagonist good guy NFL LIONS fan from Detriot is black. ~ ~ Hey, why not? Works for me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SARAH SILVERMAN: Nice tits. And I say this as a guy who is more of a legs and face man than a tits man. ~ ~ SHAMPOO NOTES: That bitch in the 58ish limestone sedan JAGUAR, who says that she has now reconciled with Ronald [Ron] Reagan, represents today's back-to-the-future scared shitless ladies in Beverly Hills who suddenly want a man who can protect them from the upcoming alien invasion in EZE.38. And not some pussy whipped open-borders Jewish guy like a Paul Ryan, or that half Jew asshole Jeb Bush. ~ ~ Hence, the prophetic scene features both Jennifer Aniston and Nichole Kidmam; and then later Goldie Hawn herself. Who got her big 19666s hippie-chick break on THE LAUGH IN show. ~ ~

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