Saturday, October 10, 2015


Now is the time to just let it all hang out. ~ ~ If it's free of course; I still have not gotten my 10% commission check from Bill Gates et al yet. ~ ~ So you all will just have to accept a post-dated IOU check from me for now. ~ ~ Remember, even Bill Murray no longer believes in worthless paper money contracts that have been written up and doctored to death by Hollywood's secular liberal amoral Jew lawyers. ~ ~ And obviously my good buddy BiBi feels the same way as I do about it now. ~ ~ Think John Kerry meets Jim Carrey meets Barry Obama. ~ ~ Ergo, the new timely pix of Jim Carry carrying the coffin of the church lady in THE BIG CHILL meets THE BOONDOCK SAINTS: II, at: ~ ~ Which is the symbolic meaning of of the church of the lambs in the latter movie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEEING IS BELIEVING NOTES: The reason why so many Americans don't believe that Obama is an American citizen is because the sainted government church of Michael Medved and Glenn Beck has not allowed them to see his actual physical original Hawaiian birth certificate on real 1961 issue paper. ~ ~ Damn straight, "There is something strange going on..." in GHOSTBUSTERS: I&II. ~ ~ PS REDFORD: Since you are MY OWN PRIVATE UTAH special case exception; you get to pay me 90%, and you get to keep the other 10%.

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